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Dr Sid – Surulere Remix F. Don Jazzy, Wizkid and Phyno

Posted by Kas on December 20, 2013 in AUDIO · 195 Comments


Dr Sid’s album was released today and i was lucky enough to get a copy… The album is no doubt a classic and it shows that Dr Sid is truly Talented…..

The album has 20 tracks and features the likes of Ice Prince, Wizkid, Phyno, Emma Nyra and many more… from the 20 we give you  Surulere Remix Featuring Don Jazzy, Wizkid and Phyno ….. Enjoy and make sure you comment


DOWNLOAD [Surulere Remix F. Don Jazzy, Wizkid and Phyno ]

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  1. Phyno killed it. Nice jam

  2. Jam Of Life___ All act delivered, its not all about party but Good Music

  3. Good music

  4. Really love it…..Shout out to wizkid nd others..but to me wizzy killed it

  5. Super…….Super……Mavin all the way…..can’t go wrong With Don Baba Jay!

  6. Phyno murdered it,no doubt….

  7. Shout out to my niggaz u re all wonderful don baba J thumbs up

  8. Wizzy shouldn’t have started d song,all d same nice song.

  9. Nice one… But I would have preferred wizzy on the hook…

  10. No need 4 remix jor e no make sense @ all rubbish.

    • Yehh,phyno actually killed it! Truth be told!!

  11. Phyno you no mind make, you take am easy…. surulere

  12. Wizkid singing more like a kid diz days, “father God abeg bless mummy mi o” no line to show d concept of d song wc is “patience pays”. Thnks phyno, good job. And for doz dt will wanna say stuffs, I no send una o.

  13. Phynooo sooo on point

  14. Phyno killed it nice song

  15. Nice one frm Mavins #Team StarBoi *killing d beat

  16. Phyno killed it mean. Phyno u re da boss

  17. Phyno killed it mean. Phyno u re da boss

  18. nice one

  19. Nice 1 bt if nt wizkid e for no make sense shout 2 starboi wizzy

  20. All dem oda acts kill it but wetin concern mama concern SURULERE…wizkid reason well…..Davido go sure do better

    • Abeg mention one recent song when dem feature davido wen davido murder… I know the anwser… Known… Cuz the dude is just a wack beast with no talent and no voice

      • K


        • STARBOI ON DOT

          • Wizzy is beta dan davido,quite alrite,but he spoilt this song.The dude is getting wack….I trust davido 4 dis kind jam

      • i nt in support of u sina rambo of course we all knw davido pas wizkid wif every thing is it d voice or d dance or d video oh God bless u for me davido

  21. u go just they talk rubbish u sabi do anything wey make sense 4 this life,wizkid dey make money u dey talk nonsense

    • Na una sabi jealousy pple,d song make sense die!make una go do una own see.

    • Nice track….if you’re beefing Wiz…..oboy his there making cash you here saying story….na u sabi.

  22. Omg wiz…………..gbam Don baba j beat of life

  23. chai!!.. why dem spoil beta song nau….phyno nailed it but wizzy didn’t fit in…. woulda prefer someone like burna boy in there…. nice one anyway but the original is still better.

    • This track is a Real cool Jam………..everyone did his best on this track abeg why una dey beef wizzy….he actually added a lil bit of flavour to this so Fuck u hating asses……………delete d song if u no like am

  24. phyno! phyno!! phyno!!! u murdered it

  25. Everybody did well in d song

  26. All I av 2 say is phynoooooooooooooo phyesssssssssss…. I Don talk am .. kall police if u like..

  27. Well they are all good but wizkid fuck up this time..I would have prefer,Reminices,ice prince and vector..wizkid nothing concern CARO and surulere oh

    • @ Nicky thank you for that comment,I thought all girls loved him,dint know people lyk you exist sef,WIZKID IS WACK*not hating*

  28. Wizzy ori e wan be gan!!!gbayi phyno..thumbs up don baba

  29. Wizkid na Baba.joor.d boy is jux too good

    • They all have nice performance though I love davido more than any other naija musician

