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Paul Okoye (P-Square) – “Call Heaven”

Posted by aL Yhusuff on March 14, 2016 in AUDIO · 201 Comments


Could this be the end of P-Square? Well, Paul Okoye one half of the duo, P-Square dish out this emotional record titled “Call Heaven”.

On this one, Paul Okoye acknowledges the fact that all is not well in Squareville.

We hope everything gets better, meanwhile, hit the button below and share your thoughts.

Paul Okoye (P-Square) – “Call Heaven”

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    • God pls help them,it breaks my heart the song is very touching tears roll down my eyes when i listen to this song,I really feel for him just hope God will intervene. I miss u guys so much.

    • also akon must help if it means go to lagos so be it cause we p square fans we like the duo not solo if they continue acting childish they are gonna loose us

  1. I almost dropped a tear on this. Paul sabi sing pass peter sha.

    • #word

    • Na u ppl dey cos querel btw innocent ppl who ask u which one wey better sing

    • You are an idiot

      • How is he an idiot. he is right. so stfu

      • What a nice music

    • Na u get ur mouth u are really an Anonymous human, if u do care 4 them com up wit positive words.

    • awww! P’MEN y aww yu pple breaking d heart of yur fance? Y re yu “sexy dark handsome boiz”disappointing yur fance? Awwwwhh! Ah kan’t xpress hw distraughted i’ve felt at diz jiffy! GOD wer re d parents of dix jentle nd attaractive dude

  2. Smh…!

  3. Truth is your parents are gone like everyone will someday, how do you and Peter think they would feel looking down on you guys breaking up?, Please there is no other way than getting back together with Jude also, that said.
    This tune is simply proof to you Paul. You are one of the best musicians to walk this land Nigeria, if your brother brings out the brand better let him do that and you do your part and both head forward. This is all piano on the beat no drums and it would be beautiful when you get back together.

  4. The Best thing that would ever happen to this duo is to let bygones be bygones….
    The future is brighter with Psquare n not Mr P or Paul Okoye.

  5. Bro..jst take hrt..d lord z ur strenght…we all ryt beside u

  6. we still love u Psquare,

  7. Tears bra, tears.

  8. United u stand but divided u fall. Both of your wives should be hold responsible. One of u hav married the wrong woman.

    • thank u bro right word, u just said it all

    • Yes for sure…..

    • So wah shud they do divorce??????…abeg shift jawe!!!..

  9. See me crying lyk a baby….plz we nid u guys bak…

    • nice bro make I bring bucket?? two of dem b mumu dem dey act lyk babies rubbish!?

  10. Peter is the problem of p-square, if am asked to say oh!! Paul is not really happy but peter don’t care if they break up or not. He feels like he will do very much better even without his twin brother. But that’s bullshit i know they will come back #BasedOnBelive #B.O.B

    • Paul is the problem not Peter because Paul is the one who deleted Peter image and call it a quit before Peter got angry. Don’t judge peter bro Paul is very dangerous

    • U must be a fool!!!…u know nothing about these pple other than their music…of which u don’t even know intoto…I believe peter has decided to do wah he feels best for him…wen 2 brothers are against 1…making him look like the bad 1


      • Peter wants jude to fuck off,but Paul is against it.They must agree on that first.Peter feels the two brothers have ganged against him

  11. One love bro… One ?

    • I still love psquare no matter wat happens

  12. wow what a nice song i almost cried !

  13. Peter u wn mk i ben kin hate u?u wy i ben lyk pass b4 nw i dn lyk paul pass u

  14. speechless!!!! I really love psquare not Peter or Paul but the both united. I need you guys back

  15. I feel ur pain, bro… This song comes straight from the deepest waters of ur soul. It’s well, brother. Together we all (you guys, us ur fans, the media…) can fix this. We luv u, P-Square. #Prayforpsquare #MuchLove

  16. How come there wives can’t talk to them….I am having a feeling dose women caused dis…I am very sure money isn’t the issue

  17. peter ego is too much he should treat people nice #come together mr ps

  18. You nor fit even compose ordinary 3 minutes songs, @ all dis 419 people una 1 show pple say una b real Igbo men #everytin2biz

