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Don Jazzy,D’banj Break up – 10 Reasons Why Don Jazzy Might Lose The Most!!

Posted by Tyler on March 18, 2012 in AUDIO · 181 Comments

Okay, first let me say I am firmly #TeamDonJazzy. Well, not really. I am #TeamMoHits. But if (perhaps, when?) D’banj and Don Jazzy do finally – officially – break up, I am unquestionably #TeamDonJazzy. So, understandably, now that he is being played as the underdog in the unfolding drama over a rumoured split, I find myself taking his side.

But that’s just emotions. When it comes down to the cold, hard numbers – who stands to lose the most if the two partners split? I say D’banj, and I have my reasons below.

1.        Dbanj has Kanye (at least as far as the eyes can see)

Going by the release of today’s Oliver Twist, we are at least certain that D’banj is still in cahoots with the almighty, Kanye West. Do you really think he can lose with the mystique and power of Kanye behind him – will Kanye allow his latest African experiment fail? I doubt it seriously.

2.      D’banj is the performer

People always forget that the love that fans have for performers is strong even if the performers screw up – reference everyone from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston. Check this out -9ice cheated on his wife, betrayed the friend that discovered him and abandoned his producer, but do his fans love him less? Hell no. The day after the disastrous Sahara Reporters interview, did D’banj have a sold out concert in New York no matter what anyone, including YNaija  said? Hell yeah! Morale? As long as he continues to give the public the ‘Koko’ it is fine – and D’banj has it.

3.      Don Jazzy’s losing it

Don Jazzy’s biggest power is his mystique. Over the past three months it has steadily gone. There is that weird interview with Genevieve magazine, there’s the even weirder interview with Hip Hop World Awards,where he appeared to diss rappers and then ran to his website to give a watery apology. Then there was his limpy Jonathan repudiation and his When-I-speak-they-read-it-in-Aso-Rock nonsense. Then there’s the fact that he is attending too many events; and worse off, that forgettable live performance with Tiwa Savage. Don Jazzy, backing up Tiwa?! Without D’banj by his side in any of these; the superstar power from which he feeds off, Don Jazzy has only been diminished.

4. Dbanj is also an astute businessman

The big mistake we’ve made is to stereotype D’banj. We’ve always assumed he is the entertainer and Don Jazzy is the entrepreneur, but is that truly the case? No. Insiders will tell you that just the same way Don Jazzy has multitasked as Producer-and-Businessman, D’banj has also multitasked as Performer-and-Businessman. It’s a mistake people also make with Chocolate City and EME where they think MI and Banky don’t know the business. Not true. Those guys get the business – and D’banj is no pushover.

5.      Was Don Jazzy really the boss?

So yes, in the public eye, every time D’banj wanted to say something, he had to first have Don Jazzy whisper into his ears, so he just had to be Don Jazzy’s boy, right? Oh please. Do you really think Don Jazzy was telling him anything that they hadn’t already discussed and rehearsed at home? It’s show-business! It’s an act! D’banj wasn’t Don Jazzy’s boy – they were business partners. Just because he held the microphone to his crutch every times he gets doesn’t make him dumb.

6.      Get off the stage!

I know I have mentioned this before – but still, why is Don Jazzy diluting his brand by performing? And why was he backing up Tiwa Savage ehn? No one began to admire him because of his performance; we admired him exactly because he did not perform. He doesn’t dress well, doesn’t speak well, had a croaky voice and frankly isn’t easy on the eye. He needs to go back to the background fast. Seriously.

7.       The ‘H’ word

So I always hear this funny story about how Don Jazzy is so humble. You know, because he used to give out credit on Twitter, he responds to people on Twitter and whatever else. And so, people say, this humility will serve him well as opposed to D’banj’s insufferable arrogance. Dear Lord, save us from the dangers of image-making. In fact, for those who have actually worked with the man – or tried to book him for an interview – you know this is just too funny. I’ll just move on before I say more.

8.      Don Jazzy has magic fingers, we all say

But does he really? We always assume his beat is so unique that it has transformed the careers of Dr. Sid, D’Prince, Wande Coal and K-Switch. Let’s analyse this urban legend. First, D’Prince and K-Switch still have no careers – that is unless you consider hanging around Don Jazzy or D’banj a career. Wande Coal’s power is his voice not his producer. Dr. Sid has just about one or two hit songs. So, perhaps we over-estimate Don Jazzy’s prowess. Did this famous prowess transform Ikechukwu’s career? Not that I can remember. Did it make of the songs he produced for Naeto C, heavy hits? Not that I know of. Did it make Darey’s music any more hits than those produced by others? Not in the least. So what are we saying?

9.      Don Jazzy is boring

Seriously, how is he going to manage to interface with the public without D’banj?  Have you heard Don Jazzy speak? Have you sat down for 30 minutes with the man? At least D’banj can quickly start talking of Kokolets and Babylets and Mamalets and any lets that can let him avoid answering intelligent questions. But Don Baba J? There’s fire on the mountain oh.

10.   Do you really care for Mohits without D’banj?

Take your time and think about this. Would Mo’ Hits be a compelling label with Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, K-Switch and D’Prince alone (why am I even calling K-Switch’s name in this matter?)? You know the truth is no. The magic of that team has always been D’banj. No one wants to see any yeye ‘Mo’Hits All Stars’ without D’banj. When they perform, D’banj makes the difference. D’banj is the icing on the cake. D’banj is also the flour in the cake. In fact, D’banj is the cake.

So there you have it – and please do not tell me both will succeed. Who’re ya trying to fool? Every time there is a break up, someone wins and someone loses. 2face won and Faze lost, 2face won and Blackface lost, 2face won and Kennis lost, Olu Maintain won and what-his-name  lost, Tony Tetuila won, and then Eedris won, and Eddie is still losing, 9ice won and ID lost (we love Toni Payne, so we’ll leave her out of this). I can go on and on. Someone will get the short-end of the stick in this case. And my money, sadly, is on Don Jazzy.

But I’d be glad to be proven wrong. Oh so glad.

In the meantime, biko, Don Jazzy and D’banj; if you are breaking up, just break up already – which one is all this drama?

Written by Emmanuel Osanedum for

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  1. What the f*** are you say …DON JAZZY FOR EVER ABEG

  2. Some points are so right ..Thumbs up ..we need to face reality sometimes

  3. 2 out of the 3best hits from ikechuckwu’s first album were produced by DonJazzy!!

  4. LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Emma or who eva ur name is.. u b big fool. if u nor get witin to write mak u go die…. foolish fool lik u… nigeria regret to born pple lik u to write dis kind of tin

    • Relax …..Did Don jazzy pay to do this ????

