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Davido – Back When (Remix) ft. Wizkid & Ice Prince

Posted by Tyler on April 1, 2014 in AUDIO · 386 Comments


Finally that track we all have been waiting for from the top artistes making Nigerian proud all over the world right now is finally out Davido, Ice Prince and Wizkid on this one.

Davido released “Back When” some years ago featuring Naeto C and  he finally drops the remix of the track featuring Wizkid and Nigeria’s top afro hip-hop rapper Ice Prince.

Listen and share your thoughts!


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  1. Wtf??

    • u guys are sick. Lolzzz u will pay for my mb.

      • Y’all nw joke with pplz data plans?fuck y’all bitches

        • Goddamit you seriously got me,I thought the Indian song was just the intro,and a been waiting like an imbecile for the beat to drop…the combination was too good to be real,but seing ice prince made me believe,cz he loves telling stories about his past life,so he fits this kinda song.fuck you tho for my MB.

    • You guys are son of a frick


  3. U guys are mad for dat

  4. APril fool u just let me waste my MB

  5. Hahahahahaha

  6. Best april fool so far

  7. Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dis will be my last visit to dis web site. U guys are mad olorun

  8. U guys got me lmfao nice 1

  9. Lol___u guys really funny

  10. Nawa 4 una chai thankGod i didn’t upload it on my site via url…dope..via infocoast dot tk

    • U guys are mad oooo seeee my mb from 10 to 5 coz of u guys “wese oluwa help dis people shy na my MB una waste lyk dis so un go pay

  11. Duraz

  12. hahahahahahahahaha…….just can’t stop
    laughing fuck you guys LOLS

  13. Hahahhahhah so funny

  14. Chai.. The biggest april fool! Tooxclusive u guys are badt guys..

  15. u dey mad I swear

  16. is this a kind of april fool thing or what??

    • idiot!!!!! dummy 🙂

    • U guyz are mad una dy waste my mb

  17. U caught me in this guyz! Nice one…

  18. God is watching u guy in 3D…

  19. lolxzz…no wonder dere ws no playlist….yue got me dude nice 1

  20. Chai…. U guys reali got me…April fool

  21. Damn! I fell for this. Nice one. At first I thought he sampled an old Indian song…..awaiting for the beat to change. All of a sudden I snapped out…..”April fool” too late cuz I already downloaded it 🙁 🙂

  22. Haha…April fool

  23. hahahahahahah why dey fool us nao,abeg no dey use dis kind tinx for april fool again,rememba dat some are using MB ni nao!

  24. Badt guys

  25. Una don dey MAD o!

  26. Na craze una don craze o tooxclusive ppl…lol

  27. Iya yin tooxclusive.. Una don fool me o

  28. una try

  29. nice offing

  30. good

  31. chaiii!!! kudos!

