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Adekunle Gold – “Gold” Album Review

Posted by Temitope Delano on August 3, 2016 in Album reviews · 90 Comments

Adekunle Gold - GOLD [Album Art]

Artiste – Adekunle Gold

Album – Gold

Producers – Seyikeyz, Oscar, Pheelz, B Banks, Sleekamo, Masterkraft

Record Label – YBNL (2016)

Duration – 55 Minutes

Amidst mild anticipation, Adekunle Gold, I want to believe tentatively if not meekly, released his debut album, the reason for this move, I am yet to understand. Like every fan, I waited for a friend to get the album[in this case, My company buying off itunes] then proceeded to taking a copious dip into, as he called it, his soul.

Maybe its just me, but Adekunle’s debut, sounds a tad bit claustrophobic, however, his ability to tweak sounds on some songs, gave rise to a few welcoming moments. I have been a huge fan of Adekunle Gold, a long time now, as he single handledly became the go to guy for therapeutic sessions. Since his quiet yet powerful entry into the music industry, golden boy, successfully created inexpensive therapeutic session for souls that needed it- this he did by creating sounds,  immensely personal, memorable and appealing to the ear. His effortless ability in creating sing along sounds,with lyrics drawn out of his innermost thoughts and fears,  purging our souls of all forms of vulnerability in the process before gradually yet powerfully helping us come to terms with our true emotions, can only be described as a genius move.

However, I had some issues with his debut album, which according to him, he bared his soul on. For an artiste, who has proven more than twice that he knows how to connect to anyone’s soul, he did not entirely come through on this album, as in my opinion, it lacked the depth, I was promised.  Now, I am not saying he has to slay with his vocals, hitting every note with a power so deep it takes the air out of your lungs – leave that immortal power to Timi Dakolo, nonetheless,I expected him to provide deeper punches on those kind of songs, hell, the major reason he is so damn irresistible to millions is his ability to create sounds so truthful and relatable with on tracks.

Providing a poignant introspection into his soul with his debut, straddling between sounds eventually make old school sound new school, he steered in a  new stage of urban highlife and we could only be appreciative. However, save for a few good tracks on this album, the album title, cover, pathetically weak lyrics, mixing and mastery of the album, it appeared Golden boy, was on a reckless ride of self sabotage.

Adekunle Gold - GOLD [Album Tracklist]


In just 1 min 18, he redefined boredom with an over-milked life-story. Love his vocals here, though it sounded like he is still trying to come to terms that he might be famous after all. I was a bit taken aback when he thought it would be cool to change vocal range with the word brave, came off more like a whimper. Piano keys on this track though, amazing.


A sprightly My Life, comes into play, placing us all in an immediate dancing mood [a bit of salsa, bata, the two step and even dabbing]. Carefully made up of a generous scoop of afrobeat and jazz trumpet, alongside weirdly comforting vocal exclamations to further buttress his sumptuous stance as a golden boy, this track should be on replay for a long time. Again, his fear of hearing his own voice, super evident on this track.


Poor attempt at trying to merge old school with new school, with the poor portrayal of intimacy and love. From the accent to the v… why do I even try.


Stale, but there is a reason we all listened for a while.


With his Chest register, sometimes boasting of melismatic control and an altogether different but cozy range, Nurse Alabere, is the perfect example of ‘a loved one’s hug’. The gangan, not too obvious flut,e and any other ingredient used in concocting this medicinal track, are a welcoming additional glaze to an already glazed dessert. The sincerity employed on every note voiced… blown away.


For years, guys have bemoaned this issue in any relationship. Some have even gone on to wax records on this issue, while some settled for licking their wounds while another man sweeps their soul mate of her feet. Back to Golden boy, he brought in his comical alter ego as he tackled this subject with the help of afrobeat entwined in high life sound. Adekunle Gold, “we nor relate“, na only me my mama born,” “ I nor be your friend, ma lo friend zone me o.’


I sort off lost interest here, majorly due to the corny lyrics. This song had no business whatsoever, being on the album.


Adesperate PR attempt at trying to recreate a 60’s love story on this track and probably theirs.From the very obvious lazy lyrics, Simi’s terrible impression of Falz, her penchant for hiding behind beats, her squeaky vocals, Adekunle Gold’s  evident self esteem issues [being on a  highly anticipated duet with supposed bae] off key notes, made this track feel like a local Ekiti man listening to opera music for the first time. Also it sounded more like an extended or pre-edited version of Simi’s ‘Love Don’t Care’.