  6. Tis a free world, d guy jst wrote wot he felt. Y d hate mail? Nyc research em wif u joor oh.

  7. Emma or wteva ??? kal urself J?§t close ya dirty mouth…wu eva told ??? don baba jayz bakn ?i? tiwa was whack???? de jones ohhh wetn d banj de talk na…wtout don jazzyz beat mak ?? see howfar wey d koko man go reach…oshi..ur J?§t tryna peddle ?? soft sell internet news.

  8. Nice write-up d sacarstic undertone was on point but r u really on Don Jazzy’s side cos it sounds to me like ur actually rooting for D’banj

  9. He has a point doe…don jazzy is good..dbanj knows how to make money…,no one has time to slack.

  10. Boss, you r loosing just like D’banj. Sing the best u can, but it’ll be nothing without a fantastic beat. The best 3 tracks in Ikechukwu’s album were produced by -IDJA. Have u forgotten ‘Wind Am Well’? D’Prince is the worst artiste I know, yet Don Jazzy works magic with the beat to make him sound good. WC and Dr Sid have luvly albums. Naeto C’s 2 tracks produces by Don Jazzy are very okay, and so is that for Dare Art Alade. Don Jazzy co-produced the 3rd track on JayZ and Kanye West’s album. What has D’banj done. Don Jazzy will definitely go places. I just will say he should do more talent hunt and produce for other artiste that are not signed to his record label. Producers are never in people’s faces. So he will survive in the background of his artistes. Maybe you don’t even know IDJA has a highlife album coming out soon. Sorry o D’banj, now u will know who the koko is.

  11. Nice write up…..tho I sincerely believe we dnt knw d full story…only 2 peeps knw everything…nd dey r nt talkin..all we can do is speculate..nd wat makes u think Kanye will av all dat tym for some african artiste?? nd hw many producers can work with a talentless guy lyk dbanj nd make him look good??

  12. Seriously Buddie, u were wrong about some of ur points. I know its ur opinion and i respect that.
    Speaking about Ikechukwu, i think Don Jazzy did light up that guys career. Before “Critical” and , anyway can`t remember the other name, its has an Igbo tiltle, Ikechukwu never had a career in music commercially as far as i`m concerned

  13. Thank u so much 4’s a job well done.and all d idiots insulting u are so dumb.there are so many people that sell good beats out there.dbanj made donjazzy popular.ow many producers do u see in videos.dbanj will keep it moving and better.wande and sid should better leave too if they want greener pastures.its finished 4 d’prince.kswitch wasjust playing around.ure blessed jare emma.

  14. Dis sheds lotsa light on so many things. I dnt fink Don jazzy would go broke or somn, bt frm the proof u’ve given here,it shows D’banj is d one dt’s going frm riches to riches. Bt u askd if don jazzy’s beats helped ikechukwu n naeto. Pls u we’ree wrong dere. Wind am well, and ashewo are madt hits by these artists. Don jazzy stil has his magic fingers. U were very wrong there. But then. Only time cn tell

  15. To some extent I actually do agree with this, but those are two different individuals that have something unique to offer. It is always abt the money, dnt forget that, but this will def put don jazzy in a more focused and energized state. I feel he would be more concentrated and actually make a fire comeback, considering all the doubts. Dbanj will def be good, jazzy will be very alryt mehn, dnt dull!!!!

  16. This is a bit partial. I believe they will all succeed. D’banj is not indispensable. Who knws, K-Switch might emerge as d new champion

  17. Well you made sence in this article but d question I want to as is “would D’banj make it out dere jst doing backup for dem kanye or what is he going 2 go & sing out there? *just saying though* and u got it wrong on dat Tiwa jam, Don-jazzy actualy made dat jam hit….. Get dat right. And finally Don-jazzy is going 2 make it wif or wifout D’banj.

  18. Emma,I will nt take it Out on You…all you have written can’t be should len wat we call bruhaha balancing….the duo will loose buh I bet u dat d koko master will loose more…DonJazzy will keep making hits and Charging Big…he is d dream producer of evry Nig artiste who really wana make it big includin ma sef…DBanj’s Noice will stop selling unless he gets himself a good Beat Maker lyk D Don..I Got his Bak..DonBaba Jay 4 Life!

  19. Its Don Jazzy all the way

  20. This mail is rubbish…u writers’ shud fink thrice often.don jazzy is d foundatn of mohits.dbanj is d pillar.dia cnt b a strng pillar wtout a solid foundatn…..don jazzy is d man…

  21. See all of you wey dey talk or abusing each other… All of you are not serious, this people working togeda or not they have make there moni. All of you shld better forget the gameplay don and banji dey do and focus on your carrier. Every friday come to the club you will always see the togeda chilling tinz. Let them play their game and let us look. Fuck them all

  22. See all of you wey dey talk or abusing each other… All of you are not serious, this people working togeda or not they have make their moni. All of you shld better forget the gameplay don and banji are playin and focus on your carrier. Every friday come to the club you will always see them togeda chilling tinz. Let them play their game and let us look. Fuck them all

  23. D'banj has nothing to offer to G.O.O.D Music. I guess it's just he's time to fade out of the Nigerian entertainment scene; however it's unfortunate that he had to choose it himself. If this is his idea of 'the Big Apple', then he's got it all wrong. D'banj was never the owner of Mo'Hits. Don Jazzy all the way! Continue making them 'killer beats' *fingers crossed* 😀

  24. @EMMA… I can’t say u have no point, neither can i say u were completely right. The both are good nd their success depends on their level hard of hard work. Like it or hate it, don jazzy made d’banj good beats that brought him to limelight… D’banj is also good cos it takes a good musician to not waste a good beat, but make sumtin of it. D’banj had better song wen he came out dan now. Hope he sits up, cos if he’ll be doin stufs wit kanye, it means he got to upgrade to d foreign standard. B4 i fill dis page up, i’d say it agn, both guys are good…

  25. What kinda biased writter are u. You said D’banj has a lot to loose then you go all out at Don Jazzy. I guess soon we will start to hear Am D’banj its Terry G again. Time will tell

  26. Dis Emma of a guy,,yeah we know its a free world and u r free to write whatever u feel,,doesn’t mean u shud be claiming to be on Don Jazzy’s team #teamDonJazzy when u r obviously on D’banj’s team. Ur points r true yes buh u cud hav openly told us the side u r really on….coz I can bet its not #teamDonJazzy…….

