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Fliptyce/So Fly Music – Bragging Rights The TOP 10 Finalist

Posted by Tyler on October 6, 2011 in AUDIO, Feature, Nigerian and Naija Music Videos · 144 Comments

Few Weeks Ago Fliptyce Threw out 3 fresh beats for upcoming artists to go MURDER and Send in their tracks to us here at .After receiving tons of entries for the competition Fliptyce/So Fly Music  and are proud to present to you the top 10 finalist.

1st(First) gets 2 Tracks  produced by @Fliptyce with an option of a star artiste(check his resume lots of artistes on there ) on 1 if the winner wants ,2nd(Second) Gets 1 Track  produced by @Fliptyce ,3rd(Third) Gets A free Beat from @Fliptyce


Listen to every song ,take your time with each and Download links are also available for mobile users to listen and decide..

C.I.J – Pele-Pele

[audio:|titles=C.I.J pele-pele]

T-twyne – Bragging rights

[audio:|titles=T-twyne_Bragging rights (Prod by Fliptyce)]

Tommybomb – 2nite

[audio:|titles=Tommybomb 2nite]


[audio:|titles=T_FLAME – SO FLY]

Zayne F -Spit Barz 1

[audio:|titles=spit barz 1]

StuntKid – Jangulova

[audio:|titles=jangulova mp3]

Yung Curb – Hustle Stay Fly 

[audio:|titles=hustle stay fly – @yung_curb]

Mc Mullah – Early Mawning Hustle

[audio:|titles=Early mawning hustle-Mc Mullah]

Dr flezzy- LETS GO

[audio:|titles=Dr flezzy_LETS GO]

Smut Lahm -Beautiful

[audio:|titles=SMUT LAHM]

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  1. I love u tomide… Wish u all d best

  2. Cheerz! xxxx

    • t twyyyyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnneeeeee

  3. U the best

  4. Goodluck

  5. t-flameis dope oooooo… as u can see he is the beat.. mc mullah…too.. then t-wayne

  6. woo won bon re ranju… t-flame is the winner.. mhen – forget

  7. MC MULLAH …cool rap and good chorus… t- flame … madt madt

  8. please who has any info about this tflame .. dude is hot… no comment


  10. i got tflame iceprince superstar remix on toxicwap who is this guy ,nice vocals.i pray you win

  11. am so fly -t flame nice one

  12. I got bragging rights.!!

  13. mennn tiger flame so fly noni any other braga is a countafit………confirmeddd.

  14. Stunt kid is on fire…his 2nd verse shows that he is a good rapper..& his accent is pretty good too

  15. ‘Am a goblin,am a monster….flows turn u on like a pornstar’ …lmaooo …this stunt kid is good…he sounds more mature…this is a no – brainer abeg

  16. Omo….my padi stunt kid…waditdo!!! This nucca is the future…this ant even his best attempt on a beat .. Y’all should listen to ‘rocking with the best’ by stunt kid ft steph …u wld her rap…google it..yeah its that popular…gbayi stunt..u don win jare


  18. Tommybomb s d best.great talent U????? v dre. Tommybomb s d winner.L??? U????? much

  19. dr flezy

  20. I give it 2 Tommybomb 2nite.his lyricks is crazy and dope.Tommybomb 2nite.U got dis track right

  21. T flame all the way

  22. And my vote goes for tflame. Mc mullah u da bomb, twayne madt lines. This ma top 3. Listen to their music

  23. Gurl u so fly ,u touch the skies, they wanna cry. But the sky is just the start . Oh yeah we driving into space – tflame’s combo dancehall and rock like. . . Its on replay . Dope#

  24. tommybomb hope my vote wil make a diff wishing u all d best.

  25. Tiger flame is a monster, peepz vote 4 my nigga, mc mullah is a Goblin vote him too…thumbs up bro

  26. Stuntkid is best se! Jangulova .. Hehe #teamStuntKid

  27. T twyne is d best! O much luv my niggy

  28. I choose yung curb,d brosis flow is unbeatable

  29. Tflame -so fly. Thats music, y’all know what i mean. I have played all. And tflame’s music is perfect. The mixing is beta.

  30. When u listen to good music. U love em. Tflame thumbs up

  31. T-Flame

  32. Mc mullah, tflame . Where on earth are this guys. Dope#

  33. Stunt kid yo!!!!! Its gata b u or no one else. U d real deal man! Am fully prouding u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. This kid is the future. Young and talented reping i-town to the fullest.T-FLAME OSun’s finest. Vote so fly. Let the kid handle this. Mr ogunsanmi

  35. Smut lahm ????§ hooooooootttttttttt!!!!! Pls vote hiim in, his “beautiful” lyrics are off da chain

  36. I have listned to all. . T-flame got the best no comment. . Twayne and mc mullah . . Mc mullah gota very cool chorus. Early morning hustle. .

