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Peter Okoye (P-Square) – “Look Into My Eyes”

Posted by aL Yhusuff on March 8, 2016 in AUDIO · 108 Comments


Peter-Okoye-2 (1)

Dunno if this is official but it’s been making rounds on the web. This is a number titled “Look Into My Eyes”  by Peter Okoye one half of the boy band, P-Square.

Download below and share your thoughts.


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  1. Ist to download,so peter u hv to pay mee

  2. lol

  3. Wch way nah…dis song don dey since I now have 2 in my playlist “look into my eyes” dis wan “looking to my eyes” nawaooo

  4. okoye family like attention shaaa

  5. Love this song

  6. Nice jam, but it was released a while ago. TX, yall should do your research b4 posting stuff.

  7. Tym to listen the song,peter if I no tite u must pay me but if e tite den na Freebies!

  8. fucked tracked,,, better get back with ur twin, so u guys can make good jamz

    • Pls tell d fool again….won tan eeeeeeee olobe

  9. D jam its cool,so peter u get luck(freebies tinz)

  10. men pero u try die can’t believe u can do sumtin gud on ur own love the song

    • Instead of you to discourage dem,,so he can mke up wit his broda,,ur here praising him,,,

  11. Pls peter go back to ur brother

  12. Dis song was released by p.square last year na, they release two other singles with this na.

  13. This isn’t Peter at all…. This voice isn’t his’

  14. u better go back to ur brother pls is unlike u,


  16. u try for the jam
    but u need to go back to ur Broda
    so that together u will join hand
    and make hit cos these look as old stuff

  17. trash

  18. Make I download am..but if d song no make sense I go swear for you #Shikena

  19. Dis song was released by d duo(psquare) a while ago, not peters song at all, it cud be idleness or loneliness dat he did dis video alone #InHisCar-IsHedden Fuck it.

    • LOL true talk

  20. When hunger strikes, u sing rubbbish.
    U better swallow ur pride n return to ur family
    Singing isn’t ur forté, it’s ur brother’s and he completes u.
    U need to get ur shi* together man..u don’t get along with anyone..

  21. I somehow dislike dis peter okoye becos of his proudness.ur yash go soon open woman rapper

    • LOL @ ‘proudness’

  22. the song make sense, but it doesn’t sound anything like Psquare song. its not peters voice neither paul. guys try and make up, shikina

  23. Can stop say nonsense

  24. Dis song is kinda old……

  25. Try shaaa

  26. no psquare no good music…its simple…#bringbackourpsquare #campaign

  27. That’s their shii… Who send them sef

    • I taya

  28. mtcheweeeww F***Ked

  29. Like seriously?

  30. Wack song
    Stick to ur dance with peter or else you go fall your hand well well
    U kw say u no get the groove of singing again, u go dey break up
    Coconut brain

    • Lol!!

  31. Wack song
    Stick to ur dance with peter or else u go disgrace ursef
    U kw say u no gt d groove to sing again n u go dy break up
    Coconut brain

    • were is your own song mugu

      • Abeg no dey tackle fan Wey dey yarn him mind…pls let’s tell dis guys d real truth.try and listen to Paul’s track call heaven

    • nice song bro

  32. this peter set over sabi to dey worry u.

  33. Lol. Look into mah eyes???…. Still observing…… @iam MR_Successful and i believe in destiny

  34. nice song no mind badbele

  35. bro try come up with a dance hall and your dancing style dont listin beef and jagon that people are saying talk na free

  36. Bro P we know u 4 Psquare nd not Peter…una collabo dey make brain.

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  38. Nyz single buh I nid d psquare bak cos dt has bin d reason 4 u guys success so far…1 part of me still wants 2 c wah u guys cn actually do on ur own.

  39. Hey guyz Peter knows what he is doing. Bet me if he is fighting for d right tin then will be the best amongst the two. But if not let’s fold our hands n look

  40. I still don’t believe that you guys have depart,

  41. One of you has followed woman’s advise, so so bad and sad,!!

  42. God take control

  43. I really love dis guys nd I pray de come back as one psquare Wich d world knw and appreciated. And for those u posting rubish I dnt tink is necessary at all bcos as a good fans of dis lovely dudes I tink prayer nd word of encouragement is wat we ought to tink of not makin matas worst here. I love d okoye’s family and I pray u reconcile soonest. One love my own brodas…

  44. Well sometimes in life there is a need for beef, it makes relationship to be more tighter than ever…
    God that created Psquare together will help them to know the truth they need to know about themselves that can take them to next level…

  45. abeg Peter and pual make una no go bring potopoto pant una body. as i dey comments on this issue now i dey vase. i John okafor a.k.a Mr. Ibu dey bag una, Abeg Peter na pual make una go do peace with una snr. broda Jude okoye and u Peter and pual u shld not let woman bring prblm btwn both of u. d power of woman is too much but don’t let woman matter bring prblm in ur family. I arrest my case

  46. abeg Peter and pual make una no go bring potopoto pant una body. as i dey comments on this issue now i dey vase. i John okafor a.k.a Mr. Ibu dey bag una, Abeg Peter na pual make una go do peace with una snr. broda Jude okoye and u Peter and pual u shld not let woman bring prblm btwn both of u. d power of woman is too much but don’t let woman matter bring prblm in ur family. I arrest my case

  47. Mr.P nice song, I love the song,
    but reconciliation will be nice.
    Looking into ur eyes will make me cry.please make peace.
    Nice song.

