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Jay 3 – Too Sure

Posted by Tyler on April 5, 2014 in AUDIO · 194 Comments

Jay3 blue(1)official

Crowned prince of ABJcity and self-acclaimed ring leader abjcitymusic HRM prince JAY3′ warsoulja! Makes his first official outin on tooxclusive. Followin the succesful release of toosure 1.1 COMES version 2.1.this is the official toosure2.1. Madd vibe! Crystal clear razor sharp vocal ability.this JAM will thrill u!


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  1. Wowwwww nice song,this guy is got vibezzzzz.His sure taking over nigerian rap industry”kp the fire burning on point souljah”

  2. Which kind sing be this see don’t spoil abj for me oh

  3. Great vibe! I love it! Haters wil only die in hate! I see huge progress for this young man.! Big ups!

  4. The guy is good guys be real if u wanna be real.his a display of up the good work brother.ur talent will speak for you.

  5. The person saying don’t spoil Abj for me oh!!!lolz what work have you done for Abj?if u dnt have anything to say,why not kp shut.This guy is taking over rap game.sure boi lomo

  6. I agree with you joor,Nigeria presently lacks rappers.This guy is more talented than M.I Abaga.who has given up his rap game and faded out since 2013.Truth be told.

  7. If this jay3 guy wasn’t good,then other blogs wouldn’t pick up his post from tooxclusive.Another point is this,tooexclusive is a highly respected blog.They only post what makes sense.Therefore this guy makes a whole lot of sense.Gracious God,his outstanding.No comparism.

  8. Choc city needs this guy.

  9. I just listened to ur too sure single.boy oh sure gannn.lasgidi needs you,if Abj aint known what they believing in urself

  10. With a video u are out

  11. You rap like M.I and you sure to blow cos u gath all it takes.sabi sure pass assurance

  12. U got going crayyy and wet with ur voice.u re a definition of the word GOOD.All the best jay3

  13. Success is a thing of the mind.don’t rest untill you get are a bunch of talent son,,,

  14. Wowwwww. You killed it bro,you did well on this it up

  15. Lyrical pushing until u wear ur crown.pack the awards mehnnn.

  16. I love ur song like wowww.I can’t pretend.A golden fish has no hiding wil be discovered sooner than you anticipate

  17. Originality!!!where on earth have you been?you should be out on tv screens.We can’t wait to support you

  18. The industry needs ur type to make a change.Choiii talents are wasting.

  19. I agree wit you@david

  20. I agree with you maurice.on point

  21. Good work,dope artist.

  22. Nice piece.wonderful talent

  23. Endorsement labels in search of artist,need not search any further.if there is anything the music industry lacks,its rap entertainers”Take Advantage”

  24. Talented Poet”nice lyrical combination.

  25. Epadomo”koyoooo weldone and more greese to your elbow.nyc1

  26. Watch out for this guy.plzzzzz.He is daa bomb.

  27. I feel your vibe brother the fire burning

  28. I love ur jam,please bring it on.more of ur lyrical content

  29. Hardwork pays!!!your hardwork will pay you off up the pace.

  30. Will invite you to play at my child’s naming ceremony at v.g.c road 002 soon.Am ok with your delivery.see you soon

    • anytime

  31. See you at the top.The sky for you is the beginning……see you at the TOP

  32. You have all that it takes.Dnt Quit”I see you as the next African Rapper No1.yesssss BOSS.

  33. If you are not yet a signed up artist,be mindful what label endorsement you accept.As you need a label that can recongnize the stuff you are made off,and bring out the best in you.cheers

  34. You are almost there.Dnt Quit.Your fan base will sure be a huge one in no time.Damn

  35. What inspires you?you sing and rap with so much zeal.God will uplift you sir.goodluck

  36. Your Rap is clear.I could hear you word for word.crystal remind me of M.I

  37. Am feeling this guy like crazy.His vibe is so on point.One could mistake him for late tu-pac Amaru Shakur.perfect Job.

  38. We would love to take care of your make-up when you are set for your video.your song is Awesome.Kudos

  39. Am tripping.permit me to call you a lyrical wizard.You are good mehnnn.Awwwwwww

  40. Your song is simply thrilled me.its bn on repeat for God knws how long.I love your song jay,

  41. This is one of the best post from tooXclusive in recent times.The guy is a raw talent and raps with so much confidence.E believe himself die

  42. Cuite Industry face,A combination of swag and talent.keep it up.With the right push,your success will spread like virus

  43. Awesome Vibe”you got me thinking…..

  44. Fresh Industry face.Swag em”All out and take-Over

  45. You gath the needed industry looks,plus yor talented.Finish Work brotherly.Sure Boiiii for life

  46. Nyc 1.I dey feel your song dieeeee.

  47. Lyrically ill”you said it all”you are the words you are too sure my guy.

  48. Cool Jam

  49. Nice cover Art,just perfect for this wondeful piece.

  50. May God strengthen you,give you the grace to remain focused,provide for you,and establish you in Jesus are too good and too sure to let ur talent waste.Stay focused my brother.

