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D’banj – Knocking On My Door (Ko Le Ye Won)

Posted by Tyler on July 13, 2015 in AUDIO · 106 Comments


DOWNLOAD D’banj – Knocking On My Door (Ko Le Ye Won)

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  1. Banger lee is just too much with accolades on him make him #evolutiondbanj and #king of african entertainment


  3. I fear this Man walahi, is just Different. #EvolutionDbanj

  4. Mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…..This is Massive!!!! The guy is great no lie. Abeg on repeat!!!! truely #EvolutionDbanj

  5. Kontinu. Keep deceiving him

  6. Daim dis jam is.. I don’t even knw wad to say gosh..

  7. Banga lee will bring home grammy. Take it or Leave it. #EvolutionDbanj#

  8. Wt sort of music is dis? Like an amateur. It’s actualy horrible. D only goodd fin about d song is d harmonica he played. Evryfn sounds like a joke. Wt sort of stuggle is dis? Am totally disappointed. I really liked dbanj. Itz crazy. No talent.

    • sometime I wonder wat person go do for this life wey peep no go complain……… wahalai u need confirm Agbo if u complain about this lovely dancing track.

      • Goat hw can u say its amateur

    • GOD will punish you for not liking this jam

    • Exactly my thought. Ko ye D’banj mo. Total Rubbish!

    • Are you guys kidding? You guys must be sadists or smfin, you need to get a life…sentiments apart, this song is a perfect party song…this is for happy people, not sadists…better forget your sorrows and the beefs you have for D’banj and be happy… Or better still, GERRARAHERE MEHN!!!

  9. #EvolutionDbanj

  10. Nigeria artist follow ur step all the time

  11. Banga Lee is the main boss.

  12. Pace setter lomo! Dbanj is on anoda level he gives want the. Fans want pertime n dis is diffr in beat n lyrics to now kill it alll the harmonical big ups to deevee for that beat. Oya club n street dere is a new groovem #koleyewon

  13. Dis song is not complete why????

  14. Go and work on something good

  15. Much respect for D’banj but dis is out of it.

  16. Doppest

  17. Massive f*** u!

  18. Hw dis song take enter here abeg?

  19. dbanj abeg refund me ma mb

  20. Who ever criticise dis song I swear dat person is mad n witches from deir villages d follow am…

  21. Banga lee of life

  22. The is Beat lyrically Madt, Thumb up King Dbanj. U dont need anyone to tell u that ure back!!! Respect!!!!

  23. Nonsense…more like an amateur

    • This guy na ode o. Dope jam. So on point. I have been playing it on repeat

    • This kola guy na ode o. Dope jam. So on point. I have been playing it on repeat

  24. Nonsense…more like an amateur,i jst wasted my Mb

  25. After these comments I guess I won’t be downloading this shut. Thanks for saving me d trouble guys

  26. Hook….cool må daddy after ma real father….i hail u banga lee….

  27. dis song is missing don jazzy flavour
    dbanj has really loss it
    love him though – love his swaggs

    • your stupid!!!!!
      get over da shiii, dey can’t b partners for life ok! Shiii

  28. D banj for all his class act,sometimes make one want to crown him the king of wack-shitty music.I mean common,Q-dot can do even better.

  29. make dis uncle go face hin koko gaari, seems e no get pipu wey dey gv m advice sef for real , cos this song is rubbish… .. nonsense track, he keeps getting worse every now And then…

  30. when sentiments clouds ur brain Datz when u do see good in d best…. Bengali murdered dis onto #evolutiondbanj #koleyewon #demhaters

  31. i don mind anytin

  32. I wonder if it is diz types of music dat made him rich,,una go run go overseas,,go dey do drug deals,,u go cum nigeria enter studio anyhow,,open ur mouth dey sing rubbish,,u people wan hide under music dey do all ya dirty jobs,,u wan fool us abi??song wey common upcumin artiste go cry if he hear am,,imagine see song,,,!!!NDLEA go soon jam u soon

    • Badoo abi wetin u call urself,who are u refering to? I know u are not reering to dbanj cos if u are my brother,u are on different lane which symbolise that u are on ur way to yaba left and will soon be admitted to aro

  33. some ppl r way too STUPID!!!!!!! Dis is a Banger!!!! I mean Club Banger!!!!!!! I almost didn’t download d song o Fuck! After reading sum comment n I was just like lemme just even hear d stuff n know weda he didn’t deliver n I had to recheck weda na really d Song n fuck t I was dancing alrdy!!!!!! d problem is most of u Nigerians use cheap headset to listen to music and ya’all won’t hear d full Jam den u will take yur die brain n b spoiling d Matter! in case u dunno o, in d World Nigerians r tag as king of AFRO!!!!!!! get that???? and all our artist r delivering, sorry t isn’t your R Kelly kinda music bikoooo don’t use yur unknown n non wide spirit to spoil better jam!

