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Press Release From Mavin Records On Wande Coal

Posted by donboye on November 7, 2013 in AUDIO, News · 39 Comments


We all have been aware of the war between Wande Coal and Don Jazzy on twitter over the song baby face… Well here is an official press release from Mavin Records

Mavin-Records Wande-Coal-Mavin

Press Release:

It is with deep regret that we officially announce the departure of recording artist Wande Ojosipe, popularly known as Wande Coal, from Mavin Recordsdue to irreconcilable differences.

Over the past few months, Mavin Records has made a concerted move to consolidate its position in the Nigerian music industry. Mavin has pursued a renewed ethos to raise its standards of quality and professionalism to a world-class level. Wande’s vision has not aligned with ours and a few months ago all parties mutually agreed that a separation would be the best course of action.

Legal parties on both sides have spent the past six months trying to reach an amicable solution in terms of musical property rights. However the decision by Wande Coal to release BABY FACE purportedly as his own material is a direct breach of intellectual property law and compelled an immediate clarification on our part.

Both Mavin Records and Wande Coal have enjoyed a remarkable run in the course of their working relationship. It is unfortunate that conflicting priorities contributed to the premature curtailment of a hitherto fruitful accord.

Mavin Records reaffirms its goal to constantly provide high quality music to our fans and introduce new and exciting talent into the industry.

We wish Wande Coal the best of luck in all his future endeavours.



Mavin Records Ltd

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  1. Nawa oooo it has clear ….. Na wande b sure pass 4 dem oooo we still wish mavin record well 2

  2. Guys came together in on motive but went apart forgeting their where they started from. Our artiste should learn to understand each other and the other way round.

  3. We hope Mavin Record still push on well without Wande’s presence.

  4. It breaks my heart to see you guys apart, but sometimes, we make up to break up. It was so far so good. It’ll be pointless, nay senseless to try to join a line that suddenly decides to break in to and go parallel.

  5. Dis so touching!! Y????? can’t D???????????????? settle dere differences. Dis guyz ve com a long way, 2 allow a mere song 2 break Dem apart!!!!

  6. Na wa oo y is it dat wen artist don blow gt money de dn’t knw whr de started 4rm again well all d best 2 wande but i will miss him in mavin cauz hez d only versatile artist dere no wande no mavin mehn..

  7. Don Jazzy, U r fucking heartless, he served u for 10 years with one album. That’s suck, Wande no mind them, bad belle people, God bless u, U sef smoke igbo small small, u r losing ur voice .. Lolxxx

  8. Every disappointment is a blessing, don jazzy take heart such is life, apart from dat u na matured bro. wish u guyz d best.

  9. oga sha, wetin no go happen, anyway we break up to move, evwi1 js after ine vision or d other so do not judge….

  10. oga sha, wetin no go happen, anyway we break up to move on, evwi1 js after one vision or d other so do not judge….

  11. oga sha, wetin no go happen, anyway we break up to move on, evwi1 is after one vision or d other so do not judge….

  12. He served for 10 years So? Like He Wasn’t geting paid or was it charity work, like face the fact Nigerian Musician are full of greed and pride. The don’t want to be under anybody the want to be bosses of there own and have there money all to themselves. Some of you won’t study foreign countries and see how things are done, Rick Ross owns maybach music but his parent label is till Alanta Records Because he understands his Roots And He knows what the call long life connection. Or our very own wizkid whose parent label is EME but still owns starboy ENT. So please be reasonable and stop justifying stupidity, the truth is wande coal stole there Song and in other countries he won’t be face a court and pay big fines or worse cause this is a breach or not just trust but copyright laws. Don jazzy has the rights to take this up. So people think before you post and stop saying don j is against his progress. That’s illogical

  13. Dbanj fem..kay switch fem…wande cole fem….sid and prince i jst dey luk una…jazzy u sef u don try…all d best 2 u guys shaa

  14. Toyosi Owolagba

  15. Don jazzy abi na wetin b em name go still fight tiwa e go cum remain em n prince….sid dat 1 na kuku slave em no get say.

  16. All of una when dey insult Don Jazzy dey mad..infact una go dey work another person go dey chop una money, mumu kill una.. Theif na theif , him steal person song una say make Don jazzy nor talk ? What kind of fool do you guys take Don Jazzy For ? … Wande Cole did what is wrong let’s call a spade a spade..if Don Jazzy na bad person ,wande cole will not even be in money today talkless of him listening to the song and stealing it word for word haba! Una stupid oh! I pray make una dey work make another person dey use una effort make million just thesmae una do the work. Stupid people.