  32. Lol. Wtf

  33. Chai una make me waste mb and ba3….this is d worst prank that has ever been done to me

  34. Dis is very funny nice 1

  35. Nice one but una go pay back my mb I mean o

  36. Haaa yeeee Aaa,whot is thisa? marah fucker

  37. Looolz

  38. If I have the chance, I for squeeze ur neck. Lolzzzz. 9icest one. Tooxclusive the best always. #Love U.

  39. Bastards

  40. U guys got me nice one

    • u guys Riliy tired for d April fool, u gat me downloading twice, gud one

  41. Hahahaha

  42. I was fooled o…for d first time in as many years!

  43. Choi!!! Wasted MB… 9ce 1 though

  44. Lolz u guyz fool me.

  45. Awwww….just told people i cant be fooled. Now i have been proven wrong. Nice wan

  46. 9ice one

  47. Guy you dey take us play shey……u just wasted my time…I will find you and eat ur ear.

  48. King tonio

  49. Wat da FUCK!!! U guyz r craizy. Nice wan… Itz never gonna happen, wizkid fuck my guy up… Davido am with u bruv….

  50. Whaooooooooo! So funny

  51. Hahahahahahahaha lwkmd I’m puttin dix in ma fb wall all my guys must download this one oo

  52. Fuck Una..Damn! U guys caught me. Jeeez!!!

  53. i swear na thunder go fire u oo @tooxclusive waste ma MB

  54. Na me dem fool pass.

  55. lol,..u guys r crazy

  56. What!!!, I can’t blive I fell for this, nice one

    • Hahahahahahahaa

  57. Na me una do dis thing abi….lol…chei I don die, my womb

  58. Till next year no le le

  59. U guyz re gud@tooxclusive like dat nd smart one 2

  60. Una papa na me una dy jonz

  61. lmaoooooooooooooo……nice one guyz

  62. Anny! We love tx 🙂

  63. Hmmm

  64. Waste of MB.. Lol

  65. u guys got me…..i never blived in d 1st place cos d colabo is kinda funny….thumbup for u guys sha

  66. Hmm…

  67. Waste of MB.. L

  68. GOD go punish una shaiiiii I don waist ma Mb bt well done

  69. Christ! U guys r crazy, I’ve been searching for wat I downloaded since til I went to file manager and saw d April fool tin… U guys tried.. Kaiiii

  70. LOlz….. hahha

  71. una da do oh

  72. Damn you guys are such an ass!!!

  73. Ahahhahahahahahhaha fuck mehn u guyx got me. Shit!!! Dat remix won’t b bad tho

  74. unna weldone ooo

  75. Dis is even better than my fake birthday prank on bbm. See people begin use my picture as dp. Tooxclusive,una dope. Nice one.

  76. Una fada…… Rubishest rubish

  77. Fuck u guyz lol

  78. chai una de crasse oooo…..oloshi pple

  79. make una no expect me 2 download anything frm dis site again…. mtcheeeew

  80. Lol veri funny bt fun…………….still lafing

  81. red eye, was so so anxious sha

  82. Una go blow ni…. Wah dah heck is d meaning of dat?

  83. kai,walahi u guys are crazy, see the way i jumped up wen i saw the music…………….. though i hav rilli been anticipating for such collabo esp. wizkid ft davido

  84. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahababababa ha babababababababababababahahaha

  85. I suspected it ws april stuff bfor downloadin O lol anyways thanks self I don get indian track for my fone. Winks. Happy new nonth to d whole tx crew

  86. a whole meeee ah….no b small april fool o lol

  87. Lolz !!!!diz nah april fool tinz!!!!!! #angryface

  88. Men at last I got fulled lol

  89. Lwkmd…Nice 1

  90. lolzzzzzzzz

  91. Thumbs up guyz u caught me

  92. Tooxclusive this is big rubbish, how will you upload a song with Title back when and then we listen to an old, odd indian song, is this some sought of prank or what

  93. Chai!!!!! My MB tho!!! Una no try at all!!!!!!

  94. Na no well ooo,nice one sha.

  95. He follow sha

  96. Chai! Una don craze finish

  97. @ Daniel,u b mumu,don’t u no today’s date. Nice one guy I really fell for did.

  98. Thank God I read comments b4 I download

  99. Ahn ahn…I felt for it….tooxclusive

  100. God dey…….wey I tink shey na me wise pass….. U????? fool me bah… qualm…ha fall yah hand

  101. dis na prank abi na to fool person, come tooxclusive make una no dey use our data plan play ooooo…

  102. Chai!!!..una catch ??????? sha.ara sapu tooxclusive ike..

  103. u guys got really got me,chai i can’t belive i fell for this nice one

  104. Dis people eh,me self y I go fall for this kin tin na?

  105. Jonsing pple tooxclusive

  106. Lwkmd dnt wori,,I will do me own

  107. You guys got me

  108. Oh boi. Una bad gaaan for here oo. I wan laugh craze. April fool we r all fools indeed

  109. Oh boi. Una bad gaaan for here oo. I wan laugh craze. April fool we r all fools indeed

  110. Thank God say una comment oh. I be won download d song.

  111. Damn!!! Lyk seriously I fell for dis…lolzzz u guyzz really give me a big nd nice apiril fool…lmao.

  112. i been de ask when wizkid sing wit davido….fuck u man

  113. Naughty tooxclusive, mehn my stomach don burst, can’t laf………. You too much I love you guyz, praying to reach a high level like you soon

