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PREMIERE: Oritse Femi – Double Wahala (Part 2) ft. D’Banj

Posted by Tyler on May 23, 2014 in AUDIO · 166 Comments

Oriste Femi - Double Wahala (Part 2) ft. D'Banj [ART]

Oriste Femi finally unleashes the hotly anticipated part 2 of his smash hit “Double Wahala” featuring the Koko Master himself D’Banj.

The afrobeats inspired single gets a visit from D’Banj, who brings his own element to the song.

Does the cut have the x-factor? Be the judge as you listen to “Double Wahala (Part 2)” and drop your comments below!


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  1. First to download

  2. Second. To download

  3. 3rd to…Fab

  4. 3rd to download

  5. 4th to download

  6. Like am scared 2 download….cos dbanj might sing crap

  7. 4th to

  8. Make una come principal’s office come collect una prizes, 1st,2nd and 3rd to comment…….he may even decide 2 give u guys scholarship….mtcheeew.

  9. 5th to download

  10. Rubish of life

  11. Yaaaaaaaga make sense

  12. Lol y fight for downloading . Download listen that’s all. 9ce Tune *ur Kokolet self they fyn me*

    • #TrueTalk………..9ice one Fam.

  13. Nyc grind bangalee…”Ur kokolet sef dey find me

  14. Cooooool tunes…..dbanj try sha. Buh davido wud v bin a beta ft.

  15. Nyc grind bangalee…”Ur kokolet sef dey find me”

  16. 93rd person 2 download#Ndi ala…..D???????????????? rush t?? download like say na american visa….big ups musical taliban(femi) Banga lee finish…nice joint

  17. U ppol are crazy 4 yur 1st 2nd 3rd to download

  18. I love dis

  19. Mtcheeeew! It wud av bn better if it was Davido or Wizkid. Part 1 still sweet pass dis nonsense remix

    • Haters like you keep on hating..get your fact right Double wahala pt2 is selling more than the Original version..

  20. E mke madt senx…. BANGHALEE!!!

  21. rubish….olamide and phyno would have been better

    • All of you saying phyno and Olamide would av been better, do you listen to kilogbe rmx ft olamide nd reminisce? You’ll knw its total flop.. Check d concept of d song b4 u spitting out rubbish… Dz song is about being dope nd haters kip hating.. So who else cap fits? if not Eja nla…. To you saying Dbanj always pay to feature pple, tanx for d baseless observation… If you get anyone wey rich lyk him for ur family, U no go dy comment here… #yeyepple

      • guy u get mouth

  22. Mehn anyone dissing d’banj should kill himself..niceone dbanj,bigups oritse femi.

    • D’bamj has lost it!!..can’t he sing his own song n make a HIT out of it…Y does he luk 4 orda ppls hit songs 2 remix…kukere wit iyanya,1st of all wit olamide,nw dis 1…mtcheeewmww

      • If u dey beef Dbanj sing and let’s hear. Una no dey shame c Entertainer wey come Music Industry and even beat d so people dat call demsef Musicians hands down n he is even celebrating 10years. E no easy Ejanla aka Bangalee………. Always appreciate pple who ve made it xo u can also mke it or U will just die wit ur badt belle n criticism

  23. Haters keep hating,ur kokolets self dey find Dbanj

  24. I strongly believe it was D banj that begged him for the collabo. Same thing He did with Kcee. D banj has lost it all.

    • hahaha whats the need to beg him for collabo ??

    • Vasco abi waiting u call ur name u b fool u no get sense na dbanj wen u no fit see na go beg oritse femi for feature wen u wan wise u no get sense oh na dis song u say dbanj no try u be idiot come abeg ehn sing make u upload am make I hear idiot fool person done make money forget say him dey sing self you dey hate person wen gon done leave music for business u dey talk nonsense I no sure if you get ear to listen to music I hate u Vasco you b idiot big one

      • I see no reason why simple coments will cause a lot of arguement ,,,,, is it a must to like every of dbanj’s song and if I don’t like a particular song ,, can I not comment,, and if I comment does dat make me a hater ,,common guys ……..