  48. Nice

  49. Pls u guys sud get bk 2geda cos two head is better den one , I believe in psquare. Finally

  50. I’m pretty sure dier snr. Broda is d problem of psquare . Let him free dem

  51. love is lost

  52. am also a twin but i never abandon my twin brother why because he’s part me

  53. This is Satan at work… He has come to steal ,kill , n destroy.. Its his ministry… This is not good at all… I pray for quick restoration n reconciliation… Pls be sensitive enough including ur twin n bro to know what’s about happening

  54. God made you both together for a reason…be men and mend all patches…wish you well and Paul too

  55. Fuck u peter without ur broda u are nothing

  56. Bros mk una unite bck abeg cos u nid 2 flas bck frm day 1 look at mercy johnson she is crying cos of ur separation n try to think twice

  57. I dont fink u guys talking to Peter anyow knows the actual issue happening among both twins,go and know the main issue of their breakup,Paul fucked up big time,he shouldn’t have said this in public where Mavin’s records r Paul saying”peter is not a songwriter nor a singer,i did the whole songs right from start and i made his ass”what rubbish,his could he said that to His own twin bro and the Jude okoye that should settle matter up was busy supporting Paul,fuck u paul,fuck u Jude,peter trust what u can,but as a guy not woman una suppose settle am make e no pass this one,dis one wet ppl don knw now dey no fit comeback never again,I’m so sure of that,go peter,love u bro

  58. Ples Peter Ur Song Is Sweet But U Hav To Go Back To Ur Two Brodas So Dat U Guys We Creat A Better Living

  59. is psquare I know not peter n paul. remember peter n paul then be one no be two. brotherly love.

  60. Let the brotherly love continue without ending i have been shading tears since i finish listening to pauls song CALL HEAVEN, hmmm pls you guys should try and reconcile or we the NIGERIAN DJS will bound playing any new song any of you guys will release next,, i believe you know what that means? I rest my case joo

  61. Weahhhhhh my brothers let love lead,,,remember you guys are from one womb,,,,,the devil is a liar

  62. We guys will hate yahh if didn’t go back paul we dont need any of your single song ok

  63. Fuck Jude……………. Na him cause all this Pls Paul forgive your blood brother. Oshe peter nice one but you need to go back to your brother. One love

  64. ? ???? ???? ??? g??? ??g????? ???? ???.

  65. This is so sad to all funs, the last time we see you tell me that everything will be okay……..

  66. Nice job, keep it up®

  67. I will not download it until u go back to ur brother

  68. am speechless dn’t even knw what to say but all i belive is that god who create them in one womb will bring them back love p-square.

  69. Dere is no hw dat u people can do better if dere is separation but if u are two u people can be d best

  70. in your bizzibody track I think u people mention Peter and Paul dem bi one nobi two why u want become two know nawah for una oo . come together u full

  71. uwna try wellwell uwna no de gud uwna no de bad**

  72. paul peter uwna 2 gogo heaven jude if i vention c u 4 heaven waiting i go do ueee

  73. The song be like psquare of 10 years ago. E no bam at all. E no easy though but e no bam like psquares tight songs. I am not here to judge but Paul’s call heaven make sense pass. Pee go back to your brother before u go end up going into singles extinct. Na u be the problem shaa.

  74. peter u can’t do dis alone simply becuz u didn’t start it alone. so 4 now u are not complete. wen u are complete we shall kno. Tink Twice plsssssss. ßye

  75. I am also a twins, I always hate Paul Okoye for saying his broad is not writing a song. Pls carry go @Peter Okoye (Mr P)

  76. oh my god stop blaming peter u don’t know the start that lead 2 their separation I hate wat Paul said about peter nice song peter, but plz u gyz must reconcile keep it up peter and I love u ,ur so talented

  77. Reali love their music

  78. This is one of the most stupid song of the year…..the song have no meaning…..Get back to your brother or get out from music industry….Is just like someone trying to learn how to sing…Are u still learning or what?

  79. P SQUARE.Is the rastaman be Peter

  80. PSQUARE.Is the rastaman be Peter

  81. PSQUARE.Is the rastaman be Peter?

  82. I luv paul but u guys shuld get togthr soon

  83. good one

  84. ur not a singer but ur dancer, so ask ur brother to sing 4u and u can dance . (fuck u )

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