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2013 NEA Awards Winners List

Posted by Tyler on September 2, 2013 in AUDIO · 94 Comments


The 2013 NEA Awards were held yesterday September 1st in New York and hosted by Basket Mouth. Opening the event was Sean Tizzle performing on stage, Dammy Krane, Olamide & Phyno and more.

YBNL – Olamide

Kukere – Iyanya

Burna Boy

Sammy Okposo


Ice Prince



Emma Nyra



Ghost Mode – Phyno & Olamide

Rita Dominic

Ali Nuhu

Tunde Kelani (Maami)

Big Brother Africa

John Dumelo

Nadia Buhari

DJ Bayo (UK)

Basket Mouth

Coko Bar

Freeze – Cool FM

Labi Layori


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  1. Some of the winners tho. Emma nyra is wack. Why is she getting awards? Man-know-man tinz. Issorai. They shud carry their activity, park well

  2. This winners list is trash (~_^) and who is d fuck I'd dj bayo

  3. Awards dis days strictly based on pay as you win only when nobody pays, dey run tinini tanana things give am to anybody

  4. mehn am not impressed with d list at all..what happen to d likes of vector for best rap act

  5. Yep olamide deserve it he's the real guy i zoom u bro. Mean while fans don't forget KAABO still trending download and share now and also visit today.

  6. Timaya's album 'upgrade' was realy the hit of last year n runnin in2 d early parts of this year. Olamide hit singles were the only vibe of his album… hmmm

  7. This is stupid why will u av 2 go abroad 2 do 2 NEA awards is senseless seriously it doz nt make any sense just imagin dem coming over 2 do there awards in 9ja…… This is 2 d NEA Organizer…..

  8. I don't tink ice prince worth that award at all. Look at phyno. Ven olamide 4 dat album award is trash. Though olamide is good bt yoou can't give dat album the year

  9. Dis list is a bull-shit…I fink I av waste ma money 4d show…

  10. lolz.wat. a be only dj bayo

  11. Davido pop artist of the year was pathetic,stupid people,davido na fuckin average musician.all u bad belle I never knew that you people hate WIZKID like dis

  12. Wot of wizkid. ___hey pals visit my site

  13. Wat a pathetic list!! Yung6ix deserve dat piece of shits u guys gave 2 ice prince…dats pretty akward#dis year NEA award is such a wack!!

  14. Hw on earth did they come up wif dis trash of a list? Are there no more artists in Naija other dan Olamide? Wat is he singing sef. D Nigerian factor I guess! And why d foreign venue? dnt we hav gud places in Lagos nd Abuja for an event lik dis?

  15. Psquare has really bin consistent and Wizkid too why Davido? Mtcheeew. So many unknown names in d list

  16. una dey crase wu knw wizkid……by d way…waitin e sing…na small boy beside dis pple so shut up stinky mouth…okay

  17. are u kidding me this is crap how will sarz not win best producer of the year who the heck is even spellz, u guyz dont even know how to play your games bcuz this just proves that u guyz pick who u want not who is gud. crapish result

  18. NEA s a big beast 4 nt let pipu vote b4 gvin award to artisty,4 me dis nea neva luk 4 gud artst puh money wubi emma nyra wackin gurl,vector or mode9,azone s beta ice prince nd olamide s a shit 4 dat,wea s jesse jag mr jago,anywah n tok muj grap me@cue am a raw rapper neva let u down wif ma style of rap@258b7bbf or 08139652530 tanx gud pipu.

  19. wizkid wasn't even nominated was he?. arghhhhhh this year is stupid, going to us to do nigerian entertainment awards who ever is in charge of this stuff is seriously wack

  20. can't nigeria be straight foward for once oh sorry it wasn't done in nigeria!!!

  21. Chill guyz.. Im so happy for baddoo.. He worthz it.. Buh 4 davido, na shud b wiz.. For spellz..datz shud b sarz… Wiz waz nominated..

  22. For ice..datz nonsenz.. Vec shud av won it jare…buh,dnt blame NEA… Na votinq tinz na

  23. Diz kind of a tin is meant to b done in Nigeria….Y can't we jst respect our culture ad oursef fr ones……ad d award list…..Merhn it's fucknn rubbish…..Plan nxt year own well….ad mak sure u use beta venue fr Lasgidi……(Dat's to d planner of NEA)…God bless

  24. Mehn! You guys should chill. Everybody wants their favourites to win but it can't happen. I dunno who the hell DJ Bayo is buh those who rigged the whole award thingy know who DJ Bayo is. Yes! Some of them don't deserve the awards they got buh they actually worked their way up to being on the nominees' list so it possible anybody won.

