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Sensanto – La Confesion ft D’banj & Pitbull

Posted by donboye on September 20, 2012 in AUDIO · 55 Comments

Oliver Twist remains the biggest song from D’banj, the song was covered by Estelle last year, another international artiste jumps on it again, kudos to Don Jazzy for making such a mad beat.

Sensato Del Patio is One of the most successful rappers to come from the Dominican Republic in recent years , he called on Latino rapper Pitbull to make his own version of Oliver twist, D’banj is defintely doing good on the international scene if you ask me.



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  1. I don’t know if am the only one seeing this but this guy is not doing any good to me at all. From my own opinion, I don’t think he has a place in the International market “in that manner”. He’s still really making fame in the International market only from Don Jazzy’s beat (Oliver Twist). He’s previous Oyato was a really good song but who are we kidding. It can’t make wave in USA or anywhere in the world other than Nigeria. And come to think of it. Its really like he’s being a “beg” in GOOD Music. Considering the “The Morning” he did which he was supposedly featured and he didn’t sing anything other than a background sound. For crying out loud, I don’t recall our own Dbanj being a Backup singer. Honestly, This dude needs to come home.I think he’s doing better under Mo Hit than wherever he is now. I know coming home will seem a lot difficult because of the Pride and Shame and all because it definitely will be hard for anyone to come back ( even me ). But he just needs to swallow his pride. A man has to die once they say (YOLO).

  2. @crazy I tink u re acting lyk u call ur self(crazy),u av to giv d goon(dbanj) an inispiration nt yanning rubbish,u don’t just espect him 2 adapt to d yankee wai of music,I tink he needs more and more tym and I believe he Wuld make us(Nigerianz) proud.So if u dnt know w@ 2 comment just swallow ur buttonz Mr crazy

  3. Ozoil u don’t knw music atall..what do u mean by ‘adapt’?if u r a talented musician u can make wave anywhere u go..thrs notin 2 adapt..havnt u heard wizkid’s new intl jam?dint u hear akon n psquare?jmartins n cabo snoop nko? Man thrs notin like adaptation in music.D’banj is lost

  4. @crazy…. U are rily crazy!!! Dbanj sing for dis song?? :s he was not even in d song, sensanto just added his name to gain Multiple downloads ok!!! So guy relax dbanj is good anywhere he’s making his money and u here writing nonsense wey him no go even see.. Smh4u! Hater! U kno no say na big tin 4 pitbull and co to kno dbanj? Co even do Oliver twist for dem own version… How many americans or anywhere don Remake our songs except dat jayZ on fela’s beat? Oga u no get plan…. And Pls NOTE he’s not in d U.S, he’s in UK..

  5. @spike MR I KNO MUSIC…. Which psquare? Pls remind me of d song!! Chop my money??? Na international song be dat??? Na wa oooo! Wizkid? Wetin him sing? No offence!! Oga wetin wizkid do for tim westwood freestyle… Una dey shout say him kill d song blah blah blah!! Na wetin chrisbrown go do for dat song?? Oya check am! Moreover dbanj has not done anytin wit dem yet!! so relax chairman I SABI MUSIC.. Go find food chop first b4 u hate successful people!!

  6. Some guys d fuck up shaaa.. Y hate on a nigga elevating??? If Dbanj aint gud will he be wer he is 2day?? Hating on a nigga is a weak emotion.. Oluwa don bless d guy is either u support him or f-off..

  7. Pls guys don’t come up here and start insulting people. Everyone is entitled ??? his opinion, so make urs and leave! And let’s learn ??? appreciate people. I’m sure so many of ? wud sing off key if given d opportunity!

  8. @crary u must b crazy as u called urself @spike bb contact longfer dan ur iq! Mtewww… Do u guyz tink iz eazy 2mak gud music?if its eazy y can dprince of mavin av an album al dis while;moreova aw many beat as donjazy kil afta dey depart?check d show,fame,money,hitz dbanj as murder en d suces. So niggiz dnt hate apreci8 d man repin niger worldwide

  9. Some pple ar blind,imagin niggaz stl hatin ? Dbanj,mr endoowed rmix ft. Oluwasnop S?†?I??ll bangin tl 2mao,nt 2talk of oliva twist suces,niger-london-usa(worldwide) 2 appear n goodmusic cv na beans? E b lik una D???????????????? mad U????? haters

  10. Who be psquare? Who born wizkid..crazy urself who be ur lunatic fada? Ansa 1, I repeat, I mean not any1 has ever gain dis kinda attention dbanj is gettin internationally presently, imagin foreign artiste remixin our own used 2 b d oda way round b4 and some idiots still deyy yarn dust,kip hatin, I knw you’ll neva be satisfied wit wateva achievment eja nla is makin..even if he becomes Chairman of G.O.O.D music.