    • Oh really! Then go help him complete the song. He is in pain and has a message to send across that he isnt in support of whats going on even though somehow his hands are tied. And ya there saying he cant complete three minutes song. Abeg go fuck yourself

  19. Dear Psquare, I want to ask WHY E BE SAY una wan split
    after all these years? Coz u guys seem to have forgotten that
    there is NO ONE LIKE YOU in Africa, and u also forgot that
    God used IFUNANYA to make it a POSSIBILITY for u
    guys to be UNLIMITED today. I feel so bad over your latest STORY coz I LOVE YOU and i urge u to deal with your present situation PERSONALLY and do not let your BEAUTIFUL ONYINYE’s make you split. Don’t forget that they
    are only there to CHOP YOUR MONEY I know that E NO EASY but u guys should try not to get involved in any BIZZY BODY because it will only lead to more DANGER in
    your carreer, Omo WAHALA go dey and your fans will no longer be able to dance ALINGO again. settle the
    problems u guys are having, coz e get as e dey DO ME anytime i hear say u guys want to BREAK IT i also heard
    that you brought OGA POLICE in to the matter. I want u
    guyz to be MORE THAN A FRIEND to avoid any TEMPTATION which will lead to GAME OVER, we are hoping to hear your TESTIMONY

    • thumbs up


  20. They married demons as wives .. Nah wetin dey cause all these family disorganisation

  21. Check dos wives … of dem kud be from d pit of hell … All these started wen dey stepped in

  22. So touching. Sometimes success is difficult to handle

    • Peter and paul, together u guys will make it.

  23. Is dis a song or a mini song? …

    So mr. Paul ,u no fit cloese eye add more lines to dis song make am a complete … U jst give us an incomplete one verse song to listen to ….

    My brother .. U try buh still u no try @all

  24. I cnt believe it,just cnt ooo
    i want d psquare nd nt Paul okoye pls get back together…

  25. Hmmmmm love de song

  26. The wives have suceeded in breakin them that their respective prenups are clear. Step 2 will now be to kill the brothers so that they take over the wealth!! God forbid! God will fyt una

    • Hmm! D tin still dey do me lyk film self. P-square is wat i knw wat paul okoye n peter okoye. I dnt kia wu is n is nt @fault all i want is 4 u guys 2 mk peace. Tell me hw do u tink ur parents will feel abt dis wereva dey may be.wen i heard dis song call heaven i felt lyk cryin i cnt believe dat p-square will eva brk up lyk dat. Am so sad 4 u guys pls guys stop actin lyk children n grow up

  27. Paul n Peter God go help una settle this case

  28. hmmmm may God see them through

  29. pls psquare dont do this. think of what your mum would say. this is the first time i am commenting. i am in tears right now, these are turbulent times when blood has to strive. PLEASE TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE

    • my dear n two good head better pass one oooo

  30. This ain’t real.. U know

  31. Mhen! Paul it is well! I’ve listened to this song more times than I can count already and all I can say is that “I do wish heaven had visiting hours”… the wives you guys married really need to check themselves and ask themselves questions!

  32. my dre was to feature you both and shoot a video, but see this, well make I no lie , I cried ooooo, cause this is ridiculous, money is not everything, I kept the song on a repeat for over 400/times, bro come back or your musical careers would turn stories , one live from k ryms

  33. Humility is d key to greatness…… Both of them just have to be humble and clean their mess

  34. Wetin all of una dey talk abt their wives???..its was always bound to happen..wen u marry…its only aw the handle the matter that matters!!!..

  35. Hey.. This is touching

  36. is only a fool dat dont known d meaning of blood brother am disapoointed on peter rubbish

  37. P square why u people doing this to ur self u can’t think and imaging hw it will sound if u seprate from each other,u beta reconcine ,d hustle together for d gloria of ur parent don’t forget. There advice(think twis

  38. wives are d problem btw those guys..pls wt god u ppl should cm back pls i concur

  39. Pls be strong to continue d race,bcos u re a legend!! God gat ur back bro

  40. This song touched me…. Now I know I really love Psquare.. Paul and Peter.. Remember it’s Family Over Everything…. Think Twice..

