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The Future of Hip Hop in Nigeria (Upcoming Rappers You Need to Know)

Posted by @Tobi_tx on October 13, 2013 in AUDIO, News · 119 Comments


The Nigerian music industry is a highly competitive market. Artists are found every single day while others are lost in the forever changing, unpredictable ocean that is the music scene. The rap genre has proven to be more competitive with the progression of the internet and the availability of recording programs, almost anyone is an “artist”. Social Medias like twitter, Facebook and YouTube has given Nigerian artists a platform to rise through the ranks. The Internet has allowed upcoming artists to get notice and literally build a career from the ground up.

Every year, new waves of artists wash up in our Twitter mentions, flood our email inboxes, and strike it lucky on YouTube. I feel it’s my duty to spread the music of artists who I think are entirely too talented not to be noticed. Below I have included some upcoming artists that I think you need to become familiar with and need to be on the lookout for in the near future.bridge

Bridge – This guy is going to change the way the people view the Nigerian rap genre. Bridge has been on the scene for a while now, but the strides he has taken in that time are unparalleled.  When “Insecurity” dropped, we got a taste of the independent “Bridge flow” and since then he has dropped a number of singles with his group L.O.S. (Loud On Sound). Outside of his own discography action has been featured on dozens of singles since coming onto the scene and has worked with various top notch artists in the industry.

Bridge – My Apology



ozzy b

Ozzy B – In the past couple of years, I saw Ozzy B begin pushing solo records that caught my attention. He has a brash and cynical style that is very much in your face without being overbearing. Ozzy B recently released a new project Birth of Santi, I was taken aback when I first gave the mixtape a listen. I was thoroughly impressed with the production and how it perfectly complemented Ozzy B’ style. The 12-track effort serves as an adequate introduction to Ozzy B and gives the listener an idea of the talents he possesses.

Ozzy B – Lovers Riddim ft. Retro Dee




Lord V – Lord V is a promising rapper based in the States, some of this guy’s tunes will have you reminiscing on the good ol’ days, all while feeling like you’re experiencing something completely new.  Lord V’s calm and laid back style is a new take on something we already find fresh. Not a lot of people expected Lord V to have killed his “234” mixtape the way he did, and it earned him the credibility he deserves.

Lord V – Murda ft. Rukus




Ajebutter22 – Ajebutter22 has a way of making the familiar sound original, he is currently prepping for his forthcoming album “Anytime Soon” and has released several impressive offerings from the project. One minute Ajebutter22 may be speeding by with an unorthodox flow, and the next he will be effortlessly gliding through the record. His lyrical deftness is also another aspect of his music that sets him apart. Lastly, his ability to harmonize on his records is what truly distinguishes him from various other upcoming rappers.

Ajebutter 22 – Omo Pastor ft. BOJ



falz (1)

Falz – Falz has a different style abound in his music, they are mostly metaphor-driven rhymes filled with humor, and emotional depth. Falz has effectively placed himself on the path to greatness, he raps like he’s fighting a cold, but once your ear adjusts to his voice you’re in for a hella ride. Falz certainly won’t go unnoticed for too long.

Falz – Waz Up Guy




Poe – If you’ve been taking your vitamins, eating your vegetables, and reading this site daily like mama said, then you’re already familiar with Poe. He has an unbending passion for hip-hop that shines in his music, he has a real talent for tunes that make you want to rip the top of your ride, hit the highway, and crank the system to the max.

Poe – Chopstix




Yungkwtf – Yung has a flow all to his own and finally has quit the following. While he’s been on the scene for a few years now, it’s safe to say that Yung is just finally getting the recognition he deserves. His laid back flow makes understanding his lyrical aptitude that much more easily. Yung raps about what you may expect from a young upcoming rapper but does it in a way that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Yung – Farabale




SplashJosh – Splash has been bubbling under the radar for most of his career. Despite dropping a pretty impressive mixtape, Schoolboys (The First Chapter) late last year, he didn’t get the attention he deserved. Splash isn’t in a hurry to compromise his sound for a shot at fame but he’s definitely proud of his work. And for good reason; Schoolboys is enjoyable from cover to cover and he’s going to be a headache if given the opportunity.

