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ALBUM REVIEW: Wande Coal – “Wanted”

Posted by TX STAFF on November 11, 2015 in Album reviews · 92 Comments


Artiste – Wande Coal

Album – Wanted

Guest Appearances – Seyi Law, AKA, Falz, Maleek Berry, Jimmie, 2face Idibia, Burna Boy, Wizkid & King Spesh.

Producers- Sarz, Xela, Maleek Berry, LeriQ, Major Bangz, BeatFreakz, Legendury Beatz & JFem

Record Label – Black Diamond Entertainment (2015)

Duration – 01:15:32

Saying Wande Coal’s sophomore’s album was “wanted” had to be a drastic understatement, so it was a massive and misleading cause of celebration when Mr. Coal’s follow-up to the acclaimed debut “M2M” was no longer a myth, but a lengthy 23 tracker LP (including 4 skits and 2 bonus tracks) tagged “Wanted”.

With Don Jazzy no longer in the musical picture, his absence reflected negatively on the “fast food” album which was created during the long wait. Questions surrounding the absence of an album after his earth shattering debut further fueled anticipation for the sophomore release.

Despite the rare flashes of brilliance proving that Wande’s instrument is still intact, “Wanted” shows no artistic growth and depth, rather it highlights Wande’s weakness as a poor story teller and his inability to be creative when under immense pressure to deliver.

For a more detailed analysis of “Wanted”, digest the track-to-track review below.

  1. Intro ft. Seyi Law: Top comedian Seyi Law opens the LP with a very unnecessary near-funny skit.
  2. Adura: Tribal melodies, synths and Wande Coal’s high pitched signature vocals officially opens the musical play “Wanted” with “Adura”. Wande Coals reflects on his journey to success and is thankful for God’s blessings on the pulsating number; a prefect appetizer.
  3. Superwoman: Produced by Xela, the silky R&B ballad “Superwoman” is arguably Wande Coal’s best vocal performance on a track. Wande flexes his vocal chords and delivers very complex vocal acrobatics, while singing his heart out to his superwoman, while retaining the pop sensibilities he is known for.
  4. We Ball: Maleek Berry is credited for producing majority of the disappointments on “Wanted”, like the very forgettable Chris Brown reminiscent “We Ball”.
  5. Same Shit ft. AKA: Cut from the same fabric as “We Ball”, but tailored by a more experienced designer. Wande Coal enlists South African hip-hop titan AKA for the hip-hop influenced “Same Shit” but sadly he failed to bring any atom of magic to the table.
  6. Monster: Wande Coal channels his racy musical persona found in clubs hits like “Been Long You Saw Me” and “Go Low”; all thanks to the fiery instrumentation crafted by production duo Mutay and Zei better known as Legendury Beatz. “Monster” which is arguably the strong song on the set; will remind any listener of the “Mushin 2 Mo’Hits” era, when Wande’s music had that “Don Jazzy touch”.
  7. Skit ft. Falz: The skits on the album were purposeless and expendable nonetheless Wande ensured we were tortured, this time by the very likeable rapper and comic Falz armed with his spot-on humour.
  8. Wanted: The album’s title track ends up as a gigantic let-down, despite been the centre piece of the LP. “Wanted” sounds like Major Bangz rejected production originally made for Phyno, Chindinma or illBliss. That said, we cannot deny the fact that he is very wanted.
  9. African Lady: When “African Lady” kicks in, you cannot help but wonder why the set is jam-packed with very ordinary fillers.
  10. Ashimakpeyin: Wande and Sarz work very well do deliver a decent street-hop gem. Side Note: Wande Coal should have work extensively with Sarz and Legendury Beatz.
  11. Weekend ft. Maleek Berry: Wande and Berry finally deliver a very poppy easy-to-digest summer track. Maleek’s vocals were extremely refreshing on “Weekend”, it is a sexy, smooth and easy baby making number, dedicated to the weekend.
  12. Plenty Love: From this land mark, “Wanted” starts to dip to a realm of mediocrity and useless fillers. This commences with the aimless “Plenty Love”.
  13. Skit ft. Iamjimmie: Media personality, O.A.P, TV host, presenter and celebrated hype-man Jimmie introduces Wande Coal’s album at the thirteenth track?! What were they smoking? Epic fail!
  14. Make You Mine ft. 2face: A Wande Coal and 2face collaboration is golden on paper, but “Make You Mine” is a testimony that not all that glitters is gold.
  15. Lowkey: “Lowkey” is as clichéd, as cliché gets
  16. Iyawo Mi: Produced by Davido’s “Owo Ni Koko” producer J Fem; the contemprary high-life “Iyawo Mi” fails to provoke any deep emotion.
  17. Jelly: Guilty pleasure alert! Corny but goody! “Jelly” is a solid party bomb, hidden in the final minutes of “Wanted” waiting to explode.
  18. Baby Hello: Baby Hello is an up-tempo dance number destined to start a dance bash. Kudos to Maleek Berry for the production.
  19. Wanted (Remix) ft. Burna Boy: Please why was the original version of “Wanted” not disposed of & replaced with this Burna Boy remix produced by Sarz. Stronger! Better! Bolder!
  20. Kpono ft. Wizkid: Wizkid and Wande Coal duet on the raunchy and poppy “Kpono”.
  21. Outro ft. King Spesh: Hypeman King Spesh closes the album with a very annoying outro, which makes listeners cringe at the magnitude of mediocrity.

