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Lil Kesh – Shoki [Female Version] ft. Chidinma, Eva & Cynthia Morgan

Posted by Kas on October 22, 2014 in AUDIO · 112 Comments


If you are not familiar with this dance or this song by now then you are sleeping on a bicycle… Lil kesh is here with another version of Shoki and this time he has Eva, Cynthia Morgan and the beautiful Chidinma…


DOWNLOAD Lil Kesh – Shoki [Female Version] ft. Chidinma, Eva & Cynthia Morgan 

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  1. DOPE

  2. dz dude is killin me….

  3. Nice jam tho…buh na daah Eva part.Ah like pass

  4. Shebi iwo ni lil kesh abi? I go catch u #dope

  5. Yhaaa

  6. Lil_kesh be d second baddo o

  7. Lil_kesh be d second baddo o

  8. Nice dope #teamEVA# all d way,u killed it EVA

  9. Di-ja this one nor be yaroooooooo…THIS IS THE JAMMMMM!!!SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE LADIES IN THIS JAM THOOOOOOO…Evvvaaaa is the truthhhhhhhhh

  10. Eva held down tight but good team collabo anyways

  11. Ahhhhhh Eva has killed me #ahhhh shoki

  12. rubbish

  13. All d girls went boko haram on dis beat mehn! Killed it! Pow!!!

  14. Eva killed this track…What is chidinma sayin???? Lmao

  15. Eva is too much,

  16. This video i must see

  17. #TeamEva. She’s the reason why i like the shii

  18. Chidinma kill it dope

  19. Eva made it SUPER sweet!!

  20. Eva killed the beat….

  21. Dope!! These Girls Killed It…Morgan Killed

  22. Abeg,gif us somthin new jor!we tire of listening to thesame song differ version…#eva killed it anyway

  23. Dimma ur too much keep it up crew

  24. Very soon u go comot “Shoki, Gospel version”… Guy we need something new!!

  25. Giv US sumn new pls

  26. Eva murdered it….chidinma struggled

    • Go and sing it na…. Sabi sabi

  27. Otalenu oboi diz wan make brain………… Ma PIN:2931E441 on ladies pls

  28. Eva murked it! Chidinma this ain’t ur strong spot…

  29. Cynthia Morgan kip it up

  30. CHIDINMA murdered it men……yaga!!!

  31. Dis guy should find something 2 do dan relying on past glory, make more hits my brother, we don hear shoki tire, na shoki Foreign version remain…LMAO

    • You are fool #haterspluslooser#

      • Nt a fool cos na fact e de talk

  32. Best colabration dis mnth # EVA kill d beat# DOPE##

  33. Year 2016 this guy will still be doing shoki part 16

    • The guy na mumu he’s not talented at all…….he had nothing to sing/offer again just to do remix of a song 20times…locally/dumb lyrics and with his stupid dialect …..lilshit!!!

      • I dnt knw wat u nigerian pepu problem is..,.,… And am sure all u guys insultin chidinma ur voice is lyk croaky voice….. Ntn is eva gud 4 u…. Mtcheeew go n release ur own song na…. Nonsense!!! Chidinma,eva,cynthia cari go

    • lwkmd

    • lmao

  34. U guyz shuld stop beefin oya to ba easy ki iyalaya yin wa bo lorin mic, I luv is jam lil kesh ,eva chidinmah cynthia morgan kudos to u,olofofo jes dey hate joor!!! Nice 1

  35. eva killed it, chidinma killed it… kill kill kill, make una calm down ooo. make we know wen boko haram dey attack

  36. next big thing #teamYBNL

  37. Chidinma struggles.. ain’t your style babe

  38. They killed it…thanks all

  39. Wow!!! Can’t wait to c d video…. Chidinma U too tight ooo

  40. EVA!! U killed it! My role model cynthia u to much

  41. 9ice1….miss kedike allwayz on point….Lil kesh I gbadun u wela.kip it up….ma pin 25D34293

  42. nice 1

  43. awesome

  44. lovely

  45. Chidinma u good joor, Eva is woow nd morgan thumbs up, wonderful song by kesh. Up ybnl

  46. Eva and cynthia morgan !!!

  47. She murderment d song #eva

  48. 3 shoki’s in one year ..nawa o

    • Na d way ooo

  49. Eve killed everybody joor

  50. EVA. MURDERED THE SONG…but I could ave bin wonderful if lil.kesh rapped…

  51. Na. Wa 4 9ja o…….shey una dae here fuse wan use azonto kill persn… comment ……….nicz 1 kesh

  52. Dey’all did well buh moi dear role model ”Eva” murderedddddddddddd it!! just so on d real meaning of shoki….
    Chidinma en Cynthia Morgan’s verses has ntn to do with the meaning of shoki really except for d bed room part, lol!, buh all d same nice combination. thumps up babez + lil kesh. cnt wait tew c d video want it really hawtttttt!!, peace awwt

  53. Eva alws repping

  54. wow! i cant believ diz,diz iz exatily wat happed on d remix where no one can tel if davido lil kesh or olamide was d murderer due i went 4 d rap wich was olamide d same here,dey all murderd d song buh i tink eva was outstandin i love u baby!

