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VIDEO PREMIERE: WizKid – Jaiye Jaiye ft. Femi Kuti

Posted by @Tobi_tx on October 26, 2013 in AUDIO, VIDEOS · 146 Comments

Here’s the official video to Wizkid‘s single Jaiye Jaiye. This song was one of the top songs this summer and the video is top notch.

Directed by Sesan.



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  1. Can't download

  2. star boi ti nz

  3. 1st to download

  4. Yaga hannnn…..wher dem

    dy@the haters

  5. Nice1 @ starboy

  6. nice video..@wizkid kip up ya qood work..yaqa…buh I remain loyal to davido he's stil da best

  7. Wow wizkid fuckin kill d jaiye jaiye video Abge heater my advice for u is to go and die on top my matter

  8. Mad joint crazy video..#yaga

  9. wizkid always kill every songs no lele fo haters dem go fall like wall of jericho

  10. I can't download,but me Likey Likey d Vid

  11. Nice one nice one

  12. Nice one wizzy boy….Good tryer….Davido is d best as u said @david….y d bush wizzy…u really fucked up…y u go dey drive urself…

    • Good video wizzy

  13. Dope video, thumbs up wizzy

  14. Jaiye…..jaiye video on point……BIG UPS SESAN……….

  15. I love u man

  16. wack video…why d bush?

  17. i was expecting more

  18. Make sense die. U finish work

  19. Frosh

  20. Agorfure

  21. xy-zee

  22. wizkid u be frosh jhoor…dem be smellous

  23. Remi

  24. Nic one wizzy, mi love u dieeeeeeee

  25. Poor video begining why the bush?

  26. wizzy u b d man u 2 much

  27. Damsel

  28. nice one swt!!!! God dey ur side jawe….kudos

  29. #Awa frosh….yaga….

  30. wizzy ur d best of d rest

  31. nice one boi…sesan u really try.

  32. jaiye jaiye vid. Frosh!!! Wizman you killed it

  33. You are better than dem by far.

  34. Cool video, love it!!d guy is Good.

  35. abi oloriburuku ni awon haters……..#starboI yaaaaga.wizzy baby loke loke

  36. Jaiye jaiye on point

  37. Smellos!!! Rubish

  38. wizzy baby loke loke sho duwa loke loke omo jaiye jaiye ?òó? ????°? YES

  39. Wizzy babe loke!! Loke!!! Omo na GOD dey am ……

  40. nice 1 star boi

    • The paragon of untdrsdaneing these issues is right here!

  41. that's wuh dy call "video" wizzy beby loke loke!!!

  42. Yaga dope video

  43. boss wizzy sail on

  44. nice 1 bro keep it up @wizzy

  45. Quack video

  46. dope video……..nice concept man.if u dey beed go hug transformer.

  47. Am sure say dat stupid david wey dey comment na #Davido# #Ode#. Wizzy jare loke loke

  48. nice. i love wiz

  49. truely wiz is blessed…i pray oluwa will lift me too

  50. Wizkid nice video bt to mee I was expectn more bt sha 50/100

  51. my man!!! u re always on point…kudos emini wizzy

  52. This video is interesting

  53. I didnt expect a video 4 diz song bt d video I jx watch nw ix d bomb its 100 times beta dan skelewu nd d bush dance was grt.fela stufz. frosh

  54. Awa frosh,Sesan frosh wizzy frosh….fuck skelewu seasonal video #Staiboy lets get it!

  55. See letz be sincere yu dy talk of jaiye jaiye…. Shey nah inside bush yur mate dy jaiye? See I'm A???? fan bt I noo dy 2 impressed wit diz video….. It painz mee ???? say diz bt d both skelewu video ar wey beta dan diz…… Take it or leave it…… I xpect more wizkid….. Yu can do better….. Shoot anoda video….. Lolz

  56. Nice video starboi wizzyyy 100%

  57. sesan is messin up lately what's dis,jaiye jaiye 4 inside bush with ewin lack concept n borin

  58. Ah jst hp dat bragger dat cals h?mself DAVIDO ?s watch?n d?s VIDEO. SESAN has f?nally shwd us wat h?s made off. Ka? d?s VEED na 1st class mater?al jare. @WEEZ thumbs up.

