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Mr P VS Rudeboy – Who Is A Bigger Artiste Now?

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Its been a couple of month since the P-Square brothers, Peter (Mr P) & Paul (Rudeboy) Okoye decided to end their music association. The brothers proceeded to float their individual record label and solo career.

While Rudeboy decided to drop a couple of songs/videos (with millions of views on YouTube) and music tours, Mr P has also not done bad for himself from buzzing singles, to signing new talents, endorsement deals and touring Europe. No better time than now to raise the question about who has done better since they parted ways.

Who do you think is a bigger artiste now, Mr P or Rudeboy?

Tell us in the comment section.“Mr P VS Rudeboy – Who Is A Bigger Artiste Now?”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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  1. Rudeboy one million %

  2. Mr P

  3. None ….both are static!!

  4. Onye egwu rudeboy

  5. Mr p

  6. King Rudy

  7. They re equal… No one is bigger…

  8. Mr p

  9. Rudeboy is clearly the better Artiste… It was never really up for debate except we are being delusional but his last song “Reality” all but ended that debate.

  10. Rudeboy

  11. It’s not a topic of who is better…the topic here is who is bigger…
    Even if an award ceremony should come up maybe the award for next rated or best new artist and they nominate Mr p and rudeboy…they won’t win becoz they are static and they can never be big as psquare…

  12. Mr p is the best rude boy only remix psquare song

  13. the are stupid brothers

    • My P for sure. Rude boy is only singing remix.

    • na so

  14. Both are upcoming artists, none is Big

  15. This is not a subject for debate, this is insane! They’re acting childish please.

  16. Both are good but rude boy is better in singing

  17. Mr p is bigger

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  19. Mr P is the best artist

  20. Mr p has done drop hit song than Paul,video perfect and music perfect,it not all abt singing alone bt concept is added,other artist dnt have voice to dis guyz bt dey bring out hit,for me Mr p ebeano

  21. Rudeboy, no doubt

  22. Mr P…all the way

  23. Mr p all the way ebeano

  24. PSquare is better

  25. Rudeboy



  27. Mr. Dangote can you please talk sense into these gentlemen heads,why are they acting childish .Am telling you Peter and Paul if you guys allow your wives come in between your business then u guys cannot move on. I love you guys please stop this. The reason why for the past decades u have been on top is because u guys are best and because you are twins. If you guys dnt stop this attitudes and move on mark my words you guysare not going to be fall, no one will be interested to listen to you guys songs. Am talking to both of you. Stop it please you guys are one what is this na aaaaba,are you guys women. Two of u have the same voice, know how to dance even I find it difficult to identify your voice if I dnt watch your videos. Plz p square I beg you stop this. There is no way you can separate. I pray that the good lord will help you guys,.am Daniel (0243989520)

  28. Mr p!!! Yo p sing!! Listen.

  29. Mr P all the way

  30. Mr. p is bigger than Rudeboy….Mr p is the real brain behind Psquare breakthrough …people fell in love with Psquare due to Peter’s Swags….Rudeboy is just remixing their songs….Reality is a remix of Ole Buruku by Psquare….Mr p is trying a new thing….he is just too Creative…. Rudeboy is too Boring!

  31. Rudeboy

  32. Mr. P all the way

  33. Mr P all the way

  34. Rudy boy is good Mr.p is also good too me but for u Rudy boy God bless you for dropping amazing song like realty and fire fire to your fan’s I love u Rudy Rudy Rudy boy

  35. Rudy boy some body baby I love that song so much Mr rudy king rudy Norse man
    I site you

  36. botherlyness is God gift while marriage is also same we should respect each other

  37. “Dem don dey craze abi”…song by SauceKid 🙂

  38. “Dem don dey craze abi”, nice song by SauceKid.

  39. King rude boy

  40. Mr x bigger but I also like rudy

  41. Mr P 100% bigger

  42. Rude boy bigger, just wait an c

  43. Mr capital p

  44. Hallelujah singer noo ni, RUDEBOY dani sing well.

  45. Mr p i know

  46. Mr P

  47. Mr P know how to dance while Rudeboy know how to sing. If it comes to musical instrument Rudeboy all the way. Mr P is popular while Rudeboy is not for now. My advice is… Mr P should not allow his wife to come in between them. She started the whole drama but the husband been supportive of her character… Am Yoruba but I know what am talking about. P wife doesn’t have any respect for nobody.