        • U no get sense 4 saying D’banJ begged him to collabo. Oritse femi will even be hapi 2 av Eja Nla on his track #oloriburuku.somebody#

    • read ur comment again,..den tryna borrow som brain

  25. All dos ppl callin davido pls dat one na musician abi noise maker#nonsense.

  26. big up 2 banga lee,i drop cap 4 u………………………..pakam 2 femi

  27. oshee

  28. All dos ppl callin davido pls dat one na musician abi noise maker#nonsense.nd vasco b reasonable

  29. Olamide would have bin a gd ft !!! Dis remix na Doro nonsence !

    • Donjazzy’ boy Double wahala pt 2 is selling more than the original version.. Go work on yourself instead!

  30. Una wey dey say dbanj no try make una go try sing and see maybe easy,fuck u haters,am quoting @iamdbanj “10 years una still dey doubt me,na why una girls stil dey find me” no be true talk be that either una like it or not him still the most achieve and celebrated celeb for naija,BANGALEE O COVER NOW! FILE keep hating him and he will keep going higher! FUCK OFF HATERZ,KOKO MASTER IS UNDISPUTED! Sign out!

    • this remix is even so nice.except some idiot dey beef dbanj

  31. Bad cover art.

  32. Why don’t u go and kill urself instead of u be enemy of progress and rumour munger,for once in ur life appreciate a work of art,if e easy go grap mic make u sing for ur if u farmily no go stone u

  33. Dis na remix bigups to dbanj make broke pple kp hating wen they no fit sing one line

  34. Come waiting be ena own why ena dey hate dbanj no be wizzy him wan be feature but him future eja nla ena dey hate see make ena go die who say d song no make sense make him go die for bush useless people…ena dey talk nonsense dbanj wen u no fit see go beg you for future idiot na u be for saying dat word

  35. Cool…wud Av jst added wizkid too ….Nt dat Dbang spoiled it ooo

  36. Either rich or no rich do truth must be said D just spoil this song Allah. ..hate the song with passion na ..Nigerian always run from d truth why .dis is crappie joor

  37. Na Dbanj spoil this song. The original version is better. Mtcheeeeew

  38. Not a fan of dbanj, but most of you hating, your account balance is still reading 0.00, wen your mates ar buying flyin jet, flyin frm 9ja 2 malaysia, frm malaysia 2 yanki, you ar here increasing someone’s account, thinking you ar hating, na ogun go kill una

  39. Nice one,big up to Dbanj and Oristefemi.

  40. Guyz would keep hating, bt D’banj don go, u talk sey e no make sense bt na una still be d first to download am f**k all haters. Bangalee a.k.a Hennelee

  41. What do u expect bangalee to sing again… Dope lyrics, great delivery and nice rythm.. Eyin ten beef eja nla walahi ko le pay yin

  42. Nice 1 keep it up.

  43. Oritsefemi u r 1 of the voices that thrillsme anytime,u shuldnt have featured DBanj.All d same keep doing ur tin,God is ur strenght.

  44. You way dey beef the song listin to the lyrics and you will see that it’s you the song is all about ( big ups banga lee eja nla toh badt and musical taliban ) long live G.O.O.D MUSIC

  45. Kai! Dbanj second verse is so touching dis is song any igbo ppl need to get the interpretation before writting comment. Dbanj will still b around musical for andoa 10year, clean lyrics n deep msg for haters.

