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PREMIERE: D’banj – Omini (Prod by DeeVee)

Posted by Tyler on September 26, 2014 in AUDIO · 130 Comments

D'banj - Omini - Art_tooXclusive

D’banj resurfaces with new music! This time the big fish turned white lion aims at introducing a new slang with a DeeVee produced titled “Omini”.

 #OMiniLoyal #OMiniMoney #OminiRoyalTy #OminiThat #OminiBullet …. Hit or Miss? Listen to the track and tell us in the comments section.

DOWNLOAD D’banj – Omini (Prod by DeeVee)

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  1. Nice one, love it

  2. Nice jam

  3. Omg this song is a miss for me deevee is not a good producer. He’s making my d”banj wack. But am still a big fan of d”banj. For more guitar lessons and songwriting skills please add me 7FF19D8E

    • U r an idiot lukin for cheap promo. Pray dt one member of ur family reaches d height Dbanj is. Ode. Nice one Eja nla. As if all d songs released in 2face’s album don hit. A legend is a legend, keep hating, die broke…

      • A legend is a legend just as a mumu is a mumu

    • Imagine dis man singing Omini, wat is Omini Spartacus? No be only omini, na ominiku u 4 call am fool. After people go dey compare D’banj(king) and 2face(Emperor). weytin people no no be say we can’t do it all alone, God dey bless people through people. Ur tenure don over abeg D’banj go beg Don Jazzy, I believe say he go forgive u. Or go buy better songs as Davido dey do am.

      • Ha no knw, is dis d same d’banj dat sang suddenly,why me &co…. If he’s stil d same abeg, go mit don and apologise, dis omini of a tin is like u are following someone elses footstep, be capable of making tins on ur own, ha knw d’banj wud feel so bad not featuring in dat dorobucci song dat was y he brought up dis ominiku idea….. Shit bro, stil like u though

      • Seriously Omini is a nice topic and song title..buh then the delivery waz wack…dorobucci waz a slang buh marvin sang meaning into it @least to conviince us..i 1st heard d’jam 4 sa club..buh dis omini spatacules omini dis and baba dbanj i salut ooo but find rylics na to back ur shit up abeg..nice beat tho buh soon naija producers go turn u to money

  4. Lol…na him own way of singing Dorobucci.

  5. Dbanj still sabi sing ooo,but d problem wey e get na dis deevee guy e no sabi music @ all,jaysleek still get sense pass am.bros dbanj think fast ooo.

  6. Still representing!!!!

  7. Nice one. Deevee is an #Ominiproducer.

  8. Nice1. Omini master Lee

  9. I tell u @ Nuelsom

  10. Gbayi DeeVee Lee #OminiProducer

  11. Dope

  12. Nice one

  13. omini dry music

  14. Nice one

  15. Nice 1 white lion. D bang.

  16. Hmmmm… d’banj.. ok. let’s av a video to up d tempo.. dis song ain’t cool.

  17. Am a d’banj stan, buh my heart dey cut as I dey download dis track ni…

  18. Woooowwww wt a beautiful piece of TRASH!!!!…. Dbanj or waheva dae cal u… Plz quit music

    • ewo ni awon broda ti ko ni orin ti agbo

  19. Omini by DBanj is a big musical flop! Trying to copy #DoroBucci… I think KokoMaster is going down #MyPerspective


    • For does of u dat says dbanj does wack music and dat he is a flop I knw ur plite its poverty its has eaten into ur heads so much dat u can’t Identify gud music wen u hear one is dia any award dbanj does not have to his credit? which artiste in nigeria archieved more than dbanj in nigeria as far as music in is concerned dbanj’s name is on d sand of time in d whole africa am very proud of him cuz he is my role model

      • Just as vitiligo has eaten deep into ur brain

  20. modafuckz….. go get a life, good or bad… nigga making money….. bangerlee….love yhu like weed…. osee

  21. Since the day he broke that #bond, I knew this guy would flop!
    It saddens my heart when I heard he signed Tonto, I told myself “end of the road for DBRecord”.

    Suggestion: DBanj should quit music and continue Agriculture(pays better).

    He got signed by GOODMUSIC but nothing productive came out of it!

    Confusion: At a point, he changed his stage name to ‘Daniels’…

    • Get ur fact right bro, don jazzy asked for d split…so wt u sayin?