  48. Mr P know how to dance while Rudeboy know how to sing. If it comes to musical instrument Rudeboy all the way. Mr P is popular while Rudeboy is not for now. My advice is… Mr P should not allow his wife to come in between them. She started the whole drama but the husband been supportive of her character… Am Yoruba but I know what am talking about. P wife doesn’t have any respect for nobody.

  49. Mr p is bigger than rudeboy

  50. Mr P is the best guy

  51. Mr P is bigger and more successful for sure…

  52. Pure igbo man know every……

  53. Mr p I love u die

  54. MR P Is Far Bigger Than Rudeboy. Just Look Now How Mr P Have Earns Nomination For The Best Male Artist And Best International Male Artist In The International Achievement Recognition Awards But Rudeboy Have Never Earns Nomination Since Psquare Break Up.Mr P Is 100% Bigger Than Rudeboy

  55. Rudyboy


  57. Mr p all the way,rude boy started all the drama so he if any one should apologize, its rude boy and their good for nothing elder brother Jude okoye,but Mr p is the better singer sentiment aside.

  58. Mr P is clearly bigger and more successful than his brother. They complement themselves. I believe that P square will be back soon. Mr P is an inspiration and a beautiful testimony .

  59. Mr. P is bigger than Paul his brother.

  60. FOR MY HEAD By Mr P Na The Best Music Since Psquare Break Up.Mr P Is Bigger(by Mboa Nehemiah)

  61. Mr P is bigger… He is the best

  62. In truth they are both static, Dr combo made them first class automatically yl Dr separation brot them both to economy cabin….among d general unnoticed. One believed in swags but swags without good music is halfway, d other had the voice which may travel far. But they will both need external partnering n combo since they are half of each other. … If they will take my sisterly advice they better start featuring each other on Dr different identities and see truly au far that takes them.

  63. Mr P profited most

  64. P sure pass Rudy boy

  65. Comparism doesn’t make sense at all, the most important thing is that both of the are still in music industry and they’re performing well. that’s all.

  66. Original Mr P is the best and BIGGER

  67. Wat is my business

  68. But to talk true, na King Rudy Nkemji,Fire Fire,Somebody baby,Reality,,,,,,hits back to back

  69. King Rudy

  70. Fire department all d way

  71. Don’t even compare my ORIGINAL Mr p to any other

  72. Rude boy all the way

  73. Mr. P for life

  74. Mr ppppppppp. If nor be mr p with his skillfull dance, we for nor dey hear psquare again…

  75. Mr p is doing way better

  76. Rudeboy.
    Check views and subscriber.

  77. Mr p any other one is a counterfeit

  78. Mr p better

  79. nono

  80. Baba P

  81. two upcoming artist

  82. Honestly the two’s are very best in in their different songs,peter and Paul they be one no be two,but now what’s happening men?

  83. king Rudy is better for ever as me

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  85. I don’t like the way u guys separated. No body likes it , your music is the best , and people like two of you please you people should stop all this let women not separate u guys because we women are very dangerous they can kill and destroy. U people should come back again, but let me tell u people u guys are twins and nobody can separate u guys and men don’t be have like this it is only women that can do all this u people are doing right now. We don’t no Mr.p and rude boy all we no is p.square

  86. Till 2day I download all their songs and enjoy every one of them, Dts Hw I keep faith dt they will still cm bk 2geda…Trust me both guys are so Dope….the truth is dt both av dn so well 4 their self , they re no upcoming joor the Okoye boys are blown!!.. bt d thin is dt everyone always haves a favourite, mine is Mr P, I av always liked Mr P frm d Genesis bt “Reality” is currently topping my playlist nw

  87. King rudy

  88. They are foolish brothers like me right now i don’t have any interest about those two goats

  89. Rudeboy on point..

  90. Rude boy all the way .#reality.

  91. Mr. P has been my favourite, but Rudeboy sings better.
    Those hits “Fire Fire” and “Reality” .. Mhen..
    what’s better?