The bonus tracks “Amorawa” and “My Way” are gold and should have centerpieces but were not in action on the main set simply because of the misguided A&R direction of the album.

Rating: 2/5

2 Stars

Reviewed by Ogaga Sakpaide [ @Ogagus ]

Ogaga Sakpaide is a music enthusiast and digital public relations expert.

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. What kind of review is this? You don’t like the album, that’s fine but the songs you’re insulting are pretty good and the skits were very nice especially the one with falz so maybe you were the only one being tortured.. I love the album and I’m not the only one who does.. Cheers

  2. Mr reviewer free am like that, make we manage

  3. The album is superb. You people are just wicked badbelles, always criticising..Tscheew!

  4. Dumbest review ever……album is 4.5/5…no need to skip…..this Ogaga no get ear for good music…MUMU

  5. I think this ogaga is incapable of handling such a masterpiece of artistic work. You reveiw is shallow, sentimental and completely out place.

  6. Shitty review

  7. Shitty review

  8. Lol fuck ogaga , fuck tooxclusive, fuck your review . The album is a classic . Bastards .

  9. Fuck your review, fuck ogaga, fuck tooxclusive. The album is a classic . Bloody bastards.

  10. This is d worst album in d year 2015

    • Thunder break dat ur hand weh u use write am…idiot

  11. This is the dumbest review ever…….which is very common on this site….you lack insight of good music actually

  12. lol..we dy complain wen jim donnett dy give pple 3/5 stars…hu b dis ogaga sef? Full quality ablum like dt 2/5? Abeg #bringbackJimDonnett

  13. I always believed ur views,but I guess from now,its no more mhen……best Album this year so far

  14. Wu cares mr ogaga…try do ur own make we hear…#madman

  15. I just don’t get it with,,,, your reviews are always negative.. If it had been olamide before,, it would have been a classic for you.. Tiz just obvious,, you guys criticise artists you don’t like negatively and praise the ones you like……. You suck and I’m done with yall

  16. I love tooxclusive… But, fuck you guys especially @ogagus who reviewed the album !! Obviously you have personal beef with wande coal, please keep your bitter feelings to yourself and other bitter people like you.. @ogagus, have you ever written a song before ? Can you make a hit track? Do u have good vocals like wande ? Do you even have talent ? Bro, keep your review to yoursef !! I am not a die hard wande coal fan but, this album is classic !! Wande can’t go wrong in music !! And as for the skits, they are all extremely dope and needed in the album !! @tooxclusive i am extremely disappointed in your team for publishing this kinda post reviewed by a bitter and worthless individual !! I’ll rate wande coal’s “wanted” album 3.5/5 !!!!!!!!! My name is chigozie frank @foresight_ent

  17. Ogogo Sakpodo abi wetin u call urself…

    LOWKEY, PLENTY LOVE, WANTED, FALZ SKIT, MALEEK BERRY himself… These are the major components of this GREAT album.