  55. chidinma go slip jhor…..cynthia morgan tried bt eva finish work

  56. DOPE,Every1 was on point ni

  57. No b only shoki female version na shoki children version na mil mesh go sing now dis time e go use Amarachi and ozzy bosco take sing am LOL

  58. No b only shoki female version na shoki children version na lil kesh go sing now dis time e go use Amarachi and ozzy bosco take sing am LOL

  59. No b only shoki female version na shoki children version na lil kesh go sing now dis time e go use Amarachi and ozzy bosco take sing am LOL

    • haha

  60. Eva,cynthia,chidinma thumbs up 4 u guys jawe… mind d haters…..lilkesh carry go jawe….

  61. Very soon another one will come shoki old mama and old papa version ft mr ibu and papa ajsco lolzzzzzzzzzz

  62. All did a qreat job…mr kesh thumbs up…xpectin more of u nd to eva u also did a qreat job followed by chidinma den morqan…YBNL is qoin hiqh wit kesh


  64. Lilkesh,na only ‘Shoki’ u sabi?????
    Chaiii!!!!!,der is God ooooo!!!!!

  65. Cool song…love Eva’s part a lot
    Cynthia was great
    Always a fan of Chidima
    <3 <3 <3

  66. lil kesh na die ooo only shoki na

  67. Y do people actually comment widawt reasoning? 1’s a song is a hit nd u keep giving differnt reasonable versions pls u’re good to go, u needn’t pester him unto releasing other tracks nd in d long run dey dnt tend to add sumfin meaningful to his career…. Releasing just 1 dope song in many ways is a lot better than releasing several meaningless 1’s nd ending up like wizkid. Nigerians think wif ur brain nt ur spinal cord.. Thumbs up lil kesh, Cynthia u were great, Chidinma u were greater nd Eva was d greatest. I appreciate u all.

    • Eva was the greates of all….I’ve always loved u eva…and @Gold u said it all…THANKS!!!!

    • Dis song is not chiddy kind of thing buh yet she nailed it……morgan u re still the craziest…….evaaaaaaa god am so loving yah…… U re my mentor…… an upcoming musician#rapper would collab with u one day…..chidi u re still the bomb

  68. those gals re murderer’s. ma pin:515a2212

  69. Eva side na die chidinma just use back up dope her verse cus she was allover d track c Morgan ishey.

  70. Ion speechless…chidinma…tried..cynthia morgan…z gwd on ds one…buh eva..omg!! Ds babe murdered it…wahllon!

  71. Ohhh my, u gals really are awesome…@Chidinma u’re too much @ Cynthia Morgan, thumbs up @Eva Alordia, u really killed it…luv u so much baes #kisses#

  72. Mavins crew are really trying I love ALLAH

  73. Morgan u d best

  74. lil kesh is improving gradually

  75. Eva respect to u…chidinma lyrics is poor, Morgan did her part…this is my comment from an up coming artist.

  76. nice one guys….lol!welldone chidinma…..been listening to dis on my musicplus app…oya shoki oooooo “in chidinma’s voice*lol*

  77. Eva, keep it up… …. ..

  78. Super cool keep it up

  79. Eva i like u ooo u 2 dope i hail u

  80. Chidinma i love dey way u kill them on dis song, attention baddo i hail u ooooolove u so much eva love u 2 :*


  82. Da ma u r a dope Star chidinma nd eva una noi go kill. Yung stars

  83. Morgan n Eva kudos,chidinma out of track

  84. Be A Man

  85. chidimma nd Eve really tryed…nd mogan…is still coming up..nd needs mor surports.

  86. Nice beat Eva and Chidinma u guys re making me gone crazy….. #ahhhh shoki

  87. lil kesh was in benue of recent..d guy is a bomb

  88. Neva logout until u r logged out

  89. Well done u guys…u killd it….buh chidinma dis aint yur style..cynthia,eva…u both finish work

  90. Eva ur head dey there,,, u got talent die!

  91. Eva, I don’t know how to say dis u are d reason y i like dis music

  92. Nice song their baby….

  93. Eva and morgan killed it but chidinma tried

  94. The song na nonsense, those gals no make any attempt

  95. Eva I love u too much,!!!!!

  96. Eva I really love u so much

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