  92. I’ve been a fan of Psquare for more than a decade and I know how pivotal these two guys has been in carving out a niche for themselves ,they re both unique in their respective input… But when it comes to song, with being deluded and sentimental,, it’s nobody but Rudeboy, the guy is damn so talented,, kudos to Mr P too

  93. Abeg don’t compare them because Mr p is the best imagine his amazing video so interesting .

  94. Mr p all the way

  95. mr p is the best i will always be

  96. Mr p is the biggest

  97. Mr p is bigger than rudeboy.

  98. Mr p is bigger than rudeboy

  99. Rude boy is far far far better then mr P

  100. Rude boy is the on

  101. Mr p

  102. Mr P is bigger but Rude boy is better.

  103. Rudeboy mr p is still a learner

  104. Mr p numbers 1

  105. Mr p for sure

  106. Listen to mr p zoom b4 u start comparx

  107. Mr is a big boy joooo


  109. TOOXCLUSIVE THIS MAKE NO sense bro they both of them are doing good music doing good videos, but honestly speaking mr p is the biggest rudeboy is also doing good. BUt on this mr p is the biggest

  110. nwafor yeshua

  111. Mr P ALL THE WAY.

  112. Mr p is far away better than rude boy rude boy knows notting
    group dance-0
    composing song-0
    so rude boy should just go and retier

  113. Rude but I like both

    • the both sound like up comin artiste

  114. All gud I luv them all.but mr p is mi fevorit artis

  115. King Rudy

  116. Rudeboy makes good songs n Mr p makes good videos,but are good together

  117. Rudeboy is the best of all

  118. king rude represent psquare forever; baba u too much rudeboy

  119. Since you guys separated I started asking myself this questions, why did God allows such things to happen please brother’s am telling you the fact is better you guys to continue from where you stop, Is very bad to hear that you guys are separated, I pray that almighty God will recall you guys back. Thanks for you understanding

  120. Mr P is the best,pls don’t compare Peter to Paul oo, if do it means you haven’t see MR P before in your life

  121. RUDEBOY

  122. rudeboy is the best,mr p is just copying other people songs.

  123. rudeboy is the best,mr p copied other people songs .

  124. rudeboy is the best,mr p copied other people songs .

  125. Both of them are non bigger

  126. Its Mr p and not Rude boy

  127. Mr p is bigger

  128. rude boy

  129. rude oy

  130. rude boil

  131. rude mann

  132. rude nigga

  133. loving u rude boy

  134. mr p is the best

  135. Paul is far behind mr pp,pp is one of the best in the whole world thripple talents ,dance,music and winning awards.
    paul should try and update his brain so he hide behind best man pp as he did all those years as they were still together cos pp is someone not to joke or play with.
    from benjamin sylva

  136. both of d square’s gat qualities on their talents..Mr.p is using his swagg and dancing videos professionally while rudy outclassing his beautiful voice of square’s music lyk master of writing and music singer…stop comparing each dia gat diff qualities wat matters is being together as one and only square’s nobody z greater…so u guyz should stop doz crazy tinz and comport una selves

  137. I LÜVE THIS

  138. Mr p on top

  139. I Knw That All Of You Know The Truth It King(Rude Boy) But You Are Just Acting It’s Rude Boy So Liv It For Him Cant U Ear Him Said I Fit Sout Cuz Wll No Be Mate O {Ruuuuuude Boy}

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  141. Rudeboy is the best

  142. Rude boi

  143. Rude boi

  144. rude boy is the best if u know wat music really mean up rude

  145. mr p na sure thin

  146. i can speak for rude boy any day anytime, the guy is better and can stand the taste of time, but mr P will soon quiet like Faze of plantashun boyz

  147. Mr p is d best at hand we should forget he his not singing wen dey are 2gether but nw dat dey av depart it is clearly shown dat he is better dan Rudeboy

  148. Both jare

  149. mr p

  150. King Rudy 4 sure

  151. Who remembers what happened between Don Jazzy and Dbanj back then? Within the 1st and half year of their split, Dbanj was packing up all the buzz and deals?

    Errrm… where’s Dbanj today? and where’s Don Jazzy too? U can learn to build a solid brand to your good music…if you have it + consistency but if all u can boast of is ur brand without tangible good music that resonates, Dbanj wore out, I still can;t see d diff btw Dbanj of then and Peter of today…

    Meanwhile, seems i got decided today. I am going to go follow Rudeboy on instagram now. #Reality says a lot

  152. rude king is the best


  154. mr p is more

  155. mr p.

    fanz shey u don forget for my head?