  25. Mercy Johnson didnt even bag an award in the movies. that girl has bin rockin our set since last year till nau

  26. Where d hell is wizkid n hw d fuck did davido get dat?

  27. Vector,wizkid,sarz,djexclusive or neptune…were not there,mercy johnson nko…?

    Well na their time make them fuck up as them like..mine is com'n..ff me @u2gisthahype…bbm23210638..artist only!!!

  28. I dnt kia abt anybdy expcet frm mai boi Olamide. Kip it up bro.

  29. Badecool. Love y.b.n.l

  30. pls tell us that is a fake result abeg…

  31. U deserve d award bro @baddo of lyf kip it up.xo wt abt mi wizzy baby fuck davido ad ice prince


  33. una name na sorry make una no go find wetin una go chop, na wetin no concern una una dey carry for head…pls if it pains u guy, go nd collect d award frm who it hs been given to nd giv who u wnt nah..nonsence…

  34. Lol black people with black mentality….. Everytin na talk talk…. Na you na dey disturbe the government self

  35. I 4 say mak una pack well bt una no get beta ***.. Dis award list is a dustbin. Timaya is d hit album of nw & yrs 2 come. Make una stop dis tin na, e no gud atol Ä?? e no fit all of una.

  36. dus tin not gud at all o,dis is nonsense and rubbish,where did dey put moe musa a gud director b4 dey took dat fool nd again,where did dey put wizkid ft femi kuti omo jayejaye b4 taking phyno ft olamide as the best collabo of d year.mtcheeeeeeeeeew.

  37. 9IAJa are we not proud of our country why didn't u foolish ppl do dat award winner in nigeria reather dan going to new york cos i knw white ppl can never come to nigeria to give dere winners dere award fuck u all and who de fuck is DJ bayo not even dj xclusive mentioned

  38. 4 dem to tek d venue of NEA abroad U????? should already knw what is fishing… Rubbish!! DJ Wayo(Bayo).

  39. Who da f*ck is emma-nyra en wre is she 4rm……Smh 9ja award sha.

  40. Hey guyz wizzy is good but I think this is an award an davido get it there is really nofin. Wrong about that….the guy had payed is due….congrats my blood HKN baby

  41. I think Lola rae shlda won most promising female, n how could spellz be awarded d best producer? I tire o….awarding davido d best pop&r&b artist is trash, dnt even think dz NEA know wat they r awarding @ all, davido is so so far behind r&b n pop…with those wack n senseless lyrics?…opelope beat

  42. olamide and davido deserve it ,,,, wizkid iz zo praoud and insultive ,,,,, wuna tnk sa fanz no get senz ,,, d winners der ar so humbl to nija ….. Olamide kip on banging d street jhor , if u no lik am oya kary hiz mata lik gala go howk for onisha main ma

  43. Una day craz well una carry award go new york hw many tyms foreing ppl carry there own come 9ja come gve there artist where una 4 see Dj bayo na 9ja dj or were.

  44. I thnk badoo lee rlly dsev d awards being given to hm.he ws surpose to b givn best rapper instd of ice prince.olamide is murdrer,he's just killng d street.kep it up ybnl nation.movment 2 millitary.davido is a trash.he no no nth.

  45. fuck y'all nigger's. Una no work at all, why una carry naija show go abroad, una dey craz? Una no know say as una go there una no go carry every thing come back, huh!

  46. Well stupid tinz apunz bt wen stupid pple gather to do stupid tinz we call dat stupidity…N E A organisers u guyz shld beta wise up d earlier d beta..

  47. Wen its a voting tinz ,who gatz d highest votes bags d award, buh the venue is just d fuck up.2 my home gurl labi layori, u rocks.

  48. Wuna jst da here d talk trash ,, celebz da der d mak cash ,,, olamide ix d best raper dat haz eve liveth in 9ja muzik induztry,,, davido , jst bally 2 yearz hez paking d award lik messi ,,,, wizkid ix bin promoted by banky wird. Being alone means a long r

  49. davi and olamide deserves their award …..but iceprince and spellz is a complete trash

  50. I love u guys,phyno thank God u did not disappoint me,burna boy i trust u mahn


  52. D best tv show is 4 mtn project fame

  53. I didn't know dat something like dis happen……….. y cant dey do it 9ja ? must dey go too abroad?

  54. 9ja I hail una…but dis list no be am @ all,but wot can we do??? D corruption has eaten deep into our system,we're nt even proud 2 host our own show in our country… Smh 4 d list sha.