  46. Banga lee

  47. God punish anybody wey say D’Banj no try….Una Dada !!!! Haters

  48. God punish anybody wey say D’Banj no try….Una fada !!!! Haters

  49. Ase oshi! despite all the hype, they destroyed the song!

  50. Smart move by oritse femi….nyc tune

  51. Dbanj is best artist in naija, take it or leave it

  52. Anyway fools will always hate a success bussiness man like dbanj aka bangalee, i guess the haters never know. Dbanj is nominated 4 WORLDMUSICAWARD dis month, he is making milli/billi and u are here hating on him. Has any of una haters families ever do any good thing 4 life both u? I guess not. I rep Dbrecords

  53. Why would someone says dis is a crap…what else do u want Dbanj to do…Bad belle obvious.

  54. All dis comment keeps crackin me up…..but sincerely Y do peeps still dis dbanj? Wetin dt nigga do?pls all ez effort in d music industry…wt do u peeps wnt? The track izza hit 4 me….n oritse femi made a smart move wit d collabo..

  55. Dbanj fucked d whole muzix up,he sholdnt havee ft him in the musiz….dbaj is gone,he got nth left on him again!!!

  56. This total rubbish . dbanj begged to do dis remix; also he will pay for d video also watch out. Plz dbanj stop spoiling ple songs plz. U ain’t gat a magic voix like wizkid wande coal or tuface . go and work hard we re bored . we also gathered u begged to do a sound track for half of a yellow sun u used ur money for d video. Cos u want to be relevant . its obvious u can’t xcell without don jazzy. Now u re paying jazzy to do a new song he wrote and produced for u which used to be free. We re waiting for d single.after feeding us with lies and pride u were signed by KANYE west. Calm down u will make it again . wise 1

    • All of una wey dy yab d’banj,UNA. BE BIG FOOLZ,na by force,person no wan sing with don jazzy again na force???????haba,d guy dy move e own steady,una dy dy bring fake rumuorss to bring am down,or 2face nd p square still dy sing as much as b4????see lyf na turn by turn,dy have to slow down for wizkid,davido,ice p to speed up GET IT!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhh!!!!una 2 dy talk trash

    • speakin lik u knw him personally, u d biggest fool bro

    • Wise 1,hummm:you call yourself wise one yet you talk shit of someone like d’banj! D’banj is a dope niga richer than your present n upcoming generations double up your own hussle n stop hating on others you don’t have shishi yet you talk dong of someone as influential as d’banj!damn! he will feed your generations “oponu” no go hussle they dere mulu…….concerned heart

    • Plz guys stop attacking the person attack d subject,it would have b better if femi had feature,olamide or 2face,don jazzy,wizkid,phyno or patoranking,for choosing dbanj its all bulshit wrong combination koko master is not original,femi were dem dey wen u b junglist na we dey there since u don blow forget dbanj do ur own tin uno understand

  57. Dbanj tried… Luv d intro.. Biggups!!

  58. all ya hating una be ”Ote””

  59. The song wasn’t put to Expectation Blood Buh all the way U Dope More grease to ur Elbows

  60. @iam_Davido Shit in 3D #Balu

  61. @iam_FabulousHKN The Song Wasn’t up to my Expectation But nevertheless the song is cool

  62. i was so surprice that u oriste fami can ft d banj u get mouth die move on and never stop. i love the conlaburation

  63. So surprise that u oriste femi can make a conlaburation with d banj wahoo nice movement keep it up and please never stop. i love the remix

  64. Thumps up bangalee!!!!

  65. Nice jam bangalee!!!

  66. Rubbish song, oritsefemi na fool oooo, che him no wizzy olamide or davido 2 feature ooo, him cum go feature that madman. Dbanj u spoiled the song mehn……..yaga

    • Y’all been saying sh!t abt artists like you could do a session.. Shut Yo cake hold or better still if u ain’t got sumfin nice to type stick yo fingers in yo mouth and tuck yo phone between yo ass cheek.

  67. 9ce song!!!! dbanj 2nd verse was the baddest.
    Pls let pple hate na,it is allowed.