  41. no be ona fault na…
    too much money dey turn person 2 anoda tin..
    Naso moni dey change!
    Naso moni dey change person…
    bur make ona tink about ona mama 4 heaven oO
    I knw say ona promise her ______ “paul” no nid 2 cry jawe

  42. Paul don’t worry everything is gonna be alright, P-square is going to STAND FIRM AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Abeg o fan mek una dy sincere o, mek una ask paul say him mama dy heaven, say him sure say him mama dy heaven bcos dis 1 him dy say mek una snd persn go heaven who won go heaven go check weda him mama dy heaven, me don snd sms go heaven baba God say she no dy der o so mek una tell paul 2 re-sing dat song o him mama no dy heaven o Thnx

    • lmao

      • u r a big fool

    • Paul no mid dme ur mama d heven ur hare

  44. U guys would get 2geda for sure, blood is thicker than KAI KAI. But in d mean time, let love lead ur actions, not strife, contention or it’s like

  45. Dear paul don’t feel sad bro, just pray God will see u tro, ur tears is worth it ok, God knows the best, ur mom ova feel sad too bt will still encourage u to keep on, life is full of challenges bro just don’t let it over take you okay one love bro

    • Mr jude has a lot of question to answer on the split of his brothers,Psquare mr jude wat is ur problem with peter getting married to his wife? I listened to ur interview, u said u were busy in ghana that was ur reason for not attending the wedding I told ppl that ur against ur brother that their will be fight in the future and it has come to be now,been tha mr paul doesn’t want family issues that is why he doesn’t want to air up but I love peter for giving back to u mr jude check urself u hav moved paul to ur side abi? Is ok u will see God in action for calling him stupid for making them twice, u better better dnt allow this to happen, ur the course and it started from his marriage to lola so mr peter is write in asking u not to manage them again, and for paul to support u he better feel his twice brothers heart before conclusion or else he will kill his career, iam standing with peter till death even as well as I hav discuss with somebody b4 about u people splitting in the future, but I told that person that u won’t split cos ur twice but paul sings better than peter

  46. i dont see y u guys are lamenting. are they suppose to sing together as duo for ever? all i want tosay is that they should keep business business and family family. if they want to operate as a business partners in they music industries is for their own achievement but as a family, they should remain a family.

  47. Heart touching song, nice voice Paul, we need full track of this.
    Don’t worry yhu guys go soon come back to una senses.
    The Fans are missing yhu guys!!!

  48. Very touching song!!God is with you Paul.

  49. Please you guz come together back for the sake of God.

  50. Please you guyz come back, I fill cry also, am sorry for you guyz

  51. This is such a shame on their so call brother “Jude” tearing the twin apart from their destiny all because of what?! Green of money,may God deal with him and reunite the twin.

  52. My Anambra brothers I take God beg una, biko don’t separate biko

  53. Tears drop ?

  54. It’s non sense breaking up with ur brother peter, Come on..! Be the p-square we always know rather than mr.p and paul okoye

  55. cool one

  56. Women are devils……………they can cause problems btw brothers. This is the case of peter/paul/jude okoye.

  57. Hee pls make una come back together again

  58. Yes ur ryt i tink dat jude is de prb,bcoz he opened his own record label first nd signe an artist, but he wunt let psquare dem 2 do so nd paul supported him nd went ahead 2 remove his twin brothers pix which is not fear at all no matter wat his ur twin bro guy u fuckup, but no one is perfect shar we still need u guys 2gether

  59. Shading tears, pls bro take because of ur fans and mend the dispute
    Ur mum and dad will not be happy any were there are…one love. #Psquare


  61. Touching song pual pls take heart, let peter go if he wish,ur star ll never die,I love u boss

  62. This is unfair! Remember, “iwe nwanne anaghi eru n’okpukpu” … Don’t let your stupid ego destroy you. No arstiste is indispensable! Grow Up PSQUARE; You’re about losing it all! Enough said…

  63. So touching. Rudeboy I love you. I wish this never happened.

  64. I have a feeling, that they will bury their hatches and get back together.Paul can sing, Peter can dance, we love them that way.We pardoned the Plantashun Boiz & Style Plus cos they aint blood..Buh this is going to go down as the most shocking & destructive break ups in the Nigerian music scene.
    Let love lead the way..Psquare na haba..No be like this..