  156. They are both perfect
    just that they should settle the quarel like brothers.

  157. Bla bla bla bla some people are saying none sense here. How can u compare Mr p with rude boy, I don’t blame you guys because none of you known anything about music and industrial view.
    Listen MR P is far better and bigger in there history of achievement.
    Should we talk about net worth or career in music world, Mr p never use p square voice on his record even once rather he have been coming out with Mr p voice. That’s number one, number two his concept of song is different with paul, Mr p never remix any song from p square or imitate.

    He dropped everything about P SQUARE and starts his career as MR P

    never change whom you are when you it comes to personal business.

  158. I really love them both.

  159. Mr p all de way joor

  160. bad belle’s u guys should face ur own. Tblaze u gon follow dey talk rubbish.

  161. i love both but after there split i chose (King Rudy) as my favourite artiste. Mehn u guyz shud go listen to his songs. he got d Talent. he is far way better dan is brother Mr p. he has d voice, he sing songs dat has meaning wen u listen to d lyrics . he is my MENTOR.

  162. Mr.P all the Way And Remember Looking To My Eyes Ur Body Na Ebaeno Mr.P For Life

  163. obviously rude boy is bigger. very clear even the blind can see.

  164. obviously rude boy is bigger. very clear even the blind can see.

  165. Mr p is the best, jah bless Mr p!

  166. Mr P is truly amazing he is biggest

  167. Mr P is always good in singing and dancing infant Mr P is biggest

  168. rude boy i love u and I love u and I love u and I love ur songs so much D j play me reality and together Mr p fans there name na sorry they don’t no better songs atoo mr p fans when u people going to bed play wookie wookie and ebano u can’t sleep when u wake up in the morning. u we na start feeling headache

  169. can u play wookie wookie in the night when u are going to bed in the morning u na start feelings headache

  170. hit singles by rudeboy;nkenji keke,fire fire,reality.he melted my heart wit dat nkenji keke n nw killed it all wit ‘reality’.

  171. they are equal, let’s bring psquare back please I missed them a lot

  172. they are equal pls let’s being psquare back I missed them a lot.

  173. they are equal, let’s bring psquare back please I missed them a lot.

  174. King Rudeboy 1000% best comparing them is like comparing lionel messi of barcelona and morata of Chelsea.

  175. King rudeboy the best but psquare the legend

  176. mr p wins the race; chapter closed

  177. Rudy boy all the way

  178. Rudy boy all the way

  179. Mr p the best

  180. wat is race,obviously mr p fans the dnt know wat de er sayin,hw cn u guys compare rudeboy n mr p,u and i knw rudeboy is d best singer,iv i may ask u guyz,hw many songs did mr p put down dis yrs?? Bt u cn amagin rude boy lay down a fantastic songs,reality,fire fire,ifai,nkinji,somebody baby, e t c rudeboy d best

  181. Rudeboy is just a rare talent, man is so good and consistent in dropping hits.. He is the man for me

  182. Mr rude is the king

  183. We want psquare back

  184. We can never no d best now let wait till 2 years coming we ll know, tallent is free gift from god rudeboy have music tallent even when 2baba an face only an blackface seperate, all of them try, but now who is d best

  185. Wokie Wokie master Dat’s my main man Mr P dat’s my fb name up their u can inbox mee if u wan no more about my boss””””””””

  186. Mr p is the best let’s be realistic……

  187. I always pray for them not to be together again, because Mr p sing rubbish and proud of himself ,when rude boy focus on what his doing ,God bless u rude baba.

  188. rude baba

  189. Mr p

  190. Rudeboy i dont know another word that i can use to describe u. Ruddy ur music is over Dose to me. When am happy and feel loved i plays Nkenjikeke, when i get hurt from my girl i plays #Ifai, when am about to be Inspired i plays #Reality, Any time i quarrel with my girl i plays #Together to make her fell at home with me, when am about to dance i plays #SomebodysBaby, when i enter the street to catch Fun i plays #Issallowed for my Haters and when am in a wedding or when i want to give a Testimony for what God has done for me then i play #FireFire cos na God de doam. Rudeboy issa #Legend.

