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Cassper Nyovest – “Dust 2 Dust” (AKA Diss)

Posted by TX STAFF on October 2, 2015 in AUDIO · 80 Comments

Cassper Nyovest - Dust 2 Dust-ART

Run for cover! Cassper Nyovest is attacking with “Dust 2 Dust”.

The MTV MAMA “Best Hip-Hop Act” winner comes for AKA with the fiery track is supposed to be a reply to AKA’s “Composure”.

This diss track which lasts for 5 minutes and 38 seconds will definitely find a place in the diss tracks hall of fame.

Must Listen!!!

DOWNLOAD Cassper Nyovest – “Dust 2 Dust” (AKA Diss)

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  1. Keep it up cassper,a.k.a ke stlatla #dust2dust killed it!!

    • #aka dont play because hi will kill you like dust to dust MXM i feel sorry for you AKA but you rapper like 1 year baby#cassper keep it up we dont want to loss you nyovest

  2. Childish….why cnt u two fools AKA and cassper nyovest stop all dis trash…

    • uhmm lyk rily rappers?í ½í±?í ½í±?í ½í±?
      i thot hip hop wil big up a country
      i c nw thrz nthin tiching us

      • Hip hop is all about beef #keep it up cassper

    • yes cassper u killed it aka will let u lose ur composure,at this time i think aka is inside the house drinking milk thinking about dust2dust

  3. I still find composure better than this dust2dust track …

    • you dont know how to choose

    • dust 2 dust is lyrics sucks 4 fuck sake

    • dust 2 dust lyrics sucks 4 fuck sake

  4. Fuck. composure I like dust2dust better Dan

    • No composure is the baddest fuck dust2dust sucks big times. But this pipz need to grow up

      • Dust 2 dust has dopest lyrics dawg

  5. I can’t even hear what both of you are saying on your tracks pronounciation is too weak. Prokid ist the best, now I dear someone to start beef with him.

  6. Nywe nywe nywe composure my foot…… DUST TO DUST IS TOO DOPE

  7. Dust 2 dust is d bomb. Choi u gota listen 2 it. Team caspa. AKA stil learnin dou

    • AKA still learnin? Boss! #BeWise!

  8. Why a rata dick thou? Like wtf!

  9. habashwe caspper u keeping it real….a.k.a ayeye

  10. Dust to dust doopest Africa diss song

  11. Wtf–is cassper you such a lame ass n***a! You gossip all the way nice one S.A best Journalist Cassper Nyovest now lets stay Tuned for AKA’s response to this trash!!!!

  12. Mad song.. This is over dope… Kudos

  13. Cassper Should’ve titled this song “Exposure” coz he exposed AKA man. Lol Dust 2 Dust is da shiiiiiii

    • Casper needs to do his style first rather than coping unc okmalum with that stupid pony tail

  14. mxm ths is useless fuck em…..aka n Cassper are de lame rappers ever………but big ups 2 k.o

  15. Caspers diss track trash.. he sux

  16. Lol Abashwe-bashwe!! AKA had it coming.Cassper just used AKA as an opportunity,he never saw the ghost coming.And now AKA’s camp are crying foul play.

    • Lmaoooooooooooo?

  17. wy cnt aka admit dat ny0vest is the best….luk he t00k 24awards at the age 0f 24 wit **1 ULBAM** pip0 thats a rec0rd…aka cum 0n wapallwa j0…

  18. I dont care abt deir beef i just laugh , dey dont buy me bread anywei…lol

    • Dust 2Dust …Team Cassper

  19. Cassper finally caught my attention!…seriously he really dissed the hell out of AKA…hope he can finish what he started cos AKA will surely bounce back!!!!…t
    Its gonna get messy…get ready for WAR Cassper!

  20. I wan baf

    • Lwkmd

      • Dust to dust kill this trash ass aka

  21. WTF @Casper ur da bomb! Dis 1 on repeat! #dust2dust! U just killed some1s composure!!

  22. Now we know y niggur got bitch slapped:- che be bitchin all over de place

  23. cassper get ready for war bcos AKA will reply as for dust2dust is rubbish

  24. Shame none of these rappers could actually diss a nigerian rapper nd survive the heat. i look at the likes of Iceprince Zamani. MI. Olamide. Phyno. Vector. Jesse Jagz. Mode Nine. and even the smaller guys called Dice Ailes and Kida Kudz or so… all bagging international collabos and getting bigger than our acts. yet they got no time for diss nd shit. real shame.

