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Rukus – The List (Naeto C, Vector, Ice Prince & Reminisce Diss)

Posted by @Tobi_tx on September 10, 2013 in AUDIO · 72 Comments


Rukus is here with a response to the Best rappers list that surfaced online a couple of days ago. A lot of rappers feel they should be number one on this list, Rukus didnt make the list but he addresses this issue heads on while referencing some of the hottest rappers in the industry right now.

Listen and tell me what you think!



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  1. Where is the download link? All we have here is a dummy-look unclickable "Download"


  3. Rukus is good but not close enough to Vector to diss

  4. truth be told he's tough but vector shouldn't ve been included!

    • Hi Reuben,
      U said he shouldn’t have included vector, Y? Vector is good yes but he wasn’t born a rapper now and if his book of rap is the bible of rap he claims, some might also claim to have a book of rap stories and if Rukus claim to be the “word ” then the words in his book of rap can be proof read. I guess he his equal to the task.

  5. Why didn't he take shot @ Olamide???

  6. baba …r u tired of living ? why on earth wud u wanna diss vector or Reminisce.. O ti fe ku mehn, okere gan,6ft o jinna, wa wa alrite

    • Sincerely speaking, this guy is tight and please don’t get the game wrong, rap wasn’t originated from 9ja so anybody could step to step to anybody. It’s a game “he is one of the days of reckoning to come” more are still coming.

    • Reminisce cant rap

  7. Shot on Olamide? He will surely regret he's life if he try such…Baddo of destiny.

    • Take the self esteem from a man and he becomes empty, originality comes with self esteem only few rapper has this, I can say of RIP Dagrin, reminisce and this dude in question. He has an internal conviction that his dope and indeed he his. Olamide doesn’t have a style nature and fame can’t just be question.

  8. rukus is dope* 2many babies in d game!!! u niggas better watch out 4 me #MARZ#

  9. rukus tryna feel like kendrick lamar………i feel ur pain bro

  10. I do love what he did,that what they call marketing he's selling out it own product by using beep lyric to create awareness.well done guy you try

  11. Rukus is good! Nice one make we chat 26f66168

  12. Mahn Rukus is dope!! I salute him!! This is hiphop, many are still living on past glory… This dude Rukus, is HIphop… Y'all shuld watchout for him!!

  13. y`all loosing it…dis dude is good…Olamide is dope rep dagrin and phyno is outstanding coz of his language..for real dis dude is fackin good…but nigeria rappers r jokes they r all just trying..sometimes they sound like they r singing and thats what sells in Nigeria…..They never really have real bars its all mix shit

  14. Mode9 is great and very good with lyrics…does he make it? People didnt give a shit because Nigerians want to sweat and dance to something very very rough…some funny language that got no meaning…kurukere, limpopo,okoso,and some odd shit and it sells so we living it

    • U re right man………..!

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  16. now dis is a gud dis track……nice 1 rukus

  17. Mad traq.killa lines.rukus rules!!!

  18. Hey, all u haterz watch wat u say…RUKUS ain't bad but surely not as groundbreaking as VECTOR 'n' M.I. In my estimation, JAGZ has a spot on dat list.

  19. rukus ????? just a clueless envious kid seeking attention, your flows r wack, sounds lik they were written by a 5 year old kid, brõ seriously get a life, rap aint your way, all these dudes uv dissed r way above u, they can never b affected by all da shit u vommiting. really feeling your pain, hurts to be a loser. long live naeto, reminisce, ice, vector. U jst short-lived your soo called 'rap' career.

  20. I swear na death go kill person wey say this guy no flow on this track! The same set of fools who would say Lil Wayne flow pass 2pac

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  22. Its not about how noisy you can get with your rap. Rap is about the lyrical content. Vec, Ice and Naeto are good but beef tracks like this is one of the things Rap/hip-hop is known for. This is the Kendrick Lamar moment we've been waiting for. Ruggedman did it sometime ago and the nigeria rap industry got better for it. Its only haters of good rap music that will say Rukus ain't tight. You're dope man.

  23. Nice diss track

  24. Elliot

  25. But let's say the truth this guy murder all of them, Never heard a nigerian rap this way ever before. He's really better than all of em on the list I mean all of them. Mi is just rhyming like hymn book. This guy is spitting bars

  26. savo

  27. Good to hear i love… it more of this

  28. He did not diss Reminisce.

  29. Rukus….never heard of him…you don't have to be lame trying to make name cos you're aiming for your end by dissing the once that holds the game fool…..go get a job #fool

  30. Omo rappers are vexin ooooh………….

  31. D Rukus Guy just knows hw 2 get attention dats all. If u Really want to get to D top, attack Ur competitors at d top! So ya all hating, just lean back & Think.

  32. Dude, you need to go back to school. Your lyrics so soft like that of the babies when the speak. You need to listen to some Diss tracks made by the guys u dissed, u're not up for it dude

  33. hommie u dope buh u dissin de wrong people bro!! # I feel ur envy tru de track #smh

  34. I thought they said u shud comment on the song and coming here to make a list of top ten rappers. Wise up guyz

  35. Nice diss track,I like this guy (RUKUS) !!! BBM pin:32931E08

  36. no doubt, rukus is good…………..

