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Mr. P – Cool It Down [New Song]

Posted by Marcus Brown on October 20, 2017 in AUDIO, HOT!! · 265 Comments

Mr. P – Cool It Down. Who says Peter Okoye doesn’t know how to do good music? Well, the former member of the group, P-Square debuts with his first solo effort titled Cool It Down.

Listen below and tell us if this is the right path to take by Mr. P.

Mr. P – Cool It Down


“Mr. P – Cool It Down [New Song]”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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  1. This Song is classic

    • Ooh my God….. Mr p just killed me….nice song..but really wish ur second Paul was there…nice one Shaw

      • He still killed d beat he’s on point. Carry on MR P JORE

        • This song is a hit,but it would have been better if the twins sang it together.peter and paul,please do reconcile.

          • pls and pls let u come together pls Mr p and Mr paul

    • I really love the song Mr p……..But pls u and ur brother forgive each other we all want u guys back …have u forgotten the song u bith sang me and my brother eh and also story, story, pls u guys should come together as one… if God can forgive us our sin what about we human ,plsssssss forgive each other.

    • Mr p. you too much brother Carry goooooh!!!

      • carry on dear. unity does not mean uniformity. u’ve chosen to do it ur own way and ure doing it just right. in fact u posses it all u dances very well I didn’t even imagin u’ll sing thz good; I Don’s want to compare but ure the best….chao!!!

  2. Love it….buh i dont knw if it’s jus me
    I kinda kept waiting for paul’s voice…its strange….good music still!

    • was jst waitinv fr pauls vioce bt it didnt com
      nic 1 tho

      • Very very nice, buh would have been better of u if u guyz did it together, please you guyz should come back as one again!!!!

    • Am with u on this…

      • rodney ur rit

    • Well i also love the song is just that am not satisfied without Paul’s voice

    • me too the twins were jst good together

  3. Na Selebobo sing the song. You think that we dont know…?

    • If na selebobo sing am,sing ur own.

      • Naija eya were gan o mr p nice one bro i believe in u from day one.

        • I’ve always liked the way you sing a verse in Psquare, it’s different ,stylish and unique. Tell you the truth, you’v got an amazing voice, it’s just hidden all these years, time to unleash the beast. Amazon song Mr P. keep it up.

          • exactly he’s voice is cool

      • No be only selebobo na T-pain sing am

    • Wish bobo

    • U mumu bah na selebobo voice u d hear.. Oluchei

    • idiot na so selebobo voice the is even better than the broth.’s owned

    • no b only selebobo,na small doctor.mumu person like u

      • Gud song,de video nd song tap sence

  4. dope

  5. wack!

    • Do one wack. animal

  6. Nice one… Love it

  7. I loveeee

  8. mr p ohh paul ooh you people should no how to cut your wing and bring down your pride if you will lose fans as for me and friend we are thinking on how to decamp from you people because you are not behaving like blood brother at all you people are fucking up

    • na so my brother u dey lay at all brother i thank u for that little speech

    • There can be nothing like Psquare.. . Either Rudewhat or Me what.. .. You can’t do without yourselves. It’s when the videos starts dropping we will all see how TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE

  9. This song reminds me of something from older times, beautiful melodies I loving it thanks for sharing

    • It’s cool

  10. The song is cool can u hear the wands coal line in who u epp? Nice work tho

  11. nice indeed

  12. Incomplete

    • Complete it brah

  13. This doesn’t sound like p square this is something different so Paul was actually the brain behind p square anyway good luck Peter

    • Yo, this song is from Mr P not from PSquare, u don’t expect the song to sound like Psquare’s OK, I swear this song from MR P has cleared my doubt. NICE ONE BROTHER

      • Tnks bro. Anybody will be stupid to expect psquare voice from Mr p that has told us psquare is dead. This is mr p doing his things not psquare. The song is powerful

    • Olodo ni e

  14. wow i love dis song

  15. I’ve been repeating the song

  16. Not bad, Mr P

    • What a lovely song

  17. Incomplete, This is truly Mr. P not P Square

  18. If to say Paul take one verse for this, the music for mad gan… Paul with is wizard voice

    • true talk

  19. these guys want carry us make money as we think that both of them have separated any body that release a song we all we rush and buy or download it so that we can compare wit the other half and by so doing they will be making their money, this is a new trick from p-square camp, and don’t be surprise before any half release a song it will be checked by P-square before pushing it out . who Dem wan deceive igbo boys and business ideas