  59. Skelewu d?s skelewu dat…na confuez p?pu knw no wet?n dem want. See he shld beta calm dwn n learn frm dos dat ah already der b4 h?m. W?zk?d ws der b4 h?m n dats y u see dat evr? of h?s t?ns ah on po?nt. OBO meet W?zk?d mak e tel u aw dem dey run dey t?n 4 d ?ndustry. D?s d k?nd of VEED we refered 2 as perfectly perfect. @wIzK?D twale u 2much

  60. Cool viddy,I like d fact that you hyped the great philosopher and music icon Fela anikulapo kuti.

  61. is this wan another leak…lol… disi is trash…

  62. @anonymous wat are u saying??? its a Naija song what were u expecting??? please just shut d fuck up ASShole!!

  63. frosh baba dem be smellous I feel you @yaga aka starboi. anytin wey dem like make dem talk make dem self go sing I love ya wizzy kind of shitta

  64. king of shitta yaga na u be messi gbo gbo world best music industry dem go dey try ni keep it up

  65. Uncle Femi was de bomb

    He took diz track 2 de apex

    I Love U

  66. Carry go statboi thumsup

  67. to haters go hug transformer,wizkid frosh,u can't compare him with davido#shoe get size,much love wizzy

  68. Cassy~Gold

  69. Deedea!

  70. nice video wizzy……jaiye jaiye video was simple and classy….nice one wizzy

  71. smelloz video… Sesan Ori E tiku. why d bush?

  72. Miz konvic

  73. dis video is good, but why do fools have to start complaining about the bush? d concept he used is good enoughj for the bush!

  74. must u morons always compare wizkid to davido.both of dem are good.but evribdy knws wizkid is better.thumbs up wizzy babby.

  75. Wizkid nice video,buh go back 2 ur family pls,ur son is handsome,same with ur baby mama,stop following DAT albino girl DAT ur call gf cause d relationship wunt last go and meet ur baby mama,she's all u got,ur son without DNA he looks like u a lot.advise

    • u’re dope nonsense

  76. Nice 1 bro awa ni frosh awon ni smellows

  77. madt video wizzy….you too much,kip it burning

  78. All the people complaining about the bush are so daft and stupid + all d people comparing davido to wizkid are all assholes, everybody knows that Wizkid is the best

  79. u guys are high . wat hv skelewu gat 2 do wit dis. confused hater

  80. Dope video….. nice concept, thumbs up 4 Sesan…….. Nd 4 d haters why u no help davido wit his skelewu video nd lemme tell u anoda skelewu video is cumin out soon …… Watch out

  81. Luv u men u just d best wizzy baby noni

  82. Davido pls take an example from here ok…

  83. I luv D?????i?????$ lol,wizzy baby U?????'re d bum

  84. 9ce video buf d display of dope in dis kind of video spoil every tin buf it's a 9ce 1 kip it up…'s kind of a show off vid but it's fine en d video quality is fantastic….

  85. This video will be on top for now,love d stage performance

  86. Fresh video starboi thing

  87. Guy u be big boy, no worry.

  88. starboi team,haters go die

  89. Jaiye jaiye

  90. This video is shii..why d bush??

  91. jmjtida

  92. David kelvin

  93. Anyone who says this video isn't DOPE needs to find out what's mentally wrong with him/her… Awa Frosh..

  94. Walahi…jesus self dey here wetin 1 wan talk…slelewu d movie better pass this..mwhat is the aye he dey chop in diz vidoe naw..I swear SESAN you are finished oooooooo…..I can now see waht davido saw with you

  95. Total rubbish….na inside bush inh mate dey jaye abi???? Nice car there

  96. This is totol rubbish….what rubbish is this…I'm sure wizkid didn't watch this video before letting it out on air…skelewu the movie better pass diz nonscence both sesan and wizkid dey do…sesan go back to mohits abeg..tell them to come back together once again!! You are out of the directors for the year!!!! Total flooop

  97. I love that video

  98. walie…dis video is super dope….wizzy s d best jawe

  99. The video is darm krazy….wizzy definitely have outdone himself..all des haters be hating..u guys lack taste n klass

  100. "Copy Cat" syndrome…..Sesan should employ a creative person on his team. Fine Picture, Rubbish concept. Look alike with May D's video….Infact, the same location.

