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Samini – Azonto [Alingo Cover | P Square Diss]

Posted by donboye on March 11, 2013 in AUDIO · 38 Comments



A Ghanaian finally calls P Square out for jacking their dance style “Azonto” and improvising on it to make Alingo. This one is off Samini’s mixtape , is this song directed ast P Square, listen and be the judge yourself.



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  1. We alredi knw dat alingo is azonto modified.. I respect samini but he shudnt b d one doin dis song.. *disappointed

  2. Samini,samini,samini aw many tym I call u…wen ur mates n felow artist r bizy pikn up awards ur here dragn one dance step wiv anoda artist?.4 ur mind nw u dey feel lyk one ghanian hero abi?wen ghanians were bizy dancn “yahooze”bak in dose dayz nobody complaind oo…nw psquare don sing alingo n u samini don start bak lyk bingo….

  3. Psquare are known to be master sampler. Dem fit sample mess (fart) they’ve never sang any song without stealing. Davido is the next. He stole gobe also. Can’t we just sit down and be creative?

  4. Y’al see dis nigga, y’all tel him he’s fucked…. Nigga wit d dirty dRED u’r better of sellin bREAD…..

  5. Lwkwd garri nor be rice… not suprised tho,Ghanaians r just naturally daft. Nice punchlines fool!!

  6. Samini or wts hs name,I think he shld go f*uck hs ass,P-square wnt even mind hs bullsh*t cos I’m sure dey neva reply to any samini can go hating,ts nobody biz..if he wants 2 mak a name he shld try t wt anoda artiste nt P square cos dey ar 2u busy moving foward

  7. Ni**a is f*cked..m in Ghana and even Ghanaians love and Dance Alingo time they’ll still pay them $250,000 to perform d next 1 dey’ll modify in ur country and pay u $2000..B*tch ass#

  8. U wana start a beef wit ghana / naija..we one d@ samini version shaa bt d beef..noo..naija all d way…don’t say ghananians r daft joor..its rude..meanwhile u guys chek dis out

  9. @Rozay, dude u re on point…ghana movie and music is just living off naija…to be fair we made the said azonto far more popular than they would have been if they were on their own…This samini fuy is a fucking loser, does he think he noticed it before us or the likes of Sarkodie and R2Bees…the dude is daft and a conplete fool, nufsaid!!!

  10. y'all already know the truth, Alingo is Azonto….. So shut the fuck up!!! Motherfuckers bullllllllllll

  11. Dear Ghana,we are Very sorry for Stealing your Azonto,we thought it was a good idea to change it to Alingo to fools our foolish Country Nigeria,but You were So Smart so You Caught Us With your big Brains. Our country Nigeria is filled with Fools so none caught us.big ups to @Samini_Dagati and Ghana. You are the Best in Africa.

  12. its jux a beef its happens erwher why u niggaz actin like u havnt seen it bfor…y all shut the fuck up nd let music has got nothin to do with Ghana and nigeria….well p square is fun of developin people s inspiration dey shld better make their photocopy ass creative….its a shock u smart nigerians cnt identify de truth…be real for a min….

  13. My dear broda Samini,first of all pls find razor blade clear ur dada,secondly take off ur cloths,thirdly trek 2 kwame inkruma street in ghana,lastly hug d transformer close 2 d university gate! Pig no go find bb charger sell 4 hold up,dey dere dey beef psquare wey dey travel round d world like benin witch

  14. I am really surprised at the level of stupidity shown by some people. One fool is calling Ghanaians daft I am sorry for you. Not surprised tho’ when int dealing with backward and illiterates this is what U get
    stop being rude and accept the fact when Ghanaians were dancing yahooze did they change the name. You are not ashamed for stealing something as common as a dance and U have morons like some pple on this forum did Samini and the rest of Ghana. Why are others shocked I don’t get it. If pple commit so much crime that the whole world knows that they are thieves why worry ur head when the actually steal a dance move and won’t be humble enough to shut it. Thieves stop stealing and get lessons on courtesy and ethiquettes

  15. Tot Nigerians were suppose 2b smart,(agreed Ghanians r not as smart),so tell me y these Igbo bois keep infringin on ‘originals’ intellectual property rights..u knw they r muthrf**kin rip-offs(like d Chinese)..Big Ups 2 Samini,think I like ur version better..n hey fools,leave d internet n dind something better 2 do with ur lives..the Ghanians r comin!