    • Hmmm shay person go kill em self

    • u are good ,it true

  20. Nice

    • You people should live peter of p square alone ok

  21. The fact that p square are no more can make us to be fooling ourselves. I love you Mr p buh if your bro was in this song it would have be great indeed all the same good luck my man

  22. He’s doing well for a start. Not bad at’all

  23. Not rili good sha, I love Mr P, I love rudeboy

  24. Well, the record sounds fine but doesn’t really move me like Psquare song because I don’t really hear that magic voice. I like this guys being together because of their voice and dance. Peter entertains with his unique dance steps while Paul captivates the heart with his angelic voice. The combination of these talents endeared Nigerians to Psquare. So going on solo career may scare fans away from these very tricky Igbo guys.

  25. E no make sense they should better come come and bring back our true voices

    • lol like seh e start as mr p e for no blow o.. Lol i expected alot more

  26. E no make at all they should get back and bring out the true psquare voice. All this na wash

  27. Lol

  28. Classic but can judge till Paul drops his own

  29. Wow wow wow,i really love the song more wisdom bro,buh we fans want u guys back together ooh pls.

  30. I appreciate the song. Please others stop with the hate speech try empathy some of us speaking can’t even sing in church choir

  31. OK but you something is missing is your second

  32. who say Mr p no get talent of singing?@ double talented Mr p i greet u

  33. This song mad gan. I feel am. This is old Psquare

  34. The song is Good,but not like this. Ride on Mr p

  35. it is so cool

  36. I just wasted my mb. Deleted as soon as I heard d chorus?

    • I tell ya! so boring. And people dey lie to the guy say him music sweet

      • Oloriibu ni e

  37. I just wasted my mb. Deleted as soon as I heard the chorus. Bro no hate, but go And cool it down with Paul.

  38. it hurts that you guys have broken up. but I’ve always liked mr p because of his style .I like the way you sing your verse in psquare songs it’s different it’s unique and got style above all u have an amazing voice it’s Just that it’s hidden all these years. just more work and it will come out. time to unleash the beast. nice songs Mr p keep it up.

  39. I love this song…jes dat not enuf back up as p2 used to do…keep it up Mr p..make sure d video kill d song

  40. guy this na bomb but don’t go away

  41. It’s a nice one Bro……. I know you are good right from day one. Keep it up

  42. I trust dis guys from day1, both Peter n Paul can win my hrt wit a good hit. Die hrt fans to Peter. Ur voice is killin me man

  43. You guys should bring down your pride and settle and bring back the real p square, anyway nice song.

  44. Nice one love you guys

  45. Love you guys

  46. perfect, the hidden talent is coming out now

  47. Mr p perfect one. the hidden talent is coming out now

  48. Nice won Mr P???????? love Da song

  49. Wowwww.. what a superb song… I love mr p. i love this song more than “nagode” paul sang that was not organise.

    • Wow wow wow i love it keep it up bro

  50. I love this song.. i always put it in repeat

  51. isn’t it so obvious dat it has been paul all d way?? d song is nice but wait till u hear from Paul..

  52. The sky is your Limit Mr Peter.

  53. Wow!!! Mr p u 2 much. Am kinda tripin 4 dis golden voice. Who say peter no fit sing, incase u no knw go listen to psquare’s Ejeajo ft. TI. Peter wrote ejeajo nd sang almst evrytin by itself, Zombi ft Jeremy jackson, alias if i no get money i get place to borrow in Collabo ft Don jazzy nd many more.

  54. Nice one Mr. P. You too much bro. Anybody wey no like the song make he go hug transformer

  55. Nice one Mr. P. You too much bro. Anybody wey no like the song make he go hug transformer

  56. Dope song Mr p

  57. Excellent work for a debut single. Mr. P can do without P Square.

  58. Nice song.
    I have heard a lot that Mr P.don’t know How to sing But thank God that you have prove them wrong.

    But I prefer Psquare.