  101. You all comment like a fool,,,,,why d bush….shey hin go dey explainwhy dem use bush for the video niii….u don't knw so shut up fool and let's enjoy jaiye jaiye…..

  102. Wizzy baby okeloke

  103. Pursha

  104. Holy Malam

  105. any1 wu says dis video is good is definitely d dustbin for bad videos. its absolute trash.

  106. Olu Nelson


  108. wizzy is an absolute killer God bless starboy

  109. Wizzy baby lowke lowke ue kill dis so

  110. same costume with dbanj finally …….why d black cover illuminati

  111. Mistaphemo

  112. So lovely music i haven see the vedio yet but am falling in love o.

  113. U really impress me wizy dat is nice video keep it up……. I luv u so much

  114. can’t download why ??

  115. 9ice video bad pass tony montana

  116. K.babs

  117. Wizzy d master,u bad pass their father,d video is dope,come on which ewu dem dey scale,wizkid u finish dis video,must wizkid do d video for inside hotel or club,pls wizzy ur d best ooo,I fit die ontop ur matter,nice one sesan,always killing,moe musa do skelewu e no good,clarence don do him own na lmfao e copy,oyinbo fit dance skelewu,wizkid u went totally traditional with just like our father fela,strictly nigerian,davido big head dey form oyinbo for there,anonymous God punish ur father,wizkid twale,owo mi wa loke loke

  118. Oguntoye.oluwatoyin

  119. I don’t like u people criticizing one for another, that’s not fair….if wizkid is ur best artist that doesn’t say u should be criticizing other artiste, they are all singing what they know 2 sing best…sing ur own and let see though wizkid is also ma best artist but that doesn’t say I should be abusing davido 4 wizkid, is time 2 stop it cos is chidish stuff, they are all doing good.

  120. Cast- on point
    Setting- on point
    Wizzy- on point
    Femi- on point
    Sesan- on point
    Lyrics- on point
    Fela- on point
    Everything- on point
    Wa gbayi omode yi!!!

  121. Sydney

  122. U can do better dan dis video na. It should av bin shot in a more civilized region dan dt forest

  123. nice one wizzy, you are the baddest guy ever liveth nice video

  124. Dharmmie

  125. wizzy baby loke loke this video is dope no dullin we be frosh we nor be smellos wizy yaga u killed the video u are bless always love u and i will be there for u ,ur number one fan .u allways make us proud especially me big up to u bro starboy tinz.

  126. Wizzy no be lie


  128. Wiz go on we dey ur back expecting more good things from u my wizkid ONE LOVE

  129. why the bush bush bcos ntin good never come from the bush u guys complain about d bush but y not complain about the black garment. Finally d video is 2 part entering into a convenant then becoming famous. Huuum i’m sorry my wizkid you should be call dull kid cos u don’t use common sense at all singing nonsense since you start your career

  130. Wizzy na u joor d vídeo is on point jaiye jaiye is supposed 2 b a local setting peeps….haters kill urself If u lyk or beta still go Hug transformer hahahahahhha…Lol….

  131. two words for u kid….you sucks…..thumbs down.

  132. wat d hell bring haters 2 dis place….weda u accpt it or not wizzy is doin good n also davido it dsnt mean dat u shud critze anoda artist bcox he isnt ur no.1 ofcox evry1 has lovers n haters so mind u u’re to giv comment on only jaiye jaiye bt neva on davido’s skelewu….wizzy on point

  133. I dont even no d reason y i love wizkid, wiskid ni joooor, dont mind all d peaple dat complain about d bush jawe, for me ooo i love it

  134. Me nd my friends we dont like eny oder artist except wizkid, we wil love u die ni

  135. WiZkid u ar to much, 08136641562

  136. Dont mind does peaple dat complain about d bush jawe, it riili nice, i love d video nd i like d music .

  137. wizkid u re indeed a star kip it up

  138. Skelewu-rubbish song and senseless video. Jaiye jaiye-dopest song and perfect video. Davido-no talent, Wizkid-most talented 10/10

  139. Wen u move to d right dem go talk, u move to d left dem go talk abeg make dem leave cos u pass dem………. No 1 fan for life. Luv u wizzy baby nd ur songs

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