      • You ain’t forced to love ’em

  30. Don baba wizzý

  31. Fhyno. Oh god bless u

  32. 9ice 1 wizzy and phyno

  33. Nyc hit

  34. Fuck Wizkid….Phyno u b baba…ahh wish Davido dae e for put small Skele lellelelelelleelel##SkELEWU On Pwoint

    • Guy shut up ur mouth watin u know… U should not expect hits every time… Watin davido dey sing self [with ur hand to d front and ur yansh to the back]… Abeg tell me were yansh dey b4 abi na that song ‘omo mummy’ u wan talk… And u cnt even compare davido with wizkid cuz davido nor get talent 4 music… He is just doing it 4 money with him voice wen belike watin don crack…

    • Guy shut up ur mouth watin u know… U should not expect hits every time… Watin davido dey sing self [with ur hand to d front and ur yansh to the back]… Abeg tell me were yansh dey b4 abi na that song ‘omo mummy’ u wan talk… And u cnt even compare davido with wizkid cuz davido nor get talent 4 music… He is just doing it 4 money with him voice wen belike watin don crack… So just shut up if u gat notin to say…

      • lol

    • Shut the fuck up… What do u know… Dnt ever compare davido with wizkid… Cuz davido has no voice and no talent… Just imagine [with ur hand to d front and ur yansh to d back]… Were yansh dey b4… Check ou dat davido omo mummy… D worst song ever liveth… Wizkid and 2face are the best in 9ja and dey have the voice and talent…

    • STFU… Mention one recent song wen dem ft davido wen davido murder… So dnt ever compare davido with wizkid… See song… ‘With ur hand to d front and ur yansh to d back’… Were yansh dey b4

    • Fuck u self?idiot wat did u know about muzik

    • Fuck U!!! Hw on earth u compare wizzy to davido …..sure looks like u knw nothing bout musik………..wetin davido wan sing for dis track haba na SURULERE be Dis no be GOBE………………..hating ass wizzy was a Good choice for dis track + shoutout to phyno he did justice too

      • awfr….y u tok nonsense lyk dis….wizkid no sing trash…n nobody noes if davido wud ve killed it beta

  35. I am a very big wizkid fan and I started liking phyno after the song ‘dope money’… Phyno should try to use english sometimes… Cuz u nor expect me to feel waiting I nor dey here… Wizkid 4 do d chorus becuz d small backup wen him do follow d chorus b make sense… And I expected wizzy to kill it more cuz he is 4rm surulere…

    • Phyno na bastard i wish d guy dey rap for english make una ? wentin d dude dey drop azinn he even hail don baba jay for d beat cheiiii….i like wizzy n don baba mixed chorus sexy…phyno murderer of all igbo raps chei

    • If igbo ppl cn feel olamide and reminisce who raps wit yoruba, den a yoruba who luvs n undastands music wil feel phyno witout undastandin him. Am so happy for d dude

      • Good music…first of all..All thnks to Dr sid(owner of musik) God bless u…d beat master(Don baba jay..Mr endowed) u hv alwz bn a blessing to ppl,may God continue to use…who no knw u or who leaves u without ur blessings fit stumble(Dbanj)…Surulere is for such ppl…wizbobo..u r d man,ur voice was exceptional n it added flavour but ut lylics wasn’t actually in sync wit d music title(SURULErE) but u killed wit ur fine voice n swag…Phyno….u murdered it mehn….u r too much…Asa m si m yee ya quality time,I si ya na watch gi bu quality rolex watch n so quality timw…..u too much..let other ppl dat knows music no say u dey rap wella for igbo just like olamide…thumbs up 4 ppl wey sabi

  36. @IamDrSID shuda come in afta @wizkidayo before Phyno. @DONJAZZY just all ova d song like he owns it. Nice performance but poorly arranged.
    More like a ‘cover’ than a remix

    • You right… I bet u dey were not in the studio @ d same tym… Cuz after phyno’s rap… The nice backup wizzy did to the chorus was no longer there…

  37. Bone say na celebs sing am..D song dry

  38. Crazy mofos.. Wetin do d song nw

  39. Una no even comment about pesin wey get song sef. Chai

    • Na true o hahahah

  40. Phyno ga-egbu mmadu. See pure murder!!

  41. nice one..