    U called urself music enthusiast.. Anybody wey deceive u nor do well.

    Ur hatred for Maleek Berry is even obvious. Olodo Oshi jati jati.

  18. Album reviewed by a weightlifter wey be like bash ali intern.

    Wetin we for expect?


  19. Well, to me Wande really tried in this album and I like it. So the reviewer may b should go and review again cause may b he reviewed something else not Wande’s wanted.

  20. I hate this review. Listen to Superwoman again and retract your shit.
    Dr wale

  21. This is a very bad reveiw and should not be posted on ur site.

  22. I’m really surprised at how you guys are insulting the reviewer. This is his personal opinion and I seem to agree with most! You people are the reason why the industry is so shit! Wande’s album was a 2.5/5 or a 5/10 and I agree because it was obviously rushed and had a filler track. There will be varied reviews but this is a non sentimental review. Listen to M2M, Leriq’s Album, Jesse’s and listen to this Wande’s Wanted! You guys won’t guzzle shit if your favourite Naija acts spat it out. No wonder we can never win a Grammy in Nigeria. People can never take sincere criticism

    • 100 likes for you. Seems most Nigerians are gullible and would consume any shit in the name of being narcissist bootlickers.

      • 100likes 4 una papa yansh…go use am collect moni 4 bank…bunch of fools

    • Nice one

    • since dis is wat u feel personally, i guess u jst av issues with ur hearing aid.. if not u will understand that the album shouldn’t b criticized as such.

  23. I agree with the reviewer. If most of you guys think this is what wande could do at best then you need your head checked! Album is sub par at his best and a far cry from his 1st album. The sophmore Curse lingers. It was too rushed and I hope he gets respectable people on his team to tell him the truth next time.

  24. Ogaga gud work.. Guys let’s be sincere and help dis guy, wande is my favorite, in fact he inspires me, but believe me, dis is not wande, he has it and can do beta. But for me, I go wit ogaga.. Pls lets Just go back and listen to M2M, u will undastand wot am saying.. Wande Baba.. U are still my guy

    • E bi lyk say dat ogaga na ur papa abi…u ar madman @otuba

      • Guy take am easy… Am sure u are nt an artist, if not, u will listen and judge music with ur heart, not just bcos u are a die hard fan, am Wande’s fan bt wande reli need 2 work hard

        • Wat do u knw abt music…u guys can’t tell me shit

  25. Nonsense that is why they did not upload it on time for people to download

  26. The money turn a nigga to a monster!! Wande coal u are there. Boom

  27. ogagus is the owner of tooxclusive incase yall don’t know but he was high on enugu weed while writing this

  28. Obviously, the person who reviewed this has been misguided on some issues. Firstly, the skits were nice and not useless as you should know that all albums have skits, secondly, the song plenty love which you condemned is arguably one of the best songs in the album. Also, the song with 2face was very nice and cool to listen to.
    Although the album was not as big as we expected because we all expected too much, the album is still nice with vry nice songs.

    • True talk

  29. Fuck you!!!this album is a classical one

  30. Huh, nawa 4 tooxclusive ooooo, with diz rating dat shows you re enemies of progress, d article writers hate wandecoal, diz rating z partial nd bias. Fuck u mr writer, ur writing z damn poor nd u makes me hate diz site, I luv gud music nd artiste dat r gud, buh u lack wisdom nd u r not music oriented, u judge by ur own point of view not general view wich z wrong, beta u adjust nd listen to d album again. I rate it 3.5 . Anticipate yemi alade wack album.

  31. Guy take am easy… Am sure u are nt an artist, if not, u will listen and judge music with ur heart, not just bcos u are a die hard fan, am Wande’s fan bt wande reli need 2 work hard

  32. Perfect review in my opinion. the skits were just trash.d songs!!! didn’t sound like a marvelous comeback. Cool songs though but not even close to M2M.How come he didn’t unlist Young John or even Don Jazzy on a track? Dissappointing on Wande’s standards.Needed to prove to Mavins he’s moved on greatly but on this evidence!!! a reekado banks album would surely trump this.