  68. Fuck all ya sayin rubish abt d song, most of ya’ll shoud be listin 2 songs made frm pangola and cantas, cos una knw nofin about good muzik…nice one Femi, nice one Dapo

  69. Nice one d banj you kill nice one you no fit do pass this

  70. D song is just ohkay…no fuss..really expected more

  71. As 4 me I dnt see anytin interesting in d remix,its jst dsame as d main1,dbanj don finish ntin gum ahm again,he gat nfin 2say man,sm1 said smtin abt dbanj speakn igbo early on@ mhen guy u fall ma hand,hearin dy hard abi u don mere? Wic way na,biggups 2 O.femi n dbanj tho#**#

    • On the selling charts now…Double wahala pt2 is topping charts and in fact selling more than the original..Haters keep on hating

  72. Ur head is dere jaweeee…..

  73. Ur head is dere jaweeee…..

  74. Twas a bad idea featurin bangalee

  75. Twas a bad idea featurin bangalee

  76. God punish u hatin on this song here nd lata dance 2 it in d club. nive 1 eja nla

  77. Bangalee killed dis one I love it die…all radio stations in abk played it today. Made my driving exciting

  78. Haters of Dbanj, in oshiomole voice, Go and Die

  79. Bangalee kill d beat again joo oooh

  80. Rubbish song. Dbanj no fit dis song at all Olamide is better

  81. I love d banj pa!!!…..all bad belle wey talk rubbish about the koko master una go run inter push niii ooooo in jesus name love you d banj p square and davido love una all fuck haterzzz make there papa go sing make will hear

  82. .SILENCE!!!.*In bangalees voice*.WHAT?? Did u say d’banj spoilt this song???Wow, m so amazed at how some peoples ear process good music and make it bad..This one na DOUBLE WAHALA ooooo..Well,all I av to hum z “Otei, as you da deir da hate him,He da dre da make him money,He don buy jet 4 Malaysian 4rm malaysia e da go yankee..Watin you wan do, e don do am ooo,..Whre u wan go, e don pass am ooo..You da dre da hate am..Your ******* self da find am!!! And if u still da doubt, GOOGLE and SEARCH him

  83. I beg who is last 2 download ,come hv ur prize………..Ote they there they abuse dbanj whn his making his money……thumbs up bangaleeee nice remix

  84. Rubbish…. Come dbanj u kw get brain @all femi na hand ur own brain dey

  85. u guysv should live those hating on bangalee there bunch of plantain still going to be fried

  86. Nice song

  87. Without any form of hatred for anyone, Dbaj could have at least done better or even spice up the song with his usual words. He was even taking his chorus with part (auto) which didn’t seem too professional in this regard.
    If you ask me, I would say I far prefer the original song to this remix. No beef/hate

  88. Ati Bangalee ati Oritselee nice work guys, Perfect blend

  89. I wonder y evry 1 is talkin about dbanj been rich,we are talking about music hia not business,Nigerian would never allow dbanj sample himself and improve where necessary,always talkin crap. And to the stupid fella that talked about kilogbe remix,it was reminisce d@ was a bit slow,olamide killed it. It is true that Nigerians shy away from the truth. Jay Z,Kanye,Diddy,Akon,blahblahblah are business men and they still make gud music,so what is stoping the dbanj from doing do too. Dbanj messed the song up and that’s d fact. If you wan die,go jump inside well. Bullshit

  90. I wonder y evry 1 is talkin about dbanj been rich,we are talking about music hia not business,Nigerian would never allow dbanj sample himself and improve where necessary,always talkin crap. And to the stupid fella that talked about kilogbe remix,it was reminisce d@ was a bit slow,olamide killed it. It is true that Nigerians shy away from the truth. Jay Z,Kanye,Diddy,Akon,blahblahblah are business men and they still make gud music,so what is stoping the dbanj from doing do too. Dbanj messed the song up and that’s d fact. If you wan die,go jump inside well. Bullshit

    • Now I see some useless people are really stupid and have lost their senses of imagination and decorum. To start with, if u were to be a musician, whom would you love to sing with Olamide or D’banj? It’s so sardonic that some peeps in their comments still gosh-out “why talking about D’banj’s money?” if I may ask, what message do majority of the Nigerian musicians preach to us if not money. Now someone who has lost what I call sense of juxtaposition went ahead to talk about Olamide killing d whole track of kilogbe rmx while the two other artist flopped it right? If this is your point of judgement, since oritse femi killed the song and D’banj messed it up, now you said the song is wack; so what stopped the “kilogbe rmx” from being wack? Some men are just full of baseless and unfounded disposition.

