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Korede Bello, Victoria Kimani, Mr 2kay, Doray & more at the 2014 Ping Awards

Posted by Jim Donnett on September 15, 2014 in Editorial, Events · 35 Comments


The invite clearly stated that Red Carpet starts at 6pm. Guess what, there was hardly anybody in sight at the time. Trust Nigerians with their African time mentality, the guests started turning up in trickles and after an hour later, not a handful of guests had even turned up. For those who could point out the face of the organizer, it was obvious that he was in body and mind disarray, his apologies really couldn’t hold a water jar as time was fast spent and barely nothing had happened. The stage was set in our very before while the technical team at a corner maneuvered with tools and wires and switches to produce sound.

Save for the Maryland traffic which held up more of the guests, you can imagine their shock when they arrived only to find that they were several minutes still early to the event. To a witness, all that hullabaloo and initial confusion wasn’t much of a welcoming sight.
Alas! Split minutes to 9pm after being ushered into the Banquet Hall and more lapsed rounds of waiting, the award show kicked off with a rendition of soul music classics from budding R&B crooner BYNO. He thrilled the guests with John Legend’s All of Me, Sam Smith’s Stay With Me and Bob Marley’s Redemption Song all on which he showed impressive vocals and made effortless transitions to his falsetto register. He closed the medley with his new single, Love Me. Following closely would be a rib cracking comedy session by MC Tush who succeeded in dousing the built tension from the waiting through jokes that ranged from skin bleaching to Ebola.

Like bad cheese with a foul stench, the apparent confusion reared it’s ugliness again. Pretty Mike of Club UNO and Chocolate City diva, Victoria Kimani had taken the stage to continue the award show as it’s comperes but the organizer came and gave them the boot kick off the stage so he could perform other timely duties that required the presence of the dignitaries. They would be the governorship aspirants from PDP & APC respectively, Engr. Adedeji Doherty and Senator Babatunde Gbadamosi; state secretary of PDP Lagos, Chief Wahab Owokoniran; states woman leader of PDP Lagos, Mrs Amina Odeje JP; Nigeria customs senior official, Hajiya Zakka and crowned prince of Enugu state, HRH Prince Ejike who were put on the spot for donations to the PNA Foundation as honorary awardees.


Other performers for the night included; Doray & Mr 2Kay, Timix, Chemo & Adam Rush among others. Celebrity guests present at the event included Ketchup, Korede Bello, IK Ogbonna, Kiki Omeili (Lekki Wives), Adunni (Vixen), Meg Otanwa (October 1st movie), Alexx Ekubo and Melvin Oduah. The proper award session was critically rushed by reason of time constraint as most of it had been spent on addresses by the political dignitaries present. Regardless, worthy of mention would be Korede Bello’s award as the revolutionist in music, Mr 2Kay’s award as the next rated artiste and tooXclusive’s award as the entrepreneur revolution of the year sponsored by Sheraton.

Many of the guests had exited the Banquet Hall for a myriad reasons which came down majorly to disjoint communication amongst the crew, bad timing and disorganization which were all too evident in the dissipation of affairs during the award show. There was hardly a presence of the comperes to be felt as the organizer had hitherto hijacked the hosting business from them. In his moment, he openly showered the political dignitaries with wanton accolades leaving frowned expressions on the faces of other guests present. The essence of the awards didn’t live up to it’s place as the focus had shifted and eventually, got totally lost. Come, what happened to them red bottoms and superfly shades that were supposed to be given out? Oh! Photo-trick… how did I miss that one? The other thing that made sense would be Metro Taxi’s 50% off fare deal for anyone at the awards who desired a ride home.

Hosting an entertainment award really is no small feat but for PNA in their second season, they’ve managed to clean up a hot mess set-up for their third season (that’s if copious notes had been taken on the one too many flaws and flops and if they’ve not already shelved plans for a third run). Regardless, the organizers need to focus more attention on organizational planning and logistics as with team communication too. In summary, Ping awards 2014 was a tragic downward sell, forget all that razzmatazz of who showed up (and perhaps who didn’t). It’s appalling that the many faces of persons wearing the “crew” tag had brisk features a lot more promising than the turn out of the event. I choose to not believe that this was the best their synergy could come up with. There’s ample room for improvement if and only if some people would get off their dreamy high horses and join the rest of the team in revisiting the blue board.

Reviewed by Jim Donnett






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  1. Lmao…..I had a lot of fun at ping awards and not sure if jim donnet was at this event

  2. Oh well it was obvious the planners didn’t get the services of an event planner or the team was just lacking in creativity…moreover true that some people don’t get that hosting an award is job for the host not you coming to quench your taste of satisfying your sponsors, benefactors or family friends or political associates. ..I was totally disgusted to say the least.

  3. You know on a normal I would have said cuz it’s in it’s second year and the organizers are young they can get away with the short comings.. but this was totally down the ladder I can’t even say they tried.

  4. Couldn’t make it to the event but I really wanted to. But if it’s true that all the hypes were just promotion strategy then am totally disappointed.