  25. Yoh dis is dope.Team Cas all da way

  26. cas is fukd song wil evr beat #composure…cas had three songz jst for AKA’s #composure…wat do u call that…fuckerz.!:-P :-O

    • My man…they don’t see that…

    • casper is a lame looooser u cn’t bring those kind of things those thins are pesonal yor fucked up this an’t a beef anymore some 1 will get smashed wait and see

  27. Dust to dust is d shit

  28. leave cassper alone bcoz wat u started will never end just admit it tat cassper is the best man or u really want us to knw more about u n zinhle ,bonang or ur life

  29. That’s the problem with you new school cats took your old style from malumkoolkat…

  30. Fuck that accent mahn..

    • Mxm fuck u

  31. I was saying ashes to ashes was too beefie for AKA now Cassper drop funeral called Dust to Dust (Cassper can punchline too well)

  32. I was saying ashes to ashes was too beefie for AKA now Cassper drop funeral called Dust to Dust (Cassper can punchline too well)

  33. Casper Nyovest you da best bra..F**k Aka you suck

  34. Cassper is unpredicted rapper he’s really a ghost buh u av to respect AKA… U meet him in this game and 4 AKA u suppose to class ur self u re more than this…

  35. Cassp ur so fucked up. Beta find a beta tin 2 do

    • Yall gotta go hang urselv’s if u still following dat lame kid aka as 4 casper his da bomb da king#dust 2 dust…aii ngeke aii ngeke sbali

  36. Biggest fool ever. Most u drop a diss track?

  37. Biggest fool ever. Most u drop a diss track?

  38. Fuck cassper… Hopeless modafucka. Akpa amu

  39. I didn’t raise u 2 be a Beef master. Dnt make me regret giving birth 2 u.

  40. Casper is a fool……admit it or keep gettn fucked(dust to dust is a wast of time) shiiii, aka u be baba jare

  41. Casper wawa ne…..u suck idiot

  42. Anati and casper are all bitches….(dust to dust is a wast of time)tosin

  43. Casper is a pusy nigga…lame lynes

  44. Aziye ngo aka nyovest has taken over baba#dust 2 dust z da track

  45. leave casper alone u bitches

    • Cassper is a motherfucker. He mast dil wth his probes or AKA wil finish him wile his waching

  46. Casper my guy u the best rapper ever kill them boy thy ain’t TNA b lyk u…aka quit dude

  47. Ur beef sucks guys,why dnt u stp and gt alng 2 form a perfct match?

    • Ya’ll niggas nd bitches knw nun.. Shoutout to CassperN dusttodust AKA aint knw shit! Better back off cos this war’s still long bitch nigga..AKA would b fallin’lyk a sand, PSHHHH WAT A LAME ASS BITCH NIGGA

  48. cassper is the man,if i was aka i would go hang myself up#first it was khuli chana then it was les i wonder whose dick u gon suck nxt….#dusttodust

    • lol… the man (Casper) murdered the boy (AKA)

  49. Cassper Nyovest is dah only #Boss wen it comes 2 Diss #dope nigga
    AKA R.I.P cux #Dust2Dust is just enough 2 kill ur career

  50. Cassper thou? nice one dear I like the Track but don’t forget to continue to praise God he has brought you far
    #Domefilled 😉

  51. A.K.A y can’t you move on about this caus you can hear even see that cassper it is the best than you so just be friends and realise a song together # DUST2DUST

  52. u people r failing to see this is business.pple r capitalizing on beefs ….they get awards, get lotsa followers n moola whilst u guys r busy saying shit abt Cassper…yo opinion doesn’t matter at all n if u got nothing to say just shut the f@#$k or build yo own career

  53. Cassper
    Hands Down #Respect
    AKA suck my Dick…

  54. Dust to dust clumsy delivery… Wack lyricism..

  55. Casper should’ve left Aka alone, let him continue ranting, but I guess he had to teach Aka a lesson cuz if he continues keeping quiet he’ll be taken for granted. It was very unfortunate that Aka totally forgot that Casper is a friendly ghost who could kill him anytime, like he just did now. #BigShoutouttoCasperyouthebomb

  56. Lmfao…. Casper gone bananas, gone Ganster… wtf, This shit way doper than Aka’s composure…
    Ngeke s’bali!
    Hold up (Hold up, shit nigga)
    Ngeke s’bali!
    Boy don’t you know I’m straight out of Promosa, Promosa
    Boy I’m straight out of Promosa, Promosa (x2)
    Boy I’m straight out of Promosa
    You gon’ make me lose my composure…….hahahahahah

    • Dawg i u know dat other people sucks.if u must i dont give a fuck about someone who doesnt giv a fuck about my mam

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