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Posted by Tyler on May 7, 2012 in Album reviews · 90 Comments

When you think the quality and standard of Mr. Idibia’s music will experience decline in his fifth release, the father of six proves you wrong. The ‘Grass 2 Grace’ maestro recruited a handful of ace producers and artistes to create the soul food known as ‘Away and Beyond’.

The cuisine opens with the Huma Lara assisted ‘Higher (Spiritual Healing)’, on the number 2Face shows he has grown artistically and musically incorporating a spine-tingling Indian sample. ‘Higher’ possesses the ability of calming a troubled mind and sets the tone for the what lies ahead. On ‘Bother You’, the afro-pop titan team ups with Terry Tha Rapman to craft a soulful tune addressing the subject of rumours and third parties attempting to scatter the ‘party’ of his relationship. After being ‘Spell Bound, the singer chants ‘Steady, Steady’; a mid-tempo number urging Nigerians to live life by taking one step at a time.

Although ‘Raindrops’ fell on his previous LP, 2Face busts a couple of moves in them this time around. ‘Dance in the Rain’ is arguably the album’s highest point as he sings “I’ll bask in the sun and dance in the rain…” preaching the appreciation of life. After the down pour, 2Face sees his ‘Rainbow’; which is a defining moment in musical journey. The piece clearly speaks to his wife ‘Annie Macaulay’ and in my opinion one of the greatest love songs in these shores. Somewhere in the mix, with a lush piano-led instrumentation Idibia seeks the truth on ‘In The Eyes’.

The 15-track LP also boasts of a number of club friendly numbers like the groovy ‘Dancefloor’ where the vocalist pays tribute to the late King of Pop ‘Michael Jackson’ in his little way; using the phrase “Blood on the Dancefloor”. The show-stopping ‘Ihe Neme’ is another potential smash and there is the so-so ‘Bad Man, Bad Girl’ which features Ghanian belter ‘Becca’ not forgetting the up-tempo ‘O.N.D (Omo No Dulling)’, with guest appearances from Hypertek’s recording artistes ‘Dammy Krane’ and ‘Rocksteady’. Cerious Music and Hypertek collides and results in a disappointing ‘Chemical Reaction’, the Naeto-C assisted track might just be the weakest the link. ‘Omo Tosan’ which is the second track is another cut which should not be undermined.

At his ‘Buckwild & Breathless’ concert which was held at the prestigious Eko Hotel & Suites the ‘African Queen’ conferrer declared ‘Away and Beyond’ an album for matured mind and that sums it all up. Undoubtedly 2Face Idibia sets the trend and does not follow it, this he validates in this rich, matured, soothing, spicy, adventurous and solidly produced album.

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  1. The album ????? matured but the album doesn’t worth a 4-star rating. Guys forget about Innocent being a star he really fall my hand. I???? was expecting much more since his last album Unstoppable. No critics 2face ????? getting weak by the day.

    • Sorry dude! What do you know abt music… u better just stick to mentor Terry G, cos u know nothing abt music and rating…

    • u no knw music, keep quiet! That dat album is 7star

  2. I strongly disagree brof!!!d album is alright!can’t stop listenin to it all-day …its 2face mehn!!!

  3. Wer the Álbum dey naaa???una jst deyy argue,mk i listn..i b gud judge,,no cheatn bt i knw say ma papa 2face no go fall ma hand!

  4. ??I????? always expect growth in an artist of such reputation and ??I????? continually see that growth in 2face idibia…his music is indEed for the Matured minds.

  5. No doubt; 2baba is the bomb. Check out dis album o!

  6. this is d best album in naija’s history… I wonder the type of ears haters listen with

  7. Believe me the album is more than expectation … Tuface is not just an ordinary artist and u can be rest assured he will deliver when it matter most..the first write needs to listen to more of LKT,wizkid … He aint gat no mature mind so the album isn’t meant for pple like him

  8. It’s a classic 2face album – lyrically strong, but the instrumentals are weak. I think 2face may need to get better instrumentals to stay on top of his game. On a scale of 5, I’ll score the album 2.5; as the chroner of Naija Music Industry, 2baba can definitely do far better.

  9. Dis album “Away $ Beyound” is really 4 d matured mind nd not 4 kidz or haterz. So proud of 2baba. He is d man. Haterz $ criticz can fuck demsefz. Respect to 2face Idibia cuz he is d best…

  10. Haters, 2face’s lyrics is 4 d matured mind nt poor childish lyrics lyk wizkid n lots of oda 9ja artists so b matured in ur judgemnt pls……..2baba is d bomb abeg!

  11. Let everybody go back and listen to d music once again dnt use ur 5k DVD to hear d song rather use home theather that will bring out d quality of d song then u will know that tu baba is nigerian best . If u know what good music is then u will commend tu baba d living legend d lionel messi of music industry . Thank u innocent idibia for allowing me to witness dis ALBUM AWAY and BEYOND

  12. Dz album truly is for matured minds. I had to relax, before i got blown Away&Beyond musicaly.. Spell Bound is a must listen to!