  33. This is total bullshit!!!! The album is dope and hot…the only track that ain’t too cool oa jelly..aside from that,the remaining tracks are smoking!!! The Analysis is a total bullshit!!! In fact the album is d best album in this year so far

  34. if you guys in tooxclusive are looking for traffic in your blog. .. just say it rather than reviewing thrash.

  35. Wande fall my hand real bad if we must talk truth… noone loves wande reach me… monster and adura are d only tracks i can fukx with in dis most anticipated album.. maleekberry is responsible for most of d shitty tracks there.. and wande is just too sting to not have saved his ass with better producers.. here i av to admit wande is gone foreva except for a miracle later sha (dunno). And mr maleek berry shd pls quit production.. Naija music industry is very boring at d moment.. we need game changers and burna boy is tryin tho

    • Maleek berry should quit production?? Lol..SmH
      Your comment as bad as the review,if you don’t any remark relating to this post,just read it and ignore typing. Don’t complicate your brain man

      • Ogun kill u 4 me….mak u n ogaga go do joint album make we hear…modafucker

        • Na u ogun go kill e be lik say u no get wrk mr anonymous na to da insult pple u knw. monkeybanana

          • U dummy,u get work na him make u dey talk rubbish…u ar madman

  36. You can review other people’s work but pls where is yours..obviously you don’t have a talent,stop hating and think about how to make cool money….lowlife reviewer…

  37. This is mean though….this guy worked his ass to make this album a success…you probably don’t like the guy,it’s obvious. And I’m sure you heard these songs just once

  38. This review gat me laughing

  39. Mr. Sakpaide, iwu mugu. your opinion is not needed and your rating is bullshit. go to hell nigga4444444

  40. Who ever review this is crazy or high on skilashi when reviewing this… It such a shame, total mess

  41. The rating is purely brewed out of sheer hatred for Wande coal and calling another person’s work of art useless makes the reviewer much more useless….u are reviewing with a poisoned pen#check it asap

  42. This is d first tym i’m commenting on this site, this is d dumbest review o have ever read. The writer is just extremely stupid, maybe because the songs on the album are not the bullshit u hear every day. One last tin, fuck you mr writer

  43. It’s obvious that Mr so called ogaga is a jobless hater, the album is not eccentric but neither less the albums rating is not at low as 2.5 Buh it’s a 4.0. Hello Mr ogaga is your not a street pop fan, just keep shut and look for a job.

  44. I won’t say WC’s album was rushed, I guess it was what he intended it to be; but totally unlike M2M which was filled with jamming songs. When I listed to Track 6 – Monster, I couldn’t help but dance to it — madht track. But as an overall, it’s truly an average album, it’s only quality videos from the tracklist that might sustain the tempo of this Album.

    And why the hell was ‘My Favourite’ not included in the album? Very nice track. You guys should download it n agree with me.

    Well done, WC. You are still very much in the game. …the money turned a nigga to a monster! #Dope

    • Yeah, you are rite. My favourite is a dope track that shld be on the album.

  45. The reviewer is a mighty bastard for describing wande and 2baba collabo not all dat glitters are gold.

  46. Fuck dis review. Will neva download from dis shitty site. I bet u guys dnt knw gud sound, all u knw is people dropping stupid lyrics nd producers helping d song to bcome a banger. Wanted album is 4 every one. My kids love it nd am nt scared 2 play it 2 deir ears cos d words ar cool nd decent. Iskabaa is d best.

  47. Im really dissapointed in tooxclusive,cause ur review was sentimental……its now looking like don jazzy owns this site……shitty ogagus

  48. 2/5 fuxk dah it sold 21m in jez 1 week n u rating trash???? Album of the Moment 4/5 gban!!!! Big Ups Wande Cold lol Adura wa ti gba

  49. If you people had seen Ogagus opened his mouth to speak before you won’t take him serious.

  50. I’m not surprised, if it is a mavin trash, it would have been rated 4.5/5.

  51. I’m a big/true fan of wande. But that doesn’t mean i won’t say the truth. When he doesn’t gimme something good.. This album is good though. But its not what i expected.. Songs like plenty love, and make you mine. Should not be in the album. 4 me dis album is 2/5. I wish wande can see my comment right now… He should drop another album. 2 cover dis up…cos I dnt feel dis.. I love you my wande coal. But gimme something better.

