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If My Life Was Mine

Posted by 00-Babs on July 28, 2011 in AUDIO, Social Views · 28 Comments

From the moment I could think for myself I knew my life wasn’t mine. Even my conception didn’t appear planned and even if it was I know that I wasn’t consulted; I had no say in the matter. Who told them that I wanted to be born? Who told them I wanted to be the fourth and not the first child? So many questions I have for them and my creator even but then we are told not to even think or ask them for fear of ending up in the eternal lake of fire.

Knowing my life is not mine still doesn’t change a thing, although it has its physical boundaries it ends there: all my imaginations, thoughts and fantasies enjoy the liberty I am denied in person.

First and foremost if my life was mine, I would be Nigeria: yes the country, I wouldn’t be just Igbo, I would be all the ethnicities at once: I would eat authentic Amala and Ewedu straight from an old woman’s pot. I would rear cattle with the Fulani cattle-rearers; I would wake up in the morning, clean and eat fresh fish straight from the rivers of Rivers state. I would live among the Calabar people and see if the dog-eating stories I’ve heard about them are true and if so I would eat with them. I would dance with Tivs; I would witness the marriage of an influential Emir’s daughter to an equally wealthy Alhaji’s son. I would visit Sapele and plant yams, cassava, corn and groundnut with Mr Sada the farmer who I remember from my primary school reader. I would visit the excavation sites in Benin from whence beautiful bronze plaques were first discovered and carted away to foreign museums; a true testimony to civilisation and arts. I would visit all thirty six states and engage in whatever festivals they celebrate. I’d be all the greenery, I would be Obudu cattle ranch, I’d be the Sahara and the Niger river that runs through some part of Nigeria, I’d be lake chad I’d be thewarm springs of Ikogosi I’d be Zuma rock, Aso rock and Olumo rock all in one. I’d be Nigeria: the people and the place

If my life was mine I would be a citizen of the world; borders would be a thing of the past to me. I would travel to whatsoever country holds my fancy. I’d begin by eating fresh scallops from Cornwall, id visit the emerald isle listen to traditional folktales and dance to traditional folk songs sung by the locals. I’d choose to become a young girl in Tel-Aviv where I’d attend a bar mitzvah; I’ll listen to readings from the Torah whilst catching the eye of any young man of my fancy. Later that night id kiss him passionately under the starry skies of our Lords country of origin. It would be a whirlwind romance. I’d go backpacking through Japan, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore; the entire Asian continent in a nutshell. I would go dancing in Acapulco; I’d eat fresh colourful tortillas made right in front of me on the dimly-lit streets. Id learn to ride a horse bare back in the U.S.A, I’d watch bull fighting in Pamplona Spain, id even become one of the bulls if I so desired; gore a man to death and feel his bones crush beneath me. If my life was mine id be a typical American teenager; one day white the next day black; two sides of the coin. I’d experience and survive a drive-by shooting in queens New York and come back with the scars to prove it. I would then become my white counterpart; id get disvirgined in a borrowed car on my prom night by the boy I’ve had a crush on ‘in like forever…..’ who would probably linger around for a month or two then forget we ever crossed parts. I would then go on to become ?ber rich; you won’t ever see my photos splashed across magazines but my name would be a re-curing entity on the Forbes rich list. I’d be invited to exclusive ski-parties in Aspen in the winter and to Richard Branson’s Necker Islands in the summer where I’d rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of world.  At one of such parties I’d cheat on my husband with his business associates yet maintain a straight face the following Monday at a board meeting. Life goes on.

As interesting as all these seem most of all I’d love to end my days in the rice fields of china; looking forward to the joy in simple things: watching the sky to gauge the weather, planting the seeds in their season and stamping on the stalks during harvest time. All the time surrounded by close family and friends amongst whom my death will be felt. What would you do if your life was yours?

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A graduate of Mech Engr from UNILORIN. Works and lives in Lagos.
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  1. U wantd to av a choice in ur bein born….lik,really?….and I know dat ‘calabar’ ish was a SUB at Ella,I digress…….smthn jumped out at me…….’Borrowed car’ was d way u was broken too abi?,don’t lie!!……..Good writing,u musta done a lot of research too(devil knows I learnt quite a bit from dis post)……nd I see u gettin in touch wth ur killer tendencies,Noice!!….wat I luvd d most in dis post was d buildup….Prolific,just prolific!!