  13. Love him or not,2face Idibia is an Icon in Africa. He obviously delivers the very best. He’s real.

  14. Hmmm de album is hot de best song here is bad man, bad girl ft. Becca… Loves Omo T’osan too.. 2face is de bomb

  15. Good album

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  17. 2baba is d best in nigeria..

  18. Mehn! 2face is da bomb! If u think he’s not I’d suggest u don’t comment at all coz he is the definition of MUSIC and TALENT! The rate should be 5-star sef … Oya if u vex go kill urself … Ode u no knw music u dey criticize 2face

  19. 2baba never fades! rated 5 star.

  20. Pls, sum1 shld cum n steal dis album frm me o. Even a critics mouth ought 2b shut frm d 1st track (Higher).. 2baba all d way, even goin 2 d spiritual realm down 2 Rainbow tru 2 Ghana, wat else do u want haters?.. Haters, go die abeg..

  21. For the records. Above and beyond is even better than unstoppable. critics are probably listening from a 4k dvd. Even if you are not matured enuf, track 12 should appeal to you. Track 12 is better than all the party banger we have around.


  23. Some pple dnt knw d true meanin of music..when they say music is d food to the soul,they aint referin 2 azonto,they aint talkin of dis noise most 9ja artiste called song…2face has grown out of the 9ja normal music sound…listen to dance in the rain,rainboy,omoto san,higher..u will be pround of 2face, wen last hve u heard of classicl songs like dis..songs dat is appealing to d soul, a song dat lifts d spirit weneva u r down…well like he said, my album is 4 matured mind..if u hve problem wit d album the u r kid

  24. 2face is the only naija artiste dat dosent follow the trends of music in 9aj…he forges his own path and trend and others follow

  25. What more can say… am so in a fucking die hard love for this dude… Songs from this album will still count even wen even when dis the dude is gone… I LOVE U 2FACE! Long Live the AFRICAN KING OF POP

  26. This album is out of this world!!!!!!!pls who ever knows 2baba should tell him that one wale is somewhere that listens to no other songs but you so much 2baba. I know one day we will see one on one. Thank you for not disappointing your fans! One love!!!!!!

  27. I tink U????? ????????????? d best of ???r kind TUFACE,U????? ????????????? 2 mch,keep it up muahhhhhhh

  28. I kw 2baba can always mak me prod cos this one is da bomd

  29. Can somebodi pls send me the link on hw I can download track 12? “Ihe neme”

  30. When a song or album is criticized, does this mean the critic is hating the artist? You like the song based on the name of the crooner, should everyone do same? Just listened to Rainbow n I like it. Can’t find a link to any other songs from the album, so can’t put in my two-cents. Cos I like one song out of many doesn’t make the album hot. ??t’s the album in its entirety that’s being reviewed n critiqued. Please someone should give pointers on how we can get the album

  31. this is d best album anyone can think of, good lyrics, soft tone. My best tracks are: rainbow, dance floor, ihe neme, omo tsan. A priceless album

  32. Dat music is made for matured mind,,, u got to listen to him again. 2face””” U are the bomb!!!!

    • 2baba I luv everytin bou yhu,yhu re 2ruely 2baba

  33. dis is d kind of music that grow in the mind..kip listenn and u will fall in lov with d album

  34. Listened to d album,its cool.something gud from 2 baba! And for those who talked about listening to it on d 4k or 5k CD,that’s aint an excuse,we did listen to the older albums in those CD u now call 4k…..

  35. 2baba is a genius. Shikena!!

  36. this album is for mature minds. Tuface has shown that one doesnt need to rely on “gibberish + beats” mixture to make hits. Tuface’s songs grow on you. Best album in a long while, Nigeria-wide.

  37. @burage if u re in nigeria d album is on d street and store nearby,i bet u rainbow wont even be ur best song,google songs like bother you,ihe neme,omo tosan,dance floor,in the eyes u would get links 2 download dis ones,i love d album die & it even hard 2 pick ma fav,love dance in d rain,freedom is lyf,spiritual healing,spell bound,in ur eyes and so on,God bless mr. 2faceidibia

  38. Tuface is gifted, his Away and Beyond is really 4 matured minds try listening to spiritual healing it contains deep and coded secrets that ordinary minds cannever understand some ppl are so used to “free now”, “chop biscuit ehhe” likes of song so they will never appreciate Away and Beyond. 2baba keep d fire burning

  39. Atakan, ??? don’t know good music man.tuface is re invented.its a five star rating.

  40. Listening 2 dis album is like seeing myself in d mirror often n often.

  41. two face will continue to be the best in naija hip hop. Menn dis albulm is burning like fire. 2baba i they feel u!