  65. Oh my brother’s how possible could you allow the enemy to get you?? You know we twins will fight, quarrel and do all sort of things but end up eating from the same plate, sleeping in the same bed. So why don’t you just leave everything to God and focus on your music? Your funs love you. You encourage many twins and make us feel proud. Please never say no, never give up, keep your head up standing tall and you shall over come all your problems… God be with you…Love you guys.. From Thomas and Thompson #T-SQUARE GH.

  66. Paul, jude just move on peter will come 2 his senseless sense, as wife h(hmmm) just try complete d song, kno cry put again oh. #IWILLBUYIT

  67. hmmmmm…..I no fit talk o….

  68. Vry sad

  69. 2 bad u guys seperated…buh e dn hapun naw..
    Sha! Bliv dere’z always a situation to al propz.

  70. Pls guys come back together for sake of ur fans

  71. your fans’ pleas be felling on deaf ears till Vic. O(d king of rap) will settle u guys d way he settled drake and meek….just kidding.

    well u guys need to make up, life’s too short to live without a brother talk more of a twin(ur oda half).

  72. Please come together as brothers.

  73. Hv neva made a comment on dis b4,dis is really touchin, am jst cryin lik a baby after listenin 2 d song over n over, pls psquare we nid u bck 2geda, I love evry of ur music as psquare not Mr p or any oda, psquare lik no oda

  74. On a serious note Paul is a music wizard than Peter. He’s the root of psquare fruits. I gonna miss them. It’s sad that we are all human and nobody is perfect. Their wives should have settled this between them. God knows best. The song is a great message to everyone in this life. I love the song.

  75. Peter and Paul them be one no be two. Am a twin and I know what it feels to be apart from ur blood..i believe and pray that they come back togeda soon but for now, lets enjoy the drama and shakara from both..where are all the intermediaries who could even actually facilitate this reconciliation sef,eh? Haba!!!!

  76. Its well…. bt mke I ask all of una…
    The twins una dey pity for, dem get tyme read una comment!!! For ma own syd o, mke una find dem go their hauz if una wan merge dem togeda….

  77. APOLOGY TO P-SQUARE #psquareplsunite.

    @PeterPsquare life is full of challenges {i.e ups and down}.
    Even if your brother  ‘Jude’ offended you, pls just remember your mother and father in heaven that if they were alive Al this wouldn’t happen , cos they would have call you guys to settle the differences. Don’t allow the devil ? to deprived your love for Paul Go in vein,  cos I know how you feel for him to have freedom. Plssssss ? ???Peter two head is better than one…I know you are happy with the way you have freedom now, but remember that not all smile faces are happy with the way you doing big, cos you can only see their face not there heart ?cos some want to push u away frm Paul and turn their back against you .
     Peter ??plsss don’t allow ur pride push you away from the  love you have for Paul ??

    @rudeboypsquare I know how you feel about your brother ‘Peter’ because blood is thicker than water ?… And  @ the same time plsss just for the love ? of we ur fans and your parents , plss it’s not a command, it’s an apology accept whatever decisions your twin brother Peter  want, just to allow love reign among the  family.
    Don’t allow d devil ?  to scatter the love  your parents left among you guys, I know you are very cool and calm just like Peter…… Peter is a kind of person that likes his decision to be welcomed, appreciated  and not Condemn, with way I have studied him.
    Paul “call heaven”  has Said it all….. We ur fans just need to pray for psquare to allow peace and love reign again. We P square fans knows how you feel about your love Peter and Jude…. Plsss if Peter can’t call you …. Plsss do the calling and settle the problem among the Peter and  Jude or call, any family headers to Interven… Cos you guys are undisputed.. AFRICANS loves, NIGERIANS love ? you P-square.

    Jude Engees as for you… You are the header among the twin..If Peter said he doesn’t want you to manage them
    ..Plsssss ?just take we ur fans apology to accept it.  Frm me own that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be going around with them or when you things that is bad for them and you won’t talk or give them ideas, though you may not like it that, but just don’t allow the devil ? to buy land for inside SQUAREVILLE.