  27. Bros emma you are dumb ?º°? …this is ur opinion,buh #fuckURopinion

  28. Bros emma you are dumb ?º°? …this is ur opinion,buh #fuckURopinion

  29. Fuck dbanj

  30. D lyrically deficient dbanj dat was always made relevant by don baba j monster beats. Piece of advice for dbanj, get urself a very very good producer cos ur songs are whack without gud beats, obviously u know dat. Check out d reigning OLIVER TWIST, people listen to dat song, only cos of d killer don jazzy beat (lyrics rating 0.5/10). Am out, got to go listen to don jazzy instrumentals. ITS DON JAZZY AGAIN

  31. Actually I tink non of dem will lose,if dey eventually break up d’jazzy will fully concentrate on making beats moreover his beat is d most expensive in 9ja so wot re u taking abt dude cuz @ d end of d day its all abt making money on d other hand d’banj will flourish under kanye cuz dere re a lot of great producers all over d world.

  32. Well, its strictly ur opinion! If i say i dnt believe a word of what u say, it won’t make sense… So ama say #TeamDonJazzy all d way…Dbanj has lost it ni!

  33. Nice write up am still laughing love the sarcastic under tone but you just made up that comment that you are a don jazzy fan up, you are not u are a D,banji fan but that’s ok. Another thing is that matter of kokolet and other let’s BORING when it comes to interviews they both fall hand lolz. Their is no law that said however that they can’t both be successful apart,is there?

  34. After reading this article, I’ve come to the conclusion, that, you, Emmanuel Osanedum, is just a Don Jazzy hater!! That whole “Team Don Jazzy-thing” in the beginning, was all bullshit! Couldn’t you have just written the article without all the insults on Donjazzy?? Or, wait! U just said all that for comments! How Lame!! Get A Life!

    And, when did you become God to dictate Don Jazzy’s Future in the Music industry??! Smh.. SO LAME…

  35. Everything said here are all opinions. What’s the fuss all about? Give these dudes 2years max and we’ll see who has the longer/shorter end of the stick! Save your energies for more meaningful talk! Peace!

  36. You can approve my comment, or, not; I really don’t care. All I care about, is, that you read it!

  37. You all keep talkin.. Emma you are right. And what makes you guys fink d’banj has not knwn hw to produce, after all M.I can now produce, but he got it frm Jesse, and d’banj can get any producer to give him beat. Money talks… We have good producers.. In nigeria not to talk abt London or new York were he is… Be realistic d’banj has more edge Dan don jazzy….

  38. ? r 60% ryt buh nonetheless #teamidja all d way.? myt say ts cos of credits or waheva buh d sense is i 4 1 as neva received ny of dat buh ny beat by DJ gets me hooked to my earpiece,es voice priceless.let’s op dbanj kips it up outdr carrying bag 4 kanye n jay like dt 15secs on d tape wiv ricky.

  39. Don jazzy is an extraordinary producer while Dbanj is just a regular musician. He is a 1st class bastard cause he’s carried away with that kanye’s new signing. wen d river forgets its root, then it will dry up. As for Emma, get ur fact right next time cause I wonder wot looks n nature gotta do with excellent production. perhaps you need a slap to chg u up.

  40. D’banj has nothing to offer to G.O.O.D Music. I guess it’s just he’s time to fade out of the Nigerian entertainment scene; however it’s unfortunate that he had to choose it himself. If this is his idea of ‘the Big Apple’, then he’s got it all wrong. D’banj was never the owner of Mo’Hits. Don Jazzy all the way! Continue making them ‘killer beats’ *fingers crossed*

  41. Why on earth will some1 call call kanye west almighty it shows d depth of your shallowness and vanity dat surrounds u!its an obvious fact dat dbang is not really a fantastic artsite with IDJA!u 4 no mention 9ice cabasa case cos cabasa came bk with olamide 2 show us God got his bk,see dbanj issue is just a fan dat has been unplugged but rolling temporarily it will soon stop!don jazzy will not lose dbang,9ice and so many of dem re just bunch of disloyal people and they don’t come 2 any good! U re uninformed of Gods way!let’s give it time and see who loose

  42. Best Article ever. You said what’s on your mind and you didn’t follow the crowd.

  43. Emma bullshit!!!!wifout don jazzy,there will b no d’banj….b4 don jazzy dragged him out of d 419 and jjc squad,he ws just sum dude playin d harmonica 4 d group…..truth b said,they wouldn’t b a d’banj wifout don jazzy..IDJA!!!!

  44. Truth be told,Dbanj is the main artiste on Mohits and Donjazzy may have a croaky voice,but listening to all Dbanj’s major hits,he had Donjazzy as back up which he does wonderffully.From ‘tongolo’ to ‘fall in love’ Donjazzy not only reeled out dope beats but also provided the back up.
    Well,as the saying goes ‘if one person own no spoil,another person own no go better’. This is an chance for some other act on Mohits to take the lead position.

  45. Wtf is dis dumb writter saying. Are u high on some cheap drugs? Gosh u r dumb to write n post this including ur dumb name.

  46. Are truly on donjazzy’s side? I doubt dt! For me its donjazzy all d way!

  47. I can’t bliv dis Emma guy is really a writter u guys r kidding here. No emma u don’t talk like that, don’t u hv shame to showcase your stupid self? U don’t need an advice. I’m sure u knw how dumb n stupid u are by now. Foolish man

  48. 9ice write up. Dbanj is gud, bt nt gud eung 4 Good muzi, kanye west or odas wudnt waste dere tym on him, e wud jst b lik a “huzboi” to dem. Bt I wish him luk. DonJ on d oda ha cn recuit more talented upcoming stars n kip pushin 4ward. Wish him d best also. N abt him backin up tiwa, dat didn’t do much 4 his carer, bt e was jst tryin 2b nice. DonJ is d Jzay of 9ja, n u dnt see jzay backin up jst any star, if nt, y didn’t e appear on d oliver video, n if u guyz noticed, Kwest didn’t display madness lik S_dogg, e onli appeared 1s in d video, n dat mite even b d last we see him wrk wit dbanj, bt I hope nt 4 banj’s sake. Banj n don beta kiss n make up, cuz dey nid each oda, actually, banj nids don more, incase e turns out 2 b n actual “huzboi” 4 good muzi

  49. Whoever posted ds iz jez spittin flows cuz w’out d help ov donjazzy yh,do yhu fink dere will be d’banj????NO,btw if d’banj had bin workin w oda producers,dere myt be hope bh donjazzy knows him like d back ov his hand,so plss stop sayin donjazzy will lose or smefin cuz I already see ure a loser urself nd also dere are a lot ov musician out dere wantin donjazzy yh,bh naw I fnk dere will be tym for em nd see wah happens nxt instead ov givin useless reasons nd don’t forgt donjazzy is also signed to good music

  50. 1kanye is a business man n if by any means (god forbids) dbanj flops he will drop him like a bag of rice , Remember there r other people in good music whom he can spend less on n get more from .
    2 no doubt dbanj is a performer sorry dbanj is an afrobeat performer , what is a pipe without d piper ???pls dont compare dbanj 2 MJ or whitney those r idols n in ref to 9ice y did his pr put out a rumor that he has gone back to his wife n why did he bring her to his show ??? i cant wait to see dbanj entertain an afro crowd with rock or pop beats

    3Jazzy neva lost any thing he issued an apology bcos he realized that what he said was wrong it takes a matured human to do that (not like u wud understand u r a kid) jazzy has always behaved like dat wen he performs wen u listen to d song with savage u wud understand that he does not need to jump up n down to perform his part

    4yh dbanj is a business man is so is jazzy @least for d 1st 1 yr dbanj was on jazzy pay roll (do u happen 2 know that?)