  42. this album is for the body , soul n spirit n if u goh bruises it heals u from spiritual healing, down to chemical reaction wen ur brain begins to react to the lovely tones n lyrics…tu baba to love;

  43. This is another fabulous job from the stable of Innocent Idibia… Kip it up

  44. Away äñð beyond îs truly an album för matured minds with mutual man should doubt the strength äñð inspiration of tis leaving îñ the rain îs killing mè softly.woow;I THOUGHT I KNEW HIM ÄLL,NOT UNTIL HE BLEW MÈ AWAY ÄÑÐ BEYOND;2FACE!!SPREADING LOVE ÄÑÐ UNITY LIKE DISEASE,ONE LOVE.

  45. This album s indeed 4 matured minds…nt 4 prematured minds.anyone dt says dcs album s nt well-cooked then he/she indeed has a prematured mind.I can stop listening to it…2face u r d best in Africa n a contender wit d best in d world….Buate!!!!!!!

  46. 2face is the best, the album is indeed a bomb.

  47. if you aint feeling this album go and check ur birth certificate you know y? Becos its for matured minds. Tubaba all the way!you neva dissappoint

  48. my guy’s unstoppable,2face’s d face of african music,2baba’s their father in ds industry..listen 2music n think about ur own personal life not beats wt no message,take a deep breath n come alive..2face’s d best it’s no more news,it’s bound..bon traveairé!!!

  49. I listen to “Dance in the rain” every morning before going to work and believe me this song kips me inspired all Day. A song that reminds me of my past, brings me back to the present and opens my eye to see how beautiful the future cud be..Thanks to 2face for feeding my soul with his good music! God Bless you 2baba….

  50. if e no b 2face, e no fit b lik Tubaba. Tuale u fourmuch! Cnt jst stop dancing to d music.

  51. gifted and unique among all…………………………………..2baba permit me to name my unborn child as uja

  52. 2face is just an herro of d world take it or leave it dis music has gone far

  53. I think they missed something in the album,they should have indicate IT’S 4 MATURED MIND ONLY.
    The album is great very difft frm others.
    Tubaba all the way and beyond

  54. 2face music is a pain killer, highly inflammable to the mind & soul… 2face is d only artist in Nija d rest re all entertainers. We ain’t talkin abt party jams here, we re talkin music dat eases ur soul wen ur spirit is vexed. Dose who downgrade is music shud go 4 a drink after gettin high, enter ur room put d lights off, lie on ur bed, play 2face a little loud vol. 10/15 listen attentively lik u re in a lecture class, den u knw wat music is all abt…nt ginger, azonto, kukere dose re gud stuff thou bt not to be compared 2 a livin icon’s music lik 2face…Yo Dig

  55. oh my God what more could be said to all the beautiful remarks made here?it shows we still have a lot of matured minds in Nigeria that knows what good musics really means.. songs that appeal to your spirit,soul n body..2face is so so talented and i thank God to be in this generations and witness how Gods talents works on his annointed.God bless you Innocent for d gift of musics.

  56. Hey! i thought i knew 2face but now i dont still know him at all, never liked his music but right about now before setting out for work track 1 is always calling my name not just vat but that track is preparing me for the day…………………….1ST TIME IN MY LIFE I WILL CALL HIM, TU BABA you are beautifully GREAT. God bless you brother, 1 love

  57. @atakan, how old are you? Had it been I know ur age, I will know how reply u..!but still u be mumu.go dey listen to terry G,jawon. etc…2 face is incomparable in africa..

  58. This album is a bang. One of the best I ever heard of naija music. This shows why Tuface is one of a kind. He sings mature, sensible songs not childish and stupid ones. Dance in the rain is my favorite.

  59. Hummm,you don’t have to be educated before you can be civilised!! Baba that statement is more than ordinary!!! You are a music hero pls!!!

  60. I Love 2face. As far as far as naija ????§ concern…please how can I get the lyrics of Dance In the Rain ? 29627F18

  61. Don’t compare tubaba with any artist in 9ja abeg,cos hiz outstanding among all nigeria artists.

  62. Need to download bother you

    • I love 2face like cars

  63. Awesome

  64. the Álbum dey naaa???una jst deyy
    argue,mk i listn..i b gud judge,,no cheatn bt i knw
    say ma papa 2face no go fall ma hand!

  65. I love 2face as my man

  66. d incorparable baba in naija cari go.

  67. 2baba on top master music.

  68. From his first to last album,2baba had made it clear to us dat he is d best as far as naija is concern.each tym I listen to his songs,I feel like I wana sing,he is my mentor…away & beyond is da bomb as far me is concern,not jst any bomb but bomb like c4 bomb,so haters go check ur BP nd leave him alone.4 matured minds only as my brothers have said.2BABA U NA BOMB,luv u like mofe daku NO SHAKING jo

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