  55. First of all I see no reason taking NEA to NY u organizers are kinda unpatriotic…why should sammy okposo win best gospel when we have FRANK EDWARD..flavour deserves best album,let's try and do away with tribalism

  56. WALE of america deserves best international in oda to encourage him in his bid to promoting 9ja artists and also make him give interest and attention to 9ja music since his 9ja by descent

  57. All of Una dey craze for head,una carry naija award go New York,why una no carry una native village go NY,God go punish una wey be organisers for dis mess up!!!!fake Nigerians after all na una go say oyibo people dey call una black monkey wey no even get common sense

  58. dis is rubbish…hw can kukere b d best song of dis year?

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  59. Harcourt forget the erigga is the african best rapper in the year

  60. @ik men that so true I reason m well … only u get head this award is useless

  61. 1.Dem go do ham for abroad

    2.Abeggg who be dj bayo? :s

    3.Emma nyra abi wetin dem dey call dat ashawo,Ao e tk win d award?

    4.Walai na dis one spoil ham finish SPELLs.. U sabi ham?

    I rest my case

  62. Y dont u live dz award tin alone nd lets proqress….some of u jst talk based on ur choice wivout considerin odaz….some sayin wizzy z not dere…davido z a whole baq of crap….y z it always wizzy…dere r oda quys dat can do beta dan wizzy…lets qet dz shit straiqht….Davido deserves dat award that y he was been qiven…dey dat qave awt d award knew wat dy did…so u all suld jst try nd ENCOURAGE dem…wizkid cant win evry award….nd 4 Vector he nids 2 do more 2 beat ice on dat cateqory…am a biq fan of wizzy…a biq fan of vector…so sorry u quys didnt av d award…u can do beta ….wishin u quyz d very best….and lets stop criticism

  63. Olamide,phyno,burna boy and Davido deserves those awards given to proud of them.Wizkid lovers keep hating on davido while he is making it.(Hit)

  64. Thumbs up davido,ice,burna boy,olamide and phyno. Davido deserves that award big tym.u just like criticizing successful artists. i like wizkid too but no content in his songs nowadays just his voice.still a kid.

  65. all of ona de crazz, na sentiment go kill all of ona, must you all eat the same food all the time? Well none of you av and will ever win an award. Jobless people. NEA you are the boss, for giving good opportunity to all new comers .congratulations to all winers the best yet to come.

  66. Shout out to endia(grip boiz) u deserve it,"respect to chopstix,j milla,dee money,rap prince"""""get rap prince pin 323b303c


  68. Wow diz list is more dan ok….hahhahahhaha….f*k haterz ybnl boss upgrade *yp wizkid do watin mtseew abg no cal wizkid 4diz place *lisquare*slogkidboizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  69. d most corruptd african country is Nigeria. I blv dis mentalities is lack of civilsatn. I dnt kw why is always vry hard 2comprehnd Davido's talent? Plz money cnt buy talnt.i blv ds young guy inheritd hs talnt b4 hs fada bcum rich.

  70. To my view,d list iz perfect buh d organizaz ar mad indeed.there iz a clear dif of US § 9JA,y do day travu abroad wit our indigenous award,dat's y d rxt of AFRIKAN COUNTRZ meet nd leave us e.g ghana,guinea,kenya e.t.c wat a f**k

  71. To my view,d list iz perfect buh d organizaz ar mad indeed.there iz a clear dif of US § 9JA,y do day travu abroad wit our indigenous award,dat’s y d rxt of AFRIKAN COUNTRZ meet nd leave us e.g ghana,guinea,kenya e.t.c wat a f**k

  72. To my view,d list iz perfect buh d organizaz ar mad indeed.there iz a clear dif of US § 9JA,y do day travu abroad wit our indigenous award,dat's y d rxt of AFRIKAN COUNTRZ meet us nd leave us e.g ghana,guinea,kenya e.t.c wat a f**k

  73. like seriously was expecting vector to get the award for the rap category…I guess they had their. Reasons….congrats to all the winner…

  74. y did u want 2 knw..

