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Olamide – Ese + The Change We Want

Posted by Tyler on January 28, 2015 in AUDIO · 83 Comments


Indigenous rapper Olamide has expressed his support for the All Progressives Congress (APC), after featuring on previous campaign records at the Lagos state level, the rapper has finally endorsed the APC presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhariand his running mate, Yemi Osinbajo.

The first record is ‘APC Ese’ (Thank You) while the second is titled ‘The Change We Want’.

This two records really shows his solidarity. Enjoy!


DOWNLOAD The Change We Want

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  1. Dummy…a sharp nigga don’t take obvious sides in politics..stay neutral..there’s how to survive the heat even if ur candidate lose

    • sharp

  2. Thunder fire apc and olamide

  3. Loooll

  4. A.P.C……..#CHANGE.

  5. Mr phyno story for d gods niyen change change

  6. Nonsense

  7. Alobam phyno reply dis man!

  8. I love dis music die,Thumbs up to olamide #TeamYouthForchange

  9. @jimmy make hin stay neutral…Na neutral he wan chop? as a sharp Nigga u gats reason hw to make ur Doe befr oda Niggas Soji… If to sey na u nko u go stay neutral? Olamide ride on d street gat u covered

    • street OT” we gat ur back. heavy thunder go fire dos who wish u Bad.

    • street OT” we gat ur back. heavy thunder go fire dos who wish u Bad. I Love ur style. d only rapper dat can b compared with davido nd wizkid

  10. @jimmy make hin stay neutral…Na neutral he wan chop? as a sharp Nigga u gats reason hw to make ur Doe befr oda Niggas Soji… If to sey na u nko u go stay neutral? Olamide ride on! d street gat u covered

  11. Thunder fire u phyno

  12. Nonsense Olamide with Useless Ese nd Change

  13. Olamide did justice to this songs.

  14. Fuck APC and u too Baddo

  15. Fuck APC and Baddo too,i lov u bro but u don fuck up.

  16. U ds Spalinglez, must U swear for d dude?

  17. Love both songs tho am not really a fan of d motive

  18. Change is al we want nd dis ApC WIL GVE us dat change wen dy get elected#letembrACEcHanGE

  19. Dope song! APC CHANGE

  20. We need change. Up APC up badoo this is time too give GEJ quick notes too go back 2 him Baba house him house rent don expired since 2012 bye bye GEJ owner of the house is back febuhari 4 February

  21. I believe badoo did dis cos of huge amount of money he was paid, notn more

    • Nonsense for ya Nash smith

  22. 4k u ol u bastard u ar nt d 1 feeding him even do dey paid him x non of ur business .u hater u ol ar fend nd flocks

  23. You fall my hand BadOo

  24. Badoo you fall my hand I swear

  25. Badoo you fall my hand I swear!!!

  26. baba with due respect , you fuck up gon boss


  28. fuck u all

  29. sucks

  30. Lol yu al ae pained right? Yu guys shuld get a life nd stop hating.. Badoo doing is tin nd u saying fuck him u shuld fuck yurself first.. Up APC all we saying we nid change!!! Live long badoo awon ti YBNL nation!!!

  31. Dope song APC we all want change

  32. Money or no money.

    This is reality what you know and what you see, must of us know what we pass through for GEJ’s or JEG’s era so that’s good turn up baddo wa gbayi eyan ti g coded

  33. we nid a change in nigeria nd it z only apc nd God dat can do it…….. Olamide ride on oga mi u r d best in dis game…… I rep ybnl 4ever

  34. Who is dis fucking spankle PHYNO or PHYDULL self. We r talk of change, his talking of fucking BADOO. Badoo wey b say na doe maker dt can buy u n sell u mumu. U better think twice b4 u vote

  35. Everyone who dislikes APC dislikes them 4 religious sentiment or triblisms ! #GMB15 #GMBvictory #BaDOo

  36. Olamide yu ma real niqqa but I no folo wit song BT I knw this bizns cox as a good bzns man u must mke profit so I no. Blame fr the song

  37. Badoo am disappointed in you

  38. Badoo you are my main man… But u disappoint me with dix your new track for APC

  39. Don’t blame olamide coz only illiterates behave like this. What do olamide know abt politics or buhari? God blessed him with talent but now I think he is heading to his end. Good example of an intelligent celeb. 2face he said vote and don’t fight. This mumu come here dey sing rubbish.

