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Sustain – “Koli” (Prod. by Young John)

Posted by Jim Donnett on March 6, 2016 in AUDIO · 73 Comments


After disturbing the internet in the past month, Sustain is here with the highly talked about Young John produced single, KOLI.

After blowing the public with singles like Enter, 2geda and Mind Your Business (MYB), the artiste is back to take you to the dance floor.

Enjoy Koli by Sustain, produced by Young John, mixed and mastered by K9.

DOWNLOAD Sustain – “Koli” (Prod. by Young John)

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I have magic in my hands and I'm excited to be sharin' it with the world.
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  1. oshey Jam of Life

  2. Cool

  3. Gbam! nice one but. The lyrics aint dope enough. I first heard of this guy called sustain from a pal from his hood. I hrd his 2geda, nice tho.. buh i expected sumtin more mega in this Koli of a song..nah young john produce am nah!.u did not put d energy u ought to.Guy u fucked up big a died hard fan of u..buh u aint doing it right here..truth be told. This is a song dats shuld hit everywhr without stress…man i rate this 3/10… i hope u work hard next time. cos ur real fans want something hotter!. GoodLuck! I am #Kolified anyways. bless you.

    • I’m sure you don’t know what music is all about! if you do; you won’t talk this way! this is nothing but a mad jam… this guy is the next big thing… what else do you want in a song that is not here! I don’t know this guy personally but mehn shut it right there! this is a fire tune

      • Shame on all of you deceiving sustain cos of what u go chop.. God bless you at the first anonymous guy..
        SUSTAIN baba, let me tell you something if u are reading this. everything dt guy said nah fact.. nah becos he loves you nd want d bst for u dats why he yarn sure..guy dnt mind dos deceiving u say d song nah jam.Dey are not ur real fan. Dey dnt want a strong career for u..Guy if u fail,dey will be d bst to leave you. Guy think on your own and ruminate what dt anonymous guy said.. I swear,think! If no one criticise you,guy you are on a long thing…if everyone around u keep tellin u always dt ur song dope evn when dey no dat u knw try,guy dey Hate you..lemme tell you…me I love you,dats why i will tell u d fact. I want d bst for u nd ur career.Music artiste plenty Guy.If u aint doing it right,guy nah long thing i Swear.The people u knw cnt do it alone,let ur lyrics be solid. Let ur music be unique!..jst as d guy said..ur next track should be mega be cos Koli aint dope enough…nd dnt make too much noise..let ur success speaks for u biko. #OriginalSustainaire.

    • Kolified nonsense

      • I luv d single like seriously, SUSTAIN leave dem dey want to STAIN u ni but OLORUN JU EEDA LO, o ti ga ju ota loo, Fuck u all Enemies; Iyalaya gbogbo yin, Omo SUSTAIN yan bad gan ni oooooh….

        • Sustain don’t mind dem, dey want to “beef” u ni jare, but ask dem that “are dey a butcher” God go punish u enemies, u want to spoil someone’s career but pelu ogo OLORUN E o maale nii eo niiba tobaku die ti e fi ba Yi o ma salo fun yin… I mean “SUCCESS”…..

    • bros come bros come .
      enter studio make you release your oen demo

  4. This music is wack, dis is ntin bt a kolified nonsense….. Infact Young John fall my hand to hv produce dis kind of song, tho it was a free recording. Out of all d song i cnt even picture one meaningful lyrics. Pls sustain can i ask you a question, do you even listen to urself bfor going to d studio to record. Even Terry g who is known for nonsense dia re still sum atom of sense bt urs is absolutely national kolified shit#u need to go for tutorials#

    • U are a bastard….im sure father never. Encouraged you

    • Get a life and stop hating.

