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Habits That Might Ruin Wizkid’s Career

Art is such a thing of beauty, meant to be valued and appreciated. People commonly find beauty in works of art and they appreciate them by passing compliments. Sometimes they go as far as paying a few (or a lot of) bucks just to have the right to keep the piece of art whose beauty has been registered in the heart.

Beyond these two forms of appreciation of art, giving out awards is another way to appreciate good works of art, especially if the awards are given based on merit, without bias or sentiment. That’s the idea behind awards like The Grammys & Golden Globe.

Music being a form of art is usually appreciated through compliments, paid for with scarce resources, and in fact huge and expensive events are held to celebrate excellence & brilliance in the art of music making. Artistes and their works are gathered, grouped, rated and the best in the different groupings are awarded for their respective standout materials.

I believe that’s the concept of the Headies Awards, SoundCity MVP Awards and the other prestigious awards that Wizkid has snubbed over the years. If it happened once it could have been a mistake. Twice – it could have been an unfortunate event but the consistency with which Wizkid treats Nigerian award ceremonies with contempt, suggests that it is a habitual thing.

Anyone following the music industry in Africa would agree Wiz is amongst the most frequently nominated artistes on the continent. The Starboy has been named on the nominee’s list of different awards, in different categories but he consistently snubs the events. It seems Wizkid has convinced himself to think that he is bigger than African music awards but even at international award ceremonies and events, Wizkid is usually absent.

Weezy’s failure to perform at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival epitomises his habit of absenteeism and unprofessional acts. His excuse was that he couldn’t secure visa for his band members but that has the sound of a late minute arrangement.

With enough time before the event, Wizkid had multiple options – one was to try multiple attempts to sort out visa issue, if that fails, set-up a makeshift band in US (where the event held) and prepare well enough to deliver a groundbreaking performance. If all that fails, inform the organisers of the event early enough of your challenges and inability to make it to the event, so the general public could be fed beforehand with the gist that there’s no Wizkid performance happening at Coachella.

Sadly none of these logical options was taken and it is even more sad that the manner with which Wizkid & his management communicated the botched Coachella performance reeks of disrespect especially to his fans who sing his chorus, praise him on Twitter and defend him with their best words during music debates – first he promised to makeup for his initial failure, the promise wasn’t kept and he just hushed like he didn’t just (figuratively) disappoint a whole continent.

Silence! Really? The millions of Wizkid fans across the globe who were looking forward to seeing their star singer wow the same audience as Beyoncé, while also showing to the world a side of Africa that is uniquely beautiful, deserve an explanation. If truly Wizkid cares about them like he claims on social media and during interviews he would have given reason for dashing their hopes not once but twice. But does he even care at all?

During a press briefing, Wizkid explained that he does not attend international awards (and perhaps events) that do not respect African artists; but then he treats Coachella and his fans with so much disrespect. How about the tens of native awards that he refused to attend or even acknowledge? Isn’t respect supposed to be reciprocal?

Around the tail end of last year, Wizkid was named “Young Person of the year” at The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) 2017. The prize was perhaps the biggest of the night, as it had the brightest young creatives on the African continent in the list of nominees.

However, Weezy, the eventual winner was absent at the event. The award, TFAA isn’t BET, it isn’t MOBO, it is an award organised by Nigerians to acknowledge inspiring young Africans making a difference through social good and creativity, and it would have been complimentary to have  the biggest winner of the night honour the awards.

I believe Wizkid was in town at the time of the award. I believe he was notified of his nomination and he was well aware of the details of the event but he did not show up, and surprisingly, he didn’t show any sign of appreciation for the TFAA Awards particularly, not even the social media displays that they (artistes) often do and like he did for his MOBO Award.

His reason for not attending the TFAA Award ceremony and the tens of other awards ceremonies he has snubbed remains a quiz. It has raised further questions like; does he not see awards as validation? Is he too big for these awards? Or can’t he stomach watching other nominees beat him to awards? Or does he just snub awards for fun?

Whatever Wizkid’s reason(s) for snubbing awards is(are), the frequency of his snubs does not project him as a creative who takes feedbacks and critiques seriously or enough to channel them into bettering his craft and it could turn out to be the ultimate hunter of his precious art.

Written by Oluwatobi Ibironke


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  1. Oluwa God punish you 4 dis rubbish and useless post!! Do you stay wit Wiz or are u his gateman to know when he’s available or not. It is too late for wizzy’s career to fail!! Yes his career is now too big to be ruined! Get that into ur skull!