  37. Dr flezzy. All hands go up 4 you certainly u’re choosen frm diz few cus u hav paid all ur dues. Kudos man

  38. Dr.flezzy u’re d best of d best better than d rest

  39. God has made you d undisputed kudos to dr.flezzy

  40. T twyne u killin luv u mehn

  41. He ill mhen….t-twyne…u d bestest….

  42. He ill,……t-tywne u d bestest

  43. Makin sense T_twyne winner mehhn u too much love ur song

  44. South Shout 2 Yhu Two . . . .
    Flezzy N T.twyne

    >>d sky Is yhur home

  45. Is this nt d t-twyne guy 4rm d samkele nonillionaire anthem. Dis guy is ill. He got ma vote

  46. Tflame .dope# they feeling heat cus this boy is making hits. . Lol. Madt line. I don vote o

  47. Mehn wat kind of doctor is this. I cast my costly vote 4 dr flezzy peoples party. WCC

  48. Join me cus d winner is Dr……………. Flezzy

  49. U’re so nonilising dr.flezzy

  50. Ur lyrics so sick dr flezzy but dnt want to visit d hospital

  51. Dr flezzy d lyrics in ur mouth is strong lyk leather. U’re muzikally inclined

  52. dr flezzy i giv it 2 u cos u r d best dis ur track 2 tit

  53. u r d best dr flezzy i giv it 2 u dis ur track 2 tit

  54. T- flame tflame tflame. So fly. U the future. Either u win or not.respect

  55. Are u people dumb….did u listen to the tracks here…people sound like they are rookies and shit like that…if y’all listen to the lyrics,u’d know that tha stunt kid dude deserves it.I don’t know anybody from adam oo,so I’m not being biased.But its just so annoying that u wld quote a dumb line & say ‘u r d future’ or somfn like that….smh..y’all should stop being biased jare….smh

  56. Flezzy u re d best go nd carry ur trophy.

  57. Straight outta u.t i cast vote on dr flezzy

  58. Straight outta U.T am casting my vote to Dr flezzy

  59. Smutty.. U killd it.. Beautiful hit by Smut Lahm. Can’t wait 2 get his album

  60. My kponyon dom wet bcos of dr.flezzy… Go ahead be d referee but nigga am d fifa..skentele mistress


  62. Smut lahm- u gat it bro,u’re just on point. Can’t wait to get ma hand on ur album.thumbs up! U’re d main man

  63. Drflezzy abeg nak all diz kids akpako cus them nor get okpako 4 their family.

  64. T-Flame is the best amongst all other contenders.. He deserves the first prize..

  65. Flezzy abeg lets go coz u hav won it already.

  66. C.I.J is d best!!! Go bro. wish u d best

  67. Flezzy u too much

  68. Flezzy na u we want.

  69. Wow….T_flame is cool and the song is nice…i dont know you but you are hot…keep flying like your song…God bless ya


  71. U guys need to hear smut lahm’s much versatility in his song.kinda sound a lil like 2baba.pls vote for dat dude

  72. my brother from another mother, super duper producer song writer and a nonilizin rapper. Dont realy kno d meanin of w.c.c but i gat ur back DR.FLEZZY.

  73. Menh t_twyne is da bomb,if i were to be the judge,won’t go anybody else dan much love

  74. Mc mullah killed this shit,y all other motherfuckers go get a life.. ya digg?word of advice cashsquad music for real ymcmb

  75. Yung2daCurb omo some fresh flows tinz..,y’all please vote tho.,I’m the definition of rap at its best #bless

  76. T-flame is d best. Vote T-flame now,don’t make a mistake,he is just d best

  77. Naa T-FLAME ooo

  78. Dr Flexy 4live.up up up warri boy.

  79. Good luck!

  80. You gonna win it……All we do is win…..

  81. Gud job.kip it flowin

  82. tommybomb is d man meehn!,other contestants should give up.i love dat track 2nyt.mmmuuah(kisses)

  83. Yungcurb 4 da prize…dt track is dope!!!

  84. wow!my vote goes 2 T-tywne,his music is da bomb.Thumbs up.

  85. wow!my vote goes 2 T-twyne,his music is da bomb.Thumbs up.

  86. C.I.J is the one artist ..nice music .nice dlivery

  87. Big up…smut lamn

  88. dr flezzy…..nice track……….

