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Exclusive Interview With Yung6ix

Please tell us a little about yourself and your background?

My name is yung6ix , real names, Onome Onokohwomo. I am from Warri  Delta State , Waff-city or wafftown as we call it. Am a student and  an artist. I was raised  in the south, and spent most of my childhood in Warri, growing up wasnt easy, being the eldest son of my mum i had so many responsibilities, i learnt almost everything i know TODAY, the hard way.My childhood is pretty much the frame for the picture you see right now which defines Yung6ix. I am probably gonna need a book or  a movie to  emphasize on  this particular question lol.

Please tell our readers the meaning of Yung6ix and how the name came into existence ?

Yung6ix, well the name came to live while i was in highschool, F.G.C warri, being a young chap and a juvenile,  music was an addiction, rap music to be precise. Back then we hardly listened to our local music, we only had a few musical icons from africa. So i listened to alot of foreign music and would rap everything i heard em say, at a certain point in time i knew everyline to “Get rich or Die trying” lp by 50cent who was my favourite rapper at that particular time, i mimed his songs in school and at parties to an extent which had everybody  calling me 50. Back then peeps didnt know i could do my own kinda thing so it was like a nickname which everybody started calling me.

On this weekend at school a friend who was stranded in school was in need of tp(transport fair) lol, to go home , luckily for him i could help out and he was so greatful, in terms of expressing himself he told me this favour i did for him adds ten to my name and he just called me sixty, funny enough from that day on, everybody started calling me 60 (SIXTY), i wasnt really crazy about nicknames so i just played along with it and answered whenever i was called that,cux then it was cool to have a nickname, i was jst like 13 then .

Then 60 was spelt Sixty and it wasnt really creative in terms of defining me knowing how the name came about , but then lots of people knew me as sixty so i switched up on em and made the name unique hereby by replacing the letter S with figure 6 in the word sixty which then made it 6ixty, that was special to me cux no one as at that time had that kinda concept in mind , that  it could be changed and still pronounced sameway. By the time i was getting proffesional with my music in college i had to go superstar on myself, hereby bringing the music to myself, so i look in the mirror and i wasnt seeing just 6ixty, i was seeing this yung dude with so much dertermination and dreams, so i put the guy in the mirror and the guy looking at the mirror together . Then i just said am Yung6ix.

Who or What inspired you to going into rap and when did you realize you could rap?


Music has been a part of me since i was young, and i mean young, like  5yrs old young, before i got into rapping i was a very good dancer , so i always had activities around music , as at  when i was 5-7 i was like the best dancer in every party i went to, so i kept doing that till i realised music wasnt just about the sounds , there was actually a message in every single one of the songs i listened to, when i realised that, it was a whole new  world for me , then i joined the teenage choir in my church, i was  the youngest guy in the choir then, also joined the boys brigade band in my primary school, and i played the drums then.

The drums actually inspired  the rapping. While playing in school i was a junior so i wasnt the first choice drummer in my school and i wasnt playing the particular drum i was interested in playing because i wasn’t good at it, so every-time i got home, i practice with  empty milo and milk can, which was so much fun lol 🙂 , while i was doing that  the fun was wearing out  after a couple of months so i decide to sing along while drumming.As at that time, hip-hop was like the deal, we had , mase, naughty by nature, coolio , 2pac ,b.i.g  and lots of them,so i was basically interested  in playing what i heard in those songs while drumming. So i pick a song, play the base line and learn the words , so while i  practiced i rapped. That went on till i decided to write my own stuff and play my own stuff. Since then, i was rapping, but didnt make a full song till after i got addicted to the “Get Rich Or Die Trying” lp by 50cent .

Was Oleku Remix your first Single?

lol  so not, before that i had recorded over 150-200 songs, mostly songs i was featured on.

Yung6ix — Oleku (Warri Remix) [audio:|titles=Yung6ix — Oleku (Warri Remix)]

Talking About Oleku Remix, why did you decide to go on that particular beat?

Ok , well am a big fan of  Iceprince, probably his biggest fan, one of my favorite songs on M.i’s first album was Blaze, featuring IcePrince, Jesse Jags and  Blaise , i loved his rap , since then i would listen to anything that had Ice prince on it. The day Oleku dropped i was online, checking to see if they put my song up on the site, cux i sent them a couple of songs so i was checking up on them, so i played this song and immediately i knew it was a hit, and it was hip-hop so it wasnt too long before i got addictted to it, then i wanted to know the meaning of what Brymo was saying, soon as i found  out. I wanted to suggest a remix with Ice prince and myself on the track. But i never got the chance to, so days went by and i was always checking to see if they put up my song, then i saw another Oleku by Vector  , also loved that version, then i heard Sarkodie, i was like ok thats enough.

I got back from school, cux i wasnt feeling too well, and i had not recorded a song in like a month or 2 , i was so uncomfortable with myself, like i said  on my remake (Oleku)i missed the mic so much, so i hollad at fizzy a couple of times, but we couldnt make the session happen. Then i got the beat and funny enough it wasnt my first choice on what to record as at that time, but what happened was i woke up late and couldnt make it to school, so my mum was all up my biZ(scoding) and i wanted to leave the house, then i texted P.Fizzy and he said he was on the way to the studio. So i hit the studio like 20 minutes later and i just told him i got the beat and we played it a couple of times then we put the hook together, he added a few things to the beat,and i did like 5takes on the freestyle and  we got all we  needed for the song.So recording on that beat was based on my addiction to the original  Song by Ice prince and the situation i was caught up in on the particular day i recorded the song.