SplashJosh – Bitter Truth




Tobay – T-Obay is an entertainer but you never get the point that he’s simply trying to entertain. His rap style invites you to escape your immediate reality; forget that light bill, come dance to this. He gained notoriety with his single “Bad Sharp Guy” and from there he released various singles and has penned verses for several artists. Tobay has an impressive delivery behind his lines with crisp flows, pretty dope!

Tobay – Bad Sharp Guy




BOS – There’s something new brewing in the rap genre. No one fully understands it yet, but the consensus is that the industry is teetering on the brink of resurgence. There’s a new crop of emcees making a concerted effort to regain the hip-hop hegemony in the Nigerian music industry. Whatever it is, whenever it boils over, BOS will be somewhere serving it forward. This guy personifies the essence of the new school rap, equal parts old school charm and contemporary flavor. Just plain good music you can bob your head to.

BOS – Hello




Teezee : Teezee is one of the three members of the Drb group and most people think he is the best rapper in the group. Teezee has good delivery and good flow and he has a couple of dope individual projects. You should definitely check on them.

Teezee – High Roller

AT : At is a young female rapper who has a lot to offer… Apart from Eva At is one female rapper that i think can stand and murder some male rappers… from flow to bars to delivery everything on point…. she is surly going places….

AT – Murda




Eejay Ywang : Zero Music artiste Harold Ejakpomewhe popular know as Eejay Ywang is a Nigerian rapper based in Canada and started rapping in 2009 and he has been growing since then… I have listened to a couple of songs from Eejay and i can tell you he has grown better from 2009 till this time… Eejay has a couple of track out now 24 count and have you seen her and his debut Video for 24 count is set to drop soon

EJ Yung – 24 Count

Tc Peruzzi : Tc Peruzzi real name Tobechukwu Okoh is a Nigerian rapper based in Ukraine… I have listened to a couple of songs from Tc and the one that captured me more was Awon Eleyi. Tc is not afraid to play with words. His delivery on every song is brilliant and I’m sure with a little more handwork Everyone will be involved with Tc’s music
Tc Peruzzi – Awon Eleyi ft. Tobay




Boogey : Boogey is a name everyone should know by now, he has been killing everyone with different hit songs. Some people refer to him as the new face of  hip hop in Nigeria. His verse on Mi’s last mixtape was fantastic and he has also dropped some pretty good singles too.

Boogey – Damage Control

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  1. This list is trash

  2. Poe,Falz,Boogey,SplashJosh,LordV n AT.r the future of rap/hiphop.the others r hippop

  3. TX 4 nt including POSLY TD in dis list is @ ur own risk o coz 4 me dt guy iz Doper dan Coke…..Mayb u've nt heard abt him coz u guyz av nt posted any of hez song here,dt dude deserves 2 be here

  4. stupid list be dis! U jst went to get ur fwends names and added! Where are the likes of Erigga. Posly TD into rap misic o, bt I avnt heard of dis guys xcept few….

  5. Only Boogey/splashjosh/poe/ozzy b/ are real. The rest is jez hype jhor and wia the fuck is ACEPaul Giggs? Dat niqqa gon sweep u off yo feet with lines posing broom #REspect

  6. Guess you guys have really not heard about Isick abuja artist dopeir than a dope. Any way this is just a blog like every other blog you guys no nothing about hip hop rap… Just a blogsite for downloading normal nigeria songs…please google isick and download is ward 1 mixtape and let's see who you will compare him to…he is hip hop forget the hype and dowload his mixtape you will know what am talking about.

  7. This list aint complete without the names of ACEPaul Giggs/High M/Peter Clarke in it. Plz stop collecting maney frm ppl jez to give 'em hype shoye TX

    • bless you

  8. Now I see dat u guyz don't know wah HIP HOP is #smh Jez be blogging o and stop posting thrash. The yung boi ACEPaul Giggs to me and his other fans is keeping it REAL n ALIVE yall wee soon find out

  9. good one. but why is slay not on this list

  10. Only boogey/poe/AT 4 me are gud on the list.. Where do u put splash,poslyTD, d'truce,rukus.. Even ajebutter22 made d list..?? Smh

  11. This is a very good compilation tooxclusive. Public opinion matters too you know and I'd have loved to see peter clarke, 911, posly TD on this list. Infact 911's tune was the best rap song I've hrd so far this year, I mean he's a cocaine and posly TD is good too. I don't know the yardstick for selecting rappers on this list but I believe you understand better.

