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Godwon – I’ve Been Waiting For You [Sauce Kid Diss]

Posted by donboye on September 11, 2013 in AUDIO · 60 Comments



LOL.. This list is causing serious frenzy.. Godwon just released a diss song for sauce kid … To be honest i cant talk much just listen



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  1. Take d message: u guys shld leave diz diss tins, if u don't make d LIST dat neva made u a bad rapper, d LIST wasn't compiled by God 4 goodness sake.. It was some individuals opinion.

    So u can as well make ur on LIST, n include ur only ur name 4rm 1-10.. But diz Beef sure aint good @ all, or re u people learning 4rm d PDP.. Pls RUKUS, SINZU, GODWON, ELDEE, n so on… Pls take a clue 4rm KELLY HANDSOME n Take the Message..

  2. Now that sh*t cray! I love what NJO brought with dat f*ckd up list tho…. Godwon needs to work on his bars, not convienced still! Sinzu is d sh*t… Exit with no strategy joor @Godwon!

  3. Dis shit z getting hotter…..Dis NJO pple re d. Cause of dis well am enjoying it sha….

  4. Not again!!what the f**k you guys should just forget about the list{rukus,iceprince,godwon,sinzu}coswe all look up 2 u all are best

  5. This y i like Don jazzy _he does not have time for this kind of rubish_ this shit!! Is ge'in childish 'for God's sake'

  6. Godwon is no where to be in nigerian hip hop

  7. If all said on this jam is tru, Sorry Sinzu.

  8. sauce wat u gone do about doper diss?

  9. pls keep it goin, am entertained, so far godwon is more dope, y d baby mama tins, haha.

  10. although sinzu killed it too.

  11. @360. U no hear wetin Sinzu too tel am abt him and him baby mama too?. Fuck…Let's be truthful. What is the "Most Gifted Rappers" in Nigeria? Without Pherowshuz, Terry tha Rapman, Yung6ix, OD, Jesse Jagz, BOUQUI, Eldee, Blaise, Khali Abdu?. Somebody shld pls tell NJO it isnt jusk Ok. Even the Wackest of them all made it Reminisce & Naeto C. Let's now listen to them disses.

  12. 4get abeg I am feeling d beef ,they are both good ..

  13. Godwon just made this some personal ish, sinzu went straight at him and his career and now he's going @ sinzu's family did they diss you or something. Godwon just a coward go sit down.

  14. Chai Godwon finish sinzu oo

  15. sinzu or godwon? well both are tight but what I know is how tru is the beef stuff? cos naija beef is kinda funny. beef today.u and feature u d following day (iceberg slim and mi) . hiphop is incomplete without beef

  16. sinzu I no for chop!! see wetin small godwon dey diss u!! en juxt dey lyk wen davido dey diss lil wayne

  17. But seriously Godwon finish sinzu for dis one o,however,u guys r both gud and does not need all dis "fake-ass alligator shoe-shows"………….grow up modafukas!

  18. Hahahahahaha….. Godwon kill sinzu o, sinzu dem swear for u? Hehe takin a pic of anoda man wimp is like takin a piss wid anoda nigger's dick… Hahahahahahahahahhaha!!

  19. I'm sinzu biggest fan bt Godwon killed him on dis one…shit

  20. Nigger Rule 1. Don't mess with my family# sinzu didn't cross family line#. Godwon is so dead

  21. Godwon should just shut tha fuck up and never diss anyone ever again!

  22. I knew Godwon was t?ghter afta w?nn?n so many battles ?n d state.. ? all dont knw who Godwon ?s ..dat n?ga murder m?cs F?® h?s peace

  23. lol, Godwon all day!!! ill nica! sinzu be fooling arnd wit dat exit bullshit, sounds so phony. now dis sounds so real n convincing……pheeew! loving dat closing line too haha "hello baby, is me, ur dad….GET D FUKK OUTTA HERE" looooool!

  24. Ok..But who is Godwon??..neva heard of him…guess am gonna av 2 geh ma own diss ready 4 nat makin d list…since everybodi wna bee on d "The List"..

  25. Like Seriously Is This A Family Insult or a Diss Personally Godwon is still a chicken that can't lay eggs

  26. All o'y'all cristicising sinzu are all mad, what is the defination of a real OL'GEE rapper? Y'all don't even know shit.

    Godwon aint dope sinzu just killed him and telling him the story of his life and its obvious Godwon aint even a responbile father leaving his 4kids alone abroad and coming to dizz a nigga taking care of his family down here…sinzu is sinzu I feel you homie..

  27. sinzu nut huggers, ur boy just got murrrrderrred by da man! family or no family, Godwon just said wat he had to say! now physically, Goddy gone slap d hell outta sinzu….lyrically? damn! he just killed him!