  22. Dbanj is getting up again nice1 banga lee. I love it

  23. Fuck u song,d,banj dis one no make sense joor ,u dey sing rubbish

  24. Am glad dat everyone is saying dis bu am not suprise cos dat is wat life is made off generally……..where d guy has I doubt if any of u w ever get there no ur family cos d way u una dey beef am…..for me dbanj if u sing trash or copy dorobucci I w love it cos u ar jus u doing ur tin in ur way @everyone pls u guys sud work hard and b like him or go above him …here I stop my comment

  25. U guys u say watever u like dbanj me I dey fill u a piece of advice to u hatred. try do beta Dan him den u can go on and talk ur trash I believe majority of u w hardly break even if uar given d best producer wit d bst song ,bit

    • Dats y not everybody is a musician nd dats y we have critics. Even if ure a fan, face d fact when a musician sings rubbish so dat he or she can do better.

      • I knw dat ok bu dat is d truth I av z it u sud leave home alone most Nigerian ar fingerlinking ppl dey always knw d sweet part nd nothing more dnt be one

  26. U guys u say watever u like dbanj me I dey fill u a piece of advice to u hatred. try do beta Dan him den u can go on and talk ur trash I believe majority of u w hardly break even if uar given d best producer wit d bst song ,bit

  27. This is the wackest song ive heard all year long. u shld do a collabo with Vic’o. just wasted valuable Megabites on trash. Dead guy. u wan copy #Dorobucci. Omini no even sweet e no flow with anything. e no even get meaning. Jes give the crap to Tonto Dike and go rest. if tonto dike were to have sang thos song it would have been better. #DoroBanj

    • guy y not suck som dick instead of usin dt moniker

    • If indeed u av a life, u won’t waste ur so called free MB downlading his song since u kno he’s a flop. U will remain broke & stagnant if u keep hatin success. I’m sure u said d same aby wizkid Ayo album too. Also pple like u go dey abuse Wayne Rooney weneva Man Utd lose. Get ur life 2geda & stop hatin success. Alaye baje..

  28. Pls guys before you guys be talking loads of bullshit listen to the song well and get the meaning. You just rush up to condemn something this good as soon as it happens and you live happy with your boring lives. Dbanj great song ride on on the heads of this haters. God bless

  29. loyal fan till I die…

  30. Deevee no b producer @all,jaysleek for do beta

  31. Wacko tracko

  32. Now I know dt dis dbanj guy actually never knew music… Don jazzy was d reason behind his success

  33. Jus heard the track..quite decent.. stl loyal!

  34. Comments made me not to download

    • baba no mind dem, the track is quite decent, they almost made me not to too..until i hrd it..its a jam bro!

  35. Omini rubbish

  36. Seriously I dnt knw how someone will listen to dis and say its wack… Its like some peeps are been paid to comment negatively on songs.. This is a very nice jam to me…..#ominionpoint……

  37. The song is nat bad nw…y u guyz hating on sum1 wey don mke am already…y u download am wen u no say u no lyk him…sme pple wey no get mb download songs sef go cme here dey say rubbish…mtchew

    • Wha kinda fone do use? Coz am surprised u can’t see deir is an icon where u can click nd play d song without having 2 download it.

  38. If yu heat dz jam….yu will keep on hatin success forever!!…forever a fan!

  39. Dbanj quit music… or u humble urself n go back to don jazzy….4 now song wise u b zero…..

  40. Dbanj u can partner with mavin records n still retain ur company… don jazzy understand ur type of music… if not bro u loosing it music wise….we love u dbanj

  41. its funny wen pipu say “Dbanj left mohits & they r hiting hard on Dis Icon, wtf… u guys don’t even knw shit… who made MoHits knwn? who was MoHits? incase u don’t knw, D’Banj gave all d Defunct MoHit stars Light in Music industry, if it wasn’t 4 Him, no1 wld hv even knwn Don Jazzy sef, haters can go and Chop ChinChin & die… Dbanj gave Producers in 9ja name… he started d whole idea of “its DonJazzy again” and since then Artiste started recognizin producers on any beats…. so if u still hating dis Maestro… go and wank off jor! Dbanj is a Living Legend; Live with it or go & Kill urself

    • bro tanx so much for ur word of wisdom … a pity dat Nigerian forget so soon dat it is dis same guy dat brought d idea of introduction of name wen singing ….i respect his creativity also his exploit #leeonpoint

    • God bless ur huzzle bro 4dt statement. Pple quickly 4get dt wtout dbanj no donjazzy. Godbless dbanj &d die hard fans. Dis is goodmusic.