  34. when sentiments clouds ur brain Datz when u don’t see good in d best…. Bangalee murdered dis one #evolutiondbanj #koleyewon #demhaters

  35. banging track by bangaleee of d Lee temple dbanj olorun ko le ye won

  36. Banga Lee..another cool jam..Koleye awon haters!!Yay!

  37. bangerlee nice1 but ko le ye won.

  38. mehn dis is d dbanj we know…d good harmonica player…nice song…hater can never stop hating,withing urselves u all know d song is a jam,…but u can never stop hating….u bring ur dirty hands to type nonsense here…wereby d song is on repeat on ur phone…..#koleyewon

  39. Haters will always hate but Dbanj’s don’t giv a F..k about u guys, Oro eyin haters yi ye Mi. I believe and know u are not given and opportunity to use a browsing phone b4 but now u gat one from someone that now mean. u av to let peep know u are now free. abeg go dey download Orin awon oku which u prefer cos u will soon go ife u don’t like dix lovely song by @iamdbanj ……….. D’Banj – Knocking
    On My Door (Ko Le Ye Won)

  40. fuck haters…dis song is dope…if u see dis song hit…u go knw say nah you get problem…oloriburuku gbogbo

  41. dope song bangalee # koleyowon

  42. change is difficult to embrace, the guy is knocking on a bigger level different from the tiredsome commercial beats polluting the industry. Thumbs up Banga Lee…and kole ye won (they r empty gasket upstairs)

  43. Actaully this is good music , started scary .. But its dope

  44. King D’banj,I dove my koko! You always rule and you will continued to rule.

  45. Koleyewon! Koleyewon!! Koleyewon!!! Ko de le ye won. Move on banga lee

  46. Baddest

  47. king of entertainment, love you

  48. This is a bull shit song

  49. But why hate on dis beautiful song now,all hater of d banj go die dis year o,dem go die b4 decemba

    • No disrespect 4rm yu brov , bt wah kind ov praya is vat .. I blieve d world is all man on ur opinion .. If dy like him , fine .. If dey don’t , still owkies … Pls re-phrase ya word and dnt pray 4 som1 2 die all jes bkus he doesn’t like ????? sinqer

  50. Dbanj of life, I love d koko, nice one. Fuck haters

  51. Nice tune crazy hit from d’banj its lovely

  52. S/O bro,kip making gud music…pwesh holla…

  53. Cool music DV rated

  54. Nonsense song.. rubbish. Ds nigga can never make a hit wit his short mentality. Not hating, but ds is a rubbish song.. forget about music.. its no longer ur tin

    • Hollup haters…. Gerrarahere for real mehn!!!
      D’banj, ko le ye won…

  55. D’banj is just an entertainer with
    real swags not a musician. #Dope

    • som1 says he’s jst an entertainer. I beg which category music belong? fashion? or lifestyle? don’t come n do madness here. banger abeg bang anytin anytym

  56. The moment i my south african girlfriend downloaded this song before and made a sweet comment i felt we Nigerians are just being a fool not to appreciate our very own guy. Go to hell and stop hating

  57. last year, dbanj was selected as the best selling african musician n u low life’s are still hating…good music is not all about noisy songs, it’s about cool n meaningful n relaxed sounds that makes u feel better whenever u listen to it…u guys should upgrade

  58. U guyzzz CNT STP hatin plz oooo ko le ye yin oooo @@@@bangalee zzz still dd best

  59. Omini supreme!!! I love u banga lee

  60. Nice beats but bad lyrics. Anybody can compose it. Nothing special

  61. i love the song and dbang

  62. Haters will all b silent soonest, he is GOD made so stop hating on dis dude, he said it b/4 (wetin u won do, I don du am pass, wher u won go , I don pass am) so tell una oga wey dey carry stick lik fulani man wey dey parra mak he go sleep. Banger lee is still d Best

  63. Mehhn jst listen to dis music, really haters kole ye won, no be lie, dis is our turn, u ain’t seen natin , com endin of dis year CANAL lee ma lo kosi idiots hater.