  191. how I wish I can see both of you in a video together, my tears would have dry” please come together as one again you guys are twins brothers back together for God sake

  192. Mr. P

  193. Mr. P for life

  194. Some negative thinkers thinked that if psquare sepirat mr p will suffer thinking that mr p can not sing atall with not knowing that yo p is much nice better bigger than rude boy even financially also mrp is awarded where is rude boy? is he sleeping please let him wakup hahaha…! rudd boy can never compare to my talented yo p, view it wisely

  195. Comparing Rudeboy to mrp is an insult….
    U can only compare Rudeboy to 2Baba cos they are Legends.
    I belong to #RudeNation.
    Together is still Banging on my Ear.

  196. mr p is a man of creativity and multiple it or leave it

  197. Peter is d banger among the two.

  198. Mr p joor

  199. rude boy is the best so far

  200. P classic (Mr p) is bigger n better than rude boy.
    Real songs by Mr p. More greeze to elbow.

  201. Rude boy

  202. Mr p is bigger and better…Rudeboy is remixing their old songs buh peter is clearly on a new pattern convincing the world that he is a great musician and has win award as a solo artiste too

  203. Rude boy for sure!!

  204. Clearly mr p is bigger in popularity so he makes money…

  205. Rude Boy U Are De Best U Really Finish Me Up With Nkemjikerere

  206. Rude boy can sing more as a musician, but Mr P is the complete package. Mr P write better song with better composing and all that, Rudeboy might sing better but Mr P has been the most successful out of the two. His videos are better and every other thing about him is better.

  207. They are now up coming artists

  208. Rude boy 100%

  209. Na mr p joor

  210. Rudeboy has 29 million% as a bigger artist

  211. Rudeboy Double double

  212. Tooxcluz u na de krez divided fall fuck alla dem

  213. Mr p u are the best u good die

  214. if u psquare music den u must love rudeboy music, some say rudeboy remix, ar u stupid? u want him to change his voice? abi u dont knw dat he is d one dat sings 4 psquare, d voice of rude boy is d voice of psquare

  215. Mr p is better than Rude boy,I like Mr p

  216. TEKNO-T OG no song to compared with ebeano, I like Mr p

  217. ruddyboy

  218. U can compare mr p rude boy mr p is the best

  219. rude boy of course

  220. Mr.p is the best.rude boy is just remixing their song claiming to be smart. mr.p I love u die.

  221. Mr.p is the best.bro I love u die.don’t mind ur so called mannerless brother that is claiming to be smart.he is still a learner.

  222. 4 me Mr p is the best than her brother

  223. Rudeboy is more better than mr p

  224. Though Mr. P is award winning I still love kingrudy… Forever

  225. Don’t compare mr p with rudeboy …. Rudeboy is talented and talented artist and his songs make sense than Mr p… I think people like Mr p bcoz he is dancer. …… Rudeboy forever

  226. Mr P is the bigger nd better among dem 100%

  227. Rud boy

  228. mr p is the best

  229. Mr P For Life



  232. Wat really matters most is twist back not comparisin;if comparisin d should feature each other. by ONYEKACHI OBASI

  233. Last time, i trusted to african union but the day i heard that the group psquare is broken and now they are singing separately; i say “afrian union is not possible”. You. Mr p and rudeboy if you want ad trust to this african union ,you have to be together once again for the honor of africa

  234. mr p d best

  235. Mr p is d best rudeboy de copy some of psquare songs

  236. mr p is bigger. my dear rude boy try n make peace in ur family. bcs even God has removed his hand from u guys n Jude ur a disgrace as an elder brother u failed to bring ur junior ones to order. am a great psquare fan and not mr p and a rude boy stuff. get back together and hit the show we depend on u guys for a real African music. thanks

  237. I like both of them till now as for me know one is bigger than each other

  238. Mr p him gbedu na ebeano rudeboy na remix he be he is not creative at all he lack creativity

  239. You talk senseless because you refuse to learn. Who tell you say water dey thick pass blood? Na only God know if truly them quarrel. God bless PP


  241. rude boy

  242. None is better than the other,my courage for both you guys is to compromise each other and keep on dey suJi nothing is ticker than blood.women are evil rather,listen to them and never carry all their activities for peaceful living with ur family.

  243. Mr.P 4 life

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