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9ice – Aje + Seven

Posted by Tyler on November 22, 2013 in AUDIO · 70 Comments


Alapomeji Major General 9ice continues to stage a come back with the release of this two heavy tunes for the fans to enjoy and feel that Gongo aso crooner we know . Listen to the songs Seven and AJE below and share your thoughts.





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  1. 9ce U don loss ur Voice 4 real”try n do sometin abt Dat

  2. Sorry to say but theses are wack..nor good at all. We are suppose to enjoy music and sometimes new. These not even better dan Fuji music..but I like the one don jazzy produce-Ike kan

  3. Seven has a nyc beginning bt the tho! While “aje” is a flop,do sumtin egbon 9ice b4 we ur loyal fans run out of patience.thanks

  4. John

  5. Egbon 9ice… Wetin dey happen dis days.. Try and improve oooo

  6. All of you condemning these songs know sh_t about good music. You are so used to the current noise making the wave. To me, cool music, deep content. Baba, Prefer songs like these Not jigi jigi. Awon Smellos hating.

  7. wow d songs is great I love it so cool nice beat. 9ice baba tnkx 4 d Good work we need more 4rm u I love ur voice u gat mouth joor baba don’t mind awon haters

  8. Dope song Baba, leave dem dis smellos make dem dey talk, u all ve derailed frm gud music. Commercial don finish una, Baba move on, dope song… ADIGUN! FROSH!

  9. Fashola abiola young

  10. Fashola abiola

  11. Only god knows hw many tracks 9ce has released to date!! E 4 don Pass 500!! lol

  12. All music u released are hit 4 me i lyk dis 2 songs i jst keep on repeating it.dat ur voice is wat i lyk i prefer it even cracker dat dis 1

  13. Now I can feel 9ice that I know. I enjoy every beat of both track especially Aje. Good job bro. No be to make noise.

  14. fuck you all niggas critisizing, d guy is makin good music nd yet u ????????????? here blabbing, u tink its all about noise, fools.

  15. 9ice is nice,,,,this really pass ikekan ,,,,,lol

  16. sodeeq
    mr 9ice i realy luv ur music alot.u will neva u keep on moving…

  17. 9ce 1 4rm baba 9ce…i really luv dt aje#hating on 9ice elo mellow.jah ride on

  18. This is below average….u can do better.

  19. bash

  20. You ve really don ???? good job…….I wil always L???ve????? yu and yur muzik…ride on…ariwo ko laye jije

  21. When we talk about Evergreen music act.. Talk about 9ice… Welcome back bro…. #WeAreLoversOfGoodNaijaMusic

  22. Nice one alapomeji I dey feel u keep it up.God bless u.

  23. This is Where we usually get things wrong,an artist is ur star doesn’t mean u shouldn’t inform him when u feel he’s not been doing too good# 9ice hasn’t been doing well and award nomination,the number of shows and even his music in d club says it all# he’s nt bin fantastic lately @all# he was d only artist I firstly adore bt he’s now loosing fans to his awkward attitude and bad music# life Drama is a song and that was his style bt now he’s tryring to b what industry nid n that hasn’t bin helping, he should realise his music b4 its too late 4 him# afterall tony tetula was once a star…………..

  24. i have nothing to say now…i will be back in 3 days time

  25. Dat 9ic gud job

  26. kip d pace goin bros dnt mynd d pple condemin d music dnt mynd dem dae tink is does noise dae listen 2 nd does junk music bros 9ice frosh dnt mynd awon smellos@ bado

  27. Well….I thnk 9ice songs are only for the matured minds

  28. The two songs are rubbish.

  29. 9ce tune 4 ur beloved fans

  30. Baba 9ice nice one, dem no fit understand wetin d 7 be.. U Bam Man..

  31. Dis are two lovely joints,those of u sayin its crap,ur are kids,these are songs for d matured minds,esp AJE good good piece.

  32. D truth is palongo and party songs has claimed the mentality of many, I strongly agree wif ppl saying is for d matured minds. Why can’t we appreciate a musician who has brought fame via his mother tongue. 9ice stands out among odas who copy the west. The two songs are nice ones from 9ice who gave d producer less work to do in producing the beat. Listen and listen well, u get d msg of d song. I take my bowl

  33. Alapomeji 9ice find solution wit ur vice b4 it will late

  34. @9ice how dare you compare Aje with Jesus. That was so lame of you.