Whoever Said progress was a slow process wasn’t talking about you..You Practically brought the heat to the industry in a few months .Please tell us did you think the success was going to come that fast ?

Personally i dont think success was fast for me considering how long i have been trying to go mainstream, it took me about 4 years to get here , been on  and off lasgidi , coming down from the south was the hardest part , but while i was doing all that i was building the platform that got me here .I did my jimmy jatt jump-off 3yrs ago so do you wanna define my success as fast.Right now i cant even call my self a success, this is just part of the road to success, i still havent reached the the pinacle which i define as success.

Monday 28th March 2011 was a big day for you .You officially signed a record deal with Storm 360 records .Please give us some exclusive insights on how that came to be?

Well thats an example of how God could choose to bless you when you work had . I wasnt expecting storm, storm was like  Def-Jam in Africa to me. I was in Wafftown( Warri) recording my mixtape when my manager pinged me and told me about it, i didnt take it serious because it was too good to be true , but i told ma best friend and my producer and we just didnt take it seriously. Even when i was going back to Gidi i didnt put that my mind, i just recorded a couple of mixtape materials  then i hit Lagos with my A’n’R.Just then i realised Bobby Bolders was following me on twitter, so i was like ok, maybe am not dreaming , then we got called up for real, and history happened on Monday 28th March 2011 .

Your New Single Follow me Featuring Wizkid is getting Massive Airplay as we speak *Thumbs up for that* Who are you planning to work with next ?

My single with Wizkid was part of my strategy to expand my fan base , which i am more focused on @ the moment. Am gonna be working with lots of acts but not for my next single though. Theres a long list of artist i would be working with, theres a lot of chemistry between me and the Choc Boi’s so we definitely gonna kick it, also a couple southern breed artist,then mostly in-house collabo’s, am talking YQ, Naeto-C, Shank,General Pype, Dr Frabs , still have  my camp “SCREWD  EMPIRE” which is currently the dopest hip-hop cartel in the south, so expect something from few of these peeps, but like i said, there are no limits so don’t be suprised if you see Yung6ix ft Drake on a song.

Yung6ix-Follow Me ft.WizKid [jwplayer mediaid=”6694″]

Dissing me is M.I Mission Impossible” and M.I Abaga on twitter tagged you the “Future of Nigerian Rap Game” Please Tell our readers what that means to you ? I mean coming from M.I himself.

Thats big for an artist, i mean any artist that could earn that respect from M.I himself  must be blessed because that cant be described with the word lucky. M.i is probably my closest  friend in the industry right now, he’s been like a brother to me since  he heard my songs. He was like the first mainstream artist to endorse me, when he made the first tweet, i was in school and some one called me from Malaysia and was like ” yo dude M.I just tweeted bout you” straight up i got on my phone and checked it out and i was speechless then i realised he  was following me, that made me feel like Jay-z for  like 60 secs , if you know what Jay-Z means to hip-hop then you would know exactly how i felt.

Yung6ix- plenty money ft Fizzy [audio:|titles=Yung6ix- plenty money ft fizzy]

Still on you being the Future of Nigerian Rap Game .Are you afraid you might not blow higher than expected or that just fires you up on bringing your  “A”  game every other day in the studio ?

Nah mehn fear is a sign of defeat , i face my challenges, and i 2face my fears am sure you heard that on my mixtape single “PLENTY MONEY”, by Yung6ix, you cant stop the rockect when its set for the sky, i keep doing more of what got me here and always hustle twice as hard so even when you lose, you win.Thats just how i get down.

Do you have a name for your Album? And when is the projected release Date or Month?

Yeah i do , had that for like 3 years now, but theres a lot of room for more ideas so i cant be certain of  using what i have  right now. The release date or month cant be for certain, am not just tryna drop an Album , i am setting a pace and making history, and sincerely right now i dont have the desired fan base for that, so i am still working and building the fan base till i feel its good enough.But you can expect the ”GREEN LIGHT GREEN” mixtape between summer and christmas.

Yung6ix we know you are a busy guy but tell us what you do with your spare time?

Well if  am not about music then i am catching a movie, playing video games, socializing , researching music and other things to educate myself and update my  general knowledge.

Without a doubt on your IPod now this songs are top “Follow me, Plenty money ,and Oleku remix” and as a matter of fact on mine too 🙂 . Please Tell our readers which other 3 songs you listen to most after your three singles?

oh , i also listen to “So Far Gone” which is one of my songs which i released as my second mixtape single, also listen to my second  official single (mainstream/album material) which is yet to be disclosed. Then i listen to some carter music Jay/weezy/yung6ix lol 🙂  and african acts especially from Nigeria and South-africa  . In real terms i listen to all sort of songs, from hip-hop ,rock,classical,country, to jazz e.t.c , if you spend time with me you might find me weird cux i listen to anything good, you can catch me listening to an Arabian song which i probably have no idea of the message but the truth is that i dont limit myself to what i listen to cux the slightest thing can be the inspiration to a big hit song.

Yung6ix-So Far Gone[audio:|titles=Yung6ix-so far gone yung6ix ft fizzy.mp3]

From Yung6ix underground to Yung6ix Nigeria’s Famous Young Rapper what next? A collabo with Jay-Z?

wow did you read my mind (Jay-Z) ? lol , Next is Yung 9ja carter 6ix the legend . We all knew what happened when Shady and Aftermath worked on an artist, Defjam/goodmusic and Cash Money/Young Money this is 411/Storm so expect nothing less….

SOUTH SHOUT TO ALL MA FANS…………………………. they are cooler than split units lol 🙂 .


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