    5 if jazzy was not d boss why is he d president n dbanj d vice ??? even dbanj has in numerous times (b4 d GOOD music signing ) confirmed that don jazzy is d boss

    6 Don jazzy is a beta performer than half of d celebrities out there in nigeria today ….wait do u even go for shows??? jazzy perform pass 9ice oooo u know ???

    7 just bcos d guy refused to grant u interview makes him a devil now abi??? do u know how many reporters call him up for interview?? do u know know how hard it is to get free time on his line of work??? for a man to seat down in his free time n reply tweets , talk n play with fans instead of resting if dat is not being humble den guy chop pubic hair .

    8 jazzy make dbanj , wande , Dr sid n gave ikechukwu d fame he has today , b4 don jazzy u know ikechukwu b4???? Dr sid has 2 hit songs , how many hit song sinzu get ??? how many terry g get (d 1 wen him no steal ooo) how many artist fit boast of 2 hit song in 1 yr n in 1 album??? k switch is in school n he is not recording full time …..SO YES JAZZY HAS D MAGIC FINGER .

    9 he answers question d way they r given to him , he no dey run or hide behind some slang ok , he is a serious man he gives serious answers FINITO.

    10 Now i know u dont go for shows at all???(maybe free shows) but u dont buy ur own ticket so u stay outside n listen , i have seen wande alone tore up a venue , i have seen dr sid tore up a venue n i have seen prinde do his tin ….. they even make dbanj's show lively n more entertaining ok , so mohit wud still sell out venues with or without dbanj

    in d light of who would lose or win thats for God to decide n d future holds dat 1 but d odds are stacked against dbanj remember he is not ur regular afro beat artist it wud be hard to get an engineer dat wud do his way n in a way dat afro beat fans wud love it ….as for don jazzy he has a wide range of talented artist to work with or even choose to work with .
    So Emma please next time u write an article please please get ur facts right n stop fooling urself ok please , dis article is bizare n stupid .

  51. F*ck u and F*ck D’banj. Donjazy is the man we all know

  52. :::seriously speaking:::lookn @ both ends! Neither D’banj or Don’J will loose.look @ it from dz view(D’banj is under Kanye::::: Don’J is d best producer in 9ja fr naw)D’banj d entertain’a keeps on entertain’n while Don’j d producer keeps produc’n.

  53. You guys knw notin abt dis dudes. Must of U????? say don jazzy pick A????? up Fø????? jjc ? 419 squad, big fat lie. Two of dem d???????????????? dia ? but W?????e knw abt d’banj dia(I?????n????? †?? group) ??? don jazzy… Don jazzy made d’banj but d’banj made don jazzy ? mo’hits.. ? talking abt kanye west… One thing you fail †?? knw ????§ that both don jazzy ? d’banj ????§ signed †?? GOODMUSIC, don jazzy signed as a producer ? d’banj signed as an artist. Talking abt business.. D’banj owns koko water, koko mobile, koko lounge.. Mo’hits ????§ notin wtout d’banj… After all ???? him d???????????????? †?? spot light… I?????? ? IDJA but d’banj made him popular… Once again †?? contract with GOODMUSIC ????§ Fø????? both parties (don jazzy ? d’banj)…. After all ID been d???????????????? mk beats Fø????? 9ice n he left but 9ice still d???????????????? gv us hit. Kennis ? 2face same. One more thing k’switch ?N????Ø?????? ???? loose cos his brother(d’banj) has it all. ? k’switch ????§ also a producer I?????n????? case una ?N????Ø?????? knw… ???? into music n knw †?? game….. Peace

  54. idja all d way! If skibanj ffs dis path al d Way?hmmm.. Na ditch o! Itafdu!

  55. The guy dat wrote dis is senseless,imagine wat he wrote,wat is special in doing back up 4 an artisT?more so is dat back up or they sang togethr?u guys shd thnk b4 u say,don is d pilar behind his sng wat ar u now sayng?

  56. Wat dbanj did to Don jazzy will cme back and bite him in his balls.dunt kia if it is mutual f**kin agreement!don shuld ave been on dat video

  57. All what u said is trash…..Damnn you guys are full of shit you don’t even know why they broke up in the first place…….Stop passing the wrong message to the public..mtcheeeww

  58. If D????? banj shud leave mo-hit for
    ??????.??G??????.?????d music,??? M??????.that ????? D????? best thing dat has ever happen ??? him. cos if ??????? er u??????,u?????? won’t even think twice bfor u?????? take dar same decision ….so all ya black punk shud stop criticizing him….MR ENDOWED

  59. Emma nice points 4rm U?????. Der ????§ something U????? are missing in d music world, peolpe dnt listen 2 lyrics except d chorus but d beat makes one to love d song. Dr. Dre dnt produce 50 cent last albulm, did U????? play his songs? D oliver twist was produced by Don Jazzy, peolpe love d song cos of d beat. Don Jazzy made Tiwa savage’s song to hit with his background voice and style. Its true one will lose but good producers hardly go into extintion note this. I guess U????? haven’t listen 2 d 1st song Dbanj was featuered, he gt nothing to offer.Please D????????????? a proper research b4 writing an article.

  60. Emma nice points 4rm U?????. Der ????§ something U????? are missing in d music world, peolpe dnt listen 2 lyrics except d chorus but d beat makes one to love d song. Dr. Dre dnt produce 50 cent last albulm, did U????? play his songs? D oliver twist was produced by Don Jazzy, peolpe love d song cos of d beat. Don Jazzy made Tiwa savage’s song to hit with his background voice and style. Its true one will lose but good producers hardly go into extintion note this. I guess U????? haven’t listen 2 d 1st song Dbanj was featuered, he gt nothing to offer.Please D????????????? a proper research b4 writing an article.

