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N6 – Fix Up Your Life (M.I Reply) [New Song]


N6 – Fix Up Your Life (M.I Reply). OAP & rapper, N6 sends a reply to M.I’s controversial single, Fix Up Your Life.

This is not a diss according to N6.

Listen below and share your thoughts.

N6 – Fix Up Your Life (M.I Reply)

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  1. This guy is a great OAP and all that, but please what’s this?

    • LOL. My thoughts exactly. He wanted to say something, just shouldn’t have rapped about it.

  2. This guy isn’t the best rapper out there, but he’s nothing close to wack, he made his points very clear..the honesty in his message to M.I is vivid, the hiphop scene is getting interesting again 🙂

    • For real tho.

  3. Seen this?

    Dear N6,
    Am penning this letter as a result of your reply to MI Abaga’s ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’ and your talk on Naija fm about the tracks.
    First, I must commend your lyrical prowess. The track shows you are at least, not a toddler in the game.
    Please, understand that this piece is not to make you feel remorse or make me sound discourteous, rather, it is to correct some basic ideas that I think are not right.
    Let me start with making you understand that the ‘Lives’ in Mi Abaga’s ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’ has absolutely nothing to do with a Rapper’s personal life or career. Rather, the ‘Lives’ refers to a Rapper’s ‘art’, ‘flows’, ‘songs’, ‘music’, etc.. So, when MI says, ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your ‘Lives”, he simply means, ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your ‘art’, ‘flows’, ‘music’, etc.’
    I did a review of the song, but I’d not like to post it here. If you listen to the song deeply, you’d hear truth screaming in it. The line, ‘Rappers are singing just to get popular’ says it all. Look at our rappers today, from Olamide to Phyno, to almost all of them! Dem don turn singers finish. Will you call Phyno’s ‘Fada-Fada’ a rap track? What about Olamide’s ‘Wo’? Let’s not even talk about Lil Kesh, the guy betrayed rap!.
    This is a pinch of what MI was talking about in the track..
    My apology about these words, but, when I listened to your reply to MI’s ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives’, I noticed that you have a very low reasoning towards rap and you lack an understanding of a rap track..
    I thought in your reply, you’d be talking about how Nigerian rappers are giving good punchline, bars, puns, flows, etc.. But I was ashamed when I noticed that you went completely off-key in the begining of your reply.. Instead of talking about MI’s ‘art’, you started talking about his ‘Life’.. You said somethings about how he isn’t managing Choc City properly. You asked him why Jesse Jags left him.. You asked if he could bring Brymo back to Choc City.. You dared him to pick a beef sef. Legends don’t do that na.. You even asked why he isn’t in good terms with some of his artists.. I laughed when I heard you say someone else will sue him if he sues Nas..
    Dude!!.. N6!! This is off-point!
    Na small tin remain, you for ask why e no use condom f**k hin wife or why hin use water wash nyansh instead of tissue!
    This is an insult to the legend’s personality.. Brother, we aint talking about rapper’s ‘personal lives’, we talking ‘rap’!
    It is like you getting up one day to say, ‘OAPs aint trying. They lack voice and content, they should fix that up’.. Then, one OAP from no where came out and said, ‘Why will you say that? How much did you give your wife to cook? Why did they sack you from your previouse job? Why are you not in good terms with mum’.. This is off-point..
    If you are talking about the art, let’s talk about the art without bringing someone’s personal issues inside the matter!..
    Well, if you truly respect the legend like you said you do, I suggest you tender an apology for bringing his ‘personal life and issues’ into the matter’..

    Yours Sincerely

    • What are you even talking about?
      Yup! M.I’s Fix up your life Was indeed talking about the artistic life and was metaphorical in a way, but N6 reply isnt far fetched as you claim either. I mean whats M.I’s contribution to HipHop anyway? He is asking rapperz to fix up their art, but Ice Prince a member of his crew is broken when it comes to Rap. Doing the same commercial music he is satiring. What is he doing about that? N6 was just asking M.I to put his house in order before instructing others to. I think he made sense.


  4. The ironic thing is that M.I’s version just made rappers drop real bars. N6 dropped lines so did Ruckus. So at the end of the day y’all dropped real bars because the chairman called y’all out

    • mehn you got it that’s just what I’ve been wanting to say

  5. The easy way out of rappers in Nigeria if der aren’t getting fame is for them to switch. And we can see that happening alot lately.
    It’s disappointing nd sad.
    What MI did is really gonna really wake them up,
    Watch and see. Real rap music is coming soon.

  6. How this nigga gon’ say this ain’t a beef song? If it ain’t a beef song then what is it. He was saying stuff though but I don’t think he is close to M.I when it comes to rap game.

  7. How many Nigerian musicians sing for the love of music and not to make money? Either rapper or singer, do what you can do best and make ur money because thats your main target, out of Nigerian population how many are interested in hardcore rap compared to other genres. Mr MI the rapper? what has he achieved, after so many years how much he made from music? who knows him internationally? Even in ghana they dont know him compare to Wande coal, skales, patoranking, Wizkid, lil kesh and co. After 2pac biggie Nas real rap died.. Do your music if you into it for money, do what everyone wanna listen to, Make your money and enjoy, let MI fix his career cus he is a local rapper no one knows him internationally.

    • You’re a fool for calling M.I a local rapper

  8. Nigerian rapper going all defensive,
    They now have replies for MI after the rapper voiced our his concerns,
    They should see it as a challenge and wake rather than replying.
    Being defensive just shows how weak our rappers have become.

  9. ……one thing is very crystal u kw. Whatever goes down in the end the ‘short black boi’ remains the chairman, YA HEARD?

  10. What the Chairman meant about Nigerian rappers should fix up their lives is that, our nowadays rappers has turn singers we ain’t hearing any flows in their songs again. The likes of Lil kesh I don’t even know his genre in musical industry again by the way when we’re talking of rap those ones are up coming a s, I won’t talk about them.
    I was over whelmed with joy when I listen to the song by the chairman calling his BOYS to fix up their lives as a father he suppose to cos when a child goes wrong or does something that is not good, it is a responsibility of the father to correct the child.
    Rappers has turn to singers now, we can’t even differentiate rappers and singers now.
    THE CHAIRMAN’S lyrics about rappers fixing up their live isn’t a bad thing cos he did that to call his people back cos SA rappers are killing them all look at the likes of Nasty C, Emmtee, Casper Nyovest not to talk more.
    But THE CHAIRMAN there is a saying that when you’re mad, you first destroy your house before going to someone’s elso house, look at Dice Ailes, Ice Princes, Milli not to talk more they have turn to singers. You did not fix up their lives, how I wish you would have the chance to download a reply given to you by a MIDDLEBELT BOY KVNG SOULS “THE COUP” to hear and know that you also have to “FIX UP YOUR HOUSE not to talk of LIVES.

  11. Mi r u the only rappers? Abeg pack well

  12. i hv alot of luv for this guy call mi but he he fail u mean u r the only rapper dat do the best in rap in 9ja here? Shithole


  14. Man wat ya’ll saying dis guy say d ryt tin why do u tink olamide stop rapping nd start singing he is passing a message 2 every rapper bcuz now you just see a guy 4rm nowhere start rapping shit ok 4 example big shaq wat did he sing he sang shit mate me my self am a rapper u guys will soon hear of me kelly j dat’s my stage name

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