  64. No disrespect but this is a total waste of mega byte

  65. Dis song mak sense die,we don tire 4 gra gra song list dis song ok.let’s change our pata

  66. Let me listen first will come back and comment

  67. The song no get lyrics jooor, too much repetition.

  68. Am sure if don-jazzy was on dis, dis haters go dey hype d song…. Lik it or not, Banga-Lee(toh bad) is Bangin lowo lowo(kole ye won)!!!

  69. Pls ask all d hater weda dey delete d track after listening 2 it ?

  70. as 4rm me let us appreciate d guy its not easy bangerleebest

  71. Who is knocking on my dooooor….

  72. Smh 4 dbanj…am rily shaking my head

  73. D’banj is the bomb

  74. Silver hawk……u are dumb……the jam is fresh…..dbanj is the bomb

  75. Can u pls stop hating cos u can never be him,cos he his better than u guys nd u know it.instead y not go use ur head do ur own am very sure if u try it street dog sef go bark u

  76. Fuck haters, bangalee lomo, bro u d best any time any day, koleyewon oloohun, all ur enemy wl soon die baba, if u no wht I no u go like me oooo am dbanj

  77. D’banj z da boss

  78. Which 1 of u 8ers eva left naija talk of goin abroad, bangalee did it rollin it up wit a gr8 jam.. Kole ye yin joor, bro u still d king@dbanj.

  79. It took D’banj 8years to enter top 10 single in UK, eventually seated at number 9 spot. Also number 2 spot on UK RnB chart.
    Am still hoping to see another Nigeria musician to do these or better than this.
    Mind you Oliver Twist success story was divine, D’banj released it under the defunct group Mo’Hit in August 2011, but became massive in May 2012. Where’s Don Jazzy or Kanye West flavour in it. It was divine nothing but heavenly blessing.
    Also it was produced by 4 different producers, not only Don Jazzy produced it.
    Also complaining about this song. Each verses of Orente by Adekunle was a 6 lines verse, Laye by Kiss Daniel was 4 lines par verse, American Oxygen by Rihanna was 2 line per verse, D’banj Top Of The World was 4 line per verse. The verses means nothing. Just get the message and be a lover of good music.
    Don’t ever compared D’banj with our present contemporary artist, compare him with the likes of 2Face, Olu Maintain, Edris Abdulkarim, etc.
    The last time Olu Maintain top chart in Nigeria was Yahooze, the last time 2Face top Nigeria chart was Ihe Ne Me. Both of them no Mega Endorsement, No world tour for about five years. After the divorcement of Mo’Hit in 2012, D’banj top Nigeria every year, in 2013 Don’t Tell Me Nonsense, Top Of The Word didn’t enter chart due to the late release of it’s video, but top Radio chart, in 2014 Bother You, 2015 was a great year for Bangalee top Nigeria chart with 3 different massive songs Feeling The Nigga RmX ft Akon top chart in February, Knocking On My Door top chart in August and Confidential top chart in First week of October. He’s an hardworking boss am not here to tell you guys his success but musically D’banj is a bomb, bombing every year. Stop hating no champion for life, even Michael Jackson got no song like thriller nobody crucified him and Dr Dre got no song like TGIF. He’s the King whether you like it or not Evolution said it all, he defeated 2Face, P Square, Asa and 6 other African Legend. They are all Legends but Eja Nla is the king.
    All Nigeria musicians are following his step put No Long Thing Album on Deck and you will know what am saying.
    He brought the first dance step Socor.
    He brought the first meaningless title Tongolo.
    He brought the first Autobiography All The Way
    He brought the first foul song Ask Me
    He brought the first hustler anthem Mobolowon
    He praised his mother Iya Mi.
    All in one album. Tell me if there’s any upcoming act that doesn’t possessed these feature since 2005. He redefined us to Afro Pop and we stop Foreign beat and Jamaica style in Nigeria.
    I believe one day posterity will remember him for favour. He’s a Legend all hail D’banj.
    Filee Bangalee killing it since 2004

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