  114. Damn! U guys got me on this one.

  115. @tooxclusive dat waz so spiritual… Dat waz actually My last mb… Una wound me

  116. Tooxclusive….ur momcy…..

  117. Una papa!! Ur mama!! Dis site na goat!!!! Una nor know say una don old!!! Mumu site!!

  118. Tooxclusive you are the best…bt nice prank though

  119. Gosh, Got me LMAO

  120. omo, did nt believe dis ooooo tooxclusive fool me Ni sha davido featuring wizkid and iceprince 9ice 1 from u guys

  121. Thunda go strike dz site down oh..well u guyz got me.

  122. U guy court me oh my God I can’t belive dis dat I was fool by tooxclusive lol

  123. Thumbs Up, u guys are bad gaaaaaan, u guys u got me on this one, big ups

  124. Hrhrhrhehehehehe honestly u got me on this april fools day! An indian called davido hehehe and wizkid, its dope yeah

  125. rili..
    a fucking indian song?
    middle finga madafuckas

  126. God will continue to punish u people for me.

  127. U guyz re so hilarious.
    Was even imagining aw Hot d jam will b.

  128. has already be anticipatin 2 know how Ice would murder this beat…u guys did not see me

  129. Jeeeeez u guys r naughty I can’t believe am a victim choi!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs up guys

  130. I will neva dwnload 4rm dis site again! India fool abi? Una try! E pain me

  131. u na don win dis time tank u 4 wastin my mb

  132. Hmmm I thought as much when I saw this, shit…. Wested my data

  133. Tooxclusive una dey crazy o

  134. Hahhahahahahha. Tooexclusive na D April fool be dat. Wona realy get guyz.

  135. Dope song! Lol…..

  136. Una get mouth! Best one i ever falled for! Correct… Elenu

  137. Hahahahahaaa..Nice one there @tooxclusive..u guyz r the bomb..

  138. U????? guys got ??????? men I don d???????????????? happy say I won lissten to hit banger only one mumu india song

  139. U guys are so funny u make a fucking joke out of me hahhahha =))

  140. Na ogun go kill una!!!

  141. Fuck u tooxclusive

  142. Haahahahah,I fell for april fool for d 2nd year running.shame on me

  143. Fuck u all, u motherfuckers

  144. Too excplosion ko ni dafunyin una papa mcheew dah song must b sang all else

  145. Nice 1 bt take ur time with ur April stuffs

  146. Tooxclusive don catch me local, I no blame una ooo cos na me dey find music 2 download sha…

  147. I think this is unprofessional, you should be here to give us what we want and not fool us regardless of the event or phenomenon of the season. This shouldn’t repeat itself cause people would see this site as a joke and stop visiting.

  148. Are ? kidding me? ? totally got me, didn’t have a clue.dis site made my day. #Laff it off guys its a joke.#

  149. I was actually fooled. Downloaded the song last night but I wanted 2 make it d 1st I’ll listen 2 dis mornin, but lo… Indian song? Still laffin. Dt was a clean shot guys, ? got me.

  150. Ma MB OOOOOOOOOOoOooooooo

  151. you gat me on this big time…..but still is a great prank……. April fooled

  152. u abi

  153. U guz ar mad lolxxx God punish ena

  154. Nice one tooxclusive; u got me on this one (APRIL FOOL)

  155. WTF…

  156. Na God go judge un oooo wic kain play b dis 1

  157. mtcheew mad pipo,i don happy finish say wizkid and david o sing,i no know say na april fool………STUPID APRIL FOOL