  12. Hmm true and I really dunno why posly TD and 911 songs aren't here already. I love diary by 911 and notorious by posly. #just an opinion

  13. Hmm

  14. Rubbish! Wat abt L-marshall

  15. CHIKA

  16. My nigga SeedLoius is nt on the list…nt even Knowledge the tombo crooner

  17. Rubbish wat bout YC!!!!! d dopest yung rapper. nd also som more lyk YUNG L & ENDIA

  18. Rukus is the next king, so i feel he's alredy too big for this list, same wit boogey! One emcee i tot i'll see here was Tko – the nokia rap champ, that dude is rap personified….. #anticipate

  19. No bad feelings doh bt the only rapper worth a place in hip pop's future in Nigeria is solely boogey

  20. This list is lame/whoever compiled this should know the name/repin the game/giving it fame/clothing fake mc's in shame/that dude is posly td and removing his name from d list can only be compared to tying a rope round ones neck and still expecting to breath.word of advice,whatever is worth doing should be done right!!

  21. Think blackmagic shd be dere too.

  22. Where is X-buster n u2g…x-busta made waves on star treck nation wide

    Lmg nko…erriga…

    Let's compile our own list..23210638

    Add to talk music

  23. where is kheengz da YFK mehn list nt complete.ttcheeeew

  24. I Don't Believe The Hype !!!!! Where Is Trapstar Smash, D'truce & Emeka When You Need 'Em ?!

  25. The future is BLEAK

  26. Dis list is incomplete wtout d Yoruba eMCes lyk of Dklone, Base One, Sauce Prince & lot of dem out thre………….

  27. You people are mad! Where's MCSkill ThaPreacha? Massive work he has put in this last two years with four mixtapes. And the last three was outstanding. That's why I saw his stuff on United states blogs with good reviews. he is probably too big for this list .obviously. or he didn't pay you people enough money? Crazy stff here. Pfft!

  28. una forget ODIZY LIZZLE

  29. Una dey sike o were peterclarke yung l endia…omg dis is d mst stypid list of all tym ow can ajebutter 22 make d list criously…n u sed upcomin naija rappers…mst of dis pple aren't gonna nigerian stars…jez foreign based spoilt rich kids hustlin 2 force us 2 hia dem I min ryt hia in nigeria I cud give all of dem endia yung l and peter clarke n dey'll b lost damn add plus n6 sef…azin dis list is 2 messd up 2xclusve una fall hand…cnt u guys c all d comments…no 1s hapi wit dis no gud rap listener wud…I jez undersdtn 4rm dis list dat its moni dat gave dem d list

  30. My phone number

  31. Welcome to all upcoming

  32. well boogey is very good but AQ is nat here why I only choose Boogey n Poe

  33. This is pure trash, only boogey cuts it. Infact listing boogey wit dis others is insultin on its own

  34. Ajebutter22 is d only reasonable person on dis wacked list

  35. This list is perfectly ook bt incomplete without some of this upcoming artist Feelz, Spleet, B tone, Beecee, Y-E, Sunless slim, leetleboss. Seriously you guys need to listen to this Upcoming artist from LOK TOWN.

  36. hahahah,anal_hair suckers,una no wan sabi anyfin pass music,if una no blow now,rituals/shits begins,get a life…….nowadays,we don't knw who fakers/real talents are,God bless d real ones

  37. @posly Td,i recommend u go sleep in ur mum's folded arms n feed ursef,cuz u just fine ,u no get sense……..n to all other wankers,more lubricants are out,go get a life b4 u shaft off ur potentials,am sure if carpentry pays,many will also claim,its a nat

  38. the list makes me laff buh 4 d likes of Ajebutter 22 and TeeZee am happy buh Knowledge is suppose to be there Tombo music crooner FCUK!!!