  61. Emma Nostradamus u see the future right? Lame ass mofo #TeamDonJazzy

  62. Don Jazzy

  63. So sad abt don jazzy n dbanj

  64. Its so unfortunate for the two duo bt all d same, we all know dbanj to be d entertainer while don jazzy the driver behind the steel.Only time will judge the both for all eyes to see that they can both survive individually but I will say that left to me Don jazzy has the upper hand of survival than dbanj! Its all abt re-adust himself and the competition begins…

  65. U saying shit meeen,don baba J is d bomb,we all know that without don jazzy’s melody,adlibs n harmonies dbanj’s songs are sure nobody is gonna make that kinda impact in d banj’s life not even Kanye or jigga himself

  66. Pls don’t break up cos u pair work togeda so well pls don’t let people get inbtw u two.cheers

  67. Guy u no well! To be very fast here, if small d’banj succeed without Don baba, make i loss! I guess the days of once known d’banj is comin to an end… I wnt be suprised to see him sell handkerchief in any traffic jam….

  68. Feel sorry for dbanj


  70. Its quite an unfortunate situation,but just incase they can’t come back,don jazzy will do very well without d’banj.I trust dat he can.d’banj shudnt be carried away by kanye west.he shouldn’t bite the finger that fed him.shikena.

  71. who ever wrote needs to be checked in @ yaba left…..he hasn't taken his medication for some time now

  72. Dis is d most mediocre nd baseless shit av eva seen!!!…rily disappointed da ppl still talk lyk retards,cmon if u wana dig d dirt on sm1 pls do it well nd dont com throwin dust @ us nd expect us to c reason wiv u!..dis ryt here is jst yr meaninless opinion da shudnt av found its way 2 d web!..kmft!..ivn tot twas som concrete info till i saw stuffs lyk “don jazzy is borin”….”d’banj toks bout kokolets to avoid intelligent questions” srszly boi am disgusted!!..da jst made me realize dat u my friend r quite unlearned nd cheap minded nd shud stay off computers!!!…..

  73. i lorv Don jazzy nd i lorv dbanj.. i lorv this article nd i fink its on point. don jazzy is a great producer no doubt same way dbanj is a great entertainer… buh between kanye west and don jazzy, we all kno who d betta producer is.. so now fink about it. a lovely entertainer + one of d best producerz in the world = splendid music… most of yhu all dont know d truth to their seperation so dnt b quick 2 judge… now fink about this, can yhu evr go to a concert were dy sed MO hits are to perform but without dbanj. wld yhu rili wana go… i kno i wldnt, coz as much as wande coal nd dr sid along wiv the rest r also go performers, dbanj still is d life of the party nd dats d fact… my main concern is for the rest of the mo hits crew coz i fink don jazzy can handle himself buh woh bout them…. Sorry 2 say dis but this seperation will favour dbanj more… his more on d winnin end than donjazzy.. infact he standz d gratest chance to suceed than don jazzy… nd plz y'all dnt nid to diss coz everybody is entitled to their own opinion. so stop d insults nd jus leave a clean comment or opinion.. thankzz

  74. We all knw D’banj is gud. But the truth is we’ve seen the MIGHTY fallen. Some of us knew what happened 2 Sir Shina Peters. It was a concert he shldnt have perfornmed at dat wretched his carrier. And the truth is 1) d’banj lost a chunk of his fans when he decided 2 get involve in politics. I feel dats a a nmo go 4 musicians. 2) whether we like it or not, there can’t be an omlette without the breaking of egg, don jazzy is th sepice in d’banj’s career. 4 heavens sake if not 4 packaging, what’s d diffffernce btw durella n d’banj. They have same tone, both sing rubbish and jump abt .

  75. For Some reerason, I Think The Writer Of this has a personal issue with DonJazzy!
    Y so much sarcasm na?
    this writeUp is so unprofessional

  76. All those saying that Dbanj would lose the most should think again becuase this summer Dbanj is performing at the BBC Hackney Weekend with Jay-z , Flo Ride among others and also he will be performing at the Barclaycard Wireless concert with Rihanna , Drake , Wiz Khalifa among others. So how can he lose out

  77. Emma ur article made sense but I still believe dat d’banj has nothing to offer G.O.O.D music all d’banjs hits have always been produced by Don Jazzy and without him he is going nowhere we can see dat already when he sang back up for Rick Ross on Lil Issue’s track VIP. Agreed he mite be performing in concerts but dat is deir way of trying to sell him to d American public but he will still fade away as someone said d difference btwn d’banj and durella is packaging and I quite agree meanwhile I believe Don Jazzy can do still do things with D’Prince and Co who knows he mite bring d next d’banj

    • Make Money is whats up…………………….GO make yours

  78. Meeeeh u all dudes maunth it full of shit real craps sayin. Please shotdawn it very stinkin, Done baba remains za DONE in mohit and boss to dbanj, only a fool dont now de value of his paws until its now where to be found, be my witness nothin goes for nothin dbanj is up to some thing may almight jah embald him (Amen) or his satisfied with the emolument he got from |DONE, no more say i would have spit de truth out.

  79. Meeeeh u all dudes maunth it full of shit real craps sayin. Please shotdawn it very stinkin, Done baba remains za DONE in mohit and boss to dbanj, only a fool dont now de value of his paws until its no where to be found, be my witness nothin goes for nothin dbanj is up to some thing may almight jah embald him (Amen) or his satisfied with the emolument he got from |DONE, no more say i would have spit de truth out.

  80. Arguing is lyk wast of tym…Donjay has a touch in all hits of all mo’hits crew…make skibanj go do back-up 4 Kswitch make we C….wish dem well….#Don Baba Jay 4lyf#

  81. @sun church I totally agree with you. 4me noin u can tell me to like dbanj cos he lost me due to his silence during subsidy. Which eva country he was at dere is no law sayin he shldnt wit a msg or action fight for the youth and masses dat he calls his fans.Abi he wise pass all of us ni..Na d guy no ooo..u like sing with Jesus christ move to Allah remember u can’t be a god so kanye and jzay aint ur people we re.

  82. #TeamDonJazzy all the way

  83. Let’s watch what’ll happen instead of making wrong assumptions

  84. Emma 9ce rit up,dnt mind dos abusing u dats jst ur view bt Dbanj & Don jazzy ar jst lyk electricity & water, dey ll survive best 2geda.Both av smfin 2 lose being apart.

