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Oliver Twist Dance/Jonzing Competition -Dbanj & Don Jazzy

Posted by donboye on August 18, 2011 in AUDIO, VIDEOS · 139 Comments

Following the success of the #Enigma competition we at Mo’Hits Records have decided to give a chance to people with different kinds of talent – Dance, Comedy or anything Entertaining…
To participate simply record a video clip of yourself or your group dancing/jonzing, upload to YouTube and email the link to
The videos will be judged based on how entertaining they are. You don’t have to be Michael Jackson.. LOL
1st: $2500
2nd: $2000
3rd: $1500
4th: $1000
5th: $500
Top 10 entries will be part of the Official Oliver video
Top 50 gets a FREE Koko Mobile Handset
So put on your dancing shoes and lets have fun with this!!!

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  1. Dbanj is so funny………………………

  2. The way dbanj called called genevieve nawa oo.. Genervieve

  3. *in dbanj’s voice* I like Alhaja Buhari coz she no dey drink Garri

  4. When wld we see dbanj ft psquare or psquare, tuface ft banky w!! All we hear now r wack songs!

  5. But then I’m just an Oliver & its wrong to want em all…. I think I really like this Dbanj’s song really cool nice one bro!!

  6. Am dbanj or skibanj like my jamaican friends call me, file

  7. Very average song from Dbanj …

  8. You like to do it. Do the hmm hmm hmm. LOL Dbanj dey crase

  9. one word…dis song is sick…thumbs up dbanj….nice video yu got dere tooo

  10. Technically d beats of dis Oliver tist song isn’t bad…yeah d lyrics is stupid…bt den typical dbanj…*shrug*bt d beat isn’t bad at all.

  11. Dbanj can be rilly funny

  12. This Dbanj Oliver is dry sha!!!

  13. Dbanj is a foool!!! I swear!

  14. Ok..thisz sum Oliver madness..kudos to Dbanj..creative!! Nd to Don..production was not bad either..3.5*

  15. I actually love Dbanj, oliver video is so funny

  16. Dbanj is d best among the rest Oooose filee

  17. If dbanj signed wit kanye to be makin tracks lyk dat oliver twist..then d deal shud be terminated immediately.

  18. The ‘Oliver’ video of DonJ and DBanj is cracking me up though..Lmao!

  19. am sure dbanj and donjazzy recorded ds song d day dey wer all drinkng or having fun, all dey did ws transfer deir emotns n vibes into a song

  20. you must have bum bum what is this eh…Dbanj and IDJA you people…lol

  21. All of una wey dey complain bout the Oliver Twist song, can’t u see that, that’s d concept. Dbanj was just jokin around

  22. so don jazzy can roll ass, *smh*, dbanj too dey try sha! lmao!

  23. So if I aint goh a plasma had to check out ma neighbour than. Gosh diz Dbanj thing is going outta hand

  24. Dbanj don scattr my head oh!

  25. DR SID and Wande coal killed Dbanj and donjazzy… Looooool!!!!! See don ManU jersey..

  26. Dbanj is hot tho!

  27. i swear down this dbanj’s song is not it at all

  28. Dbanj kips t REAL mayne…

  29. dbanj why …………………

  30. dbanj & yezzy history in the making… the new song is overwhelming!! ive never been this passionate about naija music before!!!

  31. I love Nadia buhari,but she no dey drink garri….dbanj.

  32. “I like Beyonce but she der with jigga”, dbanj oliver twist, mad tune,..

  33. So evrybdy is complainin about dbanj's oliver song.. M sure dey ll still like it o.. Dt was au pple complained abt scapegoat 2..

  34. Like for real. What TF is that oooooo *sigh* dbanj toh badt. I can't shout

  35. who has the link to that olivet song by dbanj

  36. Ma name is oliver…..dnt get it twisted love is a beautiful fin…..*in dbanj's voice*

  37. i really like dbanj but dis new oliver twist song, im not having it

  38. Dbanj cannot sing, we already know…. But he’s getting paper tho.

  39. 2face wat d fuck is d meaning of the this song dbanj, i fink its a mix tape

  40. kanye west must be fooled by dbanj juju

  41. So I'm Just Knowing K-switch Is Dbanj's Brother .Maybe Am Quite Slow ^_^

  42. Pls who's got the oliver site, ma lil sis wants 2 listen 2 dbanj's nu song o! Fnx

  43. I like d way dbanj pronounced d bombom in d oliver twist song..

  44. due to thw latest tracks i ahve listened to… Oliver twist track by dbanj sucks

  45. why cant Dbanj critics jus admit dis tym dat he’s d best…. aba..