  37. this nigga just spitting shyt…he shud go sit down and listen to wat diss is not spitting and repeating the list to us mehnnn he shud go and listen to Sinzu dissing Godwon thats wah we call diss…dis pure crap…

  38. Listening to this ur fake rap, u'v lines but if u truely wanna diss pple y don't u make ur own beat. And must u diss other rappers 4 u to b knwn. U'v d talent plz go and sit down and write sometin tangle. And make ur fame n ur impact in d Music industry.

  39. my wrist watch gat no mouth, xo presently ah gat no tym to spit shit….. i dnt rilli blame rukus of a dude, tryna feel(fill) himself, but he aint really difficult 2 full(fool) lyk a crown cork…. ice p is lyk a virgin, d only rapper u cant fuck… rukus cant get on board, he's lyk a bad chalk….. real niggaz making money, highest he can do is just talk… hehe u really need to be in ss3 o, coz wat u just did was moc(mock)

    • tight one dere bro

  40. wait ooo…who be RUKUS again?…u want still dy d list…wasnt kul with the list before but now i fink i am kul wit it…errbody wan dy d list…(Rukus)wts d name of ur single again…hmmmmm…finking…guy go get a life if u re done hanging around superstars…have seen d old man with trybes records…go get smthn doing…a bank job or smthn n stop digging ur own grave like godwon did…

  41. You might or may diss Naeto C, Ice P, Rem. Or anyone else in the Rap game, bt trust me… Vector is the Viper…. Diss him and I bet u go RUNAWAY like STYLE-PLUS when he gets back at u…

  42. You dizz those @ d top?…nicca u're neva gonna get there….dat Godwon nicca keep making a fool of himself..we all know that sinzu'z got more game dan his wack ass..he berra go back 2 LA and sell smoke

  43. Some dudes be takin' dis whole thing personal "Rukus" was right abt d list most rappers in naija are nuthin but sissy rnb star dey can't rap #gbam.

  44. am Rash breezy…rukus try and make a good sample

  45. OKay Some Guys Here are Daft; How tha Fcuk is Reminisce, Naeto and Sinzu's Inclusion in the List Justified… These Niggas are Wack; Ya'll don't know shit bout Hiphop. All U wanna do is Dance; Listen to Nursery Rhymes. Most of ya'll are Shallow Minded that's Why U'll never Understand Real Rap. Its a Disgrace!

  46. i swear!!!!! u need 2 go back 2 ss3 oo Rukus

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  48. Rukus stop hating o ….u can't even boast of a hit track & u are beefing already made artists …..dude u gat skills but u are wasting it ….

  49. the guys who claims sinzu is wack and says he knows hip hop better should go and use his wack ass to buy money long the mix tape and daripoff the mix tape and he will know who sinzu is

    ….u re a fool of the first other to say sinzu is wack

  50. the guys who claims sinzu is wack and says he knows hip hop better should go and use his wack ass to buy money long the mix tape and daripoff the mix tape and he will know who sinzu is
    ….u re a fool of the first other to say sinzu is wack

  51. i think he s kul, buh i fink he s only looking for a way to blow, buh its d wrong way dude. do ur tin n stp beefing, it aint gonna take anywr.

  52. Fill ur energy dats kinda bin missing in d nigerian rap game buh dissing naeto,sauce and reminisce is wrng doz dudes still kip it real buh d rest diss em again..

  53. This dude is dope!!! EOD

  54. I feel you on that one bro!

  55. This is like the best nigerian rap I av heard in a long time.u are the bomb rukus where av u been dz while.

  56. All our songs nowadays are dry lyrically all they do is truth,no passion.u should be able to spit The truth at times too but rukus u still need a party song to get at some shallow minded ppl but worry not u gat me alreadi.peace.

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  58. Rukus was ryt…ds toy soldiers re dere makin jux noise all bcos they came 4rm a rich bakground bt they aint shit,they cnt rap….they wash…mtchww

  59. This Guy I?????s????? fucking G???????D????? mehn… He's trully a dope niggaz shuld free him… #respect †?? da dope rukus

  60. Anybodi way no feel is dude dnt know jack shit about hip hop. Dude is dope as crck!in my estimate,I just listened to the guy that's goin to take over from mode9 when he comes into his prime.

  61. rukus rule n he’da dopest wen it comes to rap, really its no joke he’s truely better than all of dem in the list, same as boogey tha rap racer n jesse jagz,
    its no funny these three dudes re better than all of dem in the list

  62. Dis guy rukus is only using dis freestyle 2 draw the attention of the world……… Who is he 2 dis vector ice prince and co not even up to yung6ix level

  63. I was browsing through the net yesterday nd I saw somthing like RUKUS DISS. Lolz..1 9ja rapper by name murdered RUKUS!!…like seriously. Ya’ll hav to check awt dat jam tagged: InQQ-DissCourse(RukusDiss) @ TINDECK.COM. The InQQ guy’s way badder than RUKUS for me o!

  64. Datz a link to download DissCourse(RukusDiss)

  65. Now, we r @ d end f 2015. Still cnt find Rukus’s song anywier #gogetalife U cnt b as dope as #babahafusa Ibile United

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