  51. Uppssss nice track from a handsome dude

  52. Salamalekum”May Allah help u to greater heights.insha-Allah you will make it

  53. Insha-Allah.God is the greatest.May God make you great in your musical carrier

  54. Am impressed at the turn up of wonderful comments on your first outing here”I hope you kp it up.All the best.

  55. Turn up.yor the ish.

  56. More fire”harder.prahhhhh

  57. Determination today leads to success tommorrow.strive to be at the highest height.God has given you an inbuilt re blessed

  58. 100percent vocal ability

  59. Persist untill you succeed in achieving ur goal.nice track you got,we need more of you.

  60. Wonderful and impressive work you got here.

  61. May God make you standout among the best.Bigger you I pray.

  62. My God provide all that is required for you to breakout in Jesus name.

  63. Please come to lagos and make history with the talent you are endowned with.

  64. Nyc1 jay3

  65. You are as cuite and beautiful as the rythn of your song.Am loving ur track

  66. Dnt know what you guys think.but I see this Jam as one that can win this guy a grammy.

  67. He is gifted,and a good replacement for M.I

  68. He who is patient,achieves ur head up

  69. Too much Ego will kill your talent.please keep it simple just the way you are doing.

  70. RYMING AND POETRY.That’s what it is.

  71. Support Real Hip-Hop

  72. Nigerian’s makavelli

  73. Ur song kept on a repeat,replay,nd playbck so teyyy my battery die.sweet song,vibrant Rap.Goodnight All

  74. Fabulous performance.

  75. Very cool Jam

  76. Satisfactory to be reckoned with.

  77. Blessed dude.truly crystal clear Jam

  78. The jam is good to go.A generally acceptable vibe.

  79. This guy dey vex.Am loving this jam.

  80. One of a kind.keep up the hardwork.

  81. A clear. Message passed to those who have had experiences from bad friends.people who are only out to suck you and not to upgrade you.Cool Jam jawre”tell them.

  82. Nice Jam.True Talk.success has many friends,but wen its rough u find urself all alone in the cold”No 1 to jolly with you.nice Jam

  83. This song is a true life story of what people truly are.Everyone loves to associate with success.its not just a song but. a true life story

  84. I love ur deep vocals.your self confidence is so on point like seriously.

  85. This jay3 guy is sure to blow,no doubt.its certain

  86. Yea your song is cool bur you got to start generalising.dnt focus your songs on abuja particularly,so that you can break into all market both states,and capital,local and international.All the same,nice step you taken,there is room for improovement.

  87. You are wow

  88. Intelligent dude

  89. Boy when too much.oya video sharply done

  90. Tight track.u get bite

  91. You rap like a prof.not an be sure boy gan.

  92. Fans who have missed M.I will appreciate you so rap with swag jus like M.I

  93. You Rap with swag jus like M.I

  94. Guy u dey vex fight?take am easy o.Ahhhhhhh

  95. Too good from an upcoming.God bless your hussle man.

  96. Guy you are gifted.I usually dnt comment on post,but u leave me wit no choice,cause you are simply the best

  97. .Are you M.I’s brother?you both have a peculiar way of rap,and its cool

  98. Nigeria has got talent.most of this talents lack support.Its so disheartning.thumps up brother.

  99. Solid artist,your debut on tooxclusive is great.wowwwwwww.wonderful Rapper you are

  100. Boss of too much.success awaits ur game tight

  101. Choc-city deserves to hve a rapper of this nature on their label.He raps just like M.I ABAGA(chairman)maybe their brothers

  102. Keep up the pace with your good music,the advantage of positive songs like yours is that,even when you are gone,your songs live on with a legacy.just like 2pac.

  103. On point

  104. Gorgeous performance

  105. Cool jam from a cool dude

  106. SAllah-Akbar.Thank God a new regime has come.The industry needs a revolution.

  107. Come to lagos and base.your talent will enrich you

  108. I agree with you @remi.whoever knows good music will search him out.

  109. Tooxclusive You guys are too much for this promoting good music.

  110. Your blow is too sure.carry go

  111. Rise up,tke control.see flowz naa

  112. I love your voice sure boy.

  113. Rapper and singer.wonderful are awesome

  114. I goggled your profile jay3Abj this have a good profile,and other songs to your credit.pls leve abuja and relocte to lagos.we need ur skills here.