    Jude if you want to see Peter smilling again, call him ask him what the problem is, also how to solve the problems….. Because alot of pple [HATERS] are happy with the way PSQUARE is having problems now…. If you settle it internally, I know you will be forever b remembered In PSQUARE history books ?…… Also ask Paul what he wants and what Peter want… call ? them to round table to  talk and find a solution to the problem out there.
    One thing  is that if they eventually have another manager for square records that does not mean that you wouldn’t be needed again. We know you love them “Peter and Paul”. Plsss allow peace to rain ?.

     From that song “call heaven”  If one listening ? very well ‘,  though the  song is short but passing a big message and has said it all… If their mother and father were  to be alive today,  all this wouldn’t be happening..

  78. It realy crazy to hear dat u guys separated, u guys r beter together y separated. For u paul don’t give up on ur bro God wil hlp u guys

  79. Nah people were sabi nah dem deh plan well

  80. Brother u hv to go back to ur brother(u guys have to stop dis ok) i still love de name p-square

    • @chino u dey crazy why won’t we call Jude names what nonsense effort is he making, are u blind that u can see or u dnt hav sense that u can’t reason, dnt get me angry here ooo. Mr JUDE OKOYE is the reason for the split period, I wish I can get to him directly he will hear from me, he shud stop managing them and stop his gang up against twin brodas God is seeing the secret things ooo the heart of men are desperately wicked as they said. Mr jude once again weldon and u chino mind ur comment we there fans are not happy and jude ow me apology right now

    • @Brook pls call jude names and dnt include peter u hear, and advice paul to go back to his twin brother peter and let jude not manage them again there we can still hav psqaure but if not no more psqaure. Hav u read peters interview with Bellas.Ng abeg try u go no say this breakup e no easy at all mr jude and paul are the cause

  81. peter the only big man wey the act like small pikin, u don realy let people know dat u dont know what is blood, and am sure dat ur wife hand is in it, shame will be 2 u when u will leter come back , i was thinking dat u supose 2 be de one giving ur brother paul addvice, without knowing dat u are a big fool,) truely am not ur blood but dis thing is paining me more dan ur brother paul , u no get shame at all, well i no blame u, bcos how i wish dat god did not bless u with money, all dis trash 4 no de happen, and na there u know what IS BLOOD)) be careful if not ur days will be shoter) FOOL

  82. Dix story is kinda touching cux nbdy expected dix frm dem, pls u guys shld try nd settle ur dispute owk. Luv psquare#

  83. I just listened to d song now nd I am touched. Pls guys just settle dis matter amicably. I love u guys nd ur split is tearing me up. Psquare is a name I av known nd loved since my primary sch days. Please Jude help settle with ur brothers nd make peace reign. Pls pls nd pls guys, one love keeps us all 2geda. I beg u guys. For d sake of ur mum nd for God’s sake. I wrote dis with tears. Pls consider us your fans.

  84. I really luv song.. ….. Bt nt complete…. .

  85. all sweet things com to an end. its now left 4d 2of you to work together or work alone

  86. Remember your lyrics in “busy body” remix, “Peter and Paul dem be ONE no be two” so Please… Why the solo now? Please get yourselves to together because your ENEMIES are celebrating right now.

  87. Don’t mind dem. They ar just acting season film for us. Dem don too sing, dem just decide to act small film.

  88. touching….life is too short,pls come back and reunite.I Luv psquare

  89. O.M.G….no more p square, i guess you guys are going down for real. you dont know nothing. so better you make things.

  90. O.M.G….no more p square, i guess you guys are going down for real. you dont know nothing. so better you make things up

  91. u guys should use ur brain, u mst remember DAT no matter hw close and frnd 2brothers can b,dia mst b a quarell 1day,BT after DAT they ll still reconsine,make sure d quarel wount go far,remember devil z powerful, u guyz should settle b4 u guys looses it fan

  92. P-Square it’s a big disgrace 2 hear dis 4rm u guys, I can’t blv it’s happening, if 2 say una parents dey I blv say una 4 dey concentrate, listen Jude has be trying 4 dem as a man 2 unite and keep dem 2geda, if not Jude as deir manager PSquare would have fade off long ago, even b4 dey got married dey gat issues so deir wives isn’t d problem here but dey are partially, but Jude pls act lyk a fada not brodas if dey split apart I won’t 4gv u, I tears wen I heard dis song 4rm Paul, dey both hv dis plan on deir mind 2 hv deir own personal record label, not too long paul sign up MUNA in his own label while peter changed his name 2 MR P. Dis ins’t suppose 2 happen bcos of d world dey hv already conquer wit deir different style of music and dance step. I pray 4 God intervention 2 dis family tearssss run 4rm my eyes 4 dem, somebody please call heaven 4 dem. Lyk d oda guy said if dey split dey ar just simply upcoming artist striving 4 d best dey won’t mk it personally at allllllllllllllll. I drop here, A word is enough 4 d wise