  85. take it or leave it, DON JAZZ LOSES

  86. Dis is crazy mehn buh rily hilarious,omo ?a don jazzy dis guy wash lyk dis,if don jazzy see dis 1 ?a cry hin go D???????????????? cry oo,dis issh is moni is onn dbanj,he wil b †?? losing endd here,W?????e?????t?????i?????n????? hin D???????????????? even sing,?a only shout hin D???????????????? shout for stage,mchewwww,abeg jare

  87. No doubt, Dbang is hot, buh Donjazzy is still dat dangerous hand behind the beat
    . Let the music play and let’s see who’s got the dancing skill.

  88. its only about time. west will dump dbanj like he dumped his pornstar babe. it wont cost him anything.

  89. It is very glaring,dat d person who wrote this is so dumb,and doesn’t even know music or listen to nigerian music,goin bak to how they started,incase you don’t knw fool,u cud ask rasheedi who is d founder of jjc n 419 and he will tell you who is made btwn don jazzy n dbanj,who as a career and who dosnt,don jazzy had a life even bak den whil dbanj was jst singn back stage ,blowin wat he knws hw to blow,all dat while don already produced hit for well known and reputable people frm barrister,salawa d list r endless,who he singl handedly did the sound track of scobby doo,which am very sure u we’re stil litlle den so I wndr if you even watched d cartoon,now back n tym,seriously am not surprised dbanj snitched don,his a naija boi na,wat do u xpct,bt if ur truelly a fan of mohit dbanj donjazy n co,u wil understnd wat am abt to say,frgt the fact that don is kinda s shy person n all,but in each n every song don is it is always blessed,his beat will blow you,who was ikechuku bfor don produced 2 hit track for him in case u dnt knw,wine am we’ll,critical,dis r songs dat blew ik,nt to talk of naeto c n d rest,dr is dis xtra flavour don jazzy put in his beat that wen eva u heard it u wil fl it,if you eva listend to wandes album,apart frm d fact dat wande as a gud voice,don gave him d bst beat any producer who knws his job wil respect even kanye himself,drs notin kanye can produce dat don can’t,am not goin to judge now okay,fine I knw dbanj is goin for d grammys dat was why he went to gud muzic,but nigerians u and I knws dat dbanj can’t sing anythin spectacular n gud musiz,cos wat his he even singn while he was home sef rubbish,bt cos of d lv pipo av for him we buy his rubbish,d whole ish is,don jazzy is don jazzy anytym anyday,fuk wat anybody say,without don drs no dbanj,cos he always compesate us wit his beat whil dbanj sings his rubbish,as africa eva producer a producer lik don hell no,if u dnt knw go find out,his jst so out of dis wrld,guy dy mak ur research we’ll bfor sayn anytin,n d fact dat we r nigerians dos nt mean we dnt knw muzic or we dnt knw a gud beat wen hear it,ur jst hatin,don can kip producin anytym anyday,no shakin,as for dbanj let’s wait n see his flop,fuk good muzic dos illuminati bastards

    • Bimbo, Dont put sentiment in this please. Don Jazzy too betrayed JJC so it's tit for tat, More over you don't know what really went wrong btwn this 2 dudes .

  90. For goodness sake why are most people unreasonable, comparing a producer and an artiste is not making sense. Both are good and will make it better, or do u think that both dudes don’t have a plan. Pls allow them widen their horizon, u guys should be happy our stars are going international and maybe(still an assumption) if they stay together, they will still grow at the same pace but separately especially for dbanj, they might grow faster, that’s my own view. #teambuchi o

  91. The relationship between kanye and D’banj is strictly business! Nd tbh I really don’t think D’banj can keep up with american standards, DonJazzy is a producer he can survive on both sides, massive advantage for him…speaking from a fellow artiste’s point of view tho

  92. Mehn °? fink dey both have their thing!! Buh wat happens when kanye finds dbanj uninteresting…….coz °? strongly believe most of dbanj’s songs were co-written by donjazzy……let’s hope they both keep doing it big……??? emma u sud be careful with words..thank you

  93. Mehn °? fink dey both have their thing!! Buh wat happens when kanye finds dbanj uninteresting…….coz °? strongly believe most of dbanj’s songs were co-written by donjazzy……let’s hope they both keep doing it big……??? emma u sud be careful with words..thank you

  94. Mehn °? fink dey both have their thing!! Buh wat happens when kanye finds dbanj uninteresting…….coz °? strongly believe most of dbanj’s songs were co-written by donjazzy……let’s hope they both keep doing it big……??? emma u sud be careful with words..thank you

  95. the fellow who wrote this is a terribly biased writer!!!!

  96. Don Jazzy was IT even b4 he came home to waste his talent (master beats, those fools, d’banj & co will be singing rubish) take wande coals ‘been long u saw me’ listen to d lyrics, it was even baba J dat gave it meaning on top d fantastic beats, + wandes sweet voice, No Don jazzys beat, no career, as for D’banj, everytime I watch d official oliver twist video I fall asleep somewhere in btw(I’ll keep d jonsing one wit Don J) if that’s how his new career will turn out, Terry G might just sing ‘Kanye west don nak d’banj akpako’

  97. i think what this guy wrote is d dumbest,baseless,unprofessional,stupid article have ever read and the guy seem to be jobless obviously. You talked about the H factor,my dear Humilty is d way of living so if that how Don Jazzy wants to be seen i sicerely he chose d right path.

    Get a life Dude.

  98. You think this will give you a career,at least Don Jazzy as made his name?work on Urs….

  99. To all who think Dbanj gonna win out there, do y’all really think Kanye is gonna make beats to suit Dbanj’s Afropop style or he’s jux gonna turn him to one crazy dude trying so hard to copy the Kanye style in America jux to feel among. No matter where D is hoping to fly to, he still needs DD to make him happen. A breastfeeding child can hardly do without his mother. Be wise D

  100. Guy, fuck wot evry1 is sayin. Ur fuckin right jare!


  102. emma, I read your article and was gonna really analyse your points to tell you how lame they are, but fortunately, a lotta people have done more than I wanted to do collectively.

    I’ve been in the entertainment industry for some years now, followed D’banj’s career since ’05 and it will be stupid enough to say Don Jazzy was made by D’banj.

    has D’banj ever worked with ANY other producer asides iDJA? D’banj told Angie Martinez of Hot97, New York that he’s not a musician. do you it’s ever easy for ANY producer to work with a non-singing performer?

    apparently, truly, Emma doesn’t pay to attend shows or never even attends any. if you have, you’ll realise how much Don Jazzy “babysits” D’banj as the latter lacks a sense of control.