  59. rubbish

  60. Nice one Bro.

  61. Nice song.. I have many song to share with Bt no back up here is my contact 07014120961

  62. Am nessi miles… Am not happy by hearing u guys voice having miss understanding every day, pls senior boss u should reconciled and leave woman voice, because we all know that woman are full of troubles creating and making identical humans have prefigure hands…
    pls Mr. P and Mr. Paul AK.A Rude boy pls u people should refigure ur hands before loosing fan’s pls

  63. Baba u well show dem.. psqure fr beta oo…may unah reconcile abeg.. H

  64. That is hand work of hard working man I love it

  65. I can play it a million time..,… Nice one bro

  66. Nice song you try!!

  67. what a gr8 song from Peter of the defunct psquare group both twins are talented but Jude as manage to separate the twins for is selfish gain I m sure their late mother will be crying somewhere. tell Jude to sort artist outside the square record or rudeboy let see if he can manage the artist

    • Jude is just one foolish person, how can he take sides with one person instead of settling their ish.. Na wetin yoruba pple dey call “Agbaya”

  68. Such an impressive step,bt 2 of una for make sense pass.

  69. divided dem go fall united dem go stand strong….. zero vibe……..fuck d track.

  70. Nice one bro p,,

    • Go sleep it’s a nice song by Mr p

  71. Super natural. Mr P.

  72. Gud1

  73. Shey e don sing, im body don settle, i pity dat mumu

  74. I’ve only seen psqure perform live in Accra stadium,and then my love for them tripled,cos I saw DAT passion I always felt when I listen to them,dey even manufacture energy on stage!I know sometimes ppl go solo,but pls u guys shld team up once a while&give me what I know u guys for…..ur still ma #1on d continent,tumbs up Mr P,wish RB well too,peace

  75. nice one but the should try and settle their brotherhood relationship

  76. that’s a nice one Mr p keep it on the lord is your strength. Whoever plan for your down fall, will live to see your success in Jesus name? Amen.

  77. is not ryt..dey r been childish

  78. Nice beat, really it’s a nice one, u got the talent bruh.. buh please put effort in trying to “cool it down” with your blood, your half paul, this song would have been more dope if performed by psquare. Personally I’ll be very grateful if you guys get back. I don’t see any reason for splitting up cuz you two are one, you remember ….” peter&paul dem be 1 no be 2, remember say dem get igbedu”, so pls cool it down with him so you guys can get back at unleashing ur igbedus, cuz we’re waiting. #ThinkItBruh#

  79. Nice song bro… but peace is still needed…u guys togeder is stil d best

    • Na lie lie

  80. the song is okay and nice,but I hate both Paul and peter for spliting,Blood is unity.i advise them to be together again.

  81. cool it down with your brother Please,

  82. Nice work Mr. P. But two heads are better than one

  83. Nice work Mr. P. But two heads are better than one

  84. Dope.. Tops.. We’re cooling it down this festive

  85. Mr P, indeed you are blessed but please forgive your brother, don’t carry anything bad in mind against him and move on.

  86. Now people believe my Mr p. Does not know how to sing, all he does is dance and back up for rude boi. Now it’s clear,God on his side, ride on Mr p, am with u every where

  87. P-Square is 1brain in 2vessel. something is missing in this song.

  88. Nice song its interesting and touching…..
    Please u guys should try and sort things out..!

  89. Wow this is awesome fanz watch out for psmart ft Mr p titled IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER some help me reach him I need him on this track 08138330928

  90. The song is nice I love it?

  91. Nice one bro, really love the song keep it up?

  92. Waw….. U hit this bro ….. Keep it up……….
    Neva cool down

  93. If team work will continue to bring out d best of you guys, pls continue as P Square. Nice song but I can’t imagine how good it would’ve be if Peter is firing it from right, Paul from left. Bro u think am.

  94. If team work will continue to bring out the best of you guys, please continue as P Square. Nice song! But I can’t imagine how good it would’ve be if Peter is firing from right n Paul from left bro u think am

  95. If team work will continue to bring out the best of you guys, please continue as P Square. Nice song! But I can’t imagine how good it would hadPeter is firing from right n Paul from left bro u think am

  96. Peter you be boss. Have always known you to be a very good singer coz you do more of P-Square’s back up and it requires an additional quality to be a good back up singer coz even professionals do hire back up singers so am not surprised when i heard this dope joint. Mr P you u re the boss.