  16. Tot Nigerians were suppose 2b smart,(agreed Ghanians r not as smart),so tell me y these Igbo bois keep infringin on ‘originals’ intellectual property rights..u knw they r muthrf**kin rip-offs(like d Chinese)..Big Ups 2 Samini,think I like ur version better..n hey fools,get off d internet n go find something 2 do with ur lives..the Ghanians r comin

  17. Wiz kid blow pass all d artist in ghana let alone P square,they wil succesfuly sign six recognise artist in ghana,dis boy is a scrap.may be u might be better off in oda profesn(ur flaws is equivalent to mistaken a hot Iron 4 a phone).anyway Respect to SAKODIE and R2bess

  18. Y u all insultin samini psquare is madse ryt bt dsnt mean u shuld all insult samini….well sha God knws d bst if he his trulyt doin d bst God wil promote him

  19. A Nigerian to the core, yet I prefer to be objective an base my arguments on valid and practical reasons rather than sentiments. I dare say ideas can be modified, but sufficiently modified to be accepted as original. Azonto dancestyle is practically one-third of alingo and one-third ain’t sufficient to overrule the originality of alingo.
    My verdict: Samini is a senile impertinent lackey and boldly challenging the authenticity of alingo makes lucid his malignant record breaking idiocy. I’m aware the intellectuals here share my sentiments with the exception of a few confused ignorant idiots cheering you on to intractable gullibility. I rise!… ff @yemi_FAME

  20. yu guys shud shut da fk jhoor………wot he sang waz d 2rut……..d 2rut is better ….yu knw…….9ice 1 Samini

  21. @sweet or whatever… i’m not interested in ur crude essay & I think it’s pretty obvious ur the fool here…damn!! u cant even type well…Hang ursef 4 all i care tho. Beast!!!!!!

  22. Samini or whatever the fuck they call you….go and fuck yourself. You are just hating because you are an uncircumsized philistine!!!! And the rest of the ghanians crying,don’t fight it because the tite is different..ALINGO not AZONTO. other ghanian artist are just laughing at this so called samini. Sarkodie, r2bees,el, and co won’t stoop so low like. Samini to get noticed!…

  23. Nigerians, relax its just music. I’m a Nigerian too. If you really listen to Alingo, its whack. And Samini’s diss is whack also. But its not right to have beef with Ghanians. Let’s just make peace and dance to both right? “Me can’t even dance” the Kages, your English though. LoL!

  24. I'm a Ghanaian and i say fuck Samini……..

  25. Leke what do you expect an SSS drop out to do? Psquare are graduates and it shows in all they do. This rasta wearing over hyped idiot call Samini is a big disgrace to his peers…. Son go back to school, it'll broaden your mind and maybe you'll get someone look up to your sorry ass…… Im a Ghanaian

  26. All of you are making noise when Psquare is busy making the money. My dear ur comment has nothing to do with their progress. I also know that PSquare don't have time to look or read dese craps. Anyway Samini, We are the giant of Africa and nothin can change it because i remember we brought u guys out wen it comes to film industry so u guess should bow down to us cos u always pay allegiance to whom is better dan u

  27. Meanwhile y’l reasonable ppl should follow ma new tweeter.. @iAmMuyiwa_ #BlessUp

  28. Alingo or azonto. . .r all dance. . .SAMINI is a fool…biggest fOol in the world and a poverty illitrate and a Barbaric fool. . .psquare dont have time to talk to poverty aboki like this…..hungry ghanian…come lets feed u. . .u wanna use psquare to make name ???? Lolzz u mama and papa go to hell. . .ghana sometime behave like something else,they lack respect for we on the TOP… Nawa oooo Hungry samini abi wetin be ur foolish name

  29. Kweku if u are better than us in football, why dont u win Nation cup in south africa….. . .failure. . .in the junior team we humilate u 6-0 . . .you people r fool of failure like this Hungry samini abi salami….lol. . .Aboki fowl

  30. Ghana to Nigeria..the distance is too far…omg, We r better than them in everything in Money,economy,entertainment,socially,population e.t.c please ghana respect ur elders,samini is not up to wizkid in anything in life. . .Poverty can make people sing rubblish,samini need peels. . .ghana is not up to Lagos and kano….nawa oooo ! Naija pls no talk again…we are to bigger than these hungry people !!! Abeg…our pigin english sef ghana don dey copy am,and we are not fighting. . .

  31. See this useless kweku abi mugu,wetin be your raz name,bcos u release azonto u dont want people to hear anything again…You dance to Many Nigerian dance steps like…Alanta,yahooze,do me,galala,etighi,kukere we Nigerian dont complain,You speak our pigin English we dont complain, You stay in our country doing shoemenders we dont complain,ur Dj’s in your clubs play most of our music we dont complain. . .leave us alone nahhhh. . .we are greater than you, no doubt about that…Only Lagos military base will finish ghana under 1week. . .we r too much for u to handle…leave us ooo

  32. Samini u are fucking dumb period.

  33. Psquare:::remains above all::sooo samini sht ur asss n respect d kings

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