  35. 9ice songs are for people who thinks, dix is naht just a song buh a message to we all. Ajifolajifaola thumbx up, yu ar d best eva lived. Pple must talk……..

  36. Nice 1 mr 9ice

  37. 9ice! dis is nt just it,u really need to step up ur game bro

  38. @oneil wot do u want again, u beta sit down on ur couch and listen to gud music instead of palongo songs.

  39. truthfully I luv dis 2 tracks.. evergreen musik? consult 9ice

  40. I love dis two hit music but bro we need an upgrade abeg

  41. White cotton

  42. Big bro, u are still d baba…I love u die

  43. Bros u sad it all u ar knw for gud muzic,u too ye jor

  44. Baba u 2 much I sue down… I give it 2 u 100%… Can’t wait 2 see ur album out.. U re my mentor 4 life

  45. …this guy is one of the best artist in Nigeria. I’ve followed most artist in Nigeria, believe me, I still listen to Angela by 9ice till today. I listen to music, local and international acts, and I and I think we all know those actually singing, somewhere in our mind, those giving content and those just making noise, always talking about ladies, floss and gold they have and especially bragging about what they don’t have. Jaiye-Jaiye, errm, Caro and so on, songs that lacks content, even the artist singing them lost the theme of the song later in the songs. Very sad, fake artists who found themselves in the mainstream of bad listeners. How can a song commence with “I want to do this and that for my mother and father” and later talking about “African ladies not wanting to be called woman”, and Femi featured on that song. Those lines in that song as far as I’m concerned are slaps on Fela’s legacy and on we, Fela’s core fans, African lady by Fela is a classic, lines from it should not be taken by reckless artists. Femi’s feature on it is more saddening.
    Talking about 9ice, he is a matured artist and his renditions are powerful, can’t help but find succour in what a fan said earlier that his music are for the matured-minds…not wizkid-like mind that just want to dance in club and sweat, wtf. Although 9ice was going down the aisle before, but nigga found himself and he’s coming back. I don’t know about you, but this guy is a great artist, he’s doing this when he hasn’t go back to Cabasa, what will happen when he does go back?. His likes and Gt the guitarman, Asa, M.I., Sound Sultan, Banky, 2 face are those who bestow beauty on music by their content, deep thought and originality as opposed to what majority of Nigerians like listening to, pure noise and beats. I’m not sorry, but Nigerians are not good listeners, if we are, all these inferior noise-making artist, drop-outs that mention “twenty man” in their songs, that are seeming successful, because we buy their records should not even even find space on our media player. Why?, ’cause an artist like wizkid cannot even sing about something else, check all his songs, they are about ladies, sex, money, that’s all. Let him tell us a story like those Sound Sultan always make up, listen to Baale by Sound Sultan, that’s a music. However, the nigga seems successful than good artists like 9ice, M.I., 2 face, Asa (check the list of the richest artists in Africa), because we buy his nonsense. I think Nigerians should learn to buy good work, appreciate and encourage real artist rather than noise-makers and one-theme artist. Sound Sultan would be more successful than wizkid if they are in a society where their are good listeners as we have in developed countries. The critical comments that opens the comment-thread of this page is an offshoot of the bad music-sense most Nigerians have, and that psychology is a creation of all these noise making artists. Just that they’ve been unable to change the perspective of some of us about good music. I could imagine, just because you can’t dance to the songs up there and you can’t patiently listen to lyrics you started lambasting a good artist with critiques. This is serious. 9ice I pray you come back, just as Eedris is doing, modern-day Fela. Thumbs up to the real artists out there.

  46. Noise don dei disturb una..wen sum pple no no gud song..u call dis wack..wetin b pullover..wat d meaning of skelewu? beat una dei hear..they all talk trash..if dem no talk waist dem go hips..all song alwayz abt girlz….wen una go open una ear..

