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Its Official , May D Splits with P-Square – No Longer Signed to Square Records

Posted by Tyler on August 21, 2012 in AUDIO · 58 Comments

Some Days ago i heard rumours of a possible split out of the Square villa and it was unconfirmed ,well now we have the full story ,press release signed by May D’s Manager.

Read the official statement below.

Official Statement

I,JUDE ‘ENGEES’ OKOYE of Square Records Limited and Northside Entertainment Limited hereby announces to the general public that Mr. Akinmayokun Awodumila, otherwise known as MAY D is no longer an artiste under the aforementioned outfits due to irreconcilable differences.
We at Northside and Square records wish him all the best in his career and life

What do you think about this ?? .Can May D survive without the backing of P-Square??


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  1. Welcome back 2 da hard life Mr. May D

    • That depend on your own understanding of HARD LIFE mr…

  2. Any1 can survive

  3. May D may have his reasons for splitting with the duos,we shuldnt judge him for nw until d real truth is revealed.

  4. The truth is dat,Wen God is Alive.there is Hope.9ice sack his manager,in a month Eldee later signed him.

  5. May D did d right thing.. At d wrong tym.. Well am hopin he does better nw dat he is on his own..

  6. Hm°=-?..???..=-?°

    _/ \ na God help may d ooo! Dey one initiate am go illuminaty nah him d guy vex say make dy ??????? kill hm family as psuare don do..?????U?????G?????º¤°`?U?????Tº¤°`??U?????D?????. May d U????? go everly survive….nice one…U????? don get fame self just keep working hard.

  7. Yess….am nt suprise @ ll yoruba boi nd excitement em fit don go jones…he doesn’t knw his workin wit sharp igbo bizness men*smh*he has lost all d privilages

  8. sure,he’l survive..thanx to p-square dy hlpd looking at it may d is a very good much talks dy neva said it ws may d’s fault..

  9. May d wil 4ever b ontop afta al 9ja lyk hs kinda styl of music. P square don gve am smal igbo sense dem no knw.wink

  10. Notin do U????? brother,U????? wll survive without them,God will see U????? through.

  11. U guys didn’t get it dey left may d becos dey are not capable of there responsible as a boss. I know better deal is waiting 4 Mr May D

  12. MayD is a good artiste…but he will surely miss square records bcos he will never be a better artiste dan he was while he was with psquare

  13. D true tory be say…. Is very hard 4 ibo boiz 2 run buz. Wit yoruba guyz cus dm 2 dul…..buh w neva stil hear d true talk

  14. huz dat idiot sayin dat psquare don join illuminaty and used hez moda 4 ritual?na ur mama u go kill!u guyz js lyk carryin rumors.hez moda was sick.tink b4 u talk.nwaiz mayD wud make it wit or witout square records!

  15. Ile ijo…..u doing good bro. Best of luck in ur future endevours

  16. Mayd will make it wit or witout square records!!! Jus work hard bro U???????? already hav da fame

  17. Mayd will make it wit or witout square records!!! Jus work hard bro U???????? already hav da fame

  18. He will certainly survive cos he has already made a name for himself.

  19. 1st.@square records lik anyoda lable cldnt cope wyt mayd again so dey split up.let’s nt 4get dey alredy help mayd 2d limlite 2nd.mayd is a very very gud artist nd I no e wil surviv 3rd.2 dat dude dat acused psquar wyt illumi tyns…U R JST A FOOL.

  20. MAY D hv his reason 4 leavin square records…who knows?….but MAY D wil survive coz he has already make a name 4 himself…..there is a reason 4 d season….MAY D splitin out might bring more success to him or any other package….

  21. He knows y. There is secretes behind all dis psquare blaa blaaa blaaa. There Mum died now May D out. Our ears r still open.

  22. WTF!! u guyz sud plz gv diz illuminaty shit a brk & gv it up 2diz talented young men doing their fin,as 4may D,datz not d end of d world nw bigger finz 2cm bro! na so he gaz be u no get.jzt keep doing wat u believe in & u go soon explode…

  23. I pray God help him out

  24. since the artist May D has made a succes in some of his traks, i tink he wil survive without square records, and he shud tank God 4 his iluminat escape

  25. i really am disappointed at some comments i saw above anyway, MayD is a talented artist, he sang my best part in chop my money remix with akon, and if his verse wasn’t there, i might not have loved the track that much, also he sang ile ijo and soundtrack which has made a lot of waves already so i think he will be a very sucessful artist, with or without Psquare, all he needed was a lift up into the limelight and he already got that through the PSquare duo. So let’s just wish them him we would want people to wish Us if we were them…

  26. He wrote songs for the new p square album. he's very talented those twins were surely jealous. for me they are just lucky musicians cuz their vocals suck

  27. I think this was their initial arrangement with MayD. to bring MayD out of d streets and free him. Its a common phenomenon wit artist. So let’s not ?ª?? mixed feelings abt it. cos @ the end of the day, them go still sit down 2geda drink their beer…
    While we r poundering abt their decisions!!!