  28. Dam!!! I'm having fun lissining to this,both dudes.em both can spit,but I guess we'v seen more wittyness frm sinzu than godwon,dude is dope,goddy went hard but sinzu killed it…so its safe to say sinzu weent harder

  29. Wtf!!! This ws supposed to b a Rap diss now niqqaz bringn in personal family issh!! Godwon ws all bitchy callin baby mama's! If u dnt knw wat to diss abt STFU! Nt calln a kid HOE! Besides any1 can mk a list! Dt list doesn't count shiiiit! Dis stff is messdup! I knw dey xpct us to b clappin fr dem or feeln dem! Nonsense *drops mic*

  30. Godwon and Sinzu…smh-Godwon stole Jarules line on d beef he did 4 eminem bt wen Eminem replied…Jarules career was dead,TOY SOLDIER xplains it betta…..i met Godwon b4,was in his first video shoot dat had terry d rapman,pherowshow,OD and Mo'cheddah…Godwon was dressed in a jean dat was quite bad which denotes nicca is broke,i met Sauce too-him self dey beg me 4wireless password bt i tink…sinzu kldnt av bin poor enuf 2beg 4rm Godwon-Godwon dosnt ivn av moni!!!…both are good rappers listenin to GAME bt sinzu gonna win dis am sure

  31. A real rapper is known 4 his hiphop battles,peeps…give Godwon some credit here…

  32. Weak punch lines…. Go to sleep boi

  33. Forget the list forget the diss and let's dance till we piss ours selves out download dejay do's mix. GOD bless you as you do so

  34. First of I love both rappers, buh its obvious that godwon had beta delivery to his diss song and punches, thah nicca went real hrd on sinzu…. Buh brot in some irrelevant ish…..sinzu's first rap on his diss, I ddnt rily fell tho, buh he kept it plain and simple……. And fr doz who don't knw godwon, yu rily shuld google him… That guy no small 1bit…..after winnign his eminem freestyle battle, doors strted getin all wide wen he came around…. Dah he wnted to do music in 9ja na jst em choice…… Buh tha nicca gud I swear…… Sinzu jst made the right decisions in 9ja dats y he prolly is mre populkar dan goddy… Buh I've hrd goddyz rap and lyrics, that nicca dope ah swear dwn…

  35. And pls dnt mind the wrong spellings on mah last post… Wz typin real fast

  36. Tot sinzu n goddy are homies

  37. Jeezzz ds ¶s way'doper dan 'exit strategy',ds 'ive bn waitn' don pass beef oooº°???°º )º°???°º ds nah insult mehn,mehn ds niggaz sud gt A???? life,nawao

  38. Tot soo 2 same as '9ice nd Ruggdy baba'

  39. 26181789

  40. m famous

  41. Oddclawzz

  42. Charly

  43. Funny enough ave known godwon frm the start, despite d fact that is my bro. Doesn't mean am supporting him. We all know d truth, n saucekid shud get the fuck out on naija hip hop. Bcos him don dey madt.

  44. Alaba boys turned sinzu to this… Godwon has actually killed this shit, I pray they complete this beef with guns and all… Like tupac and biggie… THIS IS WHAT I CALL HIP HOP, BITCHES!!!!

  45. Sucksssss!!!!

  46. Dope diss. .. p.s diss is healthy in rap for all those dat dunno….Go hear kendrick lamar on #control

  47. @ crackis

  48. Damn to be honest Goodwon killed sinzu!!! All all of y'all saying sinzu didnt diss Godwon's family! Listen to exit strategy perfectly! U'll hear wat i heard! Unless u are biased….but to be honest sinzu is Good but Godwon's better! #fact!

  49. guys, 4get dis beef shit. Pls google no days off on to feel dis niggar mehn. Niggar is so tight. Wish i could lay my hands on his evolution album.

  50. bt sinzu dissed him abt his family, dats y he went all out on him. I listen to dt track everyday

  51. Godwon you a pussy ass rapper and a fake ass gangster u aint even know shit about the streets

  52. Godwon …I don't even know who u are …in other words u don't exist here so stop making noise

  53. Make una go hear sinzu diss, godwon don DIE!!!!!!!!!

  54. After listening attentively to both songs and with all my knowledge of rap as an act!! Godwon killed sinzu and he also only didn't do that, He turned everything around and led "Seen Zoo" out on the same exit strategy he had for Godwon..

    At the comfort of my chair, I'd conveniently say this, Godwon over SeenZoo 1million times Over

  55. Damn Sauce kid abeg no reply Ooo ..cause I believe. The next hit go worst pass dis one Ooo

  56. Vella 3ray!

  57. Both niggies ar dope.

  58. I like sauce kid a lot, but I'm really disappointed….. Cos both of em didn't spit sh!t worth listening 2, my grandma can put out a better dis track.!!!0000 0021 Recognize!!!!

  59. The truth be told godwon killed sinzu and dump his body mutilated body in septic tank.

  60. tha lyrical

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