We all know how this song started and ended, so… moving on…


Decent track, love the witty yet serious undertone of this track. A bit tiring though, felt like a  merry go round kind of track, and not the fun filled one. However, I feel this track, is one of those he probably contemplated adding to the tracklist as his hard WORK on this track, is in no way evident.


Love the soft embracing beat laid on this track. Basically a track that talks about a girl trying to seduce a guy into starting a relationship with her, even as the said man is a friend to her own bae. Sort of a reversed version of Friend Zone. Love the smooth and melodious beat. I would have loved Golden Boy’s vocals a bit stronger on this kind of song, since he is claiming he can’t be tempted and will remain loyal. Great progressive story line though.


Lovely Bollywood inspired track. Beautiful mandolin sound oozing with all shades of generous sexiness and the colorful sounds of perhaps the udukkai, mixed perfectly with sweet and savory instrument employed for this amazingly soothing track, flipped every freaking page of an Indian movie delivering a  promise of endless coital session, ending in an earth shattering peak.


The topic already depicts what the track is all about. From the perfect synchronizing of beats, to the theme, down to the lazy lyrics, beautiful piece, all in all.


Refer to Pickup.


In my head; Masterkraft produced, Olamide wrote the song. Beautiful high life piece. I could easily do without this track too, but again… not so shabby.


The song that started the entire soul searching journey!



Yes, I expected more from Adekunle’s debut, but again, you get what you get right? His debut flounders under too many shallow and cheesy rail, which at some point made it a herculean task to get through the first few seconds of some tracks. Save for a few brilliant tracks, amazing production and average mixing and mastery of the album, golden boy deserves a light pat on the back for at least not keeping us for waiting for years before dropping a debut and still managing to come through on a  few tracks. Do I think you should cop this album? Absolutely yes, he did his job the best way he knew how to.

Rating – 3/5


Reviewed by: Tope Delano




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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  1. maybe your anticipation of the album
    was so high
    what a shitty review. thats your opinion though.
    my top songs of the album apart from pick up.
    no forget
    beautiful night
    friend zone
    my life

    the rest my nt b an instant hit. but i
    bet dey will b after some repeat

    • And the idiots didn’t promote the album o…they didn’t upload even a track. Nigga doesn’t bloody care about your shitty review, we fans don’t care too.

  2. this review is shitty. maybe u over
    anticipated the album.
    songs like no forget, friend zone, beautiful
    night nd my life are dope.

    who even cares abt ur review

    • Spot on

  3. go sing your own.

  4. I have always loved you reviews, but one is a big fat lie. Why are you trying to be stupid?

    I am sure you lack a better understanding of music.

    Adekunle Gold, thank you for this album…. That’s my best Album ever.

  5. Dude I think u need to enter d studio and make ur own music before u can rate. Am really disappointed in tooxclusive for allowing this GOAT post this on their page.

  6. i adore adekunle gold but I agree with everything tope said i swear it’s like you read my mind

  7. I would also love to work for tooxclusive.. how do I go about it someone pls help!

  8. Mr editor im so with you!!!….Im also a big fan of Adekunle which gives me more leverage to criticize….the main thing I didnt like was the shallowness of d album, indeed t lacked ‘depth’ which I was really looking forward too…the writing skillz were quite lazy aswell. I mean I know tz nt easy dekunle but at such you expressed deep messages with surface languages… the only thing I feel u paid attention to was ur underlaying (the haaahaahaa hoooohooohooo uuuhhuuh) but this z nt d main body dnt forget, then im nt really convinced wt d creativity(looking at temptation for example, it was just like youe were talking noting more) then lastly I feel the songs sounded too alike (nt the sounds bt ur own deliveries)…but hey! we all gt t mixed up sometimes …we still love you sooo much and we appreciate your style, keep doing what you doin nd u gon be out of dz space…meanwhile wehb z d feature wt Brymo happening??!!!!!

  9. This Tope guy got it all wrong.. Adekunle Gold slayed the album close to perfection. The guy created a niche for himself, didn’t over do it. Nice sound, sensible lyrics (n u are a yoruba guy o) creative producers (pheelz n oscar) great album.. For an artiste to come up with this masterpiece in the present Nigeria music industry .. Adekunle deserves more than your yeye ‘B’ Listen to the album again n read ur article .. U got it wrong, ariwo ko .4.5/5 ..’A’. The world has enough critics already..