  97. pls try na settle dis fyt

  98. as u settle d trash will add to ur respect in world. and ur maturity

  99. I love this song … some of you asking them to come back I hope you understand what split them…
    lack of respect that’s the problem, they are still good brothers but for them coming back will not be good..
    they are rich and famous already so let them be separately…


  100. Mr P, this song is really melodious, it’s sound good, Mr p, you are always the best even when u fail to show it, ride on Mr P God is on your side

  101. Good one bro, i always no that u will do well on ur own. Yes is more batter when u an ur brother work together but when d ppl u luv don’t want u, u move on is a good one keep it up. Well I still luv to see p-square back as 1 again cos I hv always been a fan of p-square from last night one luv bro good one

  102. This P without the square sounds so up coming…

    If the square cannot be added to the P, then the P should not be in the music industry!!!

  103. nice one bro but my Paul sing pass……. you can’t compare

  104. Nice 1

  105. nice one

  106. U too much Mr p

  107. Still one voice miss… To make it super classic

  108. The songs that u did together are still Great Mr P u guys should be together, what helped to brothers love still lording

  109. Shap

  110. the song is nice buh i wish he did ti with his bro… any way nice song tho

  111. well,Nyc one Mr_P……But u guys really need to sort tinz out, really need Paul in diz song.

  112. wow nice on mr p but pls……… p mk peace wit ur brother ur brother is still ur brother no matter wat happen pls mk peace

  113. To God who greated Me.. As am playing dis very good track… Omo I remembered far bck ..p square,,- Senorita..- ur name ….mr p nice one joorr …. Buh remember No body Ugly… Okwa ego na akpali mmadi ,,, Ndi Anambra state anyi adighi eme kwanu ly dis Biko my brother … Make una com back…- jide nu aka unu onu… Buh mr p.. U killed dis song die… Keep it up

  114. I’m not surprise, you are my favourite anyway…love you always Mr. P

  115. wow, always my favorite. nice and interesting song

  116. nice 1 mr p

  117. Asuquo E: I love u Mr p more than ur Broda

  118. Always dey Gbado you my Mentor

  119. I’m loving this song, everyday of my living,
    Never new u could do sumtin good like this.
    U rock, Mr P

  120. Wow

  121. What a classic song and unexpected

  122. I love the song, nice one
    but u guys still remains my favourite, quarel, fight or not,
    Come back as one that my prayer for u guys

  123. I love this .. Mr p the brave one

  124. Such an amazing song keep going baba God gat your back

  125. i always wait for this guys songs to be out, i love u both…pls u guys have to come back together. i almost cry when i heard that u both separated, i love this song but i want u both to come back pls….

  126. well I’m glad to hear this song but, i want to see Psquare

  127. yh tru talk my people
    its strange seeing a peter without a Paul
    good music tho…

  128. Wish him the best of life but two of them would have made the song unique. Let them settle their differences and hit us with their best

  129. Something is Missing,,,,it’s better than rudeboys fire fire

  130. Make una shut up

  131. when you twins brothers that was born the same day, same hour are behaving like this, how do you want those that are just brothers to behave? anyway the best thing for you guys is to settle this dispute among yourselves, how do want your children to be behaving to themselves, you guys are married, fine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your relationships.
    peace to you guys!

  132. www .gov. Ifeanyl

  133. Mr P U Tried But U Guys Have 2 Com 2geda Again Becos Somtin Is Misin In Dat Song Ad Dat Is Paul’s Voice

  134. cum together and combine this track…vow it wil conquer the world

  135. cum together and remix this track….it wil conquer the world

  136. Coolweather

  137. I go crazy with this en dont say abt in my headooooh i lik it kip dat rock bra

  138. Av Alwyz Loved U 4rm Day 1 Mr P n I ll Alwyz U more no mata wat coms Ur way…I LOVE U BRO 4rm Anoda Monda…

  139. so u and your bro don’t want to come back abi??
    so much for blood brothers

  140. I love dis song Mr p ur too.much

  141. I love ur song but it would have been better with the two of you. U guys have amazing talent. But please don’t allow ur ego to bring u ppl down. I love u guys so much that each time I hear ur song I feel kul because u guys make good melody and harmony. Pls come back together and apologise to each other. It doesn’t matter who caused what. Just put ur pride aside and come together.