  158. Wow….Grate

  159. All of una wey dey yab 2xklusive una go blow! Just a day prank na him una wan kill una self.

  160. thats was a sweet prank… lol

  161. urna catch me well o

  162. Cha! I tot dat wz the intro I con cool dwn hear d tin reach half way again giving maself hope say I no waste ma MB

  163. Lol…………..u guy are very funny. This guy just fool me nice one.

  164. Una fit disappear like dat malaysian airline o……fuck tooxclusive.

  165. Bwahahahahaha…dat wasn’t bad @ all!

  166. watdahell!!! I fell 4 una shit,,,,,,big ups

  167. Lol…ild start reading coments before I listing 2 anytin…d song itself n d person who went 2 studio 2 sing it n d producer dat did not advice him dat his decieving himself all deserve cain

  168. God punish U tooxclusive

  169. It caught me…..Lwkmd very funny April fool

  170. It caught me…..Lwkmd very funny April fool. chai

  171. hahahah you jus waste my mb

  172. See cruzzzzzzzzz

  173. una papa

  174. well its all good,cant imagine how bad that song would have been like if it had been true!!!!!! cant wait to hear a song from this dudes WIZKID AND DAVIDO……………..

  175. this colabo na wa o.

  176. Una n??? tryoo

  177. Una n??? tryoo

  178. Lol!

  179. FAck!!! You guys really got me on this One even now that’s it already late! Damn you guyz is good!!!

  180. Thank God I didn’t download it, decided to read comments first before downloading! Chai best April fool ever !

  181. here in #zambia u caught us in dis april foolz for lil..big ups….

  182. All of una fada 1 by 1…i jst exausted my data 4 Gods sake

  183. Hhehheheh!!! Omg!! U dis ppl sef

  184. Mehn the jam dey on pt damn!! E beat back when sef, damn!!! Tooxclusive thank you soooo much oo. Maybe I like it this much cos am Indian sha ionno, buh I loVe it. Make una calm down listen to am well first naw

  185. Dis is’nt funny


  187. OMG!..tooxclusive..I really caught..1-0

  188. No u make me mad

  189. U guys fucked wit my mb,u must surely pay for it!

  190. HAHA


    laugh don make me jam hausa mopol

    April fool don turn me to imbecile…….. lol

    • Waku

  191. can’t stop laffin readin all ds comment.

    LMAO, nice one, my heart is broken for many ppl. thank God I just dey c ds

  192. Dis guys try keep it up!

  193. Diss shit is so CRazy 1-0

  194. I fell 4 it, who no go like listen dat kind combo, by wiz, davi, ice? LOL

  195. At last

  196. U guyz re very stupid 4 dis

  197. Davido I like go ahead jare but am DJ HORPPY for help me to 08179985201

  198. Hmmm Omo baba owo ati wizkid and Ice prince..i no fit shout finally u guys ar on dix one…biggest guys word have spot the vídeo track..i love dix joint of this 3 wise men..hope to blend wt u ati baba olowo and wizkid..08177615707

  199. Hahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha,Baba Davido boss you do this one oooo,My body hot to listen you and star boy with ice prince on back when remix but it was April fool,Nice one boss Davido

  200. Na God go judge una@tooxclusive

  201. Na God go judge una @tooxclusive

  202. Is a nice beat we ar waiting Ma guy’s

  203. Why not try DAVIDO FT GOOD JONATHAN,,,,

  204. I like it also

    • nawa for ona oo…tooxclusive wayo pple

  205. Thank god I did nt waist my data for dis gab that god I read comment

  206. Thank god I did nt waist my data for dis gab thank god I read comment

  207. Demm it…….u guy’s got me

  208. Aaah na wa ooo so u pple jst dey fool me ni…..walaitalai am ready to download it nt knwing say na joke tins

  209. Asshoes…lol bt y haven’t davido and wizkid ft each other?

  210. Tooxclusive una try, but i go do una back

  211. Tired Davido.. U da try me abi?

  212. Lolz::: funi u guyz ::::: plz download 4rm Its make sense die. 10kx pals

  213. lol. this one na top class. i di watch na for cameroon so!! these wa clubs dem go year me

  214. lol. this one na top class. i di watch na for cameroon so!! these awa clubs and cribs dem go hear this.

  215. 9ce

  216. 9ce

  217. kool!

  218. y’all crying and swearing for untop MB nawa 2 unna o!

