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FazeB – Abacha (Prod. By Dr. Jay)

Posted by Marcus Brown on May 5, 2017 in AUDIO · 85 Comments

Alex Chinedu Aguodoh (born July 16, 1997) and known simply as FazeB, is a Nigerian hip-hop/afro-pop recording artiste born and raised in Enugu, Nigeria. Currently an independent artiste, FazeB finally dishes out his highly anticipated debut single “Abacha”.
With its enjoyably creative lyrics and catchy hook all spiced up with that thick, lovely Enugu accent, “Abacha” can be described as a delicious song, just like the dish itself. It is accompanied by well-strummed afro-pop sounds that will definitely drag you to the dance floor any time, any day. Do go ahead and enjoy.
Produced by Dr. Jay.

FazeB – Abacha (Prod. By Dr. Jay)

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    • I get cassava and if e enter u u go turn cadaver! Killer lines u gat here bro. U shouldn’t be doing dance tracks

      • True. The guy gt rhymes

    • Onye abacha

  2. Wow! Eeeeeiiii! Dope jam bro!! Enugu boy. U killd it

  3. Gai u don blow no nid. #jam

  4. Is it me or does he sound exactly like phyno? Nice song anyways. The beat did it for me.

  5. Niggas be copying zoro! Ogene worked for him, this style ain’t urs

    • This beat is not like ogene in any way. This song is unique. Way outside the box. Dr. Jay is a genius. So relax

    • U b mumu. He copied NOBODY

    • bad belle. who lil kesh copy

  6. This is top notch creativity. I always wonder why you have not blown

  7. WHAT A TALENT. U don blow

  8. Wawu! Chineke! Nke’a di too much! This is the best Igbo Rap song I’ve heard my whole life. Who is this boy? Your future in this industry is brighter than the sun.

  9. I don play this jam 579 times. Make @phynofino just sign you.

  10. Faze B i will like to tell you that ive bin following up your music since 2015. When u were in SWSS. Ur talented. Too talented for dis industry. U are a rare gem. I hope this song finally gives u the recognition u desav. You are better than all the Igbo rappaz out there. Keep shining

  11. OH MY GOD! DOPE! F***ING DOPE! What is his instagram handle?????!!!!

  12. Igbo Rap and culture lives on! Eyiiiii! This is a HIT

  13. Who talk say he dey copy Phyno or Zoro? Gai go and Google about FazeB di so original and talented but he is from Enugu, same with phyno and Zoro. No talk nonsense there oo. I even prefer faze B to both phyno and zoro. Go rest oo we go change am for u

    • Na Phyno OBIAGU

  14. RAW TALENT! Alikiri m ya! Eyiiiii! Dope dope dope

  15. Since I dey beg you for collabo, nawa next tin u go blow begin Cal price am dat guy u met at orange room Enugu I go dm u 4 facebook

  16. Faze B onye abacha! This jam don killed me

  17. The beat godi! Dope song

  18. Twyse, thats not oghene beat bro!
    And he isnt sounding like zoro to me.
    He’s fazeb. And the song’s lit.

  19. Titus aburo ice fish!!! Gai u are too good faze B. Chineke! Punchline no gree me dance

  20. How did he even come up with this hit? Voice, lyrics, beat, accent, concept, everything just WOW

  21. Faze B! I have confirm it. U are the best Igbo rapper. See as u jus use coded lines to murder this beat. Ooouuu!

  22. Raw talent.

  23. I’ve been listening to this song since last night. I couldn’t sleep. Your IQ and creativity needs investigation @fazeb


  25. This song just made my day. Thank you @ for promoting the Igbo culture

  26. Nice jam baba, love your vibe

  27. This song reminds me of when I went for an occasion in Enugu. Those people have the best faction of Igbo dialect/tongue. And I also ate abacha there. This song is lovely and clean. It’s so unique. I love you all Enugu people.