  42. @ll of you try, but wizkid try past.but Don J na baba ooo.

  43. @ll of you try, but wizkid try past.but Don J na baba ooo.

  44. Phyno u killd it mehn!!..nice jam..KUdos!

  45. 9ice song guys big up 2 don baba j nd respect 2 phynooooooo

  46. Wizkid U????? ß?????? baba ?? love U????? die U????? murdered d song, thumbs up don baba, u ß?????? baba, haterz pls leave wizkid alone d boy is just toooooooooo good.

    • Wiz u r mouthed u scarter d muzic love u,ur number fan hazfem

  47. them spoil the song, rubishhhhh, see as wizkid dey sing like learner, the tin nor just rym at all, pls if we see truth make we talk, na phyno nai try small, but all together rubishhhhhhhhhh, remix, its not too late they can take it down as davido take the first skelewu video down…once again rubishhhh…wizkid u be just fool, y spoil somne1 else song..nonesense

    • Guy man abeg mention one song wen dem feature davido wen him kill d song and d song hit , apart 4rm saucekid carolina… No other song… But wizkid… Right from omo to shan, molowo noni, and many oda’s to the like of samba, the matter, sexy mama, pull over, for example remix and many others… Give davido samba beat if him fit murder am like wizkid

    • The song is fucking tight

  48. J’proz wizkid is better dan davido ??????????? aniway so shut U?????? maouf A??????? stop sayin a tin U????? dnt knw about

  49. Guy man U????? ????????????? sabi anitin atol, na ruBishhhh U????? self D???????????????? tlk wizkid as a grt path n dat song U????? hear wetin phyno tlk?? Yeye

  50. Shout †o phyno fino wizzy n don baba jay buh phyno murder dem sure..

  51. All of you comparing davido with wizkid… B4 u start the comparison… Count dia hit tracks… Who get am pass… And collaborations wen dem don do with people… Who murder pass…

  52. All of you comparing davido to wizkid… B4 u start comparison… Count dia hits, who get hits pass… And dia collaborations, who dey murder pass…

  53. d tin is dt phyno is is bak for good

    • Phyno was always around with good musik. Nigga good die.

  54. To. be sincere wizkid F?*?*?k? up in this track. am not an igbo but I feel phyno on this track. the mixing of the track was very poor

  55. wizkid na small young boy as una dey una fit sing song,una get money?let alone fame.Stop hating on starboy.Ishi ha Di ka mango

  56. Wizzy phyno i lov it u guyz juzt murdered evrytin u guyz r too much

  57. Wizzy phyno i lov it u guyz juzt murdered evrytin u guyz r too much

  58. Phyno has shown his crazy talent again! May God keep u all alive!

  59. I’m more popular dan d Vp that’s why I’m always a status on their Dp- Phyno. Nice delivery (D Vp is Sambo incase u still don’t knw him)

  60. PhynnnnO iz the musiC I love wizzy u tried but phyno rock

  61. thumbs up playmaker…..jazzy ma handz re up… Starboy kip it up.

  62. Sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. dr sid is d bomb mehn, na im try pass,its not easy to bring d likes of Donjazzy,Wizkid & Phyno in one track. d song rocks mehn #SIDUCTION

  64. Starboi alwys deliver..9ce 1

  65. Woah… The song is good but not well arranged. Wizkid should have take the chorus… Don jazzy should have only take the intro and the autro…phyno last verse…Doctor sid 2nd verse and wizzy should have killed it with the chorus and the first verse…
    But all the same sha… Big up to u guys… No dey fuck up next time.