  142. Where Paul @hommie? this ain’t fresh nice song tho’ would have sound better with your better half

  143. Something is still missing…….. I hope you are understand

  144. I only av 1 word to describe this song..DOPE

  145. Mr p na you be baba I love the song like waiting

  146. I have always known you to be genius right from day one,the way you always stressed all ur verses in the days of Psquare really cool me down a bit but as for this ,I have surrendered,nice one bro you got it,keep showing the world what you were made of without interference of Paul as they claimed,the video is really dope,your steps you used in dancing is something marvelous,you are really the brain behind Psquare success…let’s see if Paul can bring out dancing steps in his videos without you,….lol

  147. Mr P nah u Biko ,you got it,the video dancing steps and shot is really marvelous,keep showing the world what you are really made of without the interference of Paul as they claimed,you are really the brain behind Psquare success,the way you stressed up your verses in rhyme with the beats is really special,i have always believe in you,lol let’ see if Paul can figure out dance steps for his videos without Peter…..good one bro,we love you.

  148. There can be nothing like Psquare.. . Either Rudewhat or Me what.. .. You can’t do without yourselves. It’s when the videos starts dropping we will all see how TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE

  149. Good music man
    Nice sound

  150. Hot song

  151. Some said Mr p can’t sing that Paul can..
    You proved them wrong bro. But the psquare’s sounds better.


  153. itz a nice song but it will bettef if u get unit again

  154. Cool Mr P that’s great but greatest when its psquare please you guyz should do something about that just to please your mum where ever she is no mum will like to see her offspring depart from each other

  155. jst v strong Mr.p,I love u and any part u partake in psqare,best u.nice one

  156. Nice one mr p
    Cool it down
    So that peace will rain
    Waiting for another hit song

  157. mr p i will you and your brother to go back gather

  158. Mr p or whatever,cool it down with ur bro.The song is incomplete without him!!!

  159. Beautiful one and I love the content of the song, but trust me, u guys are a lot better together.

  160. I LOVE U MR P

  161. Mr p u did it ma bro
    Two Ar all music but ur Ar trying to knw who is who in DE industry MA bro

  162. Nice one MR. P like the song u are good without the both of u.nice one bro u can do it alone.

  163. Nice one bro i wish u more blessing

  164. The Song goes well, I do really like the song just as it used to be @ old love psquare songs. Mr P. you tried enough but I still want both of you to come together again. Mr P. think of the records you have created with the name “PSQUARE ” and never forget the steps you used to climb to were you are now. Don’t think of what the world people will say. I like you both as PSQUARE.

  165. I love de song and de dance step he morder de song

  166. Mr P you have killed the show nice one bro

  167. Mr p tried for the beat but comparing cool it
    down with fire fire which one can you play in a dance floor and make people move and shake their body for me is fire fire

  168. Mr p tried for the beat but comparing cool it
    down with fire fire which one can you play in a dance floor and make people move and shake their body for me is fire fire

  169. Nice 1 there Mr p, but would you ever ft rudeboy in any of ur song?

  170. is amazing

  171. is amazing

  172. Mr p. u rock d music. BT i believe dat 2 cn make it more beta than one. so we dont want 2 hear Mr p , or rude boy all we need z #P_SQUARE

  173. Nice one Mr P
    But go cool it down with ur second
    We ur fans want P square back

  174. Never forget what God have join together no man can put asunder, You and your brother have been together for years, will you allow a woman to put you both away haba p reason am oh

  175. I love this song oo…. It makes me think of life

  176. Mr p and rude boy,we your fans want you guys back together.we all miss psquare.

  177. Nice one keep it up

  178. mr. p mum is nt happy ohh

  179. mr. p nice one bt we need p. sq

  180. l lik u mr P

  181. Cool it down and u cool it on my head i like u pass

  182. no be only Selebobo na Osadebe and Oliver de cok with Persuma voice, but no mater what u guys just have to come back pls ( number one fans ) God will help u guys

  183. Not dope Like fire fire

  184. As rude boi sing i hear complet psquare bt mr p no voice na rude boi d sing all dis while d gada fans u u don mk money tru ur bros voice con d form


  186. Hey, 4 me nd all of p-square fans am pleading 2headz re beta dan 1 dis muzik iz unique. touching bt der’es sumfin missing which is paul’s voice, my dear dnt get jealous abt fanz commenting bbt paulz voice u got wat he deos nt av nd he gat wat u do nt av u guys would blend togeda, swalow ur pride, tink abt hw it is afecting ur fanz all over de world, hrts of even de elderly wld be at risk, u guyz shouldn’t be so selfish tink abt ur fans, i was just saying o o o