  219. Tyler Your Father.!! Fah Catch You I Will Call My Gay Friend To Rape You.!!

  220. nice track

  221. Yur fada yarnsh. Make davido catch u

  222. Hmmmmm I tire Fo?????? bad belle boys Oº°??°º

  223. i nor blame una please don’t try my patient

  224. Lolz…u try smol

  225. Lolz………I was surprised wen I didn’t see links to download tyler u dy try me ooo,buh before then drop ya pin for me cos I lost ma fone I didn’t even know my bb I’d

  226. Lolz………I was surprised wen I didn’t see links to download tyler u dy try me ooo,buh before then drop ya pin for me cos I lost ma fone I didn’t even know my bb ID


  228. hmmm dats naija fo dem

  229. dats nice

  230. I tink say wizkid nd davido is fighting with each other

  231. Foooolsssssss………… Like I was interested. D only rison I open na cuz I be want listen the rubbish song den cush. Nonsense web site. Fuck them all.

  232. This is the last time am using this web site and I will make sure I spoil your image. Fooolss…

  233. Thunder fire the poster

  234. una don kolo

  235. Tiyae maa baje nio baraye bani ko dafune ara orun onigba oojo loro ina mugi ojoo loro ito mule aba ti alagemo baa daa loosa oke n gba boba kudie koo se orire eleda re o takoo o ibi ti won baa tin pin ree ooni mo ona ibe baba re ma chanku ni won maa da emi e legbo doo ni o oloribu omo fuck!!!

  236. If una. No die make I know wetin cause am. Fools

  237. wat sort of joke is this.. una no funny abeg.

  238. Lmao.. nice…ya’ll posting insults,grow up.

  239. @tooxclusive judgement dey wait for una!!! But first una need native doctor to attend to una problem bcos e too big…msheee

  240. Una don dey craz 4 head oooooooo

  241. Dis one we’re una tuk dn take over mi

  242. you pple ar really sick,Mtcheew!!!!

  243. What the hell fuck!!!! Middle finger for fooling us

  244. Una dey craze,wu do u tink u wnt 2 fool,waka

  245. Lolz,thank God sey I first read ppls comment olohun ose o!!!!

  246. Una go just head wey una dey think at all… I swear.

  247. Ur heads ar touchin

  248. Nt so funny

  249. I was killed

  250. Crazy dey who nah head….

  251. U people are not serious u made me waste my mb una go see 4 dis site

  252. Una no well at alll ooooo

  253. Stop playing over people senses. Cos das nt wisdom!!!!!!!!

  254. E. Fore mak sence

  255. Guys wadup y d indian song nah una dey fall hand oo

  256. Jesus!

  257. April fool!!!! And u ar liquidatin peoples mb… If to say I neva repent I for say. Una papa…

  258. your mama

  259. hahaha….love dat

  260. own papa nor own fool ass holes

  261. #dopest prank ever* dec fool

  262. Lolzzz I love dis like maddd…*ROTFL* those of u complaining about ur MB it’s a shame cos u weren’t forced to come on here u just like Gossip dt’s y *tongue out*


  264. una dey crazeee

  265. its not even the month of april…..its called “April fool” for a reason moron.

  266. This are maddening

  267. E funny no be small…eti ya were!!!

  268. Lolsss……. mehn u guys ar trash

  269. Jonsing!

  270. Anonymous will u just shut d fuck up we don hear u now
    Abi u wan go report for CNN

  271. Davido is better than wizkid

  272. Wako ppl. Una go pay for me wey I take open ds page/joke……..

  273. Lolz I felt for it 100percent

  274. Wish you same oo guys

  275. Damn!!! U guys u fucked with dat I never waisted my mb on d shit. You don’t havee to joke with ur business dum heads

  276. Damn!!! U guys u fucked with dat I never waisted my mb on d shit. You don’t havee to joke with ur business dum heads