    • For me the songs all sounded almost the same. It a very lazy attempt, I expected more. No forget after listening to it over and over again sounds unrefined. I jst can’t put my hand on d sound

      • Maybe you need new ears then

  10. Totally agree with this review… 3/5. He sure didn’t meet the expectations and the hype, I mean, after “pickup” he looked set to take the stage, the album could have been it. But then…….. , good work by adekunle

  11. I agree with this review. I think initially people get blinded by the fact that his sound is different from the usual kpangolo music we are used to hence don’t really pay attention to details. Good attempt adekunle gold. Not bad for a first album.

  12. I agree with the review. I think initially people are blinded by the fact that his sound is different from the usual kpangolo music we are used to hence don’t really pay attention to details. Good attempt adekunle gold. Not bad for a first album.

  13. The truth is, either we like it or not, soul searching music is not our thing iin Africa, fine, we might love at first but won’t continue listening to the songs, Adekunle tried on this one o but we can’t stop who we are (AfriCans).
    As much as we condemn some kind of genre of songs as Noise, the other good ones are called Boring.
    Noble D

    • Gbam!!! u don finish talk bro, yur comment just burst my brain now

    • Hey dude, sounds like you were not around during the eighties. Practically all our songs had layers of meaning then. I.K. Dairo, Ebenezer Obey, Sunny Ade, Majek Fashek, Sunny Okosuns, and of course the legend Fela. Deep, well thought out stories that stirred the heart.

      How can you come here and say we’re not into contemplative music in Africa. Chei! See wetin Kennis Music and co don cause!

  14. Really??? If this is a B patoranking’s should be C or D

  15. i just knew it was Tope delano when i started reading this article…always a pinch of hate..

  16. The writer of this review is cynical and should keep his review ideas to himself instead of coming here to upset lovers of good music,and most words used here does not qualify to be…so tope delano you probably should get tuned to the right frame of mind and listen to this album.i wonder what your opinion is on GOE?

  17. I’ve bin expecting a great review from you but you came out with different thing entirely !
    The album is a very great one; nonetheless Mr.Adekunle tried on this album !
    It shud be 4/5

  18. Tope, ur review is rubbish…. Maybe u shld listen to the entire track gain. This album is d dopest in 2016. I dont even skip any track, i listen to all ni. God bless Adekunle Gold.

  19. for me 5/5 my best album so far no hype all the tracks enter my soul like seriously my rate again 5/5 excellent album dats A

  20. With All Due Respect “ARIWO KO NI MUSIC” Adekunle Gold did HIS STYLE; and every track on GOLD is a hit! Your review is far from music, perhaps you thought you were reviewing a book! From you having a problem with the ALBUM Title,Cover Photo and Simi’s voice…it shows INAPPRECIATION OF ORIGINAL CONTENT!!! Regards.

    • You fool, so the other artistes do not have original contents? ode from another era. Bro, go get your self informed on some everyday English words before coming here to spew rubbish. Funny enuf, this Tope Delano never said the album was not good, he brought out the good/bad ones and gave reasons why they were so….exactly what did he do wrong? All helpless bunch of sorry asses condemning god work.

  21. To hell with tooxclusive and shitty review!!!…. review is crap from A-Z, Maybe y’all should just stick to uploading songs and leave “album reviews” outta your dealings

  22. Hmmmmm, I never knew I would agree with Tope Delanbo, but way to go Mr. Adekunle Gold, as he said did not come through with his promise of a gold album, he just did not. People overhyped his duet with Simi and I waited patiently for Tope’s take on it, and it gives me joy, he nailed it. Adekunle Gold, gave us a trashy body of work, mixed up in poor lyrics, terrible mixing and monotonous sound[can’t say am surprised] there. Tooxclsuive, has always been the place I could get things said exactly the way they are and I could be more happy, there is still hope alive for people like us who do not sing but would love to once in a while get great reads filled with the truth. Thank you TOOXCLUSIVE and Tope for coming through with the truth, you guys rock.