  115. The producer who cooks ur beat,is a beat,fly track.

  116. Ur fanbase will knw no limit.creativity is very present in ur must be an intelligent writer too.but cut the Abj thing off okay?Lasgidi you belong

  117. From a low bottom nigga now plays in a Bam

  118. You killed jam for both the old and young to learn from

  119. On point

  120. You hit ur hooks perfectly.nice track

  121. Niger’s next big thing

  122. Perfect killed it

  123. M.I’s brother.Awesome talent

  124. Are you already signed to a label???

  125. Sure boi no dey ever fall my hand

  126. Gifted talent

  127. Fly song:see vocal ability

  128. God bless ur style of music.insha-Allah

  129. Your Album will spread and be accepted like wild fire,cos you re making sense.

  130. Goodluck souljah

  131. I respect ur skills

  132. You are a peculiar artist.Your swag is tight.

  133. Industry swag

  134. You have got all it takes to be a hitmaker in the music industry.leggo

  135. This guy is good.@tooxclusive you guys are professionals.nice song.project this guy.

  136. I pray that a very intelligent label that matches this dude,discovers him in no time

  137. Success is ur’s in Jesus name.good rappers are very few in niger,so you are a good discovery

  138. Your talent wil elevate you insh-Allah

  139. I see in you self up the pace

  140. U solid pieces

  141. You are good to go bro,ur fans have got ur back”we re solidly behind you.

  142. Keep ballin tight,dnt slack,as it stands,you re on top of ur game.

  143. Unto the next one

  144. Highly endowned and gifted one of a kind nigga

  145. Ur lyrics are deep and full of life.

  146. Numerous betrayals frm friends,but ur song just gve me hope for a better tommorrow.

  147. Ur jam makes a lot of sense.There is wisdom in ur words.

  148. You are so endowned.bigger you I pray

  149. Splendid outing on tooxclusive.what. Huge success!!!

  150. Your lyrics are one of a kind

  151. Nice song.splendid

  152. Excellent job.I score you 100percent

  153. Kudos on this your track,even as I anticipate for more of ur vibez

  154. Twice as nice as M.I

  155. Street credibility

  156. Highly profiled nigga

  157. Hip Hop singer,poetic rapper

  158. All eyez on you just like tu-pac

  159. Is it dtunes that does ur beats?

  160. New face of rap entertainment,

  161. Fine boy plc

  162. Updated swag,so on point

  163. You are useful within and out side niger”educated Rapper,crystal flowz.knw ur worth please.

  164. Regardless the obstacles,your success is sure.Its toosure.

  165. Bonified Rapper.Tasted and Trusted.I believe ur government Abegggg

  166. Ogbeni Jay3,sure boy.

  167. Man of honour.Am loving your meaningful vibez

  168. You have broken record on tooxclusive,that no upcoming has broken in previous up the hardwork.u tried.

  169. You have potentials

  170. What of version 1.1?pls what site was it released on?

  171. Baba you too much.

  172. U have tupac’s confidence,jayz’s swag,and you delivered on point..u pass

  173. Rap Entrepeneur.I one sentence,that is my analysis of you.

  174. Even with ur talent you look humble

  175. Una wan kill this guy with comments ni?

  176. Talent is speakin for him

  177. Amazing vocalist

  178. Am loving ur jam

  179. I hardly comment but I had to…. u ar just too good… but I know say when u don blow u go start to drop….meaningless hits.. like timaya

  180. looll….is it anoda song or wtf y’all praisin…dis guy is WACK

  181. You are simply Awesome Jay3,God has blessed you with the talent,kp up the hardwork and kp writting good songs with meaning.At least you make sense compared to artist who sing bout sexual ordeals all d time.You are the opposite of re awesome

  182. U are awesome working harder.your talent wil see you through.insha-Allah

  183. You are gifted with the sort of talent that you need to excel in your musical career.I wish you goodluck

  184. Nice jam joor

  185. Nigeria has missed M.I Abaga.This guy can put a smile on faces of massive fans who love Rap music,and real entertainment.

  186. You re sure going places.fuck haters.on point bro,I could hear your rap word for word.makin sense.

  187. Hardwork pays.dnt give up the hardwork.

  188. I love you bay,you just forgot all bout me yea,after our hang out in abuja.missed you so much.I still love you jojo.

  189. Nice song,well mixed and mastered.nice one,I swear

  190. Nice 1 jojo james Onoja A.k.a Jay3.Prince Jay3 kp it loving you alongside your jammmm.tight track

  191. Nice track,speaking life’s it up jay3.hardwork pays brotherman.

  192. Nigeria Is starved of english rappers.Enough of these indigenous rappers in likes of phyno and olamide.We need more clean rappers like this.As M.I and iceprince don dull out finally.Push further broda…You will surely blow.

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