  277. Thank god i never download

  278. Una 2 much funny menn
    9ice one
    I got d fun

  279. BullShit!!!

  280. Keep it up

  281. Lol nyc

  282. I hate u people. Lmao!

  283. Chai! I really fell 4 it.

  284. Tooxclusive
    U guyz ehnnn…can’t believe I just wasted my mb

  285. Shara fun awon temi ni muzik industry

  286. Take this post off. Its simply annoying

  287. Worst site eva, try and grow mature. Playing prank in ur site

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  289. shey una dey whine us ni,see me burst laugh out as i dey read am…nice prank tho

  290. my onw will come

  291. God go punish u

  292. thunder strike u

  293. Cut the craps foolish fool Tomfool shhhz!

  294. I can’t download oooooo

  295. Lmao………..una try fa but it’s not funny at all:-/

  296. u guya dey mad oooooo shey u no knw sey nah mb u dey waste abi u tink shey u dey fool pple abi

  297. I didn’t download it…I know it was a prank

  298. hissing*** nonsense prank

  299. Idiots fellow

  300. This is crazy

  301. Fuck u guyz

  302. Una turn me to maga sha.!
    Una don do well

  303. what a fuck u doing here

  304. Na motor go jam person wey do dis rubbish oh

  305. Na motor go jam person wey do dis rubbish oh

  306. Take time o

  307. Wackest ever

    • U guys u don’t need to be abusing,throughing spell on pple who did this you already know is aprill fool why doing that bigup guys….nothing do you all

  308. you guys really got me ….. chaiii… any way thanks…

  309. I was happy when i saw it. I thought of much too imagining if it could be true. In other words bravo!!! to you guys. The best April fool I have ever seen.

  310. Aye yin ma tiaun ni

  311. Thank god i did?nt waste my mb

  312. Unna wan murder person !!!!!! ,abeggi

  313. lolzz u ppl ar mad am nt goin 2 visit ur web side…yahoo boiz

  314. Funny!!!

  315. everybody get lost fuck this site fuck their tricks.

  316. beast..

  317. guy why did u fool us lyk dis?

    • Nice one bro, Got me real bad.. till now.

  318. From the bottom of my heart fuck u all

  319. U guys are not serious for a second at all talk less of a day

  320. U guys are not serious for a second at all talk less of a day. No be only back when remix u upload ooooooo very soon u go upload wonder remix #wizkid ft Ayinla omowura…..

    • Funny cz I fall for that shit

  321. Lolz!! What a pank rilly

  322. Frigging fuck u hahaha u guys got me tho lmfao pheeeeeew I coulda fell for that….

  323. Aye yin o ni daa

  324. Hahahaha. Good one .

  325. Wtf!!!!!!

  326. lmao dat was cool u guys got me

  327. which time dem do dis one, and by de way hav they settled?

    • Udele…they told u its a fake story and u are still asking useless questions… BF

  328. #BitchAssMotherFuckerz…#FakeSiteWithFakeInfor…. #ThisSiteSukz…..grow up pls….

    • Can’t believe I fell for this lol…

  329. U got me!!! Shiiiittt

  330. You got me on dis 1…..dumb nd dumber.but wait a second nd read dis FUK yo MAMA…….lolls

  331. u got me they,u bad

  332. una talk too plenty save am 4 night call. until i open de right door@ERIGGA is de best

  333. F**k you

  334. dogg life idiots, no get better tin 4 do…….scally wags

  335. its not april no more. grow up already

  336. wtf… very bad for a good business. never gonna check on ur site again.BYE…ASSHOLE!

  337. damn.. nice one!
    got me real bad, #big-ups!

  338. Una papa

  339. lol your father

  340. Cnt bliv I fell 4dis,,na God go punish ur mama

  341. can’t believe It una papa una want use my head play abi if I caught d person wia post dat stuff eh

  342. bullshit fuck u never come bck again

  343. Davido is awesome

  344. blessed

  345. Na madness bi this Abi na waiting, Abeg make una nr dy kolo me, na we get an by Dj p.s.f

  346. It is unbelievable

  347. nofin spoil _i will locate una 1 by 1 _ #motherfuckers

  348. fuck u guys! lol

  349. Davido ft wizkid!!! That wonderful

  350. I swear dis not funny just wish is real

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