  75. Kukere should have not been nominated alongside those songz it came out much earlier than them. Nice one for endia

  76. hm….i swear why al dis fuck up..una mis me up wetin dat fine boy do una na…who no olamide 4 music na smoker's him d sing him fan's be dat and nt 4 we..boss wizkid na u we day look up on…20 men sha 4 dat day if day cross our line" hater's of st

  77. hm…what's a fuck..hater's of wizkid…wat is olamide singin.. Am nt sure olamide is singin 4 we human..nt rily..haha his fan's are smoker's dos bad guy…we no get life…nt 4 fresh guyz like us..i pray (hater's of starboy sha sufer) IN JESUS NAME AMEN…

  78. Some of u are pathetic… Moving the award 2 Ny doesn't mean we are not proud of our country… But its 2 gain more trust of american so that we both will be closer in entertainment business… U ppl say Nigerian z nt growing but wen it starts developin som pp open dia trap 2 say crap.. .. Spellz no doubt produced more hit songz than any1 last …pertaining 2 d awards we don't jes look at songz u'v don, we also look at achievements and ur quota 2 d growth of Nigerian music…those who rocked concert showz and tourz….and finally u all wher d ones dat voted.. If u ddnt vote and u are here talking u shud get a life…*nd look @ wat u r commenting b4 u submit..stp vulgar wrdz

  79. Oboy wey my wizzy na wizzy baby loke loke davido ke follow me on fb azonto tiran douggie

  80. As 4 badoo i hail o,dnt beef d guy iz 4ckin worth any awrd bin gvin 2 im nd even more.nd my bro davido iz gud xo if u tink wizzy iz beta y dnt u organise ur own award nyt nd gv it 2 beef bt u guyz shuld tink b4 talkin

  81. Ice prince armani i hail dat dude.he started 4rm d dust(sprite 3ple slam) nd luk at wer he iz 2dai.iz hard wrkz paid iz dues.08062240120

  82. i fink olamide ybnl does nt deserve it…upgrade by timaya wud b it for me..wizkid shuld av won nt davido.olamide for best rapper nt iceprince.lola rae for female nt emmanyra.sarz for producer nt spellz and dj xclusive for dj nt bayo..all odas i concur

  83. Nuffin bad about d award, realy never erd of DJ bayo but probly iz gud guyz',Olamide #badoo# u er d man, kip it up

  84. All of u were dey talk rubbish 4 mouth say the winners no wort am wuna dey craz NEA dey give Award by Voting not by anytin last year Baddo,Davido,Phyno no get anytin 4 d list coz not enough vote but dis year we all vote 4 Baddo to get it, so dnt talk nonsense if u wnt ur artist to win vote 4 him nest year. Thank to u NEA #TeamBaddo

  85. tnkz 4 takin d venue out of d country cuz see hw peepz ar backin ova here it seems if d venue waz held ova here dey cub av bomb d place wit dere stupidity……. Sum are poor in tinkin….. I tink sum1 said d best collaboratn shud go for wizkid ft femi kuti nt phyno ft olamide. No tym 2 waste ur brain box rotten….. Sum are shoutin wizzy wizzy lolzzz well headies z qonna b hold vry soon…. 2 dose wu ar awarded ah big shoutout sayin'' CONGRAT''….NIGERIAN guyz are poor in tinkin tho.

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  87. June 12, 2012 at 7:02 amThe devil is a deceiver throferee you cnt just look at someone and see the devil in them. We just have to repent in this world and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. mayb JB is illuminati myb not. maybe he is a part of it but he is not aware of that.that is why we have to be careful wth what we say or do coz you might just sell your soul to the devil unkniowingly. What we can do as Christians is pray for these people that they can see the light coz the end of the world is surely near. Reply

  88. June 19, 2012 at 2:09 amTupac spoke openly agasint Illuminati- The Don Killuminati- The 7 Day Theory . Don't be so naive! Justin Bieber part of Illuminati!? Behave ya selves, he's a kid the same age as me. Illuminati's been hyped up into something a lot bigger than what it is, yes they have their influences in the media and of course they are there, but some of the comments above make them out to be a kind of terrorist group, which they obviously aren't otherwise they'd no longer exist. Reply

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  91. Elma zinny

  92. More of dat OLAMIDE, Y B N L, i rep only 1 team

  93. olamide i fil lyk meeting u.pls i nid ur help. am a street rapper dis z my fb account (olawale finext)

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