  5. you dey craz. ,,,,,, foolish people

  6. Smiles. But you guys should know that it not easy to compose….e.g put your self as sustain’ you release a song and ppl are giving bad comment pls how will u feel? This guy called sustain really try…..nd watch out for his next track…..{Kolified}

  7. that guy commenting rubbish! well; zombies eat brain; you are safe cuz you gat none! this song is dope… its a jam!!! so; I don’t know whats wrong with your ears… see your doctor you fool

  8. lol,,saw this when i was downloading d song..ignored d harsh comments..but i gat to come in. I knw say nah sustain replied dt first anonymous guy.Bro i knw u are pained but actually d guy is right jst dat he didnt put it d right way in ur own view.Am sure its sumone dt wanna let u knw aw dissapointed he was nd felt dis is whr he can do so, sustain if u are reading my own comment,abeg you go and think on what d guy said.I swear he is right,u can insult me tho. Buh i want to knw one thing,its only ur real fans dat want d bst for u dt will correct u..see all dos ones insulting dt guy,nah eye service dem dey do. When things go wrong now,dey will be d first to leave,go nd jote it down.Buh am sure you are going places sha.Buh u need to always take corrections.You need it, u are a musician.dnt feel dt anyone criticising u hate u,No!..dey love you dats why.pls i beg you.God bless you.

  9. damn!.. You knw what sustain,if u are reading this. dos people dt first comment..dey are both wrong nd right.. Buh one thing i want you to knw is dat. Beware of those dat are forming real fan for u at ur face. dey are jst doing eye service,nah wetin dem go chop dem dey find. See,any one dat never find fault in anything you do,sustain beware of dem!..dey dnt want d bst for you i swear!. Music is not an easy game o. it is d comment ur fans leave dat will let u knw aw to work hard on ur next hit. if everyone are sayin ur track is dope nd no one ever see fault, I swear, sustain dey are deceiving you. dnt take corrections personally, u might feel people are hating on u,guy forget something. musicians plenty. jst beware of fake fans. You need real fans dat will tell u d truth always for u. I hope u go places nd make africa a sustainere anyday! #TeamReal. #SusDope. oshey!
    call me BigLarry!

  10. am sure dis is waht u were referring to on facebook..By God’s grace no body fit bring u down sustain cos who God don bless,no man can curse. Buh you also beware of dos claming to be ur real fans. dt dnt see any fault in u. owo epo laye n bani la o. God bless you o.. respect dos ahead of u nd never forget whr u are coming from.DNT BE PROUD.. dnt UNDERRATE anyone,dnt CHEAT anyone(be it male or female), dnt do evil nd God will be by ur side. Keep geting real nigger. we love you.
    #TeamSustain all day.
    *Big Larry*

  11. Koli.. Bobo boost ok, try hard

  12. Hmmn,this is serious. Guy Sustain,are you sure you dnt offend anyone from your hood. cos where them bring this matter aint good enough. Its so public… Anyways jst got my on copy of the song. Thumbs up but work harder next time. Maybe we might get you down here to treat us with your vibes if you do something dopper and hotter. Bless you.
    “James” 4rm Warri.
    #Hypeman to JohnNetworq d king of Tsunami Reloaded..

  13. Lol..ano go even look say u dey my faculty..dis song is wack waste of beat..hw will u promote dis kind of song..what was ur record label thinking..

    • Yu are not serious can you also enter studio go voice werey you be yu dea call person song wack i knw yu dea fair y cnt u put ur name dere konidafun oo

  14. God no the best sha

  15. abeg sustain,we dey tell you truth u dey form big boy,if u like hear if u like no hear. we dey help ur future career ni .. Koli aint a song…is so wack, evn those i share am wit dey abuse me sey,was dis d song we have been hyping since abt 6months. asin,ur lyrics is so wack,it was like u freestyled..evn some pipu freestyle better this. I hope you come back hard as uv said on facebook. Musician plenty o.I tell you,if u keep going like this, guy! ur career is at stake. Listen to the wise. Koli is wack; get some chill, and make good sounds!
    I hope you make it big.

  16. lol

  17. nice comments. Everyone is entitled to der own opinion. Sustain, keep the good work going. The sky is your starting point

  18. Sustain abi wating be ur name after u don do 419 for dis girl called ojikutu.
    after then u still go and produce robish nonsence

  19. Lol..what am i missing..
    Omo d virus don spread reach here.
    So sustain baba.nah u dem dey yab like dis..actuall dey are right fah.. Niggar u are broke.
    Ur future is drooling.
    Ur whole career depends on some naive girl. After dat..ur music is dead…niggar kip on flexing buh time would tell.. Dos u thought nah ur backbone..dos hugry niggars dat dey giv u liver on top failures.. U will see dey go be d first to drop ur fake dick. I hope u realise bfr is too late. Lets see what yrs will bring.. Iyunkufav faire laizerz sapere nüms.