  89. This is my talented young bro, he is so funny and a hardworking dude. U the man jst do the damn thing man lets go.

  90. tommy bomb………u’re truely the bomb,luv u more boy…………

  91. Smut lahm U are too much. Give it up 4 smut baba

  92. Smut lahm in da building,ur head dey there.

  93. C.I.j u are da bomb go man I wish u d best.*cheers*

  94. U are 2 much…Mc mullah

  95. Ya’ll vote @Yung Curb….he da defination of perfect Rap!!…PEACE

  96. kip it real C I J…..cuz u ROCK…….

  97. bro Good luck! ERNESTO

  98. cij gud 1. Ur stuff is simply crazy

  99. give it up 4 CIJ …. Ur da bomb

  100. up up niger delta, up south south, up delta state, up warri city up dr.flezzy

  101. Tommy,The Lord Jesus is with. In no distant future, you'll be A WORLD ENTERTAINER. Put your FAITH in GOD. It is well with your soul

  102. u re da bomb C I J…….Luv ur song boi


  104. T flame and mc mula they are the best so no fucking comment. Bitchs

  105. tommy bomb u ar d best kip it up…… tommybomb in d building

  106. If lyf was a movie,I had lovd 2 b d main act lyk m.I d movie… Mc mullah u re d real deal.kip it up ma nigga

  107. If lyf was a movie,I had lovd 2 b d main act lyk m.I d movie… Mc mullah main act already,u re d real deal.kip it up ma nigga

  108. ya’all beter start casting your vote to DR FLEZZY right now! his flow is from outer space something u neva heard b/4….WARRI pikin wen dey represent and RENDER as well



  110. Smut Lahm is eva blazin….No lele na u fit 4 d crown

  111. mayne this nigga yung curb is blazing, yall gotta vote him

  112. mayne forget comments, yung curbs rap speaks for itself

  113. Evry body lets go me fit die 4 dat music o by dr flezy

  114. C I wonder u re alwayz making J TOWN proud we luv u bro kip da fire burning

  115. i luv d song lets go by Dr flezzy

  116. Dr u d best of dem all kudus 2 uuuuuuuu

  117. And the winner is dr flezzy.

  118. c.i.j is d no 1.i love d track so much

  119. i know good music when i listen to em.. T_FLAME seriously u so fly


  121. MC MULLAH,O A U are supporting you coz they know you are the best,this is real rap music and tight chorus……….PLZ dont waste your vote….MC MULLAH NONI

  122. mc mullah jooor,early mawning hustle to all hustlers outhere,am blasting that song in my car everyday,a beg dont waste your mullah………that guy get future


  124. my blood brother mc mullah realy killed this song,listen and you will know who to vote for MC MULLAH,a nigerian from ilesha

  125. the only way you can loose your vote is by not voting for mc mullah coz he killed the beat with good lyrics,wish to meet him so i can tell him to keep it up

  126. what the fuck,why are you all not voting for this dude,i mean mc mullah…………early mawning hustle

  127. i think i wud lyk to feature in my next singles. mc mullah u re d real man. 9yc lyrics n cool rap

  128. this is o a u boyz ooooooooooooooo,plz vote for this guy mc mullah,omo wa ni…………vote for am oooooooooo

  129. the day he came too my studio,i knew he has future in the industry….i mean mc mullah,t-flame and his cashsquad family crew…………just vote for ma boy mc mullah…..
    this is your boy SOULZ NEXUS

  130. i need mc mullah number coz am coming to nigeria to record,so i need a promising nigerian rapper like mc mullah and a dancehall artist like t-flame……VOTE FOR MC MULLAH if you realy wanna vote….

  131. kash is right,Tflame and Mc mullah rocks.

  132. talk all you want buh yung curb got the best lyrics and rap composure, repin kd city

  133. Hello guys,pls vote 4 ma guy.lahm on beautiful

  134. nor be to park ur name full here u go take win… Mc igbo.. E say na mulla abi na mumusa… Lo.

  135. T-flame, mc mullah I_TOWN REPing..

  136. Gudluk 2 u my friend,broda and tile-tile-tile. Go get it. Nobodee reach u my numba 1. Still on ewo noni, jo,oooooooooo

  137. Aitte two w.c.c boyz ere t-twyne nd drflezzy…. Voted 4 u two…. N ma nigga tflames too…. So no partia…

  138. Stunt kid is da best

  139. C I J is the bomb!!!!!!!!

  140. you rock tommybomb


  142. pls vote for my hommie zayne f.

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