  40. U no get hand at all ol

  41. up badoo

  42. Change na d KOKO

  43. #APCBaddo #APCChange

  44. Olamide dnt mind dem hAters fools!!! Bro u murder dope song!!! SAI BUHARI d change we need

  45. Bad hope say you no do this song for free, u suppose collect beta bar for this oo. bcos from now na only Apc related organisations go dry endorse and call you for show. You should know no serious company is party affiliated publicly, so no expect show these days from any serious company: I pity you ooo. But still Apc alone e fit over feed you self- so make sure they pay for this ooo. If not eehh you go know hw far

  46. Love u die olamide baba na u sure pass,but me no like Apc na u dem one use abi, omo ola 4get I no 4low u dis time o thunder fire APC buh me love u die Olamide.

  47. D only tin musician need from politician is money so u people should leave baddoo alone owo ni koko

  48. Badoo I love ur song die buh dis one nah 4’k up u fall my hand

  49. I swear. Thunder fire dos who are again nd blaming olamide for 2 massive songs

  50. Olamide what happen again! No where u will never hen. Olamide iss he goat. He disgrace nigeria here in UK. Is not well know. He is just a fuju rapper. Hhe tun Naija music to fuju hip hop. Hiss music iss senseless.

  51. Olamide badoo u too much baba agbalagba…your head dey there , I like u bro olamide , is your Boi TOSCO …go on brother nothing do u

  52. olamide no be say d song bad o but you’re not being diplomatic as usual

  53. Tank bado ,longlive d king,awa ti t osun feel d both walk up song,Gej out for peace to rain….eh bado pay ur church offrin

  54. Anyone that supports APC and Buhari must have been bribed or is absolutely ignorant and merely bowing to peer pressure, shouting APC because Tinubu shouts APC, not having a mind of his own. Olamide obviously was paid for this. Every educated and informed Nigerian knows that there is absolutely nothing Buhari is coming to do that Jonathan has not done already; and should know that Buhari himself is the one that has been frustrating Jonathan’s regime from the very beginning. He frustrated him and now is coming to say he did not perform and now he (Buhari) the illiterate terrorist is the one to make Nigeria work. It amazes me that some people can sell their future and their children’s and their fatherland for bribe money. It is pitiable. I will never download these songs nor any Olamide songs in a while. He is dumb. He can as well also enlist in Boko Haram to paint GEJ more black like his candidate.

  55. Hala Badoo…. Omo continue dey go……. if u get thousand to sign for Apc carru on………. make dods make dem dey back anyhow

  56. thanks

  57. @bado dont mind dem,na ur time,na our time 2 change,carry on Niggal

  58. Even if his candidate doesnt win the so called winner is not God jare…….Badoo ride on, make ur money, ur talent is on point, no duplicate, let dem kip hating while you rise., who GOD has bless no Gej can curse#tongue out2alldemhaterscosbadoodoesntgiveafuck#

  59. Olamide no jst mined does stupid annd foolish goats becus it is only goat dat tlks abt GEJ so infact all nigerian ar in support of dis song dat u sing as APC change yes change is wat we want and some fools are der complainin tank u olamide twale 4u jor (oyo 4 da haters)

  60. bur y are humans lyk dis?olamide does wah pleases im*y r ui against im??well,dis lyf is full ov shits*i dut blame im 4 sydin apc cos he cnt b neutral,he has 2 belong 2 one**u cnt serve jah as well as d devil**more grease 2 yhur elbow dearie olamide**

  61. Na the change we dey want: APC APC APC APC

  62. olamide god go bless u

  63. baddoo you try well well………….. I love the song apc….. Thanks Olamide………….. Itz me damilola.

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