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Olamide – Lagos Boys [ Pheelz]

Posted by Kas on July 12, 2015 in AUDIO · 206 Comments


YBNL boss Olamide Baddo-Sneh is back with a brand new song Lagos Boys produced by Ybnl Producer Pheelz Sneh aka “Mr Producer” enjoy and tell me what you think



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  1. No month go past without olamide song. I tire ooo

    • Na true oooo

  2. King badoo u r d real king of africa artist fuck hates always at ur back badoo God bless our hustles

    • Nice One

  3. Olamide u 2 much……Lagos boys

  4. Abeg mak una no compare king badoo wit dagrin again cos badoo na king on e own I swear I love u badoo na ur number fan frm kwara state

  5. Lagos Boys…u killed it…olamide baddo…

  6. Badoosnii u r d real king.u too get month ur rear fan frm kwara state breezee

  7. Haters are trying to release one hit track a whole year, @olamide_YBNL is busy releasing hits like mess. Lagos Boys 💯💯 on point. #Hardwork

  8. Badoo Kip running d empire

  9. Datz ma #Real_Nigga. Olamide Badoo ske ske robo ske robo ske ske robo lmao funny tho keep on boiling baba milliano

  10. Lovely

  11. This is rubbish sne……….

    • u are a fish sneh

  12. well done king baddo olamide

  13. Olamide is a nigerian have to keep it up guy….just like I can’t forget the greatest CEO,barrack o’grin.Kudos to baddo jooor.

  14. which song olamida dy sing rubish every month single haba

  15. dope track. Nice 1 king badoo

  16. Baba miliano your river will never run dry. always on point. ske ske robo ske.

  17. It is rubbish!!!!!!!! I love the song though

  18. Nonsense sne

  19. lol…nice track….. eyan sneh!!

  20. Baba milli iz fuckin dope sneh

  21. It fucking mad joor

  22. Very thing Baddoo. Lovely track

  23. not dat dope

  24. Pheelz killed t’he beat muahhh badooo

    • I also thought about that..

  25. Always killing any beat…..Easy 4 king badoo…….u fuckin beat….beat is fucking u….married to d beat…badoosneh

  26. Shout out to all my great fans…..and a big thunderous shout out to “pheelz”……thanks so much

    • For your mind

  27. Just wen am tryin. 2 recover 4rm my addiction 2 shakiti bobo……olamide..abeg pity my joint….dance”””””dance”””

  28. Long live king badoo 4k d haters and beavers…. Let dem kip up dey will soon entr river….. Ur days kip longing bro!!!!

  29. Wow…….I love the song #badoosneh………@Haliphaylistic sayz so kudos to you

  30. He is just trying to create a trnding slang, #sneh weda I even spelt it right sef,but the song is cool though

  31. Y.B.N.L. 9JA #Sneh

  32. Y.B.N.L. 4 9JA #Sneh

  33. Love this

  34. badoo sneh….ko ma lo be….

  35. Shout out to ma hommies #sneh awon omo wobey #sneh ….@i_am_Wf – Ladoo #snehí ½í¸?

  36. Cool… neh

    • Ahumen sneh

  37. Alora mili sneh

    • Awumen o sneh

    • Anonymous u be bad bastard. Aw many mouth u get? Baddo ur too much

  38. Olamide wallahi kacinye rappers

  39. Baddo .. Ola for lagos..inayinka sosai wallahi kuma i like this music .lagos boys

  40. Baddoo sneh….u re too gbaski…

  41. I juba for king badoo sneh

  42. baba abeg do drop the video cos I no fit wait…………. BADDO

  43. Ola my man… He indeed killed the track

  44. Dis guy is so dope….ahan MME(music made easy)

  45. to me olamide is the best rapper in africa,he flows with great punchline.

    • Commercial, where is the rap in the song

    • Best rapper ni???

  46. Badoo-sneh is dope-sneh

  47. nice jam

  48. King badoo sneh…disz song is dope sneh..kip going high sneh..

  49. Yeepaah #sneh

  50. Dope music bro. Baddo sneh…

  51. Alaye go and be doing
    yahoo,that will be better..You can never
    use this little scamming to rich and live
    better life like others..Lazzy boy!