  39. Hmmmmmm good but not enough when de talkin machine is not on your list. Where did you guys keep Erigga king of de south eh. Eat shit and die menh.

  40. Were is Erigga. ND Yung6IX Eh????????

  41. Whre is Gunzz??..No seriously whre is Gunzz's name on dis list??

  42. we are still coming ahead ahead so b4 of wht u said it meant put u in a big mess fuck off waftown on point

  43. Were is d life of endia. Erriga u guy are after f money

  44. please quit promoting your friends and promote "good music" alone like you guys claim! this guys you mentioned are rapping on love songs with just 30-32 bars yet you crown them as the future Hip hop rappers! I'm ashamed mane,quit promoting

  45. please quit promoting your friends and promote "good music" only like you guys claim! these guys you mentioned are rapping on love songs with just 30-32 bars yet you crown them as the future Hip hop rappers! I'm ashamed mane. quit promoting your friends alone just to keep the friendship,promote "good music" in general.

  46. There is no rapper in this country that can rap. That's why we can't impress america with our rap. Americans only come to make tracks with our popular stars becos they hear that we have a 170million pop and a wide audience that listens to us because of DSTV channel's wide spread. They use us to keep themselves relevant round the world. Iceprince and MI and Olamide are just joking. A real rapper is out there..a saviour of nigerian rap. Maybe he can't afford the money to push himself out yet.. But he will arrive and be labelled as "one in a million" just like fela.

  47. LoLs…see online fight..

  48. hmmm! wat abt BRAINIAC,omo nah waa ooh

  49. This list is the most fucked up list I have ever seen in my life,d guys in dis list can't even rap to save their lives,too-xclusive yall shld quit promoting mediocrity,Nigerians are not stupid we growing with d industry,we knw d tite,average and wack ones,a writer should carry out more critical and analytical research before putting shit out jeez

  50. Lool when yall hip hop heads r done ehn, dm me @official_mallz for that hit chorus yahh bye 🙂

  51. Dtruce,PoslyTD,Gunzz,Erigga,Echelon,McSkillz,Nab and so many sick upcoming rappers out there that u guyz won't give the attention they deserve,these guyz will murder half of those rappers on d list.The list is nonsense pls

  52. Imagine the crap they put out. Aje-butter future of naija hip-hop? Tc-peruzzi? Are u kiddin me? Smh!

  53. Na lie! due to the fact that labzy lawal.

  54. Na lie! I aint gonna take this due to the fact that labzy lawal is not shotlisted.

  55. For God's sake,where are tha lykz of yunngkheengz..Endia,snowflakes…who compiled ds Goddamn list…google yungkheengz peepz n check out if u could compare any1 apart frm VECTOR n Jude Abaga with him!!!YFK

  56. Where is T-Twyne ? Dude never stops dropping dope tunes.. Google him

  57. y'all promoters should drag your ass down to kaduna…I promise u go run….just boogey deserves a spot on dat wack list……no vex_but R.A.P end for kd 4 now.

  58. It ok but too poor 4rm tooxclusive…..are dey d only 1 der should b more cos I knw dat der are more dat should b on dat list!!!all am trying to say is dat u guys should post in d rite guys

  59. ya'll shud chill, not every one on d list is bad but in truth dis list indentified THE BEST upcumin MC nd possibly d best in nigeria after Mode nd dat BOOGEY, dn't take my word jst go listen for urselves nd see wat i mean. d rest are jst average bt poe is gud sha but boogey? jst check him out he's deep nd damn intelligent i swr, dis damage control is no where near his best tracks

  60. dis list is wack.. no brown $HUGA

  61. Wie do you place d rap monster nd beat murderer SAMBO JAGA

  62. Wie do you place d rap monster nd beat murderer SAMBO JAGA and XPLOSIVE

  63. guy una sabi rap music were are the lyks of timix, erigga,postly d,carter tesh,

  64. Pls why is Mode 9 not on the list and where is Sina Rambo and Vic-O and pls where's Tonto Dikeh learnt she's a Rapper

  65. Wait oo! Where is Erigga/YUNG6IX/PHENOM/Splash (onye iJe)/YAYLOW/PLUGNPLAY/LIU/BLAQGUNZ T e.t.C I totally disagree with the list

  66. Where's erigga

  67. After thorough research, I ask Is Tc Perruzi doing Hip-Hop? Please I need an answer cos thats an insult to hip hop. Big one! You dumb people!! Putting up your friends names.pfftt!!