  46. See I used to brag to ma friends that I'll always be a player, but since I set ma eyes on you.. Baby you made me fall in loveeeeee! -dbanj

  47. Forget,dbanj didnt try for the oliver song!nice beats tho…

  48. But Dbanj,u cn do beta dn Oliver Twist now…….

  49. Dbanj smilin to d bank or his kanywest rcord labl deal is not all,but how effective he can kep d naija music flavour.

  50. If Dbanj bcos of his new Kanye west "good music recrd labl" deal makes him lose connect to naija music flavour,his career is doomed

  51. I spelled Dbanj d wrong way! X_x i put g instead of J

  52. Watchin mo-hits video of Oliver and I av to say dos guys r just crazy n fun…. + DBANJ stole my steps!!!!! Dt was nearly wt I was planing!!

  53. Someone send me this dbanj's song.

  54. dbanj dancin reminds me so much of my bro….

  55. I Like nicki her yansh is thicker *dbanj's voice*

  56. Imagine say Dwarf dey Dance to Oliver By Dbanj

  57. Wonder who Dbanj is referring to in the Scape goat song "coz you gave me breakthrough"…am sure na washing

  58. Dbanj is good WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Absolutely wack lyrics, absolutely love it..if dbanj coughs,Imma probably dance to it & if ur nt happy,we will supply u with a transformer

  60. “I knw you like dbanj,and you like donjazzy”……Oliver oliver oliver twist

  61. Am sorry but dbanj wat d … d oliver twist song!!!!*smh*

  62. This song is the BOMB

  63. tuneeeeeeeeeeee……

  64. am not inlove with OLIVER TWIST!! smh.. dbanj sounds like an amateur ..

  65. who has heard 'oliver twist' by dbanj..i love that song!!!!!!!!

  66. some like dbanj

  67. Dbanj nd don jazzy with their new song olivia twist

  68. DBanj and Donjazzy relationship is symbiotic,I hate hearing that shit,that without DonJazzy he is nothing

  69. forget….. dat song is too maddddddddd

  70. Donjazzy should scrap Dbanj’s oliver twist and make the song should be way better..

  71. The way i hate that dbanj and Snoop track tho!

  72. oliver twist by dbanj is bad!!!!

  73. So just as I am passing Lagos neh my phone had to play Booty Call by Dbanj smh

  74. Call me stale buh oliver by dbanj z IT maine….

  75. I like Nikky re yansh is Bigger lol.. Dbanj is such a Dick head

  76. Dbanj Oliver Twist new shit poduced by GoodMusic

  77. You guys should stop abusing Dbanj That oliver twist song aint that bad! 😉

  78. My dad dat always listen 2 old yoruba sngs n neva tune to radio in his car. Listened to giv it to me dbanj nd ws nodin nd shakin on his seat

  79. I wonder why I automatically like dbanj or mohits songs even when they dont make sense.

  80. I hope what am hearing about dbanj isn't real

  81. People dey dis Dbanj cos of dis oliver twist song and na dem still dey play the song pass 4 bbm kai. Jus say u like it we won't judge

  82. Back to Oliver Twist… What did Dbanj do with that beat sef…. kai…

  83. Dis dbanj guy used oliver twist as eee co

  84. I think Wande cole n Dr sid danced better than Dbanj n Don jazzy in oliver.

  85. Dbanj and his lazy lyrics tho.. *sighs*

  86. need link to get dbanj new video

  87. 2face & Dbanj on a track…….jam!

  88. …giving u more *KOKO* than DBANJ…..