  28. every1 talks abt illuminati here n dere buh d truth is 9ja artistes are still very far away 4rm d much-talked-about-group. Aldou,we are nt told d reason 4 d separation, I believe psquare probably tried 2 get rid of him coz dey are feelin insecure abt MayD’s success…howeva,d probability dat MayD initiated d break up is slim considering dat he has hot singles unda d duos’ record label n hasn’t released an album yet.the implicatn is dat he can’t FREELY add dose songs 2 his yet-2-come album unda anoda record label unless certain requirements av been met…
    Wish him d best out dere and expect d best 4rm him

  29. May D will survive 4 sure he is talented n p-square has already made him a well knw artiste 4 u guyz accusing dem of illuminati u ar’ just jelouse, p-quare mother died of heart attack so better shut ur dirty hole u called mouth n talk wat u knw

  30. Good for u!! Those guys r thieves to begin with!!

  31. Illuminati my ass! Some people are just dull. And for those saying may d made psquare jealous, lol very funny. Am sad for(may d) cos most of u commenting here never knew him the pass years he has been singing, suddenly u guys talk like you care.without the twins the nigga might not have met akon talk more of doing a song with him + video.well psquare keeping pulling out more surprises like rick Ross and more why leave , we might have heard may d feat lil Wayne. I wish him all the best but if the fault is his , then he should beg for peace.

  32. May d we shuld 4get mayd and square and just face d fool dat talked rubish abt psquare and illuminaty.big fool

  33. Omoooo…its ova 4 may d…p square was d only fin kippin him in d lime lite..

  34. i totally disagree with those dat are saying that mayd won’t Survive without ??d square record cos he’s a woNderful artiste…….

  35. Mr.MayD i want u 2 sumtin endurance wil definitely wer der goin 2,but evrtin hapen 4 a reason.Square record’s if der sumtin wrong try 2 settle it.dem cal me R.weight,i cant judge cus am not der.

  36. such is life, no wonda faze said, they can neva b 2geda cause they are nt brodas

  37. May-d might survive but itz go gona b difficult……alittle

  38. All iz well.. I lyk MayD as an artiste an i love psquare ass well… There’s always choice for us 2 make, they’ll surely make de right one. Wish all of ’em best of luck

  39. May D,Notin d???????????????? Happen,Notin do ?????o??
    ??????,carry ?oº°?°º? joO°???Or.May God Help ?????o????????,& see ?????o???????? 2ru,U????? get mouth.

  40. He should go HKN (davido record) i’m sure he’ll make hits there.

  41. MayD is extraordinarily TALENTED,he’s got all it takes to BLOW,he’s up to d task,for anybody that understands MUSIC very well,u will know he’s got skills & Good voice which Psquare LACKS,his flavour & style shows in Pquare’s recent release & without being told u’ll know he write songs for them,I’m not surprised that they did d same thing to ‘CAHA…they must be very GREEDY…MAYD! WISH U WELL BRO

  42. Huz dt bastard syn psquare usd his mum 4 rituals,na u initiate am abi!!!???……May D u go mk am 4gt all dos haterz u go mk am wellam

  43. May d just be focused ok, u have alot still coming ur way. This guy z got talent u know. Make dem mumu pple dey talk illuminati like say na dem recruite am join or even the twins. Psquare mama die of illness, now e don be ritual dem use dem mama do. Go use ur own mama do d ritual blow make we see nah, abi u no won hammer like dem? Yeye pple

  44. All dis is becos of illuminaty.dey want may D to join dem.may D said no.psquare have sacrificed dia mum askn may D to join in oda 4 him not to lick dia secrete.well,may D must survive as God dey

  45. May D go survive, his shine don already start cos if u check he’s got stuff more than Psquare, good thing he left, obviously cos he won’t join them cos face it May D got somethn to offer psquare & they know but they had no choice but let him go. Desperate mofos!!!

  46. Mr May D, its in u………… yes u CAN

  47. I pray that he will survive

  48. Check the official News to this effect, P-squares manage Jude said so

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