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Olamide – Awon Goons Mi

Posted by Tyler on July 21, 2014 in AUDIO · 176 Comments

Indigenous hip-hop royal and YBNL Nation king Olamide is arguably the most consistent artiste in Nigeria, this fact he reaffirms with a fresh freestyle named “Awoon Goons Mi”.

We cannot wait for his fourth studio album but for now feed your ears with “Awoon Goons Mi”.


DOWNLOAD Olamide – Awon Goons Mi

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165 total comments on this postSubmit yours
  1. Dope song

  2. you guyz are always late in updating songs

  3. sorry which other website updates earlier

  4. Badoo

  5. Badoo

  6. Nice one badoo,

  7. U too much update faster

  8. 9ce 1 badoleee of life ,always on d move no worries 4 yah,

  9. don’t know where to start from, this guy is something else, the most consistent musician in Nigeria… almost every track is BOMB

  10. Very late I?????n updatin music..U????? gotta buckle up o

  11. Arguably trash,though he is ??good in yoruba,maybe he shld be given yoruba award or maybe as they ve mtv,bet awards,there shld be wazobia award for people like olamide and co. They shldn’t go inline with rappers like ice prince,vec,illbliss etc

    • fake ass nigga re criticising baddo cos of his language, buh language no be barrier, Sarkodie of Ghana, Mafikizola of South Africa do sing with there native language buh only add little english to it…you keep hailing them buh morking Baddoo… Bastard felloz

      • Nice word guy love dat na dem olamide go give bajinotu

      • u get mouth jaray

    • Guy U bad but funny though. U have a point.

      • Baddest U ve ve a point joor,make them bring wazobia award for olamide because em don talk say em no need bet award or mtv why bcos em no fit win am na why d guy dey beef other rappers way dey win. Make una no dey compare sarkodie and olamide at all,sarkodie dey burst in enghlish too but olamide dey fear.

      • Olamide is a coward na why him they insult people wit yoruba,sarkodie is far beta than olamide bcos him dey rap in english too na why em be best rapper by mtv.

    • street ti take over #government

    • Iya la iya’ baba e, e no go better for ur generation… We all lyk all ths dudex nt bcos of the language they use but bcos of the jamx they drop… U better wake up cos u r sleeping on a bicycle, Awoon sMellos!!

  12. Badoo mi toh bad toh big.bigger you

  13. Shut the front door, this nigga is outta this world!!

  14. rubbish and meaningless

    • Wot ve u done in ur life dat z not meaningless n not rubbish in ur life
      U r a big foooooooooool 4calln diz meaningless

    • The guy is a fuji rapper e no easy him they try.

      • u must be stupid by calling ur father a fool,do u think am a poor begger as u are?even as ur so called olamide is?try to person before u reply any coment.bloody moron

        • i mean,try to kno person before u reply any comment.fool

          • U ar d foolest in d whole world bish bastard idiot

          • jesu omo nige juse mo se miracle samson omo nibon ko ma saa nigba to ri ekun. olamide na baba.go to hell u haters.bajinotu meje fun awon goons mi

  15. U 2much Ola

  16. nice one Baba . YBNL general

  17. anonymous. Visit dat site, dope track

  18. Not bad

  19. Mofos be sayn baddoo is a local rapper#story for d gods

  20. he is hot…hail bariga.that’s my hood

  21. Olamide is definatly d baddest guy ever liveth

  22. Dope????????????????

  23. Dope track

  24. baddoo…go on we dey gbadun u like shoron

  25. Olamide is talkin to himself,I prefer reminisce.

  26. Lol the guy only get mouth for yoruba na real coward. Abeg true talk make they bring wazobia award for am lol.

    • if u dont lyk his song….go to hell…useless 8ers…u beta fink of how u will make ur own moni…awon eda sha…olamide carry go jo..

      • Reminisce sounds like a rapper,olamide sounds like a fujst.

    • Wonderful exaptnalion of facts available here.