  11. Dbanj remains d best

  12. Eja Nla is d best so far in Nigeria music industry weather u like it or N?????????????†?, so just learn to appreciate him.

  13. If they remix the song so what, its just cause of the catchy Beat, plz listen to wizkid n kardinal offical, Dbanj needs don in his life,Good music make we hear abeg how many months ago nothing to show for it

  14. Everybodi av their opinion…2 mi i fink he’s jux in u.s no real progress in his music…….jux playin backup roles…….he ws a king in africa music nw he’s jux a dummy whu plays evry role good music gives him……………………cnt he learn 4rm 2baba, soundsultan nd odas??? U dnt beg 4 fame it finds u

  15. @spike & @crazy u guys re so dull ssmh…do u tink its easy breaking into the international market….ure sayin cabo snoop and jmartins dats africa collabo, psqaure and akon re u kiddin me dats a song 4rm previous hit even the one wit rick ross and I’m not tryin to say its not a gud song they all did well but d’banj is the main tin he needs time to prepare a well acceptable song not just 4 we africans but 4 the whole world not just doin a remix 4 his old hits like psqaure did……D’banj is hitttin the international scene very soon,,,Watch out

  16. @crazy, I agree wiv you. D’banj aint good @ all… He’s piece of shit. Sing, he can’t sing. Rap, you know he can’t rap. He’s just foolin’ around and using his bad head and bad luck to outshine other prominent artiste in Nigeria… Give 2baba and Pitbull chance and see, Give Jay Z and Vector a space, Give Wizkid and Chris Brown, P.square and Usher, Banky ( solo ) and Rozay ( rap ) and so on.., Nigerians will be thrilled.., not some uninspirational d’banj and his fans who listen to nonesense he talks about… Ooooooo eeeeeeeyyyyy.. What a shame on d’banj.. Also someone said d’banj’s name was put for download rubbish rubbish… That guy doesn’t need d’banj for fame, infact d’banj dey learn ok? ‘Em want dey try promote d’banj name.. See 2baba went as far as pakistan to feature an international artiste… Those are inspirational men not d’banj.. Kilo n banj?

    • But he's Righer than al of your Family…

    • So Pakistan is so massive in ur Face,when you've never have the opportunity to go out…PAkistan isn't better than Ibadan,Are you Drunk? Ahahahahah Try to have little travel experience PAkistan my Foot

  17. Oga o,d’banj is totally different frm oda naija musician his style is also unique too…HATER pls jst let him be okay d’banj OYATO si wan.

    • It shall be well with you for saying the Fact… God Bless You

  18. Cool

  19. @spike who told u,u know music,so u were away out of this planet when he sang with Snoop……….pele no be ur fort na tooxclusive if not u self for deh talk rubish,,,,,dbanj even if hahhahahahahahh u deh sing u don take the bold step even DonJ could not take they will soon know.nija stop dulling

  20. Pls guys learn hw 2 appreciate people, when u hate some 1 that means u av d spirit of jealousy. @crazy if u live ur life like that, u won’t live long on earth

  21. @perez na tru talk,hw wil som1 who av lots of meat @ home wil nw b eating bones in a foreign land,greener pastures dey say bt is dbanj a begger?9ja artiste av stat making cool doe by doin collabo wit foreign acts bt he is ova dere makin wave as a backup singer,is dbanj bcomin a TIWA savage of d past,he nids a rethink of d step he took.

  22. Why do we ave 2 insult one anoda over stars dat r making their money. pls, individual differences is all i see here. lets stop dis insults. Not nyce atall.

  23. If anyone put up a comment abt any music it is not necessarilly mean he hate but helping by noting the mistakes so the person in question can have a rethink. Again I have observed carefully that its only on Naija things that we start exchanging strong words on our comments check other related reviews and comment am sure the percentage is low compare to ours. Pls let’s add some level of maturity to whatever we are doing here. Lastly, Dbanj can’t be if not with us Nigerians, so if that’s the case there’s every reason for us to say one or two things that will critisice him and that will also hype and give him an undying-I-Can-Do-More spirit. So for crazy.. Nice things you have said, and for the opponents too, good that you’re noting the better side about him. I don’t know if anyone is aware that the just released RickRoss video has also been critisized owing to the message and concept of the video and am sure some peoeple wouldn’t looked @ it from that angel… So whatever we have said we are helping them to grow. Thanks and hey.. Its still very early I have to go back to bed and get a second round nap.. Cheers!

