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DJ Bee presents Funky Afro tunes Mix Vol 1

Posted by donboye on May 27, 2011 in AUDIO, Mixtape · 3 Comments


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  1. Its only a political issue beuasce some want to tax people beuasce of it. As if that would accomplish anything lolThe earth is and always has been in a constant state of change (ex. Pangea). It has been heating up and cooling down since its inception and this is still the case.

  2. Hydra, Here is part 1 of the full goat economic write-up:Goat Economics – Why the Laffer Curve is No JokeBy Charlie MusickGoat hdreing is one of the world’s oldest economic professions because goats are excellent at reproduction and easy to feed and raise. A female goat will on average birth around 2 kids per year. Simple math would suggest that if you start with 2 goats, you can double your herd each year. Thus in 10 years you will be quite wealthy with over 1000 goats (210 = 1024). It turns out that goat hdreing is a little more complicated than that. First, the normal life expectancy of a goat is around 10 years so you will lose about 10% of a herd to old age annually. Additionally, while goats may birth two kids per year, the viability rate is around 75% so each female goat will only net an average of 1.5 new goats per year. Still, if you do the calculations, starting with 10 female goats you will have around 1496 female goats after 10 years.Since raising goats is a rather simple economic activity, it is easy to model the impact of taxation on goat farming. Assuming the government comes and takes various numbers of the new goats (income) each year in goat taxes, one can easily calculate the impact of the size of the herd, and ultimately how much total revenue the government would receive over 10 years at various tax rates. It turns out that the optimum tax rate is in the 20-30% range to maximize total 10 year revenue. The reason the tax revenue drops above a 30% tax rate is simple. If the government takes more new goats in taxes, the goat farmer has fewer goats to breed the following year. The smaller herd produces fewer new goats to tax each subsequent year. As a farmer, it also greatly reduced the size of the herd (wealth). Below is the cumulative ten year tax revenue when starting with 10 female goats, the tax collected in year 10 and the herd size after ten years:Table 1. Tax Revenues and Herd Size (number of female goats) at Various Tax Rates Tax 10 yr year 10 year 10Rate tax rev tax rev herd sz 0% 0 0 149610% 122 45 93920% 170 58 57730% 178 55 34540% 164 45 20150% 141 33 11460% 117 23 6270% 94 15 3280% 76 9 1690% 60 5 8

  3. Just found your site. So sorry to hear of your loss. I just started my dairy herd and am in LOVE with the girls. I hope your other girls were a cormfot to you. Fadras’ memory will always be with you.

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