  27. Olamide u’re best of d best

  28. The boi they try copy lil wayne buh e no fit am.

  29. Best everyday! No depreciation, total domination… #kingbaddo

  30. Nice one Mr Badoo dope track bro keep it up you the best among all

  31. @baddest or what’ ur name ever since have been downloading songs on dis site for 3yrs now have never made a comment for once buh had to do dis cos u a big fool, do u understand what mafikizolo and sarkodie is saying, do we even understand what phyno is saying yet we all like dis dudes cos dey drop good jamz, u be mumu I swear bad belle like you…..wetin ice prince collect dis last mama’s ode like u, Davido sings with yoruba nd he won the best act of the year, go get since mumum

    • Olamide is the hottest rapper in nigeria……best rapper in nigeria @olamide YBNL

    • Na people like you baddo dey follow talk, u don’t understand d game dats y u hate pointlessly. Dis dude is d only rapper comapred to WizKid and Davido, really? You can’t compare him with any other rapper he’s in a different league. Y can’t iceprince n wizzy or davido and Reminisce be compared. Use your head Bro and stop hating.

    • True…..word!

      • True talk,but olamide go learn hw to rap in english,no dey fall hand,U be english enemy?

  32. I no dey hear yoruba o…bt Olamide z de bomb baddolee !!!…Mofos smellos hw many una don sing !!!!

  33. Olamide to bad bro

  34. U be my big bro, carry on

  35. Love u baba u make sense die awa tie feel e ni gboro don’t mind em haterz just beefing bajinatu 50 fun iyalawon

  36. baba u re d best among d rest…shout out to all d freshboiz crew..

  37. And which planet is Badoo from. His words are out of this world. This guy is good is an understatement. Olamide is a crazy rapper and to his critics keep crying to the gods

  38. I blame dagrin,I no blame olamide,if to say dagrin dey olamide for no get mouth.

    • Dry!

  39. Whether the song sweet or not him people stl dey support,but make una tell am the truth

  40. Baaaaaaadddddddooooooooooooo…….who is badder

  41. It uR time life goes on

  42. U are 2much……….some say his not a good rapper,he did not no how 2 sing and they download his song each time he release a song

  43. Nice one olamide

  44. Jesu omo nige jesu mose miracle. Samson omo nibon Orekun komo sa fun ekun. Baddo of destiny

  45. We don hear,olamide is the best rapper in nigeria,infact olamide na from another planet,no olamide na king of rap,infact he is out of this world. People way dey enjoy olamide keep the support,case close oo

  46. If na rapper U call olamide,then olamide no beta pass pasuma cos no differnt.

  47. Pple sha, dem jst dey talk say ola no fit rap. Dem say he dey rap for yourba witin be una papa own,I sure say Sumone of una wey dey beef am no talk beta english.badoo grt work we ur true fans dey forever feel u.haters fuck off

  48. olamide badoooo

  49. Pls if u don’t knw abt music dem shut the fucking mouth.award o ja moni.badoo mad tune I feel u

  50. Ola u Don kill me 4 office here o,dem talk say u dey use Yoruba rap dea papa sha lil Wayne hear Yoruba ni.POKA POKA to d heaters ryd on badooo

  51. 9ce one from olamide…..mi dey feel u die….4 bajinatu for ur enemies

  52. U guys are here hating while ola’z sum wer doing his tin nd making his money. If u check well.. ’em hater no fit afford 1 square meal a day. Instead dem jst dey hate. Can I shock u haters? U guys should go get a stearing nd drive 2 d Oda side of hell mofoes ola ur 2 much swim ola mi take over joke we got ur bak #bless

  53. u are d best kill ur self mofos,if dagrin no die olamide no go make em bt olamide dy alife and little kich make em

  54. u are d best kill ur self mofos,if dagrin no die olamide no go make em bt olamide dy alife and little kash make em

  55. Gud song

  56. Wen pepu are achieving. Smtin d stupid once will alwaz 8 instead of dm to face thrz. Abeg una wy tok say he no goo please drop urz so we can compare idiot fellos una mama #awongoonsmi# RATE OR HATE sinz u dn download am u will here it one dya nd shake ur head no b easy tin mke pesin compose song na #UrHeadDyThreBadoo#

  57. Badoo…. Dem blAStinG ur soNg dont gEt it wRoNg oMo na BaBa God, sHebi dey wan see u fAll bt wen den dey DuLl na u dem dey call. Ta lon bawi, ko je je badoo neva. Ride on jawe my mentor. Awon smellos.