  28. Baba dis jam don enter oo i alredi heard it on the stritz

  29. Dude u think usinq a language only Enugu pipz understandz will blow u? U are an Enugu rapper not Igbo rapper and u are copying zoro. Be original. Ur sound iz too gewd 4 dis shit bro. A nice jam like this deserves greater audience

  30. I luv the voice texture… Pls who mixed this song? The person try oo

    • The song is so perfect! The beat, the mix, the lyrics, the message, everything. This song is a priceless piece of art.

  31. I love the voice texture.. Plz who mixed the jam? The person try oo

  32. Download this song and thank me later. ODOYEWU by Hero xky


  34. One word – genius. Enugu to d world

  35. Oga u are talented. u don’t need football age to proof anytin. 1997 my ass. Even phyno could nt sound like this @ 20

    • How come you are so sure bruh?

  36. Titus aburo ice fish! Ikogodi shit mmegi change ka pampers nu.

  37. Still on repeat

  38. bia fazeb u try but
    All comments here is made by u
    better gather ur money go do proper business
    Becouse dose who sing pass u never blow
    The best easy way u fit take blow is find money go do proper business
    Becouse music has favoured dose he like to favour
    So other just keep on wasting time
    Once again i remind u, find proper business and do leave music

    • Yhu alredi commented and confessd that the niqqa tried, and Yhu are accusing the niqqa of making up other comments that sayz he tried. Smooth. Am hiz frnd on facebuk and i ll hav u knw d kid iz trendinq for this tune xo yhu ar d 1 dat nidz sumfin beta 2 do wif yah time

    • Oga I tot u said he tried? Even Nigerian haters are dumb. I Downloaded this song bcos of you, and it turned out very dope. What are u saying

    • U said he tried but u just want to hate on him. Nice one

    • Hez getting popular especially tru social media. Everyone loves the song, even u confessed he tried. Why discourage him? Diz is why Nigeria doesn’t move forward. Faz b kip doing u bro. I pray this song bcums a hit. It’s sweeter than ogene

  39. Omo I feel ds music die…we don da gt better Igbo rappers,all ds bad belle way da criticize ds song.. talentless morons…das y Nigeria will always b behind.. u don’t embrace new talents…go and make ur own jam nah

  40. nawa for igbo rappers oo…….same style tho

  41. Anybody commenting anything bad about this song should be hit by a truck. A friend sent it to me, I had to Google it and come back to thank the artiste. God bless you faze-b. Iji ya!

  42. Y re u faking comments

  43. Nice song g. Fuck Ur haters

  44. Faze B everything about u iz fake. Starting from your date of birth (1997, lwkmd), your hair (trying to be lil kesh), you are claiming and forming Enugu accent bcos of zoros ogene hit, all the hype by hundreds of people on Facebook are all fake, am sure you begged people to rain those praises on the song. Some positive comments here are probably by you and Ur guys, etc. You are very fake bro. U will never make it. I advice you to get a record label and push your songs well bcos u can never make it on ur own. This song is good, but it is overrated, there’s nothing special about it. And it won’t blow. Go and get a life bro. Fake pompous black he-goat. See your black face and white hair.

    • Nna go and sit down. Are u God? How do u know he can’t blow on his own?

  45. Wow! If na Phyno do this song, it will be his best ever song. Nice work bro.

  46. Phyno all d way

  47. Titus aburo azu fridge my brother! This song is greatness. Jam!

  48. forget me am a rapstar and i know what goes on in music industry
    Fake u fakeb
    music is not ur way
    Stop wastingg time and the little change u have

    • Nna me I no care about fake anything oo! This song de kill me. Dope shii! Ezigbo onye igbo


  50. bro…unique.Was impressed

  51. Nice. But put in work and forget hype

  52. on repeat. Abachaa
    would so love you on a collabo soon

  53. Guy the sky is your stepping stone Oh! What a song! Ezigbo abacha agworoagwo

  54. Nice one Face B Link up temple

  55. He killed it!

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