    • u no wise,if he takes d chorus n first verse,which one would Dr.sid take,is wizzy d owner of d song????? phyno,wizzy,don jazzy n oga sid,una tryyyyyy…….

  66. Doctor sid – 55%
    Don Jazzy – 85%
    Wizkid – 40%
    Phyno – 45

    It could have been more better and matured with 2face and Olamide on the remix. Think twice b4 u feature any artist in the industry.
    Phyno and Wizkid really don’t know the meaning of Surulere.they should have listen to the original version and know the meaning before they voice on it…

    • U be real idiot… So u dnt know wizkid is 4rm surulere

  67. Abeg mk we talk true if we see am na, wizkid first verse no follow, him for just do backup for the chorus. phyno is phynomenal. still prefer the original

  68. Wizzy is a faded nigga(wack)!! D guy shuld take a dive 4rm d industry!! Phyno always on point!!

  69. phyno fino u too much

  70. Keep the comments coming in guyz,Yall Making my evening.

  71. classic song……but wizkid and phyno were nt d ryt acts for dis was obvious dey struglled wif it…….shout out 2 donjazzy.u still remain 1 of naijas best

  72. Truth be told, ppl just praise wizkid cos dey like him. Tired of his voice, kept repeating same thing in every track, talks more than singing. Wizkid is WACK.

  73. Yet to download it

  74. Wetin caro dey find for d song?wetin mashakilo dey find for surulere wey mean patience….wizbaba think well O …..phyno baba no time to check time.donbaba na u gan b don.dr siduction nice one….

    • Steam go clean ur ears… U know dey hear well… Nor be caro him talk… He said that word in one of his song… TITLE OUTRO (LOVE MUSIC)… And that song came out b4 CARO…

      • No mind dis mumu jare………something dey him ear wen he dey listen to d track…… ppl like dis no dey hear musik well before dem open foolish hating mouths to talk trash…………….Wizkid no talk caro @ all for dis track ……………mumu u dey hail phyno like say u sabi wetin d guy talk for d song

        • You all should just calm down and stop hating they all did well its just the phyno and wizzy re not the right choice for the remix ok.thumbs up Don J

  75. Do u know if caro stays in surulere… LoL

  76. D song ova mke sense bt assuming the bhaddest guy eva liveth(olamide a.k.a bhadoo) was on dis track,i 4 run mad cuz olamide 4 add dah spicy yoruba razz rap swaga 2 d jam bt without im d sng stil carry..on replay oh! §tarboy finz!

  77. They all did well, but don baba killed the song….thumbs up

  78. Phyno phyno phyno phyno phyno d only rapper getting paid witout a dance track I luv u die am hausa bt ur rap is d in thing

  79. 9ice frm dr sid,thumb up for don baba j,wizzy on point,fino murder it…nobody is perfect,wat wizzy cn davido may do it right.abi e beg una wit moni to listen to his song.davido has talent also as wizzy.sou guz shld stop speakin rubbish abt ur star…

  80. My pipo watin una nor knw b say wizkid dey use dis style since n pipo stil dey feel am lyk mad n money dey cum in lyk steady by d way na girls na dey mk e biz blow no b una guyz oo.jst appreciate go tin abeg e no easy to sing n pipo go still buy am

  81. Madt beat’s

  82. The all killed…..I love dy track?

  83. The all killed…..I love dy track?

  84. The all killed…..I love dy track?

  85. HEY dea ve made ma year END WELL haaa*** Suru wizzy dea farmz. Us !!! Abeg oo na JOKE luvly Song doe MAvIN are making it hot oya ghost mode….star boy …..»

  86. To me there was no need for a remix,later now you’ll see girls dancing half naked on the video*not descriminating*am jxt saying the fact!!