  58. NYC song badooooo I love dis jam

  59. Baddo baddo ha u won kil me ni oh my God am I mad d song 2 much bro abeg get it up 4 my goons

  60. Olamide is the hottest rapper in nigeria now cuz he release heat track every month so I really love that nigga

    • Abi,heat track generated from noise pollution.

  61. Stop hating this guy….make una enter studio do una own song. YBNL Nation. promote ur own culture. Reminisce and Olamide. IBILE UNITED

  62. olamide……!!!!!!!! badoo u too sure…..nice song….ybnl nation keep going….expecting more of dis ..badoo………..!!!!!!!!

  63. olamide……!!!!!!!! badoo u too sure…..nice song….ybnl nation keep going….expecting more of dis ..badoo………..!!!!!!!!

  64. King of tarmac…Lyrical Agbero. Ur reign is here to stay jor.

  65. I like this song die””” can I imagine my father dancing to rap music for the first time ever”

    • Lol,y U dey decieve Ur sef?Ur papa dey jobless?sorry. Lol

  66. badoo gbayii

  67. Badoo omo oba, gbayi let den talk dere own na u get mouth pass. Badoo of life

  68. I see u horlamide bado bijinatu fun awon goons wa polka

  69. I see u horlamide bado bijinatu fun awon goons wa polka

  70. Olamide of life!YBNL general,guy wey no dey eva play wit his job n neva toy wit his talent I be hausa boi but I gbadun u pass any rapper frm jos……….GOD bless u 4 dis one#shouratfunawongoonsmi#

  71. DOPENESS: bajinotu LiCKSHOT to all ma GOONs

  72. olamide baddo…is reql niqqa…mayb they dnt know

  73. I swear down I’m better than ola joorr

    • u Neva get anywhere u don dey criticise…….I knw ur type wella/////olamide na baddo no compare @ all cz if u are reali beta dan him y we Neva dey hear ur own quack songs…mumu!!!

    • Na craz dey worry u fool,gba fun oga e so u too go fit. popula

  74. 5 bajinotu for your goons

  75. africa god of pop BADOO

  76. Olamide baba i band 4 u i beg knw send dem jor all i knw is dat u ar d best of al raprs in the world not only in nigeria.

  77. 500 bajinatu fun awon smellous,iyalaya yin mofos olamide u 2purpose

  78. Ybnl badoo I give u 3 kudos na u sure pass

  79. 1000 bajinotu for ur haterss. olamide u are the best

  80. Eniti olorun ko dun ninu to n la suga loro yin… Best rapper in d world wit hw many awards, how many tour, how many show.. Hahahaahahahahah he canot even near los angeles not to talk of perform or collect award.. Mitcheeew best rapper my foot.. Hahahahahahahahahahahhaha

    • See haters who don’t know what they are doing, fuck ur feelings ehn, u can’t do up to half of what Olamide is doing. All u can do is hate…..Fuck haters joor Olamide, dey don’t go far

    • hahaha….tru talk, bt d guy is kind of good sha…

  81. bado for life, ibile united

    • olorun na soo na u olamide paado let dem knw dat u are para pass dem konsun sun seyin kon patan mo babaoooobuate

  82. Olamide baddo, i dey gbadun u gan, bajinotu 100 fun n awon haters pokaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  83. 1000 bajinatu fa won smellous jare badest nigger

  84. it make sense

  85. I love the music just bcos of d rapping

  86. Baadoo of destiny,lion in d city #Easey Tiger

  87. U be baba jor

  88. u 2 much,mai oga at d top ybnl

  89. baba i bow ooo…ur talent can neva relent …to hell wit haters 100 million bullet 4 dem

  90. kip it up@boss mi

  91. kip it up@boss mi *BADOO*

  92. Baddoo I like that track.m feeling u my mentor..Bajino tu meta fun awon goons mi

  93. really enjoyin diz guy.kip it on badoo.

  94. Y’all should try and listen to people like modenine, vector, terry tha rapman, overdose and know what they call rap song not this shit Olamide doing

    • u dey craz go do urs

    • People like u don’t know how to compose a song not to talk of singing. U jess Dey run ur mouth like water.

    • All this ppl u mention no be entertainers, that’s y dey are broke, they might be writers but nt entertainers

    • Abeg park well

    • Who is this one?? Whc planet r u frm??

