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Can “Small Doctor” Take Over “The Street” From “Olamide” And “Kizz Daniel” “The World” From Wizkid?

The most common thing in this industry is the fact that when one era ends, another will certainly begin. Several phenomenal acts have come and gone and some have been able to match or even surpass their predecessors. The Nigerian music industry tend to quickly identify potential in its music acts and subsequently encourage them.

Today we explore the future of “street music” and that of Afrobeat.

Small Doctor can be seen as an artiste that has made great waves in the music industry. Right from his hit single “Mosquito Killer”, the singer has managed to keep the buzz around him alive. Olamide and Small Doctor can be said to have a lot in common, especially in terms of their struggle before breakthrough. Small Doctor is from the same school of thought that has produced and promoted Olamide. Even though Olamide is currently the biggest street artiste, Small Doctor could be said to be the next big thing to take over from him.

Kizz Daniel is an artiste who has proven his potential’s worth with hit singles since the release of “Woju”. His current run through various collaboration makes him an eye-“catch and the most suitable successor for Wizkid. Without any doubt, Wizkid is the most collaborated artiste in Nigeria and he looks to achieve greater feats. With Kizz Daniel’s current form, one can say he is in line to be the next Wizkid or even greater.

Both Small Doctor and Kizz Daniel are potential successors but the question is; do they have what it takes to succeed superstars Olamide & Wizkid?

Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Kizz is better than WizKid

  2. small doctor too small for olamide

  3. small doctor is very small to compare Olamide please

  4. please

  5. Abeg stop comparing Small Doctor to Olamide. He hasn’t reach dat level

  6. stop comparing small doctor with olamide please which song has he sang useless penalty or rather wizkid with kizz daniel please

  7. When. Small doctor does or achieves what olamide has achieved then he can be compared to him so also kizz Daniel to wizkid

  8. wizkid is arguably a legend kizz daniel av nt reach anywhere yet is jus climbing up buh as a successor mayb bcos talent still dey ground for naija he might be d buzz nw buh same thing av happen to Reakado bankz

  9. Small Doctor can’t take over Olamide, he doesn’t have the versatility and consistency Olamide has.
    Kizz Daniel can take over Wizkid with time, he has all it takes and more!

  10. Small doctor could be small but mighty anything can happen

  11. no inporsicant

  12. Weree

  13. Don’t Compare Any Of Them With Each Other. Go Make Your Own Weath By Yourself.

  14. Daddy yo is to gud

  15. NO na, it cant fit hapen, they cant creat dat wave. olamide been bent to promote other upstars gave him dat spolight glow. wic Sdoc cant do. While kiss hasnt showed any flare for making songs dat isnt niaja oriented.

  16. Adding taking the world from WIZKID is an insult Tooxclusive.

  17. Kiss Daniel ain’t done taking over Nigeria,yet you talk about the world from WIZKID. Sometimes I wish it’s possible to see who’s behind this dumb post so I can send a slap from hell to the person. OBO never take over na Kiss Daniel. The boy kizz is good but allow him grow, stop making comparison that will affect his career

  18. Haaa, why na go dey compere Olamide with small doctor, olamide is bigger than him far far in music and in everthings…

  19. Pls tooxclusive you guys should upgrade this shit is pure rubbish Who ever try comparing tooxclusive to soundcloud? Pls you guys should think before sharing some shit ideas

  20. Pls tooxclusive you guys should upgrade this shit is pure rubbish Who ever try comparing tooxclusive to soundcloud? Pls you guys should think before sharing some shit ideas

  21. Up boy kiss, always d best


  23. olamide,kizz an starboy can work dey are good together

  24. Try comparing kizz daniel lyrics wit wizkid lyrics den u wil knw dat kizz na BABA

  25. Wizkid no sabi lyrics at all,kizz daniel sabi sing pass wizkid,even in ‘4 u’ by kizz,wizkid verse wack die

  26. kizz daniel sabi song pass wizkid oh no even try flyboi dey too sabi song,small doc can neva pass baddo at all

  27. 4 me i prefer kizz daniel 2 wizkid,wizkid no sabi sing again,back den wizkid b d sabi song bt nt nw again,kizz beat am.

