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ALBUM REVIEW: Skales – The Never Say Never Guy

Posted by Temitope Delano on June 20, 2017 in Album reviews · 18 Comments

For many who are akin with the music scene in Nigeria, yes, Skales gets away with the title of this album, ‘The Never Say Never Guy,” which purely is based on his sole promise to do music, keep making music and do nothing other than music. He has paid his dues and thus, gets whatever minute fame this album brings him.

Perhaps, due to the over the board attention and somewhat support millions of fans across the globe have given to artistes when they what they assume is pouring out their soul, or talking about their humble beginning, Skales, decided a brilliant move for his sophomore album; tread this route. Doing this, added with what can only be tagged pity and not respect from clueless folks out there, he further strained the little credibility built over his over a decade in the industry by employing the likes of Nigerian born-US based singer, Rotimi, PJ Morton, Wande Coal, Tekno, Burnaboy and a host of others on his 19-track album to impart some sheer dopeness for him.

His anxiety about acceptability, his career and many other unresolved issues unknowingly embedded  in the over an hour long album, which of course was brought to fore with the his sheer knack for mediocre lyrics, unsynchronized rhythm, an entire nation featured and every other obvious flaws taken in as ‘my style’, merely played out like he was having a bit of identity crisis, on the album…safe to say this work of art, playlist or album as he recently called the NEVER SAY NEVER GUY, lacks direction, theme and all together the visible yet unreachable success we all hoped and prayed for, for him.



Skales basically went to church for this thanking God for the grace upon his life with such lame lyrics all in a bid to rhyme, but again.. we thank God. One question though, if you had not seen your face on a billboard, means you wouldn’t have believed there infact is really a God up there? The Caribbean tune on this was dope though, it got many swaying left to right.


This song basically took me back to Lil Kesh’s ISHE….all together the song just baring a different artiste and beat.


Nit much was actually expected on lyrics, but this song does have the potential of becoming a successful track, should it get the level of promotion needed to push it further.


The hook o the song had me at the word go… and probably the only thing that did it for me on the record. Nice track though, could work at a dimly lit clubhouse or a party.


Skales’ need to have this song on this project, has me wondering how he does come to making really important decision in life generally. Not worth anyone’s time.


Wande’s comfort zone, still was not having any fun, probably reason he felt no need to do more…understandable as the record itself lacks everything necessary to make a love song, a love song.


Decent songs, but his need to follow suit in using words which lack any comprehensive meaning further proves he is scared of coming into his own.


Dear Skales, you won’t be getting a ‘Preach on brother’ here as it seems that’s what you are aiming for. We know this, every other artiste have said this in either interviews or their songs, so how about something new or basically just have Timaya do this track all by himself.


Beautiful song..both artistes did come through on this love song.


Something about this song could have really worked but I couldn’t see past the fact that Skales sems to be either desperate for approval or is just so scared of promoting the African sound. PJ morton of course brought the Maroon 5 vibe truth be told, I thought he was going to start the record by singing ‘Don’t wanna know’. Decent track, beautiful production, but it wouldn’t have hurt if Sales had gotten the worth of his money and even some sort of buzz for having a Maroon 5 member sing on an AFRICAN beat.


Same mistake on FEEL GOD. For crying out loud, Rotimi is Nigerian, need I say more. Also, Skales, you speaking Yoruba, is of no use here..even Rotimi speaking like A Nigerian worked better than you a full blown Nigerian, living and working here trying to sound foreign  isn’t that just silly?


A sure bulletproof melody…love this track.


This track has no business being on this album. A messy, lame and altogether dead on arrival Yemi Alade kinda track.


It sounded like the producer suffered an epileptic attack during production…the beat sounded distorted and unfinished all at the same time.


Skales did Tekno a favour here by taking the lead in singing cringe worthy lyrics, but again, no competition whatsoever as far as his album is concerned.

Through the 19 tracks heaped on this project, THE NEVER SAY NEVER GUY , failed to impress even with him flirting with array of styles and personas. He never sounded anything less than comfortable in his own skin/world, even as his managed to swerve completely off the theme of the project I mean, THE NEVER SAY NEVER GUY, someone who has been through it all and still standing, right? So why the need to fill the project with booty clapping, badly told love stories and its like on the album?

I would love an answer to this, anyone who has one, should please let me know in the comment section.


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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  1. My dear tooxclusive, it as apparent tha’ you’re making a destructive criticism on skales NEVERSAYNEVERGUY Album, probably due to some personal dislike for skales. Buh pls ah advice you try to keep your opinions as subjective as possible and quit trying to make it objective as this could affect ones view of the album. Skales obviously showed his strength of versatility on the album, if he decided to go in one direction it is still you people dah will complain he sounded d same on all d tracks. So because he named d album THENEVERSAYNEVERGUY he should sing abou his life struggles on every track? Apply your sense of reason please….THENEVERSAYNEVERGUY ALBUM is one of the best albums released this year.

    • Hello…. Can you give good and unbiased music review, interested in blogging send us a message on kpakotv dot com. Tooxclusive if you have someone we need them

  2. Seriously ‘tooxclusive’ u niggas know nothing about music,in the end i guess running a music site doesn’t mean u know shit about music it just means u know how to gather them, thats what u guys are : gatherers,so pls live the grown up shit for grown ups. Skales #theneversayneverguy is lit!!! So pls u guys should kepp ur opinions to yourselfs,its not proffesional so its not needed ,Thank u.

    • Really? Not professional….how else could it have been professional…nigga sand yansh, sex and what not in an album meant to be about the world knowing just how he is endured aplthese years…the creative direction is way off….some songs on the albumz terribly unnecessary….he should have just not bothered….this review couldn’t be more accurate….am glad TX power his…maybe some kiss asses out there will learn a thing or two

  3. This review couldn’t be more accurate…seriously speaking Skales had no business naming that album what he ended up calling it…Luke virtually all d songs were booty related…shabby album for me…..absolutely terrible


  5. this review is terribly bad. at least get your spellings correct. sh*t was written like the writer had a deadline to meet. make una employ new staff Abeg. Delano looks over worked.

  6. Hello…. Can you give good and unbiased music review, interested in blogging send us a message on kpakotv dot com. Tooxclusive if you have someone we need them

  7. this review is shit dat album to me his one of the best album out now. he showed diversity and all feel good his one of the best songs on the album

  8. TX the favoritism in this site is too much? Like has any commercial album given us something different from what Skales gave us lyrics wise? Yet you condemned his efforts, people like you are the reason why he named the album Never Say never guy because y’all always trying to bring him down

  9. The album was lit. 8favourite tracks

  10. Rubbish album that made me wasted my GB to download….
    Mstchwwwwwwswww 1/5

  11. Pls I wuld lyk u to hear just a single from u talk less an album, try to appreciate …..weldone skales music no b beans

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