  187. RUDE BOY FIRE FIRE : e no make sense at all I rate you 0/100

    MR P COOL IT: this one nah crap….rate you 0/100

    wow very good rate you 101/100

    you guyz are good together…. stop this childish rubbish… guyz should reconcile and get back together ….don’t let any body slit you guyz…
    your fanz are waiting till you reconcile……you guyz are made to be together that why you are twinz


  188. RUDE BOY FIRE FIRE : e no make sense at all I rate you 0/100

    MR P COOL IT: this one nah crap….rate you 0/100

    wow very good rate you 101/100

    you guyz are good together…. stop this childish rubbish… guyz should reconcile and get back together ….don’t let any body slit you guyz…
    your fanz are waiting till you reconcile……you guyz are made to be together that why you are twinz


  189. hmmm u nailed it Mr p but it sounds more better with your twin bro being separated doesn’t matter but give him a second chance and I know you can’t reject him cause blood is thick than water. peace and love to the word wide twins forever as it shall be done to the psqaure coz he needs a collaboration.

  190. I love the song bro keep it up, love u

  191. Mr p u are blessed…..I love dis song and I love u……..but pls I need psquare back u guys should forgive each other and move on

  192. Keep it up bro….I really love the song….but pls u and ur brother should forgive each other…have u forgotten the song u both sang me and my brother eh and story, story, pls u guys should live as one

  193. I really love this song, but please u guys should come back back as one brother as before please……there must be Peter and there must be Paul for things to be soft,i beg you guys just come back as one for thinks to be cool down

  194. sir dave

  195. I love this song

  196. 2 together. God knows why you two came out from ur mothers womb as one.if ur mum is alive Mr p and rudeboy(peter and Paul) she will do rather die than to see u too separate.

  197. you are de best and will always be

  198. Mr P you too much

  199. Mr p
    u are too much

  200. The music is nice but would love to hear both voices,both

  201. The music is nice but would love to hear both voices,both of u started this wen u were little why will u ppl allow unnecessary things to tear both of u apart remember one blood forever

  202. Nice song, beat and dance. But it will be more awesome if you guys get back together. Remember your songs (1) me and my brother (2) story story. I don’t really know the cause of the problem, but please also remember that united we stand and divided we fall. I really love the both of you together. And have always loved your songs together. please reconcile and get back together, one love. From Ede Blessing.

  203. my best music to listen to everyday.i want more mr p

  204. Hey dis songn’z dope plz….
    U guys shud still reconcile ooooo
    ure twins fr Godsake dnt let anything or anyone come btweenu two
    evryone is beggin u guys pleaseeeeeee

  205. Mr Wilslim dey talk

    Mr p.. You got a good music and I really want to work with you.
    .. I base in Dubai… Can any please link me to Mr p… Amazing music ? ? you too much my brother

  206. dope song Mr p u bad. never knew u can do this

  207. one love mhen best track u gat

  208. i love u, ur voice, ur songs, u have been my best right from day one

  209. good beat there Mr p!!! #kill em all…

  210. This song is so touching Mr p

  211. p square is the best my brothers , plz reconcile and make ur late mom proud plzz..

  212. Pls guyz no tym 2 form porsh. Jus Cme bck..nice mr p.

  213. this two brothers should stop behaving as if they were not born by the same parent

  214. Mr p is the best singer i know

  215. Mr p is the best singer i know

  216. Mr. P I Love this particular song doh am in Liberia you are my favourite musician in NIG bro keep it on.

  217. What a Wow! Mr. P your songs are all sounding sweet especially this one, I’m your #1 fan in Liberia. I was so crazy with happiness the very first time I saw you in Mama Liberia, keep the game on and fear not brother

  218. Mr. P you are the best for me, this song of yours have taken over the whole of Liberia, we needs more from you. I now believe you Mr. P was the Key man for Psquare######@@@@ We the citizens of Mama Liberia say’s ( Bravo) keep on the game

  219. Actually Mr p really kill the beat I love this music

  220. I lov it….da best one

  221. Honestly u kill it….da best one….

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