  20. everything I see here is bunch of hatred by people who really know you! people who maybe you started it all together and now you winning and progressing more than they do… I’m a producer; I know what it takes to make songs! all of em didn’t see young john’s fault! guy! don’t moved by all this… if you find out very well I swear everybody commenting here are people really close to you that just want to see you down… this people are the one you think they love you! outsiders that doesn’t know you won’t come here and be saying all this… as for me; you ve done everything an artist could do to make sure this song is good! my brother sent me the link; I downloaded and it sounds good! so… don’t be bothered by all this comments! this ones are your people; your success shocked them! and they just want to see you down!!! find out and you will see… big up guy! me I’m feeling you! and I swear to God almighty; you tried all your possible best to kill the beat! the little fault in it is that of young john! thanks

  21. Sustainbaba just be hopefull, kip praying, believe in yourself, be watchfull, beware from enemies that pretend as your real friends…….no matter how you do don’t ever fall……kip it up…….you r dope……FFF….you r bless.

  22. Hmmmm…..! Jimshade,akolade,jayz yu buy it’s unfair…….see I don’t have much to say (koni da fun yii)

    • Haha nawa oh!..LMAO…

  23. You are bess bro…….sustain dont mind den…….let dem work to produce from young john´…….crazy fans…..

  24. Sustain action bobo god bless you with your new dope track koli…just live deam alone to be beef dea go must expercially you guys akolade jimshade eyin oloribuku eda tefeni fere god we knw raise you up ojukan lemawa yu beta stp beef sustain

  25. Why dont you pray to be like this niqqa……haterz…….you dope bro….dont mind boko haram of your village,,,,,,they cant depress u

  26. Sustain calm down keep thanks god that peoples dea talk about your matter god we jahbless you koli we raise you up amen wish you best bro

  27. Sustain my padi nice job@koli bless bro

  28. Sustain action bobo calm down that how life be leave deam with dere atittude

  29. Sustain action bobo calm down y you people doing this to yur boi gbogbo eyin ti eshe ote sustain eniribatise oooo

  30. Sustain action bobo nice job

  31. Sustain say after me Lord Jesus, arise in all your power and destroy anything working against my favor in the name of Jesus.

  32. Sustain you be bades nice one

  33. Sustain mademolo ti whala baa sitipoju laye mabopelumi let continue sing here we are using de same panter

  34. Any little tinx deam go talk life sha y all you peoples doing like this let join hands 2geda to push this guy up sustain olami that track was so fantastic koli de bades mega jams rolling

  35. Any little tinx deam go talk life sha y all you peoples doing like this let join hands 2geda to push this guy up sustain olami that track was so fantastic koli de bades mega jams rolling

  36. Is not gud to spoil person career oo bt sustain brodar cool down

  37. Sustain dnt mind anybody. Music is nt easy. U try 100%. Let thm sing there own. Sustain be calm. Go on. Empty vessel make a loudest noise. U get mouth. God bless. I support u.

  38. Sustain…fuck those who are looking for your downfall, we appreciate you and whatever you do, awon weyrey, e easy nah your Papa no enter studio, do your own make we hear am first before you condemn someone’s own

  39. People sha…. If this song still wan make sense nko? If anyone should see all those comments now; the person would think maybe its one wack song oh! So; somebody sat down; planned and decided to spoil someones work? I swear to God almighty; this song has been on repeat ever since I downloaded it! Told a friend of mine to go download it too and he said the comments there wasn’t encouraging! Had to check back to see it! Mehn; Sustain beware oh… Some people really wanna see you down! You have to be very careful! This song; this song; this song that has entered my head like mad; somebody will now its not dope enough! Oga oh! Well; baba abeg I follow you for Instagram; go follow me back abeg! @mmtylee is tha name! Bless

  40. Sustain action bobo yu too much mehn let say de fact the guy try see how de boy dea flow with confidence even young john yu be de best sustain my prayer for yu is dt god will raise you up on top de moutain