  93. There are three W which could possibly cause this trouble… WEALTH, WINE ND WOMEN ..psquare were able to manage the first two until the third one came…. GOD HELP PSQUARE

  94. It painful it painful hmmmmmm nawa God sha

  95. God over everything….. It is well

  96. I hope u solve ur differences cos I really love u guyz

  97. My bro u’r so right it’s the wife the got married to. One of them married the wrong wife nd trust me one u’r married to a woman u’d surely want to do her’s cause u guys ar bind together. Buh it’s really painful here I love this guys together. Pls let the industry bring back our twins…

  98. Dudes this song sweet die, but its not complete why? Paul would make a very great n strong team at rudeboys. But the best thing is putting all our differences behind you, trust me you also need a therapy not jst a manager. Think about it bros.

  99. Tears roll Down my eye when i listen to Pauls Call Heaven, it’s a sad moment for him, I really feel for him and just hope did duo can come back togeda again… Perfect combo, perfect twins, perfect duo….. Splitting won’t work for them…. p square should just for the sake of the fans and sort things out… We love u so much guyz

  100. My broda abeg mak u no weep again bcus as u see me so i the feel ur pain e no dey easy to breakup wth ur real men if to say i get the key to heaven i for help u tel ur mama say e don really happen and am sure she go interven see ur work ur struggles the pay wil neva be in vain i wil be happy psquare to see u pple bck again i was sad the first day i heard dat u pple hav gone defferen way the psquare we kno b4 we ur fans wil be happy to see u thesame today fans stop pointin fingers,some say is there wives but i cnt tel ‘God knows beta’dat is all i tel them this is my rap for u guys we ur fans wil be ready to welcum u guys in a new style .thank u@DESKIDOBOY

  101. I just have one simple thing to say United we stand divided we fall

  102. If any body will read me make una ask Mr jude wetin dey happen to psqaure and mr paul own is that he doesn’t want to understand his twice brother’s feeling over his brother jude, I saw it in a revelation and Iam shouting aloud mr jude oooo na u separate Psquare period, paul is not fighting with peter neither is peter fighting paul, peter is fighting Mr jude and mr paul doesn’t want the fight and decided to stick to senior brother period that is what is going on

  103. Now Jude is out of the picture for a month now.. There is still no sign that Peter is coming back at all.. I feel for Paul because he’s the only one with good sense of humor here in the picture #Jude and Peter _sorry to call you guys names_ But you two old foolish Niggis are morons.. Paul is not looking out for a group #Psquare.. He only wants his family back in One piece.. #Peter won’t swallow his pride and come back to his twin Brother… of course we all know he already has a Bad private Manager #his_wife.. And Jude Aka #Bigger bro.. Just won’t man up and call the two of them to order and move on.. At least as a big bro :-/ he should be able to assign peace in the family picture even if the picture is been painted with or without him…. Now paul is calling out for their dead Parents… Giving them a very huge respect even in death… respect that should be channeled now to the living ‘Jude’. He should be the one They would be running up to.. not running away from. I feel sorry for you guys tho.. Mostly for paul.. My heart bleeds when ever I listen to this song on my car stereo.. #team_come_back_Psquares..

  104. Itz touches me,cant believe my eye wen i hed dis painfull song, paul okoye jst calm down i believe everything will b gonna b fine ok. Nobody can cum btw u nd ur broda,all ur enemies will b put 2 shame in Jesus name

  105. Paul is d devil

  106. If you listen to peter on the interview I watch today u will pity dat guy,he has been in pain for years,paul have been mocking him that he can’t write songs,paul is the devil not peter I use to think peter is d rude one here,u con sing dis kind song to gain pple heart,thunder fire u paul

  107. God please bring peace back to psquare…….I cry for real as I was listen to this music, for pual to sing this kind song…….God intervene please.