  17. Guy 10 yrs and just one Album is not progress, Wande Coal has fans to please, if his label does not allow him to do so, he should move on. Rick Ross is under Atlanta Records? Go and check the number of albums and mix tapes he has released in the pass ten yrs. You can’t compare d way tinz is run in abroad with Nigeria.

  18. FINEST

  19. I don’t know why u guys are fighting each other over dis guys in few days now they will come back 2gether, don jazzy knows about wande black Diamond project and he supported it with good faith, If wande want to pull out he should do it with comon sense!! when e day sweet who day dear?

  20. Izu

  21. Izu

  22. Wande ur a fuck up,ir pride dat is kiln u,we av mavin artiste dat av deir own record label. eg tiwa savage 323ent, xo y cnt u jus stick 2 d person dat groomed u

  23. Mouth sealed…I wish them Good luck

  24. @Ambition, you be mumu. Shey wande cole sing wey don jazzy no produce ham nih..??
    The stupid black charcoal no get anything to offer. If he get songs why na stolen music be his first hit when he departed…mumu plenty for this place sha. EDA

  25. Hmmmmmmmmm…interesting

  26. Sum ppl will just open up their mouth n say stupid fins…. I believe dis is anoda season long film u guyz(fans) can’t finish watching…. Wande coal stealing n Don Jazzy tweeting…. Can’t u guyz(fans) just use ur numba 6 dat dis guyz want attention 4rm u d fans?… Oya make u guyz(fans) continue 2 dey update n support ur favorite.

  27. Damn!! God qo help mavin OOo…witout wcizz?

  28. Eiya, so sad. Well, it was fun while it lasted. How long was he gon continue being a boy anyway. Soon, D’prince n Dr sid wil be a boss someday too. Mavin records, start looking for young talented artist, that’s my candid advice. All the best mavin records.

  29. Eiya, so sad. Well, it was fun while it lasted. How long was he gon continue being a boy anyway. Soon, D’prince n Dr sid wil be a boss someday too. Mavin records, start looking for young talented artiste, that’s my candid advice. All the best mavin records.

  30. u all kw ur selfs so settle ur differences ok,dia is a saying dat says,a tod dos nt run in d day tym witout any tin posuing it.

    • Wande se uv see wat happens wen u chosoe to play MUMU all in d name of loyalty?! U let dese pple push u around for too long!! If don babaj wants to fight intelectaul property fight….wande will win wit evidence sef cos from he has been writtng most songs from Mohits to mavin for dbanj nd 95% for prince! Where his is credit.greedy donjazzy live and let live

  31. @lapidem you be real ode olorun so if u work for someone and u are there for 10year no Movement in ur life u are just there and ur friend that u start the work together now move ahead then u…how will you fool go feel ode when u and that heartless don jazzy are the same…only just one album for 10 year and dprince has like three

  32. I wish you guys all the best…..Wande’s Awesome en Jazzy rocks. Ya’ll should drink 2 eery accomplishment en make a toast to d Gud life,hahahahaha!

  33. wande i wish u best of luck

  34. when The only koko master we hav in africa parted way wit don jazy,u guys continue blaming him 4 noting but 2day look at what Bangalee has achiev,if u listen to DKM album u wl understand wat am saying like top of the world was produce by gramming award winner,don j can’t do somtin lik dis but only club song,pls don’t blame wc,let him look 4green pasture,wc have gud voice,get good producer like j.sleek, deevee,sarx,shizzi, samclef all this guys are better than don j.good look wc

  35. Don can never go down low, nd wande should respect his boss forever because Don made him d black diomond he is today

  36. O ga ooo, from voice pitching and progression d song belongs to don jazzy, bt I prefer wande’s version… Then also rozay’s root is def jam (eyin weyrey, olodo jatijati)… Bt will thr be a peaceful separation 50 cent left shady records to start his, shady left aftermath(dre’s label), rick ross left def jam after the album (YAM, I bet most of u don’t knw)… Weezy (not ayodeji ibrahim balogun, I mean michael ‘wayne carter) left cash money to start young money… All this people left themselves yet they still work with theirselves, so y can’t the same happen here. Well oga loya milk, u beta goan find us a gd artist b4 we forget u ever existed (cos small boi producers don yapa)

  37. Mavin I pray you guys come out from this!

  38. @Scopeman, U????? too much. Nice words Bro. No body prays to be an employee forever.

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