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Simi Vs Tiwa Savage Vs Niniola – Who Is Your Best Female Artist In 2017?

The year 2017 has turned out to be a pretty special one. It held so much promises in store especially for entertainment, which continued to unveil itself in the most amazing of ways.

Particularly exciting about the year 2017 is how the women didn’t come to play. The divas of music held sway dictating their own trends and controlling the narrative of how they wanted their stories to be told.

This was the year for the women to headline shows, the year of new and bigger deal signings, the year to rule the airwaves with new releases and otherwise dominate the music charts, the year where much-anticipated albums were dropped, collaborations slayed and more awards won; the year of getting international recognition, delivering hotter show-stopping performances, going on tours, and of course more money in the bank. The women kept it 100!

In as much as we give kudos to our industry females for coming out tops this year like never before, we’re still asking that you to decide and tell us which female artist is your best for the year 2017.

Drop your comments.

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  1. Tiwa savage

    • that was lovely

    • Tiwa savage mama..follow by niniola

    • Tiwa savage

  2. Ninola has been the most consistent female artiste in Nigeria for the past two years followed by Simi
    Tiwi Savage is just being over hyped

  3. Niniola

    • Niniola Sicker And Maradona Are Hits

  4. Na tiwa savage oo

    • na similar

  5. simi

  6. Tiwa for life!

  7. doro diva!

  8. Simi

  9. Which kind of stupid comparison or likenesses did you guys, putting tiwa among this people is a big shit

    • Tiwa

      • simi

  10. Stop over hyping Niniola on tooXclusive, she is good but I don’t think she should be compared to Simi or Tiwa Savage for now. Simi is the best for me

    • I can’t believe u peaple will put niyola to sart competing with simi & tiwasavag is not making sence tiwa is d best.

    • Mouie

  11. Simi for the awesome album!

    Tiwa. for the awesome EP!

    Nini’s album sucks. Her major hit is just maradona

  12. Simi Is Correct One

  13. Niniola….She is the best…A’int nobody else

  14. Simi is the one now

  15. Go simi. tiwa is an old skul nw.

  16. Niniola

    • Niniola for the best….listen to sicker….it is really sick

  17. I love Niniola

  18. Simi 4sure….yeah Tiwa is gud bt Simi has realy gingered dis yr

  19. Simi 4sure….yeah Tiwa is gud bt Simi has realy gingered dis yr

  20. tiwa Savage

  21. Simi is the best for na

  22. tiwa Savage she is the best

  23. Niniola any day…… She’s sicka….. Hope 2 feature her one day….

  24. Niniola >> Simi >> Tiwa Savage

  25. Tiwa savage

    • I love some of your music

  26. @Clementina u don’t have to say something like that everybody has his or her own individual differences what’s good 4 me might be bad for u. You made a very good statement but your first sentence is very bad, nobody is hyping anybody on here its just ur own opinion about ur best artist they need on here not the way u see it that’s all. For me its NINIOLA her style of song is different and unique ?

  27. Niniola for life…

  28. Simi is versatile

  29. tiwa nah..r u kidding me ?…tiwa savage ojere

  30. tiwa savage ojere

  31. Tiwa Savage

  32. simi

  33. Simi the best!!! Good music!! All songs on her album is lit

  34. Can’t leave without giving respect to all Nigeria female artist… Much luv ladies…. Tiwa stil on top den Simi

  35. This Year? it is Simi

  36. niniola is the hottest artist this year…

  37. u can’t compare tiwa to niniola or simi they are kids. tiwa savage is the best.

    • For this year… It’s Simi

  38. Simi

  39. Everybody here saying tiwa savage and simi is stupid…niniola na boss. Maradona is blowing speakers here in south africa and sicker is killing. Tiwa should go and take care of her son. Her career is dead. Simi should go and sing lullaby with her pikin voice. Niniola ride on but remember say waje is always d boss

    • you are stupid.. what do u know about music

  40. Similar 4sure

  41. I like tiwa but i fail in lv ut simi songs

  42. Simi for life

  43. simi is my favorite by a margin

  44. Beautiful Tiwa savage

  45. Simisola

  46. For me its niniola .she is incredible , she is a complete musician and her vocal prowess is outstanding. After her is Simi , she is good too

  47. Tiwa, simi,ninu

  48. It has to be tiwa for me, Ma lo just confirmed that….

  49. For me I’d like u guys to give it to Niniola.. She has never relented, always dropping good songs.. She deserve this award. Her new song “Sicker” when I first heard it, Ma spirit was deviated from me. She’s really good. I love Simi, (African Bad girl>>Tiwa Savage) but this year is Niniola!!!

  50. Tiwa savage is better

  51. Simi

  52. Niniola ojere she is the best for now

  53. Na Simi all the way. I like tiwa savage shall. But simi my best female singer

  54. am 1 of simi fans but tiwa savage will always b her boss any time any day. I give it to Tiwa Savage, she is really number 1 africa bad gal

  55. Simi

  56. Simi

  57. Niniola to bad

  58. tiwa savage

  59. tiwa savage

  60. Niniola for me

  61. Simi baby

  62. niniola is good enough follow by simi that joromi song make sense and contorlar

  63. niniola and simisola is the best right now

  64. When you talk about songs with good lyrics Simi.
    Her songs makes a lot of sense and can go anywhere, you just love the songs.
    Simi is the best between the three of them.
    Her songs are always good.
    Similar all the way.

