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BlaqBonez – Warning [Yung6ix Diss]

Posted by @Tobi_tx on September 1, 2013 in AUDIO · 65 Comments


The social media went crazy yesterday when Yung6ix  declared himself the “Best Rapper in Nigeria” via twitter. A lot of people disagreed with this statement and BlaqBonez makes a bold move by releasing the first diss track against Yung6ix, this track is titled “Warning“. Pretty good freestyle, I’m impressed.

Press play and tell me what you think!




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  1. blaq is d best!!!!

  2. Hey blaq dis iz crap, ur trying to show ur better than someone whereas ur a useless soul too,better go nd look 4 anoda job cos rap iz not ur calling, ur so talentless

  3. Cashkid, freshkid

  4. Yo all niggers aaint know who d best rapper is,kudos to Olamide he is the king of it all,as for me lamlif,I'm the king the king will bow to,watch out for my“ LEAD ROLE”

  5. I pay Respect To Who Respect is owed, Yung6ix is good but he can't and would never be the best

  6. I can't believe I downloaded dat wark diss or warning, dats d lowest, I have heard, would have worked in 1994. Work shit tooxclusive pls delet it

  7. pin:32A5946D young6ix wants to copy kendrick lammar but with that we will also copy eminem see six don't ever dream of that again pls ur line can't even contest

    C.E.O Red Card Record

  8. Seriosli Saint Ice or wteva ur dumb ass name is,u r rili xtremely daft 2 say wat u said…Its ppl lyk u hu dunno a rap song if its starin@u in d face…Fool

  9. All dis diss songs are irrelevant,all u wack rappers are taking shots when ur suppose to get busy or stay focused on doing songs dat wud motivate d public…but all y'all doing is take shots at a dude ur slugss can't hurt…beside IV Neva heared of diz blaqbone dude if he was gud enuf he shud Be known as yung6 is…nigga! if I were u I wudnt pay attention to what I don't like,but ur paying attention to what yung6 said cos u like his style…now datz a bitch move,pussy ur so dripping off wackness..4k u n ur wack word play…

  10. Mumu, the most stupid he goat hav ever seen, u call dis childish waste of time in studio diss track. Guy pls beg them to delete ur frog voice song learn to rap. I don't like young six much but he's better dan ur bitter lyrics u hav here, u knows u might be insane.

  11. Saint ass you dumb….muda fucker and I can bet a bank dat u dint kno

  12. Dopetune

  13. Who be blaqbonez again ehn ehn

  14. Emeka murkd dat bastard gay_ass nigga 4 me

  15. dis fuckin nigga suck lyk a impotent dick….. Dis aint a diss neither is it a rapper…… Yung6ix aint even near 2 b calld d best neither is olamide….. 2 me d best rapper is either mode9 or vector or m.i or j.jags……. Nd lastly dis niga blapbones or wateva u cal ursef go luk 4 a job or beta by a jamb form

  16. Nigga blaqbonz…….. U aint up to see six… Come anoder time

  17. Prof Saint ice, why don't u cum teach us ??w????? its suppose to be done in 2013…Rubbish!!! And the last dude dt said blaqbones aint up to 6ix, what's the difference btw 6ix and bonez? the last time I checked they both had mixtapes and seriously, bonez is doper. Ur beloved 6ix once stole bonez lines incase u dnt knw…Warning to me is just something bonez played with and he still killed 6ix.

  18. fuck ya'all retarded bastereds who say bones is rubbish,ya donno shit

  19. diz bones guy self how is yung6ix gay ur just stupid foolish idiot go and sleep joor

  20. Just downloaded the diss track "warning" & d song/track is wacked,so wacked dt my grandmother raps better. Olamide will say "Are u a learner" & i'll say YES, lolz. I have never heard about dis guy blaqbonz, I think blaqbonz is looking 4 attention, popularity or familiarity. The truth is dat we are imitating the those overseas. Yung6ix don pass ur level,stop beefing & go & improve ursef or find something to do which u are good at but certainly not rap.

  21. Who dah hell is dis bonz nigga and what kinda wack track is dis. Six said he's the best and that's his own opinion so why is dis fool so pained to the extentent of dissing him. Stupid attention seeker that can't rap to save his life. Bonz or whatever you call yourself go find something bettert to do with your life cos music aint for wack peeps like you

  22. That blaqbonez is confuse on his disstrack u guys that got his back u niggaz gay?? Pls tell blaqbonez to keep making diss songs while real rapper making hit songs.

    And lastly pls tell him to beg davido 2 dance on skelewu remix cause he got no future in the indur… Any of u fake mudafucka who got any problem on my coment am waiting @alexcloyness cause u fake niggaz can't move me cause all fake niggaz are movie..

  23. Its a pity.. y'all bias ass!!!fuck ya all..most of u can't even type correctly…sharap! Sit dere nd listen…if blaq nd yung6 go head to head…swear down yung6 wuld back to d foolosh south he be claiming…idiot dick riders on dis comment…if u wanna hear more call me..haha..oh d no..fuck u I won't drop em!! BleSs blaq!

  24. Una mumu..bcos yung6 is rich n famous y'all prefer him..see blaq is d best mc n textcee on facebook…download oda of his track n see talent,,pfft!

  25. blag is a hungry dude..ya all knw da bst..da bst doesnt talk 2. much.fuck all ya fake mcs.