  52. This review is spot on. After years of drought, i believe he coulda come up with better content. the only tracks that made the album for me are adura and super woman( especially adura tho.. got it on repeat all day).. Mr reviewer please pay no attention to those asslickers above me.keep up the good work ..
    King coal i still gat real love for u no doubt…One love

  53. d album is wack….end of story…I gv him 1/10…wait till ghetto university drops…..disappointed

  54. useless album….ogagus mercy for am sef

  55. Actually I was expecting more from wande coal even better than M2M.But nevertheless this is still a nice/average album.I love plenty love and damn it,I love that Falz skit like mad.Everybody likes that skit so no body should say shit about the skit. But this was not the kind of come back I was expecting from wande coal but I will give it 3/5.But the review is very sentimental and filled with hatred towards wande coal and maleek berry.Get a life nigga.

  56. Jimm Doneth you rock. Nice review #ThingsiLongThroatFor

  57. This Ogaga Guy is a Jazzy Follower and a Wander Hater. Its just so obvious. WTF are you thinking Oga. You must be high on some Goat’s Poo. Guy i know say you be jazzy follower and i know why you are Sad, cos Jazzy was not included in the Album. Go to hell hater.

  58. Wanted Album is good, especially Kpono featuring Wizkid, its incredible

  59. Ogaga Sakpaide….The name itself says it all..He is indeed goin GaGa,all thanx to Enugu weed…Wande all the ways jawe….#MiddleFingerToFakeReviewers

  60. Annotation

  61. If tooxclusive don’t stop dis nonsense ,I bet u are just about loosing members here and ur site will only be viewed by u and ur family

  62. Suck review… They Dont know wat to post.. Wanted is a dope album…. I love it. Wande is good.. They are just posting with sentlement… Fuck y all dat say the album is rubbish.. What else did want from him… Fuck Fuck ogogo or did u call urself

  63. D best album of the year tho,mr wande i salute.#dem dey find me ni gboro#

  64. If am upcoming artist release dis kind of album its acceptable but frm a superstar such as wande coal,its nt accepted,disappointed dat Yung John didn’t work on any of his songs,Yung John U’re d man,Yung John is d best producer of d year,maleek berry is an average producer,Yung John has been d best producer since last year,superstars such as wizkid,olamide,davido and co are working with yung john and he’s producing classic tunes,hw can WC release an album without Yung John,for me an album without Yung john should get a 2/5 rating

  65. Great job My Ogaga

  66. I believe if has been that Dr Sid that sings… O yari and DPrince that will saying one word for 100 times… They would have rate it the best in the continent… Though Wande didn’t perform up to expectation and his initial standard, we can stiil count this work an edifice

  67. Pleas it’s not every opinion that is meant to be heard, this reviewer said enough bull shit and i guess he has beef with maleek berry and wande coal and of course life in general.

  68. Wande pls kindly wake ur punk ass up, u r far better than this bro… All ur songs in M2M album was a hit. unlike “wanted” album where few of d tracks were hit..talking about senior vocalists in Nigeria u’ll definately mention wande in top 3 even wizkid can’t stand his vocal strenght when it comes 2 taking high keys. All wande needs is consistency in d industry & working with d baddest producers e.g yung john, sarz, kiddominant, pheelz, uhuru, master kraft. Congrats anyway on d success of ur new album bro.

  69. You all are faulting the reviews!!! Have you heard all the songs….all what he said were tru about the album I wouldn’t give the album 2 tho at least a 3.5 Is good….nice album I personally love adura,superwoman,monster very nice jamz nd I know everybody loves ashimakpeyin

  70. best album 2015
    nice vocals my best is #Adura

  71. Best album 2015
    Superp vocalsvocals

  72. Why should too exclusive post the review of a rifraff. This is totally absurd. This album is one of the best released this year. Big ups Wande Coal

  73. this album is very dope…. i love it

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