  2. WOW! WOW! I superLove this…yes Yu killed this, if My Life Was Mine, I’d Beg You to Live in Me…:* :*

  3. Very lovely. Poetry in prose form

  4. Nice write up,enjoyed every line,your thoughts on paper,it would av bin more colourful n thought tasking,if it was expressed poetically,nice piece ma,thank u.

  5. Great read(y)
    Thank God your life wasn’t yours

  6. Good diction, very creative, the patriotism.. How u express the need for adventure and how it ravages within you.. the occasional humours.. Sterling piece of work!

  7. Gosh….how creative this is…think I’ve been around just in a few minutes..and you made it possible..this is great..I would visit the excavation sites in Benin from whence beautiful bronze plaques were first discovered..

  8. Nice ..loved your spirit of adventure….well…. we all hope our lives were ours… as usual..funny…keep it up…

  9. Gosh….how creative this is…I think I’ve been around the world just in a few minutes..and you made it possible..this is great..’I would visit the excavation site in Benin from whence beautiful bronze plaques were first discovered…’

  10. Good, clean loved the spirit of adventure……

  11. Wonderful post. Your use of English was perfect… You also did your research well. Though I must say, it sounds like you’ve done most of the things you wrote (especially those things that were done in a borrowed car). Terrific post.

  12. …’i’ll cheat on my husband with one of his buisness associates and maintain a straight face the next monday at a board meeting…’ Did you really mean that?

  13. this is really nice…im impressed

  14. Lovely article,

  15. ‘id get disvirgined in a borrowed car on my prom night by the gehl I’ve had a crush on ‘in like forever…..’ who would probably linger around for a month or two then forget we ever crossed parts’… *sips fanta n walks away smiling* amma be visiting soon!*

  16. Luv it…absolutely beautiful,smart and precise!
    With such fluidity and simple words….u should write novels ma dear,U r truly gifted!

  17. Brilliant! I am very proud of you …… I love it.

  18. @Dhamyan: I wasn’t referring to ella. @henryjvc: yes I would do it if my life was mine. @jide thank. God indeed that my life wasn’t mine. What’s is wrong with ‘the borrowed car?’ LOL. Thanks everyone for ur comments. @NK hope they got the paper out of ur ear……………….I wonder what it was doing there in the 1st place 😀

  19. I’d av to agree wiv @dhamyan on dis one (I totally hate d tot) bt asides dt u blew my mind n made me yearn to visit those places! Kudos ‘bear… U killedt it!

  20. Another master piece by Mizz_Stazz, if my life was mine i’ll probably shag all the hot babes in the world and stash those racks on racks on racks!!!!!!!!

  21. Nice work….me likey! But why dint u wanna go to rome to dine with the pope? Go to jerusalem where angels once lived or better still greece where the gods once lived with mortals? …..perfect job lil sis….u getting better everyday! Xoxo…

  22. Brilliant! Luv d adventure.. Guess wat, if YOUR life was MINE, I’d prob rather u had it under d stairs, mum in d kitchen, dad upstairs.. lol. Nice piece

  23. Damn!!!
    Ok, m trying not to be too impressed but u rily outdid urself on dis 1.
    Wel as a critic *as usual* i’ld say dey barely plant crops @ sapele again. Dat reader is way 2 outdated & yup. If u’ld admit, u wrote from your head & not ur heart….

    Bt still stupendous doh. Kip it up!

  24. @Efosa if my life was mine then your life would be yours. @pasy well I really would love to meet Mr sada one day. And if my life was mine. Am sure I could make the crops come back 😀

  25. Really Nice!
    I loved the flow…
    If my life was mine ehn! I wont be born a Nigerian! prolly a sexy latina!! ^_^
    Nice work..

  26. If my life was mine i'll just make all the money in the world!!!!!!!

  27. This is so nice……nd ur welcome 4 d hint 😀 :p

  28. I have bookmarked your site for future referrence! Greetings.

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