    • WTF… mehn you don’t even know how to express yourself.. watch your English lol…

    • Advice 1 sentence u re just a BIG FOOL

  52. olamide ma jeun lo jo don’t mind what stupid peoples say

  53. Badoo u be sneh confirm nice one no skeke must ske badoo u get it sneh

  54. Your enemy de feel the sneh. Dem go sneh

  55. Nasooo d song is dope

  56. PLEASE what does sneh means

    • u wan knw d meaning of sneh chek dictionary

  57. Badoo!!……#salute!!! tyms lyk ds, I remember d days of durosoke nd turn_up whn sm1 posted an article of olamide slowin dwn so he doesn’t suffer a “burn-out”… sure dah very person’ll be tnkn bak nw nd laffn 2 his/herself. lol

  58. No time be hotting day go

  59. Confirm ni… Badoo osha

  60. Skeske Robo sneeeeeeh!….Olamide Baddo!

  61. baddo sneeh

  62. Ske ske robos sneeeeh.emi sneh,badooo sneh.i dnt just kn Y i love dis guy.AM I MAD.

  63. Am feeling diz song SNEH…dope Jam !!!..baddo u’re the Best,Ride on Bro…#.Fuck em Haters Sneeeh…

  64. BADDO i love u frm d bgini i wil alway be ur fan for ever god bless

  65. Baddo enemy p square don finish u enemy solo.yhi orr keep doing it yurz 4 life nice one

  66. Badoo sneeh i feel u sneeh u d bed oshe sneeh gbedu tho bad

  67. Most of u nid herb,bado keep goin

  68. Baddo sneeh..I feel d groove..long live baddo shaa!!

  69. Bado. Alora. Keep on sailing to the treasure island. Awomen. Sne ..any haters that comes your way cut any finger. Awomen

  70. Badoo sneh..we dey gbadun ur parrol.. I cnt work a day witout. Hearing olamide a day..badoo sneh je wunlo sneh…

  71. Baddo sneh dis song dope sneh..kip up d gud work bro u re loved

  72. I love the song shen. Baddo shen skeke robo ske robo skeke robo. Awon fans olamide #shen

  73. Ose sneh,neyan t? baddo sneh

  74. Ose sneh,eyan t? baddo sneh

  75. Nice jam baddo sneh

  76. I love it guyz we the sneh bois hollas’ K smart Tunanpa J Fredo360

    • Bado Sneh,turnup sneh olamide street guy sneh

  77. menh it awesome

  78. Nice one Olamide. U dope

    • Olamide badoo…I love ur mix…update more

  79. King baddo is duin it big a again…one luv bro…let bad man talk,BAD BELLE IS ALLOWED

  80. Yeah sneh! Tamilax sneh! Allen sneh!_Loving this song by BADOO sneh! Abeg ONE BIG Atewo sneh! For this Superstar sneh!

  81. Eleyi n gbona sneh, otun gidigan.. Baddoo sneh .

  82. 2mch respect badoo

  83. badoo!!

  84. YBNL sne, baddo sne, Olamide sne emi na sne

  85. Badoo sneh i dnt no wat to say again sneh u jst dey kill every beat sneh u are 2 much sneh.kudos to bado

  86. Badoo sneh i dnt no wat to say again sneh u jst dey kill every beat sneh u are 2 much sneh.kudos to bado

  87. Olamide sing sing sing sing ! Until he sang dis one wey I no undastnd ! Am noh hatin” #add up real niggas 2a996d4f

  88. i dount know wath to say. but l give baddo sneh my live i what to be like you if i know website that i can meet you i will go and knows we will meet one day go on son baddo wizkid koo. bababaddddoooo love you till die.

  89. oya sneh badoo sneh u kill diz gbedu bobo sneh ema ma wait for another 1 sneh ma jeun lo bobo sneh. love diz guy called badoo

  90. Ybnl nation Sneh,king badoo sneh,olamide sneh…. This one is another hit song sneh, I like it like money sneh…… I will soon join you there sneh na only money dey remain me still stay for house sneh

  91. Can’t wait fo d video

  92. Keep it up nigga…

  93. Wtf dis is rubbish is der even any sensible lyrics u guys shld stop hypin crap if olamide drops shii then say it is shii d fuk is sneh

  94. Oya sneh daddy miliano sneh no want make we taya sneh ah ah bobo is still dere with melo melo sneh nah wa o now #lagos boys sneh sneh

  95. What is the meanin of sneh that is rubbish.can olamide rap than vecto,cee boy,reminisce even chinko ekun

  96. Shout out to badoo sneh,chinko sneh.vithoh sneh,adekunle sneh,lil kesh sneh,young john sneh nd all YBNL u wonderful sneh.wish i could meet all YBNL one day.ske ske robo ske ibadan babe a mo ila to owo ko.