    • Truth is mr jim is either looking for cheap attention or gothidden motives you can see videos of the event online and on you tube you be the judge

  5. There’s room for improvement.

  6. Ha! This evil….d event was alryt

  7. Oh my….u don find trouble Mr reviewer

  8. Sigg

  9. I came there 8:30pm tinkin I was late …..mehn I wait ehn

  10. There’s ample room for improvement if and only if some people would get off their dreamy high horses and join the rest of the team in revisiting the blue board..

    • You should get a diva fan … why do people like cheap attention

  11. Whoever wrote this was clearly nt at the PNA’s 2014… I had fun…

  12. Aint you just a biyach.. Why do such? Yea true they had lapses bt it wasn’t a total flop as u make it look. The organisers tried at the level they are bt if this is how u encourage people then am sorry u are jst a failure your self. What have you done to encourage Youths out there? Bt yet some1 puts effort to do so nd this is what u come up with? Tell me hw will nigeria progress with such attitude. Dear Mr reviewer you are just a total disapointment I must say, if this is how u rate peoples effort to make a better Nigeria.

    • Miss lady! Which one be encouragement. .. there are different ways to do so…and constructive criticism is one of the ways to encourage and thats what this reviewer just did

  13. Abeg d event was wack

  14. Which 1 b he wasn’t at the event…his he lying bout anytin? The show wasn’t organized. Shikena….victoria kimani even walked out cuz of the whole political bruhaha

  15. Yea oh! I heard that victoria kimani got angry and walked out! Even pretty nuke too left soon after cuz they didn’t let them do their hosting job!!! Instead na politics for donation

  16. My take is this… event was annoying solely cuz of the whole political ish…wat was dat who cares if ur mum is woman leader. ..was dat y we came..pls jim said d truth. .taylor.

    • Most of the people writing this comments were neither not at the event or just jims loyalist. They had a fund raiser for a good cause and the award went on event started late becausr guest arrived late yes there was lapses but the event was a huge success. Try organising one and see how good you are you think is just by sayingmulti million naira project embarked on by young nigerians like you and tthat’s all you can say

      • Hmmm…and you’re Taylor’s loyalist abi? Pls don’t be sentimental. I can as well say it’s even taylor writing all these or jim vice ver sa. Well they was a fund raiser. Does that in anyways mean you should make iy the whole idea of an award show to the extent of the host walking out? And keeping pple waiting? And also if they’re disciplined enough irrespective whether or not the guest came late the show was to kick off on time. And also all the *what’s the word jim used again)ehn ehn razzmatazz about red bottoms; 50% discount on rooms, free cab fares, Uber rides, super fly shades by ice prince? And yes was ice prince, patorankin, and runtown there? All those were useless promotion strategy! So what are you saying bout the show not being a flop? If they couldn’t org an event then don’t. And stop mkin us waste our time and money coming or even viewing ur website or BCs . THANK YOU.

  17. I heard jim asked the organiser for bribe money or this post would be put up from the look of things seems like it is true

    • And you believed that? That’s if ur not even d one that accused him of that! We all knw u er …yes u put him on ur dp saying he asked for it…it’s jim dat can tk such rubbish! Me I will sue u! How much do u want to give jim dat he does not have already? When u don’t have money to organize ordinary small award in dat small hall. Wit such small crowd. And u r saying they asked u for bribe. What rubbish bribe! Abeggi leave tori mk tori rest. Ur show was rubbish! Abeg jimi oshey ore mi!

      • And the funny part is the same set of persons writing thiscomments trying soooooo hard to ensure they vent their hate and make evevery thing look so bad. Am pretty sure the organisers are either not given a fuck about you or having a swell time. So bitch chill

        • Ehn! They don’t care and taylor posted a comment on here already. And was lying jim asked for bribe threatening to pay Linda ikeji to post such falsehood. Pls they care more than a mother cares for her baby’s butt n more than I care for my DICK! So get a room n oh yh a life b4 commenting on here.

        • Oh! Trust me they do. They fckin do! Especially taylor! Lmao!

  18. Nice review, guys every one have a right to the their opinion we can only get better. For an award show in its second season bringing such rave I would say its a good thing shows we hitting the right places which other youth award is getting such attention even bigger event has got much worse reviews all we need do is take the truth out of it and get better and ones which are not true we ignore. But making the whole event look like a flop that is not so coolbut every one got his mode of expressions. THANKS JIM

    • Was this not what you were suppose to do since and act matured instead of threatening pple up and down. Lying that jim asked for bribe. Ur jst a baby and an immature fool! Yes I said it FOOL! now you have the guts to now put up a fake attitude after uv been insulted and called to order! Coming here to put ur name in d comment box tinkin ur doing ursef some good. Gtfo u kid!

      • Apparently you all are so pained about his success. Lol deal with it bitch

        • Lmao! Pls wat success. ? Do u even knw wat success is? Mumu saying pple are pained… am pretty sure 70% of the various “commenters” here saying d show was bad or not good or needs improvement or a total flop do not knw one another. So you petty foolish fooled bitch gtfo. Only God knows if you’re fucking taylor sef dts why ur striving to mk it all glamorous! Bye! *Waving GOODBYE*

  19. The pna 2014 organisation was totally poor and I dare the organisers to release a comprehensive list of winners …. Impossible herculean task

  20. Una still dey here!

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