  91. wat do u expect from ma 2 brodas>>>>dem too gud…….nyx singles.

  92. if you like go kill your self haters D’Banj Don Goooo.. Oti bo Lowo Yin Eyin Ota.. Go hear the lyrics weller..

  93. Eja nla am ur biggest fan but bro dis is not ur style pls don’t do dis kind of tin again its totally not ur style sorry bro tombs down on dis track.

  94. Only a fool will say Bangalee messed up dis song. A Lot of Nigerians have wack brain and u know nothing about music. Listen to d original song, tell me if D’banjs lyrics didn’t fit in with the song. U will never have time for ur self thinking on how to make it in life but keep hating…….makes u lack behind forever. If not that u guys are foolish, ask ur self, who else is active of all d big and old artists we have???? Only D’banj. Love u boss D’banj. Fuck all asshole haters! We call them Clowns and pauper. No success in their life thats y.

    • nice one jareeeeeeeeee

    • Only music person will know d uniqueness of dis remix. D song make sense die

  95. ???D colabo..stupid song, Dbanj composed nd reharsd in 5mins nd enter d studio 2 sing.

    • Damilola and some other haters….I guess you have no destination in this wicked wide world…..saying all sort of trash to my bangalee…….some say na rubbish of life….make your papa enter studio make I hear him mad man voice…..monfos,smellos……stupid fellow….haters of great things….you can never go forward if you keep kill people jamz with your foolish post…….awom were number 1…..mtchewww…bangalee may Jah put more gbedu in your mouth to voice for the mekunu….love you kokomaster

  96. The music make sense die…all hater go catch fire,I love u eja nla even with all ur bad n good thing.

    • Walai dis music make sense nd even pass sense

  97. This song is alright . If u know the meaning of the lyrics. It has a great meaning. Dbanj killed it. Dope. I think Dbanj is replicating his old form.

  98. OritseFemi n D’banj nice collabo

  99. Me seriously I don’t have anything to say about all dis comment, well I don’t blam hater make dem dey do am dey go they are stupid and idiot ppl Eja Nla,Banga Lee ,skit banj carry on and don’t look back becox u are a moving train God Bless ur Local Govt lolllll Becox Ori Lomo fun awon Olote

  100. The fact that u guys dont like him,he is still making his money nd have a strong respect in the entertainment world!!!

  101. I’m nt beefing. This song is so wack!

  102. Oritse femi, u Falk hand abeg, of all people na dbanj??? Dbanj na pure error!

  103. I no feel the song sha..the original one is far better..

  104. D Intro chorus is OK but 4 d rest he can’t really offer what he don’t have coz this is not d first shit neither will it be d last shit is going to be singing,if his talking about going to place b4 others do what should 2BABA himself nw do about being d king dat dey all follow,name any major award dat they won dat 2baba is not d first to win it or first international collaboration

  105. Like ceriously dis song is makeing brain listen to d song well wise word all watu guys wat to hear is boob ass nigeria mentality chia may God forgive u all

  106. Like ceriously dis song is makeing brain listen to d song well wise word all wat u guys wat to hear is boob ass nigeria mentality chia may God forgive u all rember there is GOD in all wat we do.I LOVE YOU DAPO U KILLED IT