  2. This site is always against wizkid, why?

  3. Talking trash, u should have found out the reasons of his absence before condemnation. Rubbish talks and envy

  4. Idiots
    The poster wrote this whole article for wizkid… Idiot

  5. Envy
    The poster needs to remain in poverty,

  6. Wizkid was in headies last year for the award which he won artiste of the year. Don’t forget that was where he snubbed Eva’s boyfriend.

  7. Nigerians are so ignorant and stupid and it’s disgusting to see, why must Every post about Wizkid be an attack to you idiots, do you even take out time to read and comprehend before jumping like a toad to comment? My goodness, This is why we will continue to remain stagnant. The poster has made valid points that is not even New, it is something that has been deliberated upon many times, Wizkid misses award shows, every or almost everytime, this is fact, why not counter it rather than talking like y’all ain’t got no home training, Because wizkid is your Demi god, any slight criticism is an attack, Y’all are seriously stupid, I can’t even deal

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  9. Gbam!

  10. Tooxclusive this is an all time low for you guys. Your site is meant to promote artist’s craft not try to criticize them without facts or knowledge of the reasons behind people various events and happenings the the artist’s life. If you guys continue with the negativity, more and more people will boycott your site. Just watch

  11. If you think his career will ruin, no lele. God pass una bad wishes. The God that gave him fame, will never let the fame go in shame. The more you go against him, the higher his achievements gets. Amen

  12. It’s official, when traffic don reduce donnet will call ibimoron to write a mumu article to pull crowd, it used to be dbanj, then davido na wizkid turn now, abeg when will such traffic b be xperinced too in the life of our up coming never can blow artist Jimmy don.. Valid question..

  13. wateva dis article is saying is not wrong,dey are all true. a mean it’s d fact naw!!

  14. baba nla all the way ..wiz need to fix up some things

  15. remember he was present at the headies 2yrs back when many stars was absent so don’t criticize him in such many

  16. remember he was present at the headies 2yrs back when many stars was absent so don’t criticize him in such manner

  17. I have never comment on this platform but for this trash I will have to….
    Young man I will not insult u for this rubbish u posted here I blame this stupid nd useless tooxclusive dat posted this bullshit for pple to read…

  18. I wonder when this ugly bitch called Ibironke would get sense, why are you hating on your boy? May something big as Big show fall on you, ugly mofo

  19. I wonder when this ugly bitch called Ibironke would get
    sense, why are you hating on the boy? May something as big as Big show fall you, ugly mofo!!

  20. I guess a lot of the guys that drops comment here do not take time to read and digest articles that are being posted. You need to ask as a fan or music enthusiast, is the write-up right or just aimed at bringing down an Artist? As per this, they are right and Tooxclusive have no reason (s) to want to bring down any Artist they help in boosting their profile. It is a known fact that Wizkid (not just him) do deliberately snub Awards around here and now Wizkid has taken is absenteeism beyond Nigeria. The write-up pointed out his shortcomings and gave advice. As a fan, all I expect Starboy to do is to work with his Management Team and be more calculative with his schedule. This article by @ibironketweets is not in any way an attack. I am a fan of Wizkid and I want the best for him.

  21. You go suffer!

  22. But do some pple buy stupidity or inherit it?
    If u think there is no sense in what this article is saying then just know Your stupidity is like zeeworld.

    Extraordinary everyday!!!!

  23. I didn’t bother reading….when I notice someone struggle to explain so much which in this case is texting down too much, I know it’s all not true but you can keep the some that are true, I don’t want them either… Sense never talk to you say artiste don dey do the same thing for over 10 yrs and is still very much relevant, U wan come correct am because U be online blogger wey no been get voice prior to advent of blogging for your back yard…like I said I don’t care what the epistle is about, so I did not read it. Bye.

  24. its ur own opinion brother

  25. unah they mad oh nah only weezy dey dis country niii abeg find another topic please

  26. Nonsense. Maybe I will stop visiting TX

  27. this site always talks about wizkid me am not understanding o… izit only wizkid that you people talk about here??? wizkid haters

  28. Actually tbh wizkid has missed lots of award shows and shows buh all way na way… he’s still wizkid and we go support an all thru… na we dey here since pakurumo, na now we go com leave am?

  29. But do some pple buy stupidity or inherit it?
    If u think there is no sense in what this article is saying then just know Your stupidity is like zeeworld.

    Extraordinary everyday!!!!

  30. Committee Ndi mgbu

  31. Wizkid smokes too much thats what always kept him of the tracks on so many event.

  32. God will see him through

  33. @LAMI why are u so dissrezpect on MEDIA did u think that will nt end his career

  34. he is still a young Man maybe he will learned later

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