  24. To D’banj attack dogs,No 1 said D’banj is not Good,All Crazy said was His Career is going Backward n Whether U like it Or Not,Its d Fact..D’banj @ GOOD music is like a Slave Deal.Its is Better 2 be a Lion in d Jungle dan a Dog in d City..D’banj shuld just 4get about his infamous back-up role n come back Home..D bitter Truth is,D’banj cnt Break into d US market.u can hate me 4 dis. But d US market. Goes beyond 2 single…many oda tins re Involved….and 4 those Saying D’banj is d King,am Sorry bt D last Time I. Checked,2face Idibia have not dropped his Crown(Pass D mic)

  25. Everybody. Just dey talk bcos dem wan talk…no doubt dbanj is good…verry goood but think of it..his hits were produced by don jazzy…mr endowed remix, oliver twist….after don jazzy wat nxt….why international artist no cum remix OYATO…dem for do d remix na..all of una wey dey hype dbanj make una get sense…our A-list artist dey do back up una dey happen…shame on una…oyato na song….atleast wizkid, p square rep small…dem get mouth..dem no settle for back up singing…..e easy to ft rozay….abegggiiii dbanj f up..if we see truth make we talk… Imajin rkelly or jay-z or busta feature 2 face…2 baba no fit settle for back up….truth b told e b like say dbanj beg to do dat back up sef

  26. First of all u guys shudnt exchange words or insult anoda.this feedback was created for you guys to air your views or opinions about a particular music.and remember every1 is entitled to his own back to ma own opinion. Dbanj is not doing well on the international scene,since he joined good music,he hasnt featured any international act,all he just does is be a back up to a particular song,and u guyz tink dat is enuf from wu some people call king in nigeria.stil wondering who gave him that title in the first place..see wizkid making waves with his song with kardinal,see psquare featuring Akon and rickross,even if it was their old song,but they did make wave. Now wah can we say about dbanj huh? Nuttin. OYATO was a good song,buh u dont expect that to sell Dbanj,it is either he cums awt and prove himself or he remains a backup singer to Good music. Thats why 2face is the best,he will neva settle for less lyk dbanj is doin now..

  27. Seriously I don’t c anytin good about d song no sense at all.coco mastar should look 4 better guy 2 feature

    • Because You're dumb and so local to know its Pitbull and Sensato that sings the Song in Spanish its just D'banj Cover…Try to know the Fact before you Judge,imagine you don't even know the Fact and ou're Judging out of Hatred

    • sold homes Itc292s really a great and useufl piece of info. Ic292m glad that you shared this useufl information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing .

  28. Stupid People. Go ask D Twinz Nd Wizzy who ???? adore if dem no go tell una say nar Koko Nd 2 Baba. Go ask 2baba mayb inn No go say nar inn Nd Koko b no 1! Idiots like som No go knw D fact, Dem go ???? spit. Go ask rick rozay if inn Neva sing wif Lebete b4 pq con ???? sing wif A?????. 1 tin Koko Nd his fans ar always known 4 Is ALWAYS BUSY. So go do better Tin. Inn fill sponsor yu mak yu Sing UrZ!! Stupid hater!!!

  29. Stupid People. Go ask D Twinz Nd Wizzy who ???? adore if dem no go tell una say nar Koko Nd 2 Baba. Go ask 2baba mayb inn No go say nar inn Nd Koko b no 1! Idiots like som No go knw D fact, Dem go ???? spit. Go ask rick rozay if inn Neva sing wif Lebete b4 pq con ???? sing wif A?????. 1 tin Koko Nd his fans ar always known 4 Is ALWAYS BUSY. So go do better Tin. Inn fill sponsor yu mak yu Sing UrZ!! Stupid hater!!!

  30. M?????
    una leave d’banj m?????
    he earn en momey abi una papa sabi sing reach am nii….d’banj sabi sing ooo…e ?? sabi he still remains my ??.1 artiste in 9ja….so haterz 4k-off

    • I Secong U my Niggie… You Sabi good Thing jare

  31. Some 1 was sayin,if day match p square with usher…….wait you don day mad…..why would you be talkin like that… are so stweped…..P square,if I ear….Mtcheeeeeeewwww!

  32. I don’t do hating. I say things the way they are. You cannot compare 2face with D’banj…no basis for comparison! 2face is a trailblazer…he’s a blessing to our generation! His songs are so full of meaning. He sings mature songs! He’s got a blessed, unmistaken voice. Listen to him way back in Plantashun Boiz. Listen to ‘Omode Meta’. Listen to his collabos. Everything he touches turns into gold! Awards??? He blazes the trail!!! He’s in a league of his own. He doesn’t have to go to America before he can make a good and marketable song. ‘African Queen’ is still being soughted! What else? D’banj is not better than Sound Sultan.

    If you don’t believe me it’s your problem!!!