  26. Blaqbonez my son, what is the meaning of this empty nonsense, is this how I taught you to diss people, my son your prick has not mature for the pussis u want to be fucking grow up

  27. Blaqbone tried here ya….though 6ix got Hungry voice on Mic Dan him.Respect to the Two Dudes cos being a recording artiste is not a Popcorn tinz.Ping me if u need featuring artiste on ur mixtape or Track" 299CE64E

  28. Now I believe ,mofoos dahono anytin bout music patronize tooxclusive kos its common , goan check not just and see positive comments made towards d trak.den u see d way real people appreciate good musik . blaq u d best

  29. even those who dnt knw where their next meal will come 4rm dy diss pple wey dy chop 3 square meal per day…. Mr. whoever u call urself…… U no dy go anywhere

  30. Your song is just fucked up I swear down u can rap at all in fact u are mad nitwit six is better than u fuck u bitch hoe ass wipe retarded bastards

  31. Dis aint my first time of listening 2 dz guy (blaqbone), d guy gat lyrics, but he flows just too dull…ds diss track iz okay buh lyka joke dea

  32. If u got 2 diss d king of d south (KOS) u got2 b betta dan d south, dis aint worth d weight of 6ix mehn… Mayb u shud listen 2 xport, 6ix badt gan, M_Great says so!

  33. Some times, I wonder why tooxclusive should be up loading all kind of rubbish job on her site. This job ain't good enough to be on this site.

  34. Yung6ix…mo'mehn U ve gat all U wanted n dts attention…u d best rapper in naija…lolz…maybe…byt wat I gotcha say is dis…just like sinzu bro U gat a tight mixtape,but we all re expecting an album n we cnt say U d best or not coz U cnt be d best with no albums. Ur game is tyt n all dat shit bt am so sorry for anybody dat misunderstood your movement.ur tweet was just to get d attention n ur album is coming sooner Dan expected wit dis many will go for it…nice strategy,more effort to ur elbow mahn….n for dis song…i played for 12 tymz buh z still kinda funny coz(dnt knw ur name mehn…just go get a jamb form)in case U re jambite…lolz den if U re not i blame two people the federal govt(asuu strike) n tooxclusive… for putting dis now i doubt if U guys really screen ur songs before upload…see ur upload on too xclusive dnt make U a d.j

  35. @dj millz: stupid comment, guess he's just a dancehall dj, knw nothing abt hiphop

  36. @dj millz: stupid comment, guess he's just a dancehall dj, knw nothing abt hiphop, better go n face ur virtual dj

  37. Lmao, ya'll r jus killin me

  38. bonez I love yur rap mehn..buh pls jus keep it cool u dnt know if yung might be a helper 2mao..

  39. blaqfool kip it up u are d nest BIG FOOL

  40. fckers b saying blaq aint dope…he beat boogey in a competition…and boogey is a fcking dope rapper…so if u dnt knw wat rap is all abt…jes fcking keep quiet…bitches!

  41. @jay j. You're are a bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goin from one place to another talkin shit! U don chop today?

  42. Blaq u wicked ooo. Lwkmd

  43. Blaq is simply talented! and has many more years and efforts to put up with so as to step up his qame,as for yung6ix "action and proofs speaks louder than voice or words" #irestmycase

  44. Blaq u got abusive words lyrics flow is ok tho ..atleast u r achieving ur aim ..lil fame ..wise boi..feed d bones to d dogs …

  45. i must confess blaqbonez kill it….most ppl dnt even knw it is a freestyl

  46. cool diss, but yungsix is more dope than u,# money#swag#popularity # studio mode9 n Eriga no send u to do diss 4 dem na, write better lyric, Nigerians don't beaf we party, I wouldn't waste cash to buy a diss album

  47. All u niggaz who're talkin shit 'bout blaq should get a job or better still a blow-job cos u don't even know dis guy. Yung6 is good but blaq 'll eat him lyk his favourite meal in a battle. N if 6 was so gud y did he have 2 steal blaq's lines??? (Food for thought) n as 4 6's tweet; he's far 4rm it…probably he was sharin u a lame line…

  48. Lwkmd.I tot bones were meant to be white.Niggar gaan jik urz before you start dissing person when senior you…didnt ur mum teach u manners

  49. Yeah @dj blaqbonez is 17 jambiter jobless go for lesson blaq cux u so wack

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  55. screw all dis talk bout ??? d best MC is, dere can ???? b a best, U?????'re J?s??? creative ?? U???????r part doesnt mean U?????'re a pro.. A??????d dissin sumbody aint ah better tin 2 do either..y dont y'all quit dis A??????d J?s??? focus ?? achievin…#

  56. That's cleared my thoughts. Thanks for conitrbuting.

  57. Nicur, i knw you can do better…just pretend you sent your last son to reply that retard lol

  58. Blaqbones u ar just a foolish DOG if u ar trying to get fame y not go fuck ur ass

  59. Mr.blaq or what d fuck u call ur self…u too wan compete with ur voice wey be like say u wan stammer.
    u love music, but music hates u alot…kindly go look for anything That can bring u money than wasting ur tym in music…even if ur family listen to dis traack, dem ft disown u

  60. hope you retard are now starting to eat your words back. blaq is shitting on your fav rapper and u know it.

  61. this kid is sick

  62. blaq tums up!!!!

  63. Its 2k16, where’s blaqbones, you don’t build a foundation on hate, just know.

  64. black idiot

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