  87. thunder fire anybody wey Sai diz song no swit n pple wey say wizkid no kill d vibe….Pesin dey remember him mama na bad tin?…d guy wey kum from surulere ooo…see am as him dey talk surulere slang ….Bigup to phyno

  88. Omo shitta

  89. d song wld hav been beta nd mor of blessin wld hav ben ther if baddolee olamide is ther bt wif dat ph or wateva u cal it.. D song is trash bt we kan tank baddolee wizkid 4d killin

  90. Dr sid u on point,please I will love u to do other remix with reasonable artist in the industry and wizkid can take d chorus wit u too…….Wanna hear 2baba and Olamide voice if u will av to do a new remix

  91. Sure d song was ok but I prefer wizzy bringing a nw dimension of song instead of mama .
    Well its all cool phyno u d bawz.

  92. Listen 2 de sing is nt caro is aro,so stop fightin over dis matter

  93. 9ce song,,,,,,,,@Phynofino u’re d best,,,,ur rhymes dere correspond wif d song,,,,,,,wizkid try though but expected more dan wat he gave,,mayb he wasn’t ready,,,,,,,thumbs up to dr sid nd don baba j,,,,,,,,,,sote phyno even hail am,,,,,,,,dat phyno guy na dope,,,,,,,hes jst too gud

  94. Phyno phy-Nooooooo AKA “A big Nwa” aced it!!

  95. Dr sid u dey sing better song ma kind of song yaaraa

  96. Olamide shuld hv sing phyno verse…..wizkid take d chorus nd B boy on d 1st verse… is a nice song ….Too all of yu fighting over davido nd wizzy SURULERE

  97. Phyno kill d track,,buh wizzy shld ve takin d chorus n don baba to back it up.anyway gud song buh bad arrangeeeeeeeeee.

  98. Nice1

  99. Una sabi hate sha….if wizzy no dey d song e for no complete cos he’s a surulere boy….. Made MAD sense for him to begin d track. He also gave d song his special touch even tho his lyrics wasn’t all that, it was still a good verse. Big ups to Phyno,ur a badass!

  100. All of u dat say phyno shld rap in english shld go nd tel olamide 2 rap in english too….rubbish phyno is great….wizkid Shld grow Up wit his caro stuff,am gettin tired of his caro,baba God bless ma mama etc…nice 1 doc sid nd don j

  101. Wat a smart hit from wizzy baba he kill hit to. All stisfaction….I jaz hate all this rubish all abt d guy is jaz too good he make d connection well..I love wizkid die

  102. phyno nice one.wizzy gud 1

  103. Phyno is the king and shout to don jazzy you voice kills and wizkid ur the best

  104. I wish 9ice was invited to do just a lil part in this remix , it wld av bn BOOM. I still prefer d original to this. Nice job don baba j

  105. Wizkid just dey shout mummy mi mummy mi,wetin concern hin mama with surulere,tcheeeww, big ups to phyno and I love dr sid second verse..nice track

  106. d collabo should av being with wizkid olamide n 9ice
    wizkid shouldaf av taken d chorus
    don jazzy backup as usual
    olamide replace phyno…#phyno no understand d meaning self
    then 9ice should add jara ontop

  107. Dis starboy or watever dey call him is just a wack

  108. All dis yoruba guys are so sentimental, olamide raps in yoruba & ibo guys feel it, why can’t u feel dis guy. He’s gud…phyno phino

  109. wizzy too repeat joor…don baba nice beat joor..

  110. Phyno did kul

  111. they all did well but kudoz to phyno

  112. make phyno and wizkid go sing nah

  113. I appreciate good music……nice hit! I love my wizzy! Fuck u haterz

  114. Jazzy I greet u,thumbs y’all .E no easy

  115. My twin bro Wizz and my home boy phyno####…# nice colabor Dr. Sid

  116. Nice collabo. Dis song is juz too much. God will continue to bless u@ Don baba jazzy

  117. U guys shuld have remov phyno nd replac him wth olamide.I no wat olamide can do, wizkid nd Don jazzy mak dis remix mak brain die.