  65. Simi for sure

  66. As for me d three of dem are good any one DAT win am OK wit it becus I swear I just cnt choose am confuse.

  67. for me itz simi

  68. She Is D Only Female Artist I Know In Nigeria, & She’s D Best

  69. Simi baby,Tiwa na old skul

  70. dey’re all gud bt i go for Tiwa Savage nd Simi

  71. tawa savage on point? … ,number 1 Africa bad gal,
    tawa i gve it to u

  72. tiwa savage on point joor, number Africa bad gal

  73. Anytime any day.

  74. Niniola

  75. Niniola owns 2017

  76. Number one African bad gal tiwa no get mate for female singers na

  77. Niniola

  78. simi for sure na,since when I dey hear tiwa song I Neva like am!!

  79. I think Simi iz good to go

  80. Nini de..oo..Niniola

  81. tiwa all the way she is just d best

  82. tiwa cannot sing well nw. For me itz niniola -sicker 4 life

  83. They all good but YOLO by Sheyi shey won’t stop playing in my head. Another man food, na another man trouble. Monkey no fine but him mama like am.

  84. Simi,done well this year. she’s the best

  85. Simi

    • simi is the best ok

  86. niniola for me she is complete

  87. Niniola z d best 4 me

  88. Tiwa nio

  89. 2017 has been explosive for the 3 ladies,a hard one buh tiwa gets the nod.peace

  90. Simi is the best

  91. Nini

  92. Tiwa/simi

  93. simisola all the way

  94. Tiwa, nini, den simi

  95. Simi na ? ?

  96. simisola

  97. simi number 1

  98. Am an artiste and I knw wat music entails to d latter.Wen u say did year,I will gv it to SIMI bcos she’s outstanding and consistent dis year.Both her featured and personal songs(most) at hit.Bt wen u ar generalizing and talking of dia proficiency and adroitness,none can b compared wit TIWA SAVAGE.Cos she’s is versatile.She has d best voice,delivery,content,lyrics and swagz.

  99. Simi Is Definitely Outstanding This Year

  100. Tiwa Savage Is The Best

  101. Next tym, when u tlk of Tiwa u tlk of Yemi alade…both r in same katigori other ladies r just upcomin. Ok?

    • Two very different class

      Tiwa Savage vs Yemi Alade

      Niniola vs Simi

  102. Simi

  103. Niniola she d best for my own side

  104. Niniola she d best eve

  105. buchi

  106. I luv #simisola….

  107. I Neva fell 4 any female musician BT wen u listen to tiwa savage u will b inspired. LUV U TIWA.


  109. Simisola is the best follow by Tiwa

  110. Simi my joromi

  111. Niniola

  112. Niniola….that bae lighted up 2017.
    She footballoniyen…!

  113. Tiwa savage d best

    • is Simi


  115. tiwa

  116. Simi

  117. Simi is killing d beats

  118. niniola

  119. Simi baby keep on she is d best for now

  120. Tiwatope Is Good But This Year Award Is Really Ment For Simisola

  121. Tiwa is the best

  122. y una d fight 4 dis place,my own iz tiwa okay nd zhe is d best 4 me nd simi iz also but 4 d other 1 tel am make she go ly down 4 huz okay???

  123. both of them are good, but Simi is the best among all

  124. both of them are good, but Simi is the best among all

  125. Olanrewaju

  126. Nini has been the most consistent this year. She has highest number of really dope songs.

  127. simi is d best

  128. Tiwa Savaga is d best

  129. Simi

  130. Simi is the best

  131. Una yansh… Tiwa is over hyped?? She’s not there mate abeg

    • Tankiu broda.

  132. dija like that female artist

  133. Simi, lot of kisses, I will 4reva love you

  134. Simi is the best ‘cos all her songs are inspirational and so superb… I pray she keep waxing great.

  135. Niniola 4 did yia o, maybe by next yia it could be Simi or Tiwa

  136. Niniola is tha bomb

  137. 2017 has been awsome for dem, niniola is all abt the beat sarz gives to her, her lyrics is scanty and more of a freestyle, i deleted almost all d songs on her album and she has a qualms with songs title. Simi Is Awsome But We Needed More Collabos On Her Album To Spices Up D Sound, Just Too Moody. For Queen Tiwa She Doesnt Release Much Visuals As Expected, Right 4rm Her Once Upon A Time, Red, And Sugarcane. The Best For This Year Is Savage, Views On YuTube, Request On Radio, Tv And Dj Promos. Tiwa Savage All D Way. Call Her Dicey

  138. how would u guys compare a lion(tiwa savage) a dog(simi) and a rat(ninola) it just doesnt make sense. tiwa the best and forever the best

    • Tiwa savage should have it, cos she worth it.

  139. Who’s niyiola or niniola? She’s out of it pls. Because have seen any sense in what the girl is singing “onkinlatan”
    Now tiwa and simi
    My vote humbly goes to “SIMI”(best ever namesake)

    • No wonder nah. It’s because she is your namesake. LoL. Mtcheew!!

  140. 1st Niniola
    2nd Simi
    3rd Tiwa Savage

    If you argue, you lose a tooth. Capiche!

  141. for me is niniola

  142. Tiwa Savage

  143. simi for sure. BT tiwa savage is also good.

  144. i tink simi is d best

  145. simi

  146. simi??

  147. simisola is d bestest, if there is a word like dat. she is soooo good

  148. Niniola is best

  149. simi solder

  150. omo na mavins princess

  151. Simi

  152. tiwa Savage

  153. Tiwasavage

  154. It’s Niniola for me. Then Tiwa Diva.

  155. If its not simi den who?
    Joromi issa big
    hit.and as fr tiwa,i love her songs too but simi has captured my heart totally….

  156. Mini ke,wat re u pole even saying,comparing Nini to Tiwa,Tiwa is d best anyday anytime #fact

  157. Simi for life

  158. Tiwa savage rocks

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