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DB Records Presents: Tonto Dikeh (Poko Lee) – Sugar Rush (Prod by DeeVee)

Posted by Tyler on June 28, 2014 in AUDIO · 134 Comments


“Oh make you no do like Johnny, so baby no play me corny…” Tonto Dikeh a.k.a Poko Lee finally releases her anticipated single “Sugar Rush” which was rumoured to feature her new label boss D’Banj.

The cut produced by DeeVee is the actress/singer’s debut single under DB Records and was promoted with a short teaser by her camp which caused a frenzy on

Did her new music deal influence her sound positively or negatively? Taste “Sugar Rush” and tell us in the comment section.


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  1. Dope song..thumbs up 2 d lee family

  2. Dope, doper, dopest. Jam of life. GBAYI LEE FAMILY

  3. Nice song. She nailed it aswr

  4. Dope. First t0 upload it t0 net

  5. hottest song of the year from pokolee (sugar rush).

  6. This track hit many download via my website

  7. Now that the full version is here I guess dos jumping gun can now see dat the beat is not even the same wit dorobucci and the diffr btw old poko and new poko is very clear. To me dis is a giant stride n great effort. Bigups to dbanj for spotting n bringing sumtin out of nuthing am sure poko is coming out stronger aftr dis

  8. Nice one 4rm poko lee

  9. Der’s an improvemt on Tonto’s style of singing. @least 4 once, I culd c chemistry btw beat n ‘lyrics pronounciatn’ in her song. 10nks to d Lee master. Tonto, I hop u do give it to him 4real.

  10. Very nice track!! She has absolutely improved!!! Jam of the year!!

  11. Lovely song

  12. I like dis

  13. Comfirm

  14. Which kind song be dis

  15. Trust tonto ‘Dickhead’ Dike to mess up a good beat with her weak lyrics and rubbish voice… Well, then again, her boss is d’banj, so, nuff said…..
    Kswitch would have nailed that beat… Smh

  16. I don’t like DBR………but DOPE TRACK from my baby #TONTO DIKEH# thumb sup honey

  17. Impressed compare to the previous tracks…….I hope she gets better….

  18. This thing is not sweet jor.

  19. In all honesty, Sugar Rush is cool track. She’s getting real better, tooxclusive must ve realized its folly for the initial critique of the snippet.

  20. stupid song sha

  21. Haters go still come here now…….. The song dope jare.

  22. Haters go still come here now…….. The song dope jare.

  23. God 4bid me download this song. I rebuke it in jesus name

    • Amen she’s and her boss are just warks!!!!

  24. 9ice 1

  25. Not as bad sha..xpected something worse

  26. Mad Jamm, Poko and Banga on point

  27. She has improved. Not an outstanding track though. But a very great improvement over her past songs.

  28. Sugar rush sweet like dorobucci ohh!!

  29. Lol

  30. D babe try seriously…..Thumbs Up!

  31. Dis song is great….I haters should keep shut tontodike don improve……ejanla wad up

  32. Just normal

  33. This na dorobucci beats, too similar. Dbanj abeg dnt allow lack of originality. Songs just there, the beat got me dancing sha, but dorobucci always gets me dancing anyway.

  34. She is bad,dorotonto 9z one ??? bad hoo

  35. Me love dis track to de fulest men DBleE wad up .

  36. The song is whack! And so flat. Well sha they can use it as soundtrack for igbo movies

  37. The song is whack! And so flat. Well sha they can use it as soundtrack for igbo movie

  38. What a load of rubbish

  39. Pple must sha talk..what’s wrong with dis song now? D girl is improving speedily,thumbs up joor..bigger u! Wasnt expecting somefing as fresh as dis..dorobucci ko dorokoko kor! Neva like dat song..its just to cliche…na today artistes dey sing dat kyn song..give us somefin fresh like patoranking or cynthia morgan..nod ey give us song wey go fade after sometym…tonto u try jor..yes i dey beef don jazzy!!! Give us freshos abeg

  40. Dres nuffin dope abt dis song….its jst fuckd n its nt abt hating or sth….u guys shd kip sentiment aside n tell d truth

  41. She try oooo

  42. The babe try well…good improvement,db records

  43. 2 be sincere she tried banger lee of life

  44. I love the chorus. There’s room for improvement. We’ll done poko lee.

  45. I love d song like mad..

    • Did is absolute fabulous, like seriously I love dis song, Tonto u can do it

  46. Wow…d’banj na deity..he said it b4 ‘tonto will blow’ nd dis is jus d beginnin’..#OBIlee..

  47. Naija self.. wetin be dis one.. Abeg mak we dey talk true this Song no follow … kia Childs play

  48. song of the year,u too much jare,who nor like u make e go die,even jesus get haters.