  47. Trust me, dos dat criticizes 9ice’s songs did so bcos their brain cant assimilate deep words lyk d parables dat Jesus used in d bible, can u imagin what their favorite artists sings wen dey tried 2 sing about somtin beside their usual money, sex, and big life songs? Maybe u neva heard it, nah swear den dey swear fo themselves & their fans, GOBE,NONSENSE,ALINGO etc. U kids can continue dancing to caro, skelewu & co while we grown ups will continue listening to LIFE DRAMA, NATURAL SOMETHING, GO HARD, AJE, SE7EN, YES NO & d likes cos music is meant 2b listen to while beat is 2b dance to. Eyin temi, if u wanna listen 2 musics dat is inspirational, educative, musics dat gives u O.T & teaches u new tins, pls don’t waste ur tym, go for 9ice. As fo mi o, I’ve learnt alot frm his musics, in 2007, he taught me bachelor is “apon” in Yoruba lang. B4 i listen 2 once bitten twice shy, i used 2 say “EPO EPA LO JO POSI E LOJU”, all thanks 2 Adigun fo correcting me cos now i kno dat d correct statement is “EPO EPA LO JO POSI ELIRI”. B4 dis single, ‘AJE’ i use 2 say aje ogugu’luso oni’so iboji buh now baba Zion has corrected me, aje okuku’niso, oni’so iboji. Hmmm!!!!! 9ice, d teacher of lyf.

  48. hmmmm all 9ice fans has said it all 9ice lyrics are meant 4 genius dat can comprehend bt nt 4 fooolls who dance 2 abusive lyrics and beats

  49. Pa Moses Olaiya’s song “Eko o’gba gbere rara” still rocks as well as late Huberth Ogunde’s songs like “Yoruba” ro’nu” and “Onimoto” wil rock til forever cos dey ar full of messages, inspiration & advice not to talk of “Water no get enemy” by Abami’eda. 3 of Dos afore mentioned legends has gone buh their songs neva die cos it involves our everyday lifes, Adigun is also a living legend and im sure dat his songs wil outlived him.

  50. Adigun is my mentor 4 life, cus i appreciate good music..

  51. nice one keep it up baba u bam

  52. Juwonlo can wait 4 ur album

  53. adigun be babaoooooo don’t compare adigun song with any song the different is clear, adigun song is full of message, not for kid is for maturity people joooooo abolore keep up I fill u die

  54. Won bi iya eyan, Lyrical, frendical. No sere sere. U are the best. My mentor per say. Pls I will like u to download my song and feel it say na like yours. Ogami. Adigun alapo plenty. My name na Ak phrat. My song name na shligede on google. Need promo please.

  55. In fact, I am short of words. From own view, if an artist is not doing well we all need to encourage them not to say a word that can irritate others. 9ice you are trying keep it up, you can do better. I do learn from your songs my Yoruba cos I live in Uk.

  56. Egbon nice, o ma se o

  57. 9ice be my person. I’m his fan for life. If u don’t like being 9ice, try Hatred, suckers!

  58. to say the fact i love dis track “AJE” is okay by me. especially the lyrics “Aje ogun niso oniso iboji” hmmm oro agba. anytime i listen to dis tracks i believe i go get plenty money. the second track ,seven is also okay. Nice just dey do ur tins in dis normal way. those people way dey talk dem no be your fans. dem don’t know music. na agolo dem dey listen to. my guy perfect work.

    • Well say name sake

  59. 9ice as u c me so I no dey c ur errors infact u no get one cari on joooor, must of ds guys wey dey bullshit be terry g fans

  60. Wowww wowww bro d track is 9ice an u ar 9ice (cnn) each of them is d best an u ar d best of them (ojuwonlo se ma wo won run)

  61. 9ice na u be dere father don’t mind bad bele people, alapomeji mile ti ti carry on my broda

  62. keep going 9ice 1 like a million

  63. The lyrics are so sense making. Unique voice that’s what makes Seven different. Keep it up bro we expecting much more from yhu

  64. Nice one bro bigger you I pray##GBAM

  65. Oboy this music BAM 9ice i gbadun this music for real i am one of your fan..ever since my secondary school old days have been enjoying your music..keep the good work.. alexendra abolore adebola adigun alapomeji omoajifola jifola..Baba u too much

  66. u dey there

  67. u dey there

  68. Mr nice pls take note this is an artiste that has almost the article with u
    I’ll be so glad if u can consider me to be ur artiste
    U are my mentor and it’s been so long ave been with u right from ur first single brof
    Pls do me this favour I had been looking for u all day long pls I’ll be so happy only if u can grant my great request sir.
    Thanks a won Como araiye wonigbaohun lenu yin OK

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