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GT The Guitarman – YOUR god SUCKS!

Posted by Tyler on May 19, 2014 in AUDIO · 35 Comments

GT The Guitarman - Your god

Gifted tenor GT The Guitarman unleashes a deep song titled “YOUR god SUCKS!” ahead of his studio album which we expect to drop this year. His words and the number below!

“In the midst of the religious crisis the world is face with, it baffles me when these blood- thirsty fundamentalists claim they are fighting for their “god” who to me, is a weak, cruel, blood sucking bully who can’t fight for itself. They need to listen to the voice they claim told them to kill people who don’t serve their god, as this fits perfectly what the devil is set out to do- steal, kill and destroy. Your god sucks!”



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  1. Lol. For real, their god sucks…he over sucks

  2. Islam #sucks

    • Codji, those guys causing commotion are not true Muslims.
      Just like we have fake Christians, they have fake Muslims too.
      Islam is a Religion of Love and Peace. Islam does not suck.

    • U need to wake up, even ur name tells dt u r an ignorant person(CONJI)…even GT used a lowercase “g”, he has mentioned noffin ‘bou ISLAM…boko haram is not islam…islam forbids everything BH stands for…#seek knowledge

  3. Yea! Dere gods sucks

  4. Nice one brov!

  5. Uh oh dis is bad if u saying islam god suck, I mean its crazy its bad!

  6. I Swear There God Over Sucks! Blood Sucking Punk Ass God…

  7. Please listen to the lyrics of the song properly and carefully before you make comments. He didn’t say Islam sucks ooo. He says Who are you fighting fun for? Cos neither Allah nor Jesus Christ will tell you to kill and kidnap. So whoever they are fighting for (obviously not Allah) must be a very cruel man!

  8. Y’all posting sh*t bou ISLAM shld please chill n seek knowledge, u know norrin ‘bou ISLAM, BH philosophy contradicts Islamic tenets and ISLAM forbids everyfn Boko haram stands for

  9. U see u diz gt d gintaman na God dy punish u so daht y u no blow pass as u dy so mumu dem tel u say na 2 God dy abi? Mumu and wu tell u say na muslims dem b boko haram fool, useless star like u

    • You dey even use star 4 d small boy, he no go even smell stardom talkless of being it. It’s bad ones lyk him dat r causing religious war in nigeria,even in nigeria music industry there r very good muslims among dem, yet d yeye boy dey condemn d whole muslim God cause of d bad ones(boko haram) among us.

      • Bros, listen to d song first o! He actually defended Christianity and Islam in d song. U should be giving him kudos for d song, he told BH dey are not Muslims. And as for those xtians insulting others, That’s not how Jesus went about it

    • In ur life izz watever ur name is, don’t ever I repeat ever condem, musician again in ur life ok.. Or else… Gt welldone..

  10. Fuck islam god

    • Well, what can someone say? IGNORANCE is a DISEASE. Boko Haram is as ignorant as dos christians who believe Boko Haram is Islamic

  11. GT thnks for reminding them.

  12. U just stirring things up ooo…Foolish Nigga hu told you Muslims are in support ….must u blow by any mean??? Give it a rest niccur beat it …….Just trying to win mind ……

    • I really don’t know who you guys taking a shot at GT da guitarman are, but you dumb niggas are d problem of the nation, BH shud totally #bringbackourgirls and take you dumb asses off the streets , I mean who in heavenz name handed phones to these monkeys … Tu9ex , dat nicca and all d stupid ones who chose to stay anonymous ….. Did u even listen to the song ?? U guys more stupid than those killing without reason

  13. #your god sucks

  14. Muslims dudes listen to d lyrics of d song very well he’s not referring to Allah ok so pls don’t take it personal God will make u bigger bro inspirational song though whatever God those insurgents serves sucks cos it’s not Allah neither is it Jesus wicked souls

  15. But really????Did you all listen to the content of that song before condemning dis nigga? He is not against any religion…. una just dey comment…na foolish religious pple go abuse dis song

  16. ehyaah I used to be ur fan OOOOH from my secondary school days .but with this track ure sure never to make it to my playlist not even if wizkid signs u .

    • when u did dat ur first song I really taught u had brain

  17. From the lyrics of the song GT never refered to the Allah as been a God that sucks,he simply said if ur god would tell u to kill the defenseless the that god sucks, let’s stop heating the already boiling scenario #Peace is all we need #nicesong tho!

  18. Mumu Muslims we already know we don’t serve desame God,BH is acting according to the islamic law who da hell is petting you muslim dudes fuck all ya’ll……..I have a Quran an it read thus in surah muhammad chapter 47:7,you fucken muslim psychopaths should read and tell us what your Allah told you in there!…….the end is coming soon now is the time for you all to repent and. Accept Jesus!!!

  19. stay put in ur punk ass religion smellin like a skunk,
    keep bombin and maimin; it won’t pause-off GEJ.
    Fuckin dunk ass lickin pussy #Islam,
    Islam sucks
    i wanna puke

  20. Como! Una no dey hear ENGLISH? Jst get out frm here nd dnt embarrass urself if u didn’t hear wot d song says…If ur god tells u 2 kill,then ur god SUCKS! Did u hear me?Gusshhh!

  21. Dudes u gat listen nd understand d lyric b4 u drop ur comment GT neva condemn Allah or Jesus,d last statement of d song goes thus “I knw Allah,I knw Jesus bt I dnt knw ur god cos ur god sucks” listen well nd undastand songs b4 placing ur comments cos u suck 2 if u judge wrongly.

  22. Dakey

  23. You all should relax no need to fire shots at anyone its a song and it doesn’t carry anybody’s opinion except the singer’s jus listen and stop all this fighting about religion, the song isn’t about any religion, its about the destructive mentality of some people hiding under the umbrella of religion. #ListenItHelps dats y TerryG is ur favourite artiste *no disrespect to him thou*

  24. Only the ignorant will condem this Gt from way back..nice job bros God bless your work????

  25. This music really makes us believe there’s love and unity btw the both religion but the Boko haram has just been scammed by the devil to kill, steal and destroy. #ShameOnPeopleWhoDontUnderstandThisSong

  26. Pls don’t condemning musicains ok. Cus Its isint easy pple…. G.T I he’ll oh…… We’ll done

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