  108. Wow my guy keep on show. Iam always feelin u my dear bcoz ur voice de sweet me vry well 4 body. God bls u my brother… Nd iam always proud 2 be one of ur boy..

  109. We want them to come back again

  110. u shouldn’t have left ur brother. the fact that u sang alone shows u dnt care abt ur brother peter anymore. its a shame

  111. Pls guys cum back 2geda,we want psquare back,we luv u guys,plsssssss cum bck

  112. I pray u guyz settle wateva is wrong n put ur heads 2geda. i’m @DjBlis1

    • P square i wish u were in my shoes, u guys suppose no hw much i love u not peter or paul but p square well what can i say i am addicted to paul beautiful song, paul keep it up for i promise u ur dreams will come to pass in jesus name

  113. psquare y d chldsh stuff… u guys shld bhv matured…!!! xha wetin cncrn mi evribodi gt e own

  114. psquare y d chldsh stuff…!!! u guys shld bhv matured abg mtcheeew…

  115. its show biz

  116. My God dis is not happening to P square


  118. The first day i heard the song call heaven, i shade tears has if i am one of the okoyes. Why psquare, why the okoyes, why peter, why paul, why jude. if for say una dey, mum okoye, dad okoye, for everything wey dey happen today.

  119. Metchew, guys ehh all I know is that womans are so stupid, if you can understand me, just think of it, imagine ooo, people that are singing for a long time , all this now is bcoz of Yoruba woman. Metchew, now everything have got into pieces, oh God y am this ?. I feel so bad inside for all dose times had that taayi , pls u guys should settle once again pls

  120. na jude cuz everything

  121. This song almost make me to share tears,it so touching, I wish u guys never separated but I pray u still come back together. I think the their wives contributed to this.

  122. you two shouldn’t hv end ur brother hood love for mere stuff, i wish u both to unite as one again plss……….. love u both #psquare

  123. Pls guys if u have the recordings of your late mother’s advice about oneness ,find a quiet time and listen to her again and again ok! And also read Ephesian 6:1-4 and deside whoes word you must obey that will make your path straight and shiny forever.Remain ever bless guys as i see you pple UNITED.Thanks,God bless.

    • Nice one Edward

  124. Your brother’s wife was nt there when you guys started, but she came when you guys suppose 2 b in peace, so dia 4 dat DEVIL need 2 live dat house.

  125. I love P_Square! Wait let me say it again – nobody heard me, I LOVE P_SQUARE!!! Oh God I’m yelling. Well they’ve said it all( the fans), but some didn’t put it well cz of their judgments… Could there really be a Mr. P and Paul Okoye?
    Eeeuw, I don’t buy that. Uncle P[s] I love you two as ONE.

  126. Hmmmm…. Nice song !”!”””

  127. hmm how i wish tears almost drop down.. but God knows

  128. Psquare am nt sure you guys av any idea of wat u’re doin 2 me right nw *cryin* nt to talk of wat u’ll b doin to ur parents!!! Pls 4get d ash n come back together I beg of u *cryin* pls peter,pls paul…*cryin*cryin*cryin*

  129. I pray God bring u together again

  130. You guys should remember that you have the same blood flowing in ur veins….so wat ever might be the problem u guys should resolve it!!

  131. I don cry bucket full o

  132. Please guys come back it touch your mum an dad we not be happy were dey are

  133. i would like to congratulate paul for this song becuse when you listen even tears come down please work as team we miss u guys

  134. United you stand divided you fall….

  135. Paul Okoye hope u see ur life now, shebi u say na u dey produce Psquare songs? Peter Okoye is far better than u @Rude boy. You can’t even dance like MR P. In fact I only like Psquare bcus of Peter Okoye

  136. Omo Born story, brothers are still brothers just as Blood is thicker than water,

    All I have to say is a Musical strategy, Na me una wan decieve, The guy Wey know as e dey go for levels,
    Forget that thing jooo, They wan use am draw attention in other to hit the music world in another level,
    STRATEGY, abeg viewers or Psquare fans be wise
    Hit me up make we gist 08032295297, make I tell you as e dey hot

  137. Una self en

  138. God interven on their issues to get them back

  139. the case is over here will hit you soon #p-square new song #nobodyugly

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