    • Music has Genre but Nigerians don't actually know Genre of music hence they'll be using RnB artist to Compare Hip-Hop Artist… Dbanj is into Afro-pop and 2Faze is basically RnB/pop and they're both good i their perspective but that doesn't bring about the Comparison… D'banj is a Boss so also 2Face…

  33. @yung hixzz..e b lik say u no dey ok…y dem no fit
    match P square wit Usher??? No b music make every1 sabi p square abi na ur papa carry dem reach where dem dey 2day?? Sims ur brain nids 2 b fixed…una wey dey talk nonsense d’banj himsef no fit talk say him beta pass p square or 2baba wen him neva wan die….@all-mak una 4get personal beefs d’banj is good #no doubt# bt u sayin he’s berra dan 2baba or p square is harrant nonsense..Let’s jes kip prayin 4 d guy i’m sure tins will change 4 d berra 4 him..1 love

    • Mr Femi So P'square that actually copy Timaya song,Ugandan Artist Song,Craig David Song They're the one You're Comparing D'banj with… You're So Funny Man

  34. Haters. Wen star is rebranding dere bottle dey calld 5 artiste in 9ja 2 sing for dem dose dey caLld re 2face, Dbanj, MI, Tiwa salvage, wizkid if dey re nt good dey won’t call dem so stop insulting our own celebrity cos dey re beter dan. U @ d moment is it moneywise, fame, name it try to mke ur own fame too instead of hAting

  35. Ya all re just arguing over nuffin…..D’banj is famous nd he z known worldwide,Accepted.But he does not sing naa,he talks.
    My conclusion z dat,all I knw is dat 2face is better than him in terms of success

  36. Nigerians r very gud in tongue-lashing no doubt… dbanj a slave trade in Good music… na wha o!!! lol

  37. Diz D’banj don dey 2much o nawa o.. Nice 1 D’banj??

  38. Na wa oo.sum ppl don’t just get it..D’banj was a good artiste until he left for good music… I say as an international act him neva do any beta song pesin dey call endowed remix and oliver 4me..was it not under mo’hit Den?..say pitbull and d oda guy sing 4 dis beat no b bcos of dbanj..he ddnt do d don beat..Don jazzy made oliver twist wat it is 2day no b dbanj…Dbanj shud show us he is really talented and dat he is an international artiste and do a good collabo..check out wizkid n kardinal official,atleast psquare don sing with dia boss and Rozay..make dbanj sing with kanye nw..or kanye shud hook him up..Imagine,out of 12 tracks in good music album,our own dbanj had just 5secs..haba..check am na

  39. Dbanj is wack anytime anyday. It just took his moving out of mohits to prove it. We can go on and on and hype him but tell urself d truth,he left to be a houseboy in yankee and dat is gross. So,until he releases a better song,he just a lost soul looking for redemption

  40. Awon oloshi hater..ur talkn bout does tif(psquare) dbanj has sang wit rozay b4 does tif dere is 1 idoit hu said dbanj has not done any song i???ñ gud muzic na ur papa get d record lebel abi even if 2face goes dere he wuld do d same cox he his also not a raper cox we ad dat he a?????n???D????? mary j bligde r doing 1 soneg sins 2009 we neva here A????? o does idoit hater G?????? check out is new single BACHELOR check out da video oloshi crazy spyke aud una brain DO??????? off d best african act now 2 ?? are dbanj sarkodie 2face n vector d rest ma dem G?????? lick soup

  41. Y?????
    guys take it easy… First off, I’d like to say D’banj baSically has The Favour of God that’s all anything other than that, “gboju”. That dude aint doing MuSic that deserves his poSition. Only a fool wld Argue that. And @Mr Ozoil… Dude… Wizkid might not have Content much but he can Stand the likes of Justin Biber ã?? Sean Kingston alike. I think he cld do better than D’Banj…. Peace Ya’ll…..

  42. Y?????
    guys take it easy… First off, I’d like to say D’banj baSically has The Favour of God that’s all anything other than that, “gboju”. That dude aint doing MuSic that deserves his poSition. Only a fool wld Argue that. And @Mr Ozoil… Dude… Wizkid might not have Content much but he can Stand the likes of Justin Biber ã?? Sean Kingston alike. I think he cld do better than D’Banj…. Peace Ya’ll…..

  43. D,banj is currently on top of the world….kudos to him…..i love d,banj, if u knw sabi music don’t blackmail artist, learn 2 appreciate dem

  44. @crazy,may you remains crazy forever and Neva get healed.For Christ can’t you just apppreciate something good. Try listen to on top of the world….then you ll know skibanj is not only promoting the Nigeria image but Afica as a whole. Crazy you are mad.

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