  97. What d meaning of ske ske robo ske. Badoo u fall my hand big time sne

  98. Baddo kip on goin joor cant wait 4 ur 2kings album bt baddor u no dy taya badoo sneh mili sneh aishat sneh ybnl sneh me 2 dy here ma numb na 08108769328 am a rapper 2

  99. Baddo kip on goin joor cant wait 4 ur 2kings album bt baddo u no dy taya badoo sneh mili sneh aishat sneh ybnl sneh me 2 dy here ma numb na 08108769328 am a rapper

  100. Olamid badoo u tu much

  101. Olamide badoo sneh u r d bst relli wish i could b part of ybnl sneh

  102. ko lon run GBA was lowo badoo sneh,pelu ekokuko sneh..diz iz arrant rubbish sneh

  103. Oshi e ti poju…… Oloribu

  104. Badoo sneh… Mili sneh… Aishat sneh… Keshi sneh… Alaga sneh YBNL sneh……… U tu much sneeeeh

  105. Olamide u be power bank make u no retire sneh ,u be my best fans sneh ,bobo sneh, baddo sneh ,baddest sneh

  106. Badoo sneh bobo sneh olamide sneh kip it up sneh i jst dey feel u sneh….
    its ,Tommy young sneh

  107. Am feeling u Badoo

  108. BADDO SNEH,Help me ur ybnl sneh

  109. Dope track tho…..u rill nid a nice job here…….oluwa gat ya bck always

  110. Xclusive @dope shit nation Entertainment just hit the download link to get the new song by Skinny-Mo_je_je Dj Tedd #dope #smashing

  111. Badoooo!!! Sneh I dey feel u. May ur light nvr go down. Oluwa is involv’d

  112. this is a nice one my u much

  113. badoo sneh hy dey feel yhu o nyc job kip it up (ayon sneh la wa)

  114. hy dey feel yhu from bobo sneh tu melo sneh reach Lagos boy kip it up yhu ar tu much olamide sneh muaaaaaaah ,anybody way beef ur glory go end lyk story sneh jooooor eyon sneh la wa

  115. Really waitin 4 d video cos olamide badoo sneh u killed it sneh!!!

  116. oya babado sneh kip it up may God bless ur hustle kip rolling jawe I dey feel u bro #gbayii#

  117. badoo sneh don’t blow person head ooooo

  118. Jah bless yu @ baddo sneh…. kip on hustling! love ya.

  119. sneh

  120. xneh

  121. YBNL badoo u finish work for dis track

  122. always kidding me at u badoo sneh

  123. baddo baddest guy everlivet king of muzik paro lo jo

  124. ma nigga i dea feel yhu badooo sneh oshe

  125. Kudos 2 u…baaaado sneh.

  126. Badoo love…u r xoo on point….kip up d gud wrk……

  127. Osheeyyyyyy #Badddooo_Snnneeehhhh!!!! Afta u na u oooooo

  128. #Senior baddo Sneh yhu too much…Baba one love YBNL NATION

  129. #Senior baddo Sneh yhu too much…Baba one love YBNL NATION_Free Movement

  130. nice tune…….awesomely rad

  131. Funny…bt love it tho

  132. Haters sneh badoo sneh,pain dem sneh,my eyes don red cant stop watching d video sneh…i juba 4 u badoo after u na u oh..oshe sneh

  133. Nice jam

  134. Olamide keep it up u wil neva bow down fr ur sneh(palz)

  135. Olamide Baddo sne……… after you na still you o!!!!!!

  136. Baddoo sneh# iwo ni eni ti olorun ngbafun lowolowo ride on

  137. emi sneh badoo sneh mo hot lowo

  138. baddo u be omo iya mi o la sneh la la la sneh

  139. Badoo sneh u are kiling me sneh

  140. gud 1 bro , u always sound gud…1 luv +mOOnciFer+

  141. baba mili na me Ifeanyi phyno younger bro.u remember wen u come to our house BT nevertheless keep it up sneh

  142. Coded sneh u be sure guy

  143. Olamide badoo

  144. Neva er crititizim der ar jst trying to pull you dawn as for me u ar a{KING,STAER,BOSS,etc} rain on KING BADOOOO

  145. Neva er crititizim der ar jst trying to pull you dawn as for me u ar a{KING,STAER,BOSS,etc} rain on KING BADOOOO

  146. Badooooooooo olamide Lagos boy…

  147. Correct song I feel am

  148. Local Rapper…Music always lacking msg to fans

  149. Badoo sneh i dey enjoy your song ooo from ur fans in osun

  150. Badoo Sneh Wa Sere

  151. Nice one Mr badoo

  152. Dope track


  154. i lik to b one of his crew, becos i can rap

  155. Alwayz at ur bac badoo king sneh. u a bitches@ haters nt leavin a single one behind fuk ya all!!!!!!!!

  156. i will like 2 visit olamide happy ramadam 2 u baba miliahno

  157. Badoo na baba na waoooh

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