  41. Nice one sustain

  42. Nice one koli de viruz

  43. To u all dat mention my name thank u all buh have never pray for sustain downfall u are praying 4 mi buh for u mind u think u are courseing mi an to u Sustain jahbless ur hurstle broda kip it up an to u all daleru’s i don’t have time for u all,so i sight u ma fan’s #signout.B-)

  44. My nigas 2 compose is not easy so if u no dat d track is not good just go to studio go book your own secction (u noo sustain u av to kep it on, ori lo mo let dem say wot dy lyk fenk u all

  45. Hmmmmm

  46. Infact you guys lack coorperation & supporting each others.I am so sad this is coming 4rm my hometown.Infact am dissapointed in you all.Why cnt you all join hands together & support one another.Those that are already making waves shuld not 4get those you started together with & dos dat are still trying,dnt hate on anyone nah.Infact you guys need to be one.Encourage one another.No wonder the females among you are lacking behind.When you are not going to support them & encourage them.All of you are fake,no one is excluded.All you all knw how to do is intimidate one another.So bad,am sad!.I hope oneness comes again among you all.All I pray for is you guys success.
    Thats is the only way to soar high. nothing else!
    Sustain,Akolade,Jayz u,Jimshade,Wuraola & co.Talk to eachothers heart to heart.Help the young ones among you and encourage your femal artistes.God bless you all.
    One love, coorperation pays!
    God bless Iseyin.
    You all are the future glories of our great city.

  47. All of you using Dre San name to mention peoples name,thats uncalled for. you are only worsening sutiation, why mention peoples name,why? so dat sustain will think you are real to him or what?. no! sustain please mind none of those. All i jst want from you guys is peace,oneness. Reading through the comments up there, i swear am heartbroken. You guys dnt need this. Please support one another. I love you all i swear and I pray you all make it. Sustain please calm down, no one can do you evil once you dnt do anything bad. Akolade and co. please all of you shuld be coorperative. Rivalry would not take anyone anywhr. It will only cause trouble. Please, you all should shame the devil. He is liar,dnt let him come between you guys. I love you all.
    Be your brothers keeper. support d young ones among you and encourage your female artistes too. God bless you. One love.

  48. Sustain olami abideen…..just give glory to God in everyting you are going true nd be PRAYERFULL nd just beliv in your God and beliv in ur self ( jah bless your hustle bloody)………..

    • Cool bro

  49. Let hopeless people say whatever they wants to say. This not a new thing it has happened to Elderly ones, such Badoo, 2face etc. And their stars still glowing. if those people didn’t say all these, what else do you want them to do? Because they are had know future in their carrier. So, sustain don’t mind them, let them continue saying nonsense and they will still remain the same and you will be going higher… Na e

  50. Lmao… Sustain you don blow oh!!! see comments…. I believe in your grind brother Mi… this ones just dey hate!!! song no make sense and it’s going viral… bro Jaiye lo

  51. Sustain! Allah you tried, don’t be discouraged by whatever anyone is saying, you nailed it as the spirit led, so don’t give a damn about all the critics, buh guy be mindful of the friends you keep….. Remember patoranking’s son “Friends”…. More hits bro…. Ama #KOLIFIED_Sustainaire

  52. see dix thng u carry killing me eeba o #koli# sustain gbogbo#GIE,dope-city# kip world rolling #sign-out#

  53. see dix thing u carry killing me eeba o #koli# sustain gbogbo#GIE,dope-city# kip world rolling #sign-out#

  54. see dix thing u carry killing me eeba o #koli# sustain gbogbo#GIE,dope-city# kip d world rolling #sign-out#

  55. see dix thing u carry killing me eeba o #koli# sustain gbogbo#GIE,dope-city# kip d world rolling #sign-out#

  56. o fun mi ni koli#gbedu gbe gbe

  57. nice job

  58. Sickest tune!!! This guy killed this…

  59. This guy is my new crush!!! You giving me Koli already

  60. E no go better for those that said this Jam is wack.. This koli is the best… Parrol loor joooor… Young pablo

  61. This guy needs to be heard… His dancehall game is strong. Been following him for long! Nice one Sustain.more from you

  62. this dude rili try alot…I wonder y pple Beef! #all_Love

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