    Don Jazzy is an iconic producer and it just reflects. go and check how many times he’s bagged the award for Best Producer at the Headies which is Nigeria’s most credible award.

    but the irony and the most beautiful part (for me) is that no one is “truly” leaving. Kanye will never fully produce for D’banj (cos he can’t) that’s why he signed Don Jazzy too and invariably, Don Jazzy will still have to produce D’banj cos he’s contracted with G.O.O.D. Music as a producer meaning he’ll produce for ANY artiste on that label.


  103. Actually for me,I love them both but do u knw why I think none of them will lose becos as for Dbanj his reputation preceeds him and as for DonJazzy d beats he makes are just so magical and unique.infact it’s becos of his beats dat I love Dbanj songs.Dbanj is someone I love watching and don jazzy is someone I respect and love listening to his beat. I hope they don’t split up becos they compliment eachother and they both wud ve lost some part of themselves if they do. I love u both Dbanj and Donjazzy

  104. So sad to see them part ways but all d same, I wish both party d best since reconciliation is nt an option 4 them. Will sure miss D’banj’s songs without ‘its Don jazzy again’

  105. Emmma you go jump fence enter barrack, con tell CO say na fence you jump, ya dumb man. Lado

  106. boss na big lie u compose here. wu is d’banj without don jazzy? 4get dat 1 o, did u know dat without don jazzy beatz nd d mo’hitz record, we can’t know him? can’t u c d king of d zanga (durella), can d’banj sing what he’z singing? wen others wanna lead, d’banj wanna do 4low 4low! DON BABA go still ryd on noni

  107. Lol! Kilokanmi???

  108. D’banj is not the only artist in nigeria for God sake.we hav better artist like Asa,TyBello,and the rest.Don jazzy is a good producer no doubt.D’banj is just an ungreatful person wating to b drained by illuminatis kanye west after which to be thrown into the drain and be flushed.people i use to like are now Devil’s sent.rubbish….

    • buh his d richest musician in Africa ryt nw moron

  109. wat u guys dnt know is dat automatically both are still workn 2geda under G.O.O.D music… Don jazzy n dbanj r kanye’s workers and dere wont be a time when don jazzy wont help to produce d’banj beat as jayz’s co_producer

  110. To hell with dbanj and don jazzy,what stupid group goes by the name of mohits? If its not dr dre and and snoop dog. Ending theirfrienship,then i think its not worth all these analysis. These are just a group of hungry and over zealous chumps

  111. U r just simply uninteresting 2 think dat don jazzy has everything 2 lose. D man is a f***ing enterprenuer who brought d so-called d’bang 2 limelight, duh! He can still make several other talents. Rock on mr don jazz…..u d best. D’bang only let himself fooled by Ye’s fictions.

  112. Emma are a big fucking fool with no writing experience, u are just working on de part of failure…Doggy

  113. @Emma,everytin u juss wrote is B.S….did u juss criticize don jazzys production,now let me enlighten u…(1)”why me” by d’banj,wat d hell was d’banj sayin,d guy has got no lyrics but dat beat is so awesome,i can still hum it…(2)”endowed”same rubbish by d’banj but we forgave him all cuz of don jazzys beat….(3)”oliver twist”…same rubbish,now tell me wat comes to ur mind first wen u’re told to sing d song?,its d intro(tan ta tan ta tan) and even wen u sing d song u dont sing it in d’banjs kinda voice but don jazzys,that thick voice……… And about tiwa savage and don jazzy song….don jazzy totally helpd dat song,did u hear d way he harmonised it,Gosh d guy is gud….Don jazzy sings to touch d heart while d’banj sings to pass d time……. I wudnt argue wif d fact dat he cant speak well,which is no news but doesnt stop him from being AWESOME!!!!,and NOTE:it isnt all about speaking good English,its all about being WISE!

  114. Fuck dbanj, that guy was roaming the streets without no food back in the days. Thanks to iDJA

    • buh av u gotten of d street Mr Okoli.

  115. Both have a promising future, as you can see don jazzy is also singing now and i know wande wont fall his hands

  116. So one D-banj fan is just posting shit……fuck yhu

  117. I luv d’banj,i luv don jazzy and in Nigeria now d beats make d song and not d lyrics, so i fink don jazzy wuld do better buh we r not 2 judge so let’s give dem sum tym apart and let’s see who does better. #teamdonjazzy

  118. @Lil Prince, all ur words r so on point! None of these guys(Don jazzy or D’banj) is gonna loose out. Let’s all sit n watch as d drama kips unfolding. As 4 me, IDJA!!!

  119. This writeup isn’t bad atall
    If we r all meant 2 face reality ; dis dude is 87% right ; so if u’re 4 / against d’bang / don jazzy
    Plsss kindly keep it 2 urselves

  120. this guy sucks. you are just being partial. GO GET A LIFE MAN!!!

  121. Emma, have u analyse ur career and future just like this?…there‘s no doubt and its very glare and clear that u‘re dbanj fan but let me remind u…Dbanj startet with big brovas, how many people knows him then? JJC can actually tell who dis guys really are…i love dbanj, i love don jazzy and d entire mo‘hit family bt its unfortunate people like u r fueling d beef and making us to hate dbanj more….u r indeed “oloshi“

  122. emma how much did d'banj pay u for dis stupid and lame article. Hope it will feed your family bloody moron

  123. who so ever this writer is,you must be mad. simply know that without a good beat, no musician can flow so well. remember that dbanji is not a musician,he has no talent for music the beat covers him up. so shutup mr writer

  124. yeah! don jazzy really needs to go back to the background fast..

  125. am sooo sorry 4 u mr writer coz ur soo dumb dat u dont even know what 2 write.when dbanj first started was don jazzy not backin him up.i guess dbanj paid u 2 do dis ryt?ur really a messd up dude.

  126. I agree wt this writer! u dumb fucks r supporting don jazzy blindly…wats a beat witout a vocal? is it d'prince or tiwa dat will ffront fr Mavin? I luv jazzy but y'all b honest, hw many of u still listen to Mavin 2 weeks aftr it was released?

  127. I know Dbanj can do well on his own. But I can’t say how much Don jazzy usually helps to shape up his album. If Dbanj can’t produce hit songs on his own, he will fall and people will gradually forget him. If month hits doesn’t also get a replacement for dbanj, they will also fall. I think Emmanuel is partly right. Don jazzy doesn’t have the look or voice to be a musician. People wiL rather see dbanj in a song than him. Kswitch is not a talented singer too. Never listened to any of his songs. The prince is ok, wande coal is perfect. Dr Sid … I can’t believe he suffered to study medicine and dropped out. But he is trying. I like his dad’s movies so I will commend him 🙂

    • av u eva created time to listen to k-switch part of any mohit's song; pple just wants to b part of talk by writting some unintelligient words put 2geda wif dere psycho brain mtshwwwww

  128. Emma some points yuh made are really amazing, cause all yuh sucided in rooting and hyping d’banj! Don Baba j and d’banj av a very clear margin of their participation in music. Don jazzy a very good producer, i mean not just a producer he made d’banj who he is! Don’t tell me yuh dnt get interested in a song: When yuh hear “it’s Don Jazzy again” it really gives confidence of the song! Don Jazzy is ironically a 4star General Goodluck to d’banj as he strives to be a man!