  28. just as d name implies vado d great,vado sabi song pass wizkid by far

  29. Abeg who d compare vado wit starboy,vado sabi song and lyrics pass wizkid

  30. kizz daniel sings better than wizkid his lyrics are so clear,small doctor is too small 4 olamide

  31. Kizz daniel can take d world from wizkid bcos he does beta music dan wizkid,love u #teamVDG

  32. I have talent to rap olamide please if you can hhelp me

  33. this Kizz Daniel na big threat to Wizkid sef,d guy too gud e sabi song pass wizkid,him be baba nah no try VDG oh

  34. this Kizz Daniel na big threat to Wizkid sef,d guy too gud e sabi song pass wizkid sote ,him be baba nah

  35. d way dis kizz daniel d compose him lyrics,i cum dey fear 4 wizkid dis vado beat wizkid no be here again,thumbs up VADO

  36. Vado na BABA 4 dis industry he has cum 2 stay,wizkid too small 4 KIZZ,wizkid songs is full of repetition

  37. pple wont say d truth bcos its wizkid,KIZZ DANIEL is BETA dan wizkid 100TIMES,wizkid repetition in his songs is 2 much.

  38. Na true almost all wizkid lyrics r d same,kizz daniel lyrics make pass, vado na baba is 2 talented 2 b compare 2 wizkid

  39. as in wetin wizkid d sing dis days,small kizz daniel of yestaday don overtake am by far,wizkid fall my hands no be here

  40. Kizz daniel is more talented dan wizkid,no collabo he stil dey reign 4 dis collabo he finish wizkid, #teamvado

  41. Kizz daniel is more talented than wizkid,small doctor just as d name implies is 2 small for olamide badoo

  42. abegi who d compare wizkid wit boi kizz kizz daniel sing beta dan wizkid,wizkid shud learn 4rm kizz daniel sef.

  43. who even compare wizkid wit kizz daniel,wizkid dat all his lyrics r d same kizz daniel sings beta dan wizkid

  44. Cum on guys kizz daniel is more talented dan wizkid nah,wizkid no sabi lyrics at all his lyrics are all d same

  45. Kizz daniel ve overthrone wizkid already,kizz beat davido sef rather compare kizz with reekado banks.bless u VDG

  46. kinda true wizkid does gud music bt d lyrics are all repetition,kizz daniel is more talented dan wizkid his lyrics r gud

  47. go & download ‘for u’ by kizz ft wizkid listen 2 each of dier verses den u wil knw dat kizz is more talented dan wizkid

  48. At tyms i feel lyk kizz daniel is a very big competition in d music industry,boi kizz is more talented dan wizkid

  49. since d day i heard ‘woju’ i knew kizz daniel was a talented artiste, d boi kizz is more talented dan wizkid.

  50. wow finally kizz daniel talent is unbeatable nt even wizkid,small doc is 2 small 4 olamide,wat an insult 2 baddo.

  51. afta listening 2 dier songs i tink kizz daniel got it,kizz daniel lyrics are clear unlike wizkid own,#team vado.

  52. Kizz daniel is better than wizkid

  53. Hahaha d answer is kizz daniel who wizkid epp

  54. Give it to vado who be wizkid kizz daniel is more talented dan Wizyayaya

  55. Kizz daniel can take the world of music from wizkid. Vado is more talented dan wizkid.

  56. Kizz daniel is more talented dan wizkid both in lyrics and dressing.

  57. Vado d great just as the name implies is more talented than wizkid. vado u deserve some accolades.

  58. Kizz daniel can take d world 4rm wizkid he has all it takes.

  59. Just as d name implies ‘SMALL’ small doc is 2 small 4 olamide even in d next 10yrs he cannot take d street 4rm olamide

  60. Na true u talk edie fresh i concur with you

  61. Kizz daniel is more talented dan wizkid. wizkid don fall even in competition starboy can’t beat flyboy at all.

  62. if na be4 i 4 say una mad 2 compare Wizkid 2 Kizz BUT 2day Kizz beat wizkid no be here Kizz is more talented dan Wizkid.

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