    • T’ile aye bato su yin ejo eyeh frown

  95. I think everyone is entitled to their opinions. If u think olamide is d best, Fine!!! U don’t have to shove it down our throats. It’s unfortunate what music has turned to… I don’t think olamide should be this famous… it’s just my opinion, u have urs…

  96. I knw u’re Yoruba but u guys should come 2 bayelsa sometimes+nice one@boss mi

  97. Dts my lamide Omo guy u’re rili doin a vry nice wrk dre u knw kip it up badoooooo badddddeeeessSttttt guy ever livet. Omo month wa lódòh yíì oö olenu päá

  98. Hmmm. English is a borow calture, this can can collect any award if there is no chetting, tho indigenious rapper but talented wit wat his doing,stop yabing dis dude u tink say he easy u too go voice on micophone den put it online nd see wt ppl will say, una no ever prode of ur contiry u guys talking nonsence God of yourth Rapper enjoy ooo

  99. Gbayii Baddo

  100. Bradoo my mentor na u sure die

    • i love ur song my guy, i wish you best of luck in life man.. me and my whole generation loves you with our life….

  101. Respect rid on badoo, itakun to ni kerin ma gunke…..

  102. Badoo wa gbayi

    • nice jam jare

  103. all hail #Olamide #KingOfTheWest

  104. I want 2 b like u ar 2 much

  105. fuk ur fukin feelinz haterz olamide iz stil d bst we respect yuh we honor yuh bro@olamide baddo

  106. I no u are good and I belive it and u will always be the munber one by God grace

  107. Like criously I really wana learn yoruba cus of olamide… His flows nd d way his lyrics rhymes kills it all… Baddoo na baddoo.. Kip it up Bro..

  108. Like criously I really wana learn yoruba cus of olamide… His flows nd d way his lyrics rhymes kills it all… Baddoo na baddoo.. Kip it up Bro..

  109. Like criously I really wana learn yoruba cus of olamide… His flows nd d way his lyrics rhymes kills it all… Baddoo na baddoo.. Kip it up Bro…..

  110. Ma baddo..I b ur sure goons..I still dey send ur song 2 ma bro wey dey SA…I b ur sure goons …..ake haters dey yarn story 4 d gods ..jst call me I go help u bajinotu dem lyk…I swear I no ft read witout ya song…jst dey do ur tin even if all d world leave u na me go dey ur bck..I lov d part wen u made shoki clear nd dat u ar robin hood ..I lov all d songs die…make enemyz dey spread dem pant 4 instagram lyk person wey dey spread pant …baddo 4 lyf

  111. Stra!ght from gh and feeling this song baaaaaaaad awon goons mi dope! African hip hop sha. Olamide Sarkodie phyno !!

  112. Dope tune….BLESSED

  113. The guy is gud 2him standard who nouna,una dey comment packoneside

  114. Olamide feel cool,pride and price is not the same thing.your fans nobe palapolo gbagbe!

  115. i dey feel u jus sing go. u are d best . i jus like u 4 no reason

  116. Olamide your head they there

  117. olamide bi the best ooo

  118. who say olamide nobi d best

  119. If u think u can sing y not go and try let’s see una way day use 250naira earpiece take day hear music abeg no comment jor olamide is d best agree or die

  120. Good 1 Olamide….keep it up,,,,just like the viper says d game is gona be missing u wen u no dey….we love u.

  121. Badoo is still d best

  122. i cnt even imagine pple beefing olamide,he is one of those u cnt just look down to in d industry…when they themselves cannot understand good engish..all they know is i come,i go…lolz,even our ogas at d top respect him like… yemi osinbaji.ashiwaju bola ahmed tinubu…and so on,they recognise his potentials,and his impact in music industry..and it’s nt their fault…their brain is low for olamide kind of rap…i ll use dz medium to pls beg u to always search google for olamide’s song

  123. a won goos mi

    • bado wil never fall

  124. aw far

  125. some of u people are just commenting rubish about olamide yuroba no yuroba olamide tracks are always the best in nigeria ride on bro 08182960016

  126. some of u people are just commenting rubish about olamide yuroba no yuroba olamide tracks are always the best in nigeria ride on bro 08182960016

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