    • Reason why most people don’t grow and succeed in life is because they always hating on other peoples success. D’banj is a living Legend, Deevee is one of the best producers around. Omini is a def Jam. #Omini #Omini #Omini on repeat. Haters calling for re-union with Don Jazzy are still living in the past. D’banj has moved on to greater things and so does Don. Wake up people!

  42. Pls I need an answer to this question? How many songs have dbanj released since the brake up that went viral more than the don jazzy productions? I haven’t seen any oooo.

  43. Abegi…..d’banj just go back to Don jazzy nd beg him to take u back. U r notin without him….Definition of RUBBISH.

  44. I love this jam

  45. You are still in the game

  46. Kant wait for d video…nice song,nice beat.nice production…people condeming don’t know music.dats all I can’t say!

  47. #Ominirubbish, #Ominitrash….

  48. some pple are die hard success haters…D’BANJ IS A SUCCESS AND THE SONG IS GOOD….Deevee I see u.

    • And him no fit see or hear u

  49. Omini dorobucci lol

    • Where u 4 cum? Lol

  50. Continue to make naija proud, straight frm d lee temple. Dope song

  51. Nice on dad

  52. Poverty mentality everywhere. Most of don’t know dbanj personally so I wonder why we should hate on his success. No correlation at all. And to those with the cliche’ , “your family can never achieve like dbanj”, you should go cleanse your brain of poverty mentality. Even with all the hype, how much does dbanj have? Common ahmed musa of yesterday and lag biz men will dust him financially. So find another excuse. His recent songs are wack. I mean dbanj!!

    • i was abt to giv u d response u deserve den i saw ya name

      i giv up

      • Maybe some people ear needs to be cleaned….the beat is matured enof with a nice lyrics…….let dj play the song for u and u ll know the meaning of omini….davido has said it all…..dbanj is just making music for fun……keep laughing but na em dey laugh last. Some idiot keep hating on him and yet they are the first to download the song. #GOAT

        • Bush fish ola …. Omini omini omini, skit skit skit skit skit everywhere

  53. Useless song and the fact that I keep wasting my time downloading his songs hoping to finally get something decent is quite disheartening. Wande left mavins and is pulling more weight than the koko master. Please dbanj quit music, go get a job in ota farms, shebi baba iyabo na your friend?

  54. Now this is omnifire, omni dope, ominijammest from d omini royalty banger Lee. Catch me on d dance floor if u can.

  55. D banj u need to give up nw ok u try ll still love but ur not in the game any longer go back to don jazzy or face ur business ok,

  56. D banj pls do ur thing but u can’t live without don baba J! Haba! Pride kills oooooo.

  57. for those of us who dont know how to rate music should please stopped commenting. Anyways, i dont blame them. when you play music without a proper speaker e dey always sound funny. Bangerlee please step up your game. 7/10

    • Na y u won use gbagaun extinct ur generations..

  58. Make sense die

  59. Stupid fools l!!! All of you that has been paid by whoever to open your big wide mouths to say trash about this song and dbanj eh… Thunder fire una generations. Idiots. Go get a life!!! And that’s why not even your village people will remember your stupid names. Mtcheweeee!!!!!

    • K

  60. fuckd jam,rubbish

  61. Una wey like dbanj I understand…bt make una dey tell am make he step up coz na only money e get now music nor jst carry weight…abi de so called dbanj fans una wan compare am to davido songs or even dat dead sekem song wey almost everybody dey dance to

  62. Lmaoooo….. All dis don jazzy loyal fans that keep hating on dbanj songs….lol this is a nice jam all your hating can’t stop dis song 4rm turning to a hit……#Ominikeephating

  63. Omini-Rubbish! Wasted effort to download rubbish song. Guy, u need to start modelling and leave d music to the boys

  64. One Guy Name Himself “D’banj Sucks” … Naa So You Hate Am… He Still Una Papa Money.. Naa I’m Show Cost Pass Dem Born Una make Una No Go.. Mofos They Keep hating On Nothing… Well The MY. Dad Told Me If You’re Making It People Will hate You. Is It All Because Of Don Jazzy… D’banj Is The First Artist That Give Respect To His producer By Saying Don Jazzy Is Here Again Anytime He Drop z Single When He Was in Mo hit Before Other Niccur Started Using It.. “Well If You Hate Him Its ya Cup Of Tea”… In kemit voice #AwonLowLife #OminiLee