  129. Don baba’s beat made oliver twist a bomb not d’banj’s so called lyric coz d lyrics sounds lyk bullshit to me

    • u r an ode buruku. dance to d beat alone fool

  130. Every1 saying hia dat Don Jazzy made D’Banj,brought him up from d streets n turned him in2 d person who he is 2day obviously didn’t read up their history!

    First n foremost,lemme tell u all dat Don Jazzy was content wif being jjc”s boy bt D’Banj was not! If u didn’t know dis b4, know it now….D’Banj was d one who told Don Jazzy dat they should both leave jjc n come back 2 naija n do their stuff! So as far as Mo’Hits is concerned,D’Banj was d one who brought d IDEA of creating it not Don Jazzy! Moreover,wen they got back 2 naija, it was D’Banj’s mum dat sponsored dem until dey were able 2 stand on their feet!

    Furthemore,Don Jazzy had been producing 4 jjc way b4 he started producing 4 D’Banj bt it was D’Banj’s first ever single “Tongolo” dat blew dem both! So,if anyfin,D’Banj brought Don Jazzy 2 where he is 2day n not d oda way round!

    I must confess though dat D’Banj’s lyrics have gotten poorer sha n Don Jazzy’s beats av helped him a lot in his past few singles…

    One fin is certain 4 sure,even if D’Banj doesn’t make it, dat guy can neva go broke! And need I remind u dat its all abt d MONEY??!!!!!!!!

    I wish dem both well bt Don Jazzy has already started luking good with d Solar Plexus Album wif MAVIN! Dat album sweeeeeet dieeeee n as usual Don Jazzy killed d tracks wif some 1daful beats!!!

    I wish d both of dem luck sha cos D’Banj is ma best artiste eva and Don Jazzy is ma best producer eva too….

    • u re a mad man!!! talking BS… why u gonna wanna say a fool thing like dat? dat Don J was okay with being a JJc's boy. he was never even producing for them! he was part of them…and u fool…they never even allowed d'banj join em

  131. This guy don't know what he's talking about. Do u even know what is happening with 9ice at the moment? 9ice is fucked already. 9ice messed up himself and his music carrer all bcos of wrong information and wrong impression he has against his friend ruggedman. Everything about 9ice is fucked now. People prefer to buy wizkid cd than 9ice now.

  132. don jazzy is a producer that produceses future beats that can last for ages. from my own point of view beats makes a good music…. am wishing them both the best.

  133. this guy Emmanuel or wat ever ur name is u are jst in favour of d banj and u dnt knw anything abt music nor crew or even production u wnt d banj to sign u 4 article writing abi mugu dat ur name u no go blow @ all u dnt knw wat u re saying………Rubbish

  134. Well u guys dont need to insult 1 another bec dis music is like football Don Jay is the master y D Baj is assistance but both of them are Good……..normaly Dbaj song are notin without does beat notin for that song at all. Music is all about mood y dbanj sing interfulity every time..gREAT dON Jay

  135. Watery submission, and from a biased mind…

  136. emma is mad! faggot

  137. @Eminue and you lost in jesus name amen! Go listen to OYATO by dbanj!! @eyekay you don hear caro by k-switch?? Na dbanj back-up and d song na correct!!! See pple dey talk like say dem know donjazzy b4! Oga make una calm down joooor! D’banj still dey do local jam una hear? so me I kno think say him go fade! Donjazzy no be him BOSS oooh! Dem two start mo’hit 2geda! Talking bout good beat, kia! Many Artiste don fade wey get good beat oo! No b by beat una hear? Na destiny…dbanj brought light into jazzy’s life, sid, wande,prince… Omo men donjaZzy good oo! But na dbanj make am who him b 2day! #gbam!! Make donjaZzy go pick up fada-U-turn or baba fryo make we see weda na beat dey rise artiste!! Oga make una talk well jooo! And una wey say una b artiste, I pity u if na beat u dey find take wan blow! No go check ur head first weda e go move market! Nonsense

  138. Di matteo win champions league ooooo, FA cup ooooo!!!!!! And he was d assitance coach!! All of una dey support jazzy cos him dey dash una free air-time! SMH! Abeg d both of them go still dey chop bele-full…make una no dey talk lyk say una know dem b4 abeg! Dis pple fit dey hook-up somwhere dey club 2geda, and una go dey here dey waste una tym! SMH! 9ja una too dey carry last! After one year dem go do re-unite party gate fee regular-N10,000 VIP- N50,000 VVIP- N100,000 tables for 5- N1.5million and una go rush d ticket finish nonsense!!!olodo make una see dis kind talk waka pass! **anyway just passing by** 😀

  139. @hamzat u b fool idiot lyk u….who no dbanj if nt 4 donjazzy….mumu idot….u beta go nd sit dwn in a coner nd keep shot

  140. Go make your money man………………..

  141. Bull-shit!!!, it might interest u to know that Dbanj is abouta get kicked the fuck outta good music cos Kanye is not impressed wit his new songs n doesn’t even give 2 fucks about Jsleeks production,remember that the songs that caught Kanye’s interest where Oliver twist, Scapegoat,Dbanj will neva make any hit song without Donjazzy, even kanye knows. So Dear writter put ur money where ur mouth is n shut the hell up!!!thanks 4 ur cooperation.

  142. Emma u re nothing but a big fool…get ur facts right abt MoHits and who owns it u fucking bag of sh***

  143. Ok now its lyk a yr since the split. You tell me who is winning?

  144. Dbang u r a cowward, after all what don jazzy did to u. U still dnt appreciate,it left to. All we know is dat Don jazzy is the and the don

  145. Cnt stop laffin here..*jast paxxin sha!

  146. Well I get time has proved u wrong as both dbanj ND wande are bearly kipping dia heads above ground…… while Don jazzy has flourished…… bt all ur analysis Wre baseless aniwaiz

  147. Sir This Is 2016, So Don Jazzy Has Proved You Wrong

  148. To the writer of this article, how market today? Don jazzy abi dbanj who do you think needs each other more now?

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