  118. to ba easy kiyalaya yin wa bo lori mick

  119. Phyno murdered it big tym. Nice one

  120. Phyno, u killed it

  121. Wizzy killed it…. I love singing dat part for ma mum n she luvz it

  122. incase u don’t know, masha kilo is a street in surulere, akerele shitta is also a street in surulere …remember he said ” small London I dey feel am” . I guess he rememberd his history and his mum…. ow he was patient till he got to d for d ‘aro’, its an olden days looking car …… d guy try ….buh he for no shout Da mummy plenty times…… Abeg make Ona free wizkid …. phyno is da bomb. don j is always killing it . sid? he try . dey all dint leave d point ….

  123. Pls dr sid the video of this surulere is totally wrong who give you such a wrong concept despite how lovely the lyrics and music make sense and even phyno rap on the remix is rubish. It should be time when u never arrive and how patiently endure and those u encounter while coming up as an artist. Surulere u no even show surulere at all very wrong.

    • u be mumu surulere does not means the place but patience fool

  124. Anonymous@ 10:24 u b Mumu I swear bcus the tittle of the song is #surulere them most show #surulere abi u no hear d meaning of surulere for dis song mugu

  125. Nnwane phyno you too kill this beat I believe the date of the burial had being set

  126. Beats on point,lyrics na die.murder them all DON with the BIG J.

  127. Das d music of d yr

  128. i wanna say a big shoutout to starboy,phyno,don jazzy and dr sid 4 dis song.u guyz realy tried.,

  129. Shoutout 2 wizy u really try I dea feel u

  130. D music bad dieeeee

  131. The muzik nor bad but wizkid should not have been in the remix, olamide should have been the one not wizkid

    • 4 d guy that said d song no fit wizzy, I think u dnt really know rhythm in music. His voice was d best 4 d music ( the part he sang). Olamide’s voice would’ve bn out of key. So d collaboration was perfectly made.

  132. Phyno u d man

  133. Dunno why pple like to criticise go and sing ur own n let’s see how it is you think it easy to sit down n compose a song ignorants pple chai una no get sense

  134. phyno mehn u ar the bomb…. I respect u so dam much…….. U nailed this music. Thums up bro.

    • Nice piece, nice choice of collabo. They all did well esp phyno, i dnt undstnd most of whuh he says buh he’s always on point! Wizkid did well with his sensational touches buh he’s always childish with lyrics, imagine don jazzy, phyno and dr sid shouting mommy mi mommy mi o…! repeatedly hah! Dats quite pathetic! Notwithstanding that d lyrics shld b hippy and hoppy. I only kw him wif singin about gals gals gals, thats quite monotonous. He should grow up lyrically. He should hav taken d chorus tho. Don baba jay i sight you!

  135. that was awesome…Dr Sid nailed it phyno did his thing so as wizzy great hit just great

  136. that was awesome…Dr Sid nailed it phyno did his thing so as wizzy great hit just great

  137. Best song ever

  138. Dat was a very very chilly remix keep it on

  139. Una don try ooooooooo,I would av luv if all artist in naija fit drop on dis surulere beat and let see who is the no easy ooooo my broda.wizkid luv u die

  140. Nice 1

  141. All thanks go to phyno fine o.

    • I lyk u phyno, n also ur ear.bless u (Amin)

  142. Adewole u dnt no wat u sayin wizkid finished work in dis remix likewise all of dem nic one artises

  143. wizkid na u try pass

  144. If na song,i don bow give surulere.u na too much.

  145. phyno is d best.i dont kw y everybody lyks wizkid so much.wizkid is just chidish.and i have neva hard an upcoming musician sayin dat he wont to b lyk wizkid.i wich u all hard wat phyno rapped

  146. Fadar God abeg bless mummy mi oo..nd stp enemy frm followin me oo..baba Loke lo se yi tan ah hey…BIG JOB 2 WIZZY…DEM ALL KILL IT…I DNT FINK DAVIDO(FROG VOICE) GO DU WEL 4 D SONG O JAWE…

  147. i love the song

  148. I luv dis piece dearly

  149. Mehn phyno na d man
    ona achi achi

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