  65. Bagalee Omini Royalty! U re stiii on to of ur game! Haters go die, i luv d jam

    • After u

  66. Dbanj u beta go find anoda work 2 do,music don leave you,stupid song,omini noncence

  67. Jam of life…R.I.P HATErz!omini frosh

    • Omini fool

  68. All of hating dbanj are stupid and lack forsight cos if u ain’t lack forsight u will not be saying all shit u are saying cos una never do better thing for una life so if u see better thin una no go everly appreciate all of u are #anofia#egiachi#daniska#oloriburuku

    • #UrPapa

  69. I dnt even like donjazzy but dbanj seriously i didnt understand a tin from dis jam..dorobucci waz. Jst a slang but dey sang meaning into it…buh dis bangalee keep repeating omini as if rylics don finish..nice beat tho buh wrk more bro..i love

  70. Awon smilos complain abt dbanji wen una father b drivers n shoemakers…God bless @dbanji dope

    • U just described ur father and your grandfather.

  71. This is dope my man. And to all y’all fuckers beefing him, Ur father no fit take ordinary hymn for church o. Leaving don jazzy saved his life big time. after Tiwa. Who else. Is it Ur bro Sid that can’t even compose. Mtchew. U guys should face the truth and grow up.

    • I think it’s rubbish, I’m a great fan of dbanj but thus can’t be compared to dorobucci or any track from the artistes on top.

      • @ned snow. What abt ur fada..can he even tead hymn?

        • Shey na why u no fit spell..Ewu.

  72. Omini sense, Omini frosh I still remain loyal fan till I die…. big up Bro nice beat and nice jam of life

  73. Mehn! Ejanla u just need 2 be urself nd not copy ur boss Don jazzy Omini sucks #Dorobucci all d way

  74. This 1 is still better than that Kinihun or elephant that he sang b4 naw, buh still nt where we want u 2 b in the industry bro, u’re far far behind those guys on top now #olohun….

  75. This 1 is still better than that Kinihun or elephant that he sang b4 naw, buh still nt where we want u 2 b in the industry bro, u’re far far behind those guys on top now #olohun….

  76. Eja Nla baba nevertheless……….you are stilll the main man………….GBAM

  77. stl jamin it till my battery dies! Omini!

  78. Emoty track!!

  79. Very poor. Dbanj disappointed me. Still feeling his biz skills tho

  80. Dumb song! granny would sing beta dan dis..omini my ass, 4cked up dbanj..beta go and face agriculture and be a gud farmer coz music is no longer ur calling. Who knows, maybe he left his talent with mohits, if so, go and beg don outa here

  81. Dear didia #OminiKokoSucker am sure dbanj has a lot to offer u 4 making him ur role model. Ur mates r making dangote their role model, u r here making mouth 4 dbanj that can neva know u exist. Otondo.

    • Bros na dangote go cme know say him exist ba? Joor go sleep ahbeg

  82. Dbanj, go nd beg don baba, I think u left ur talent with mohits. Pls go back to don jazzy, or beta still, face agricultute and be a gud farmer.

  83. My bros biko/ please it is not “rylics” its “lyrics”…..pls d banj hu is already made nd go to Skul nd read ur book

  84. To hell all haters. Love this song bangalee. still loyer bro

  85. And his latest Globacom advert with his magic powder shaved face and poppin eyeball, finally convinced me that GBAND has lost it

  86. And his latest Globacom advert with his magic powder shaved face and poppin eyeballs, finally convinced me that GBAND has lost it

  87. Whether u like it or not omini has come to quench doro nothing.

    • correct guy…..omini is d bst of dbanj….me lyk am pass Oliver,ejanla is d king of africa music after baba Fela

  88. God is everything I love this jam

  89. immitating doro… #ominibangaleeiswhack

  90. Omini no get sense

  91. weda u like him or not, no musician in Nigeria can smell half of his money cos he is now d new ambassador to APPLE. so shut up n go mak ur own money. dats y he sang “don’t tell me nonsense”.

  92. Eja nla,Wa gbayi joor leave haters let them continue running there mouth just like a spoilt machine,you are still the best bro.1 luv

  93. Its good…..

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