  23. tope delano wat r u sayin dis album is my best so far ever go listen to d tracks once again u don’t no wat u r sayin to no for skip all tracks on repeat don’t say wat u don’t no d album is not even good alone is soso excellent gold don’t mind dem is nt abt hype atal is classic gold 4lyf

  24. Olawale…you just redefined stupidity. You heard two songs on a full album and you come here to post this senseless comment? Really bruv? Listen to the full album then come back here and comment. And moreover, did you even read the review itself to know if the writer slammed all the songs? People be trippin….to the fool who said simi is good and the mixing is perfect, nigga, when you go to the studio to record a song for the consumption of your fans, you want them to hear you sing, sing not place your voice under the beat like you are scared to voice out, if you want a voiceless album, go listen to Yemi Sax. Simi sounds the same and was just crappy on the no forget me track….the duet was just wrong in all shades. again, these fools on here praising the album are all ybnl gangster, not possible to expect the best from them.

  25. I love d review. The album is quite over rated really shallow lyrics but the instrumentals were lit. I tink the album was saved by the producers.

  26. You this tope Delano ko de ni da fun e, you goan sing your own, you critics can’t even do half of the things these people are doing, they put their all in their music, and you’ll come here and write rubbish, goan do your own and let’s see how it’s gonna turn out, you think being a critic is a job, smh

  27. this guy wey post diz article was thinking from his anus seriously.. well na ur own thought b DAT.. still, its a rubbish article abt a beautiful album..

  28. that review is so on point…I especially like the READY:refer to pickup….that was hitting the nail on the head…I had difficulty in listening to the full album..I’d give d album 2.5/5…just for the fact that his style is different

  29. sometimes I keep wondering why some people would go as far as trying to downgrade their fellow human being’s effort… This guy invested much energy into this album which I think, for me he really tried. maybe you need to listen to it over again cuz sometimes not every song u listen to @ d 1st time will mk sense to ur hearing but with time u get along with the song & it eventually becomes ur favorite

  30. To be sincere this is an honest review of gold album. Adekunle tried but I think the reviewer was a bit hard, maybe bcos he was disappointed.

  31. I waited days for this review and it is finally here. Wow, to say I am madly happy right now at the truth been finally spoken, is an understatement. I have read reviews of upon reviews on how Adekunle Gold’s debut album is the best with several colorful adjectives been used to describe it, and I just got tired. I have listened to this album and couldn’t agree more with the writer. you nailed it Mr Writer, u=you did and that part of leaving the immortal power to Timi Dakolo, just epic. Well done.

  32. nice one gold… we love you

  33. gold is un explainable man, his good

  34. Dnt agree with u guyz at all

  35. Music is not just listening to it once and you comment. (Lol). To be honest I listen to one with Simi. At first i didn’t really trip. But when I got to listen to it all over again. I just enjoyed it and steady on repeat.. love the beauty about it.. I can listen to the music like in the next three years And still enjoy it. So please take your time to listen to the album not once but many. Trust me you will find yourself in love with the songs. Apart from Milli in the hip hop world now who dropped a lovely album . Who else as a better album?

  36. tope but y nau. i know you hated this album
    because its nt the regular pangolo music
    u wanna hear. when u criticise album like
    this, it makes it seem nigeria love pangolo
    music. and u hating on simi’s voice even made
    u sound pathetic.
    ur review ur opinion.
    i rate 4/5

  37. I can see the name of Tope but the handwriting of jim, let him (jim) b usin ya head o, while he’s promotin his shitty musical career, u gays should come out strait, stop spewin trash ova som1 effort, this track is 10/10..its nt for shallow minds like y’all..

  38. this your review brought one of
    MI abaga’s lyrics to my mind which goes
    thus. “If you didn’t help make it, Nigga
    don’t rate it” u didn’t help promote the
    album and you have the gut to jump on a
    review. who your review help

  39. shitty review. go and sing your own now mscheew. correct naija rnb ariwo ko ni music jooor

  40. very funny…his not special just package n grace….so why expecting too much Nigerians. e try small sha.

  41. Tope I wonder why u guys in TX hv not done a review on kiss daniel’s new era album

    • I was also expecting tx review of kiss Daniel new era album. pls do a review of the album

  42. Sahmy_bee

  43. NOVA-D

  44. My new single dropping soon. Produced by Dj Coublon.

  45. Totally agree with the review. The fact that Adekunle Gold’s sound is different from the very day pangolo music we get is another reason why we need him to sing not only relatable topics but actually sing so we can hear him. I used all sorts of headphones, just to really hear him and learn the songs, but all i could pick up were the lovely instrumentals. This reviewer did a good job in reviewing this album, he critiqued the essential things needed to be critiqued in music and it was on point. Also, TX, i have also been waiting for Kiss Daniel’s album review…..when is that coming out? Tope Delano, good job, at least someone that reviews songs based on what actually makes a sound thick, not some fake asses who claim to have been in the industry for long and compare sounds from one era with the new one, not minding the message, among several others things been communicated along the way