  107. Congratulation 4 d success of remix 2 say d fact d music is every every and every well package introduction aspect of it was 85 percent is ok d banj verse 1 was meanful and well under stand 2 talk on d second verse was much a prayer aspect 4 dose dat know wat it take 2 be a successful man in dis world d beat also go wit d banj voice bt 4 all haters dat says d banj beg 4 remix u are on ur own d banj God bless 4 make ur own lovely fand happy nice job and 4 ur stage performance at world award day on 27th make sure u prove 2 d haters dat u are d best in africa

  108. For all of una wey talk sey Eja nla Banger Lee Koko master Dbanj Oooooshe no deliver well Silence! Oritse Femi cover eeee so haters can go 2 hell he’s still on his grin after 10yrs still counting #tongueout

  109. master Dbanj Oooooshe no deliver well Silence! Oritse Femi cover eeee so haters can go 2 hell he’s still on his grin after 10yrs still counting #tongueout

  110. God…..dbanj is a game changer.silence!!!!

  111. I wonder y any fin about ‘dbanj’ cos disputes….he is wack, he is good, he is fake, he is reall or rich…..d dude is making it big time nd trust me makin money frm all dese fuss. Let him jst be!

  112. This shit doesn’t make any sense to me. Dbanj was just saying all sort of rubbish The original version is far better.

  113. D’banj ti ba orin yi je. Haba!!!!

  114. Abayomi Akim u are a goat, wat consign mtn wit double wahala by oritse femi ft dbanj, pls use ur common sense nd stop posting rubbish?

    nice work banga lee

    • Hmmmm dbanji is a good gie bUt those dat hate him sorry for you na by force go release ur music

  115. 2face, olamide, phyno, wizkid, reminisce, davido would have have been better choices

  116. Luv d song.. Don’t juge ur haterz. Cus day re the only one who knw u re better Dan dem

  117. Not creatively remixed, just dere, prefer original; not much diff between original and remix

  118. 9ce hit 4rm both stars

  119. 9ce hit 4rm aw 9ja stars

  120. Kudos 2 em jor

  121. oritse femi and dbanja sing rubbish for the remix,i prefer olamide, his far better for the remix. this is self intrest joor

  122. oriste femi and D’banj sing rubbish for the remix,i prefer olamide, his far better for the remix. this is self intrest joor


  124. after all my power in the 101 story i later become an airlord abakraya nah still airlord

  125. A lot of pipo don’t understand music, u can’t expect d first version to be like dis and dats why its titled part2. Ban gale 9ce 1 dis track was just on point @ d club.#peaceout

  126. Don’t know why most of you are just a stupid fool…don’t you have ear ?? Listen to the original song and see the concepts of the song and when the remixed came out dbanj drop the real thing and you fool’s are complaining…then if you don’t like it go and do your own mumu ppl, did you think jumping on tracks are so easy….?? (y) thumbs up dbanj and orise femi.

  127. Nice hit…..mumu pple u dy haTe when d banj is making his moni c ena life prefers dis one pass d 1st one s.f

  128. Why did he ft Dbanj, Aaargh Dbanj spoilt the nice song….

  129. Dbanj try in dis remix o, stop say noses the all killing the beat nice remix oritse ride on

  130. Some pple no understand simple english……na him make am say him don pass where una dey go……..they both did well

  131. We talking music u talking money….dbanj need to work more on himself….I love him…but he’s not killing that the track….music is not easy but still we got evergreen stars like 2baba and others once is your proffesion u have to do it well or quit…..

  132. What a nice one there by d“banj I love d rmx it making go crazy I feel like hearing it over nd over d “banj tried nd anybodi that is sayin his did nt sd
    go nd OPEN EYE,they did dey best as a human so I love it• Opolo eye he no be open eye.sapatal

  133. i kno say u b otee das y u always
    hate bangali,bt d guy his makin his moni.u see fool u

  134. Weneva it comes to dbanj.. expect fight and curses in d comments section! He’s dat important

  135. No matter what you say or do u can pls everyone , but for u hatters, make una de der dey hate m and e dey der. Dey Make ?m money,

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