  68. Where is Profingaz ,Moseric, psycho bars, xbusta?? Dis list is A list wack!!!

  69. very funny comments lyk where is yung 6ix? too funny! u for ask where MI dey?







    well im ok with the list but i think u guys forgot rukus!

  70. endia will murder allll….ajebutter made d list lool fuck that shiiiitttt!!!!!!!!

  71. Posly td,yung l nd endia shld b on dat list

  72. J

  73. Butt


  75. Stanley

  76. Where is Blaqbonez???

  77. Oluwavictor

  78. Cheezy

  79. Lovers Riddim by Ozzy B ft. Retro Dee and produced by Mr. A,B & C #smh .. How did you guys comes up deez names, abi na igbo wen una dey smoke dey worry una sha… And you guys call this a list? Wack MC, drops a Wack Song, with wack lyrics? Call Me Wack Mudafuckaz: 08139404138 And let Me School you!

  80. pcartel

  81. I'm cool wiv the list buh I tink u geez 4got ma homebwai pcartel

  82. #Doperapper p.cartel

  83. Whr d fuck z rukus, yung l,syko n AcePaul giggs!!!! Mehn go n research Vwell b4 compiling rubish list……money @work here. Ajebutter22??¿ Whrz splash? Cynthia morgan n d list z endless

  84. weres polsy td in dis list ..wacklist

  85. Bridge and Yung of L.O.S are far from this list. They are already in the future.

  86. This list is not complete without M-FLOW jus google his name and check out his latest song …MIMO come tank me latter!!
    Mehn if u love dagrin M-flow will keep his memory to live on!


  88. This list aint complete…. What of Mak-iller…….. itsMak

  89. Siyusi is a rapper that always drops it like its hot. Siyusi da squeeze. He’s a rapper with a difference.

    • @ dat guy. It is Syusi OMG. Not siyusi but Syusi OMG dahh squeeze. Check out your spelling bro!

  90. Some pple r just dumb. Do u think d list is 4 ur favourite rapper? Where is this 1 or that 1? Some even mentioning Erriga n yung 6ix. Na una type go tok say Ice Prince n Olamide r d best rappers in Naija… buh sha… Rap industry really needs a facelift in Naija. Tired of hearing all dese aboki n durosoke nonsense… not saying d songs ain’t gud dey shouldn’t come from “critically acclaimed ” rappers. Boogey u heading 4 d top mehn

  91. Where is splash….

  92. I think tooxclusive have the best list so far

  93. The list is complete. Those that re not listed should work hard.

  94. Wait until when BEMSHIMA CATCH them, them go hear am!!!!

  95. Una mama dey krase .. Where my guy skales ?????? Konidafun gbo gbo yin

  96. Rap lives on. If u ain’t heard of Syusi OMG, You guys should check out Syusi OMG. Rapper-singer all the way from the Ghetto hood. Syusi OMG. Anyhow you want it. God is good.

  97. Could someone Pls gimme a link to download syusi omg’s videos

  98. Some people 5nd it very hard to understand English, dey said d future of hip-hop and y’all are talking about erigga name not been in d list…..for Christ sake Erigga is already into limelight

  99. Speechless!

  100. Yeah is me smartzy calabar raper, that is ready to replace as 2pac:08094976617. Rap is cousin, and rap scort me to bad, and music weak me up

  101. Una 4got under roofs rapper. Like murphy TJ & OLU copper

  102. love u all

  103. love u all

  104. move on gees one day u guys will world wide

  105. need a label to sign me, devilish yoruba rapper…. no blood no klock

  106. need a label to sign me, devilish yoruba rapper…. no blood no klock…. 09035574047

  107. why… Joseph Gold ~J.GOLD~ ix nt there

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