    • Chai, people shaa.. Now its his lyrics, not deep enough eh.. Oh boy!!! There’s always something to say. I’d prefer less words, cos he’s messages are clear enough and enjoyable too. Adele dropped her album, only one song sold, the rest full of lyrics, no airplay. Same for brymo. But NO, its lyrics you want. Lolz

  46. who send u, ehn Tope, U sha wan talk, I totally disagree with ur mumu review

  47. after listeining to the album and reading the above comments i would say Tope’s expectation for this album was just too much, adekunle is not adele or edsheeran or john legend, and i think for a Nigerian with the current state of the country to be able to do this he deserves an A

  48. Kudos to u adekunle but guys do u think its easy to cook up a lyrics for a beat if u are heating den go do ur own lets listen to eat and drop our comments nice one adekunle u are good…..

  49. best album of the year…you are shit who don’t know what music is all about

  50. have always love to read from tooxclusive editorials but i think i lost interest today labelling great sound ‘lazy lyrics’ WTF… i think u Guyz understand music more but i see u knw nothing.. adekunle gold style is a new one incase u don’t know and we his fans love it but i guess u don’t like that kind of music.. (Ariwo was dedicated to you)… ur review on no forget ft simi was bad i wonder were u kept ur ears when listening to the track

    • By the way you seply=t your name, it shows even you are shallow. You call Adekunle Gold’s debut album an album he did massive work in creating the lyrics? Nigga, you must be daft. Dude, had barely any track, he did not think up the lyrics from his anus or his pry 5/old neighbour…why are Nigerians so blind when it comes to music. He did an album based on an altogether not so new sound but still remained within the confines of such sound, using stories we have been hearing from time immemorial without adding some sauce to it. Haba…for everyone who came in here to say this review is bad, you are all pieces of shit

  51. I totally disagree with dis review, I hv always luv yur review y ll u say Paradise shud nt hv included dats totally wrong. Sincerely I tink d bottom line is dat u dnt like Adekunle Gold cos dis is d best album so far in dis year

  52. Tope for u to knw dat yur review is wrong luk @ d way people are condemning yur review I hv also hype u buh u jst fall my hand wiv dis review

  53. listen to Adele songs lyrics u get to know that it only has little differences…. but white will never criticize her…..but we blacks are fund of hating and critics.. most of u here can not even compose a chorus not to talk of verses …Adekunle u re d future of good music…

    • I Can see u are dummy a big one. Whites will not do what? U are fool coming here with your inferiority complex to yarn rubbish. If u AV nothing beta to say pls go to hell. It blacks like you that kips on shaming other blacks when you manage to cross the border. U see the whites as gods. Blacks like you are a disgrace to the entire black race mmttcchheewww

  54. I have never commented on reviews because most of this so-called reviewers know absolutely nothing about music, all they do is criticise artistes’ hardwork without trying to be constructive about it.
    I must confess, this is stupidest review have ever seen. Whoever wrote this, without doubt is an enemy of progress. In fact, in a loooong time, this is the only album that has been on my repeat play button since it was released, and I strongly believe it’s gonna an evergreen album.
    I will definitely give it a 4.5/5

  55. I remember when Olamide started falling off the rail after giving good music for the first few months after he started, no one made a hoot about it, but because Olamide, did something they all wanted {Rap or sings the case is now] they all felt it was different. Dagrin started that phase, but died too sound..RIP Dagrin. Now, someone from the same camp, comes forth,m gives us some nice tunes from the beginning and then suddenly decides, oh they know me now, all i need do is keep doing my style, I don’t have to work on my lyrics anymore, just put together some old tunes, get a few good producers to touch it, it will be enough for them , and that exactly what he did. To make maters worse, he thought it wise to involve his gf, doing a song that sounds like a spin off of her own single, and yet no one is saying anything about it…for everyone who has come on here to make nasty comments about this so true review, you all are just a bunch of shallow minded touts, but again, can u be blamed when the one you look up to himself, has brainwashed you to think being shallow is the new trend. To whosoever wrote this review, thank you for being truthful. Mr. Gold, did not come tru on major tracks, I personally would have loved him to.