  89. I have a confession, don't take it personal… See I like beyonce but she dey with Jiga, I like Nicki her yansh is bigger.*In Dbanj's voice

  90. Oliva twist is d worst song of d year…dbanj pls come up wit sumthin better!

  91. Imagine the looks on their faces if i tell them im gna sing 'Dbanj- suddenly' lol

  92. Dbanj Is A Clown.

  93. Feeling Oliver.twist by dbanj….I love this song.die. nice weekend fella.

  94. People complain, dbanj’s songs never make sense.. The ones that make so called sense are still faaaaaaaar behind.. Smh

  95. i like Omotola coz people like her. Funny song, anybody who doesnt like d song shud sing his/her own. For y’all informatn, oliver twist is my ringtone.

  96. Husband and wife also doing diz Dbanj's Oliver twist shit!!!..lwkmddd.

  97. this dbanj oliver twist videos are crazy and stupid also….just saying…joblessness dont pay o, better to sleep.

  98. DBanj is not illuminate…WhyEvils*wailing uncontrolably an inconsolably*

  99. Dis Oliver song ehn! Neway,Dbanj alwys hz a way of makin ppl like his VERY MUMU songs! So I'm waitin 4dat time.Nice 1 Mo Hits.

  100. Bt dbanj tho *smh*

  101. Wen ppl r sufferin in pakistan! Dbanj is der telin pple to dance so dat dae kan win money!! Smh!

  102. ha…cant wait for dbanj's new album. apparently there's scapegoat remix with kanye west. and kanye actually said "its don jazzy again"

  103. Hi Psquar, Dbanj and orders if way dey 4 una 2 carry me along mak una help do am. My album dey 4 house in calabar

  104. You need to spend money to make money…Ask Dbanj and Don Jazzy

  105. Dbanj is redy to tweet questions….hope Mazi Oracle is redy…he is on his way to stardom

  106. dbanj new song oliver twist is rubbish

  107. dbanj and co just sang the lamest song ever! am sooo disapointed! fak!

  108. Its not fair what dbanj nd donjazzy re doin to people! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  109. But this dbanj's oliver twist don burst out enuf babes sha and enuf mgbekes as well

  110. "I like Rihanna, she dey make me ride okada. I like Omotola cos pple like her." Dbanj is totally like d baddest lyricist out there.

  111. Wats sup wit dis dbanj's oliver twist of a song,2 me d song is so lame nd meaningless!

  112. There is nuffin spectacular abt dbanj's Oliver twist..

  113. Dbanj oliver twist dey make people craze

  114. people are loving dbanj me im loving donjazzy.. Im totally in love with him.

  115. Dbanj knows what his fans want..

  116. ive been waiting for the Dbanj x Kanye track. & im still waiting …

  117. just got back 4m google, pls wer can I download dbanj's oliver twist

  118. My mum is such a big fan of Dbanj and Donjazzy..u would think they are her children..

  119. Dbanj mr endowned i dey feel you

  120. pls how do I search 4 musicians like dbanj ikechukwu goldie etc

  121. dbanj u try sha but em em em, bcos its you oooooooooooooooooooooo

  122. If Dbanj and Don Jazzy say jump off a cliff………………..smh

  123. They have a dbanj radio station on pandora this day his got better

  124. Hw does dbanj kno dat nadia doesn't drink garri…

  125. Oliver twist dbanj ..what a nonsense song ..I wonder err1 was talking bout it ..mtseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

  126. Oliver twist by dbanj! Is so funny! Abeg mohits is just 2 much!

  127. OMG just listened to I HAVE A CONFESSION by Dbanj…….crazy song

  128. xpected more 4rm dbanj…….oliver twist z crap na

  129. Oliver Twist is officially the most stupid song of the year……………Dbanj is a big fool

  130. everyone is going oliver twist crazy i swear lol dbanj is doing a madness

  131. Dbanj is a funny fine naughty guy, dis track is dope and don jazzy is mahd wit his beats


  133. Naw dancin 2 dis oliver twist song by d banj……omg…i lov dbanj*plenty homo*

  134. Dbanj – Oliver Twist is causing major problems!!!

  135. *smh*i L?? d beat bt d lyric is jst nt it…Dbanj try beta

  136. dbanj i must say you are on top of your best. Pump it up harder jazzy.


    Omo…this competition don mad finish ooo….. Check it out…LWKMD

  138. i knw pipu wnt lyk dis song bekus its nt abt ladies and love. go wit d lyrics and undastand d beat. this is superb.

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