  56. Am short of word……. See comments….. Any way the guy Sabi music…. The guy know what is music also enjoy the album

  57. After so much talk about this review, I had to come check it out. I couldn’t agree more with it. Tope, if you are reading this, this your review don become national issue for some hostels. Back to the talk…this article stated the obvious with the album. Yes, Adekunle’s sound is different and we are all grateful for it, but, like he claimed in the interview saying hs album was like seeing into his soul, I am afraid to ask, is your soul that shallow, or you are just not creative enough to come up with the right words in communicating your thoughts. Tope, could’t have been more right. His ready sounded exactly like Pickup, the song with Simi reeked so much of her influence and probably power over him…just a few songs asides the old ones can actually be said to be good. Having said that…peace out y’all.

  58. I don’t understand the reviewer but maybe because this is my first time of listening to adekunle gold. This is the first Nigerian album in the last 3 years I can beat my heart that I can spend my money buying.

    • Tope reviewer is just a fuck girl.. Critical ass. Somebody should her phone. She doesn’t know the consequences of what she’s posting. Probably some introvert who has lost and given up in life and doesnt want anybody else to achieve their goals. Watch GOLD fly bihhhh

  59. This album is a hit,you are too critical…simi mix and mastered it to perfection especially ariwo ko…my top tracks are gold,no forget,ariwo koo,temptation,sade,pick up,orente,ready and work

  60. If you prefer pangolo music, like them lil kesh people, I never expected you to like the album. This review os totally crappy. And for the nigga who said the songs sound alike, he should please change his ears.

    I think its high time we find people who actually know what music is.

  61. Just watching…

  62. bros, see as you dey criticize person ,u go mad oo

  63. actually shitty review. I listened to No forget over and over again, same thing for paradise and you said what about work? I’m disappointed. you said lazy lyrics? dude maybe you should start reviewing nursery rhymes for a change.
    all in all just say you don’t like YBNL

  64. what you said Tope was mostly true. simi should not be on no forget. but Gold tried sha. it’s obvious he likes old school music and he’s trying desperately to reproduce that and harmonize with new school beats. I never really bea’s lyrics too in fact to be honest the only simi I’ve heard and liked is soldier remix

  65. I love d album. I kinda became addicted to listening to it. Dis review is a shut. I’m made of GOLD

  66. My life and ariwo ko has been on reply since the day this album was released.. The album is jes too dope.. 5 of 5..

  67. Gold you are the best

  68. I really like your music adjunct gold keep it up

  69. I really like your music adjunct gold keep it up

  70. anybody for your family don release song before u dey review anoda person album.

  71. this abulm is exceptional, its realy cool …..I love every single message inside it and it different from all tjose noisy song . the best track is my life and is my song of the year 2016 ……kip it up kunle we all love u

  72. I have never commented on any music review on here. But listening to No forget this morning made me come on here and wanted to see people’s opinion about that song. But I was so disappointed when I saw this Review. Some of yall talk as if you know music more than John Legend. No forget is a very good soulful song. You talk about Lazy Lyrics, I don’t see those lyrics as lazy but simple and straight to the point.. He connects with even the most Hardened Heart. If you want to critical about something, you should be constructive about it not criticising as if you’ve never been to a classroom not to talk of being educated. Bros, take it or Die with it, that album is dope in its entirety

  73. I have never commented on any music review on here. But listening to No forget this morning made me come on here and wanted to see people’s opinion about that song. But I was so disappointed when I saw this Review. Some of yall talk as if you know music more than John Legend. No forget is a very good soulful song. You talk about Lazy Lyrics, I don’t see those lyrics as lazy but simple and straight to the point.. He connects with even the most Hardened Heart. If you want to critical about something, you should be constructive about it not criticising as if you’ve never been to a classroom not to talk of being educated. Bros, take it or Die with it, that album is dope in its entirety

  74. Whoever reviewed this album is a pathetic loser and a bitter introvert that deserves no chance of as much as media-published privileged work like this. You put the effort of a hardworking and probably the most unique act in the Nigerian Music Industry in the hands of this sore loser to review.
    Your critical view is so excessive and amateur. Even more detestable when he tries to make up with some nice comments where not needed and he just comes off hypocritical.
    Write one or two songs and promote first, let’s see where you get with another bitter person who has lost and given up in life like yourself to bring you down.
    Shitty thoughts. You should have kept it to yourself. No place in the world for negatives.
    Best Indigenous album of 2016. Kill yaself, We’re GOLD-ing.

  75. Love the album best album of 2016 for me. It’s lyrically on point.

  76. Tope u ar a hater and a sadist, that album is just too good

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