  49. Jus dere

  50. Anyone that call this song dope is either dump or mad… Rubbish music.

  51. No discriminating but either tonto or dbanj both put together can never get a hit track. Even both of them together can’t nail anything. I believe Tonto hasn’t got the talent for music. She’s best at acting and I wish she should just stick with it instead of forcing what is not there. She’ll only make a mess of the whole thing. The music is not up to standard.

  52. Most every won sing nonsense

  53. The music dope jawe….


  55. This song is real waste of MB. Waste of talent, time, and most of all waste of money. She and her boos are just warks!!! She sound so irritating. The least said about Dbanj the better cos he has floped Big time and have even forgotten music. As for Poko. Dbanj will soon be sleeping with her. Stupid things

  56. Sorry who sang dis song sef, na Destiny kidz abi na Ozzybosco…. na wao

  57. I swear, ma kid sista sing beta pass dis tontolet. Wetin she wan show self, she dey use dorobucci beatingz d spoil d whole tin, dis 1 na arab nonesense.

  58. Nice track,I guess she will do better on the next track

  59. Sorry to d producer of dis song, u had dis song playing Tru ur headphones for hours, did ur best for it to sound nice but my guy no b ur fault even if timberland produce dis gurl d song wld still be irritating to d earz

  60. Tontoh 4life ,,,,,!!! You’re too 2 much … Una dey here dey beef her. Abi ,,, the gal wack ,,, everybody knows ,and deep down she knows , but this is a good effort ,, u are allowed to critise her if you never ever for once like skyB ,,, Bcos no mata how pokopokobabylee of the lee temple wack ,,she better pass SKyB

  61. Dis song to stupid jare i hate am no download for a week these jam don spoil my mind

  62. The song is cool. Haters will always hate

  63. Best song so far….. keep it up poko lee you are improving

  64. Seriously d song try. Got me dancin. no be say U Tush” am sure beta ones will come. No artiste made it in a day. It takes a lil time. U’ll get there Poko. U Rock. Go girl….

    • Dat b*tch is wack! Believe it or leave it,,,,hw can u go to d studio nd record rubbish yet u hv d vibes to upload it?? That’s insanity!! a celebrity 4 dat matter..if u must sing den u gotta learn hv to sing…when u said she tried m like WHICH TRY?? Her lines no even try,,,,she jst spoit my day tho

  65. Hmmmnn, the song no dope! He just dey there. Maybe ovatym, we’ll get 2 like it more. It’s better than the “highs” and d rest shaa.

  66. A mixture of #dorobucci and #Johny. The Lee family should be more innovative, DeeVee is young and fresh and should be creative n innovative!

    • You’re stupid, innovative how?? How is it a mixture of johnny and dorobucci you guys no how to criticize Tonto oh, if nah Wizkid or Davido now una no go remember say it’s a mixture of the two songs, no one even criticized wizkid’s Bonbay but that song is useless even a newbie would do better but because it’s Wiz everyone likes it

  67. Dope song……………. Hater’s suck

  68. Poko wateva ur name is,u jst made me waste my mb rubbish song

  69. Shorup u all,if u don’t lik d track,look @ d begining of ur street go romance d tranformer, tonto u killed it now jaree

  70. I think Tonto and D’banj need to be more creative, the beat is similar to don baba J dorobucci beat. Well but at least this song is better than the ones she released previously. Am not a big fan of Tonto But I wish her and db records success

  71. Nice song Pokolee, I believe u can do better… Kudos LeeTemple Family!!! Pls carry Tonto along, let’s shame the haters. Godbless #Balxjnr

  72. Rubbish

  73. *Rotfl* foolish song,stupid voice #kerewa kerewawa loool deebeelee# hahaha

  74. Bullshiiiiit Bullshiiiiit Bullshiiiiit

  75. For an upcoming artiste dis song is ok n jst dere but 4 a succesful, very much talented n well known actress like tonto?? No!!!! Poko pls stick to acting, music aint ur calling

  76. Any way yu try sha mke i jess gve yu 50Percent

  77. If u shot a clip 2 dis wack song I swear u’ll rundown…

  78. D’banji no get sense, em find who go follow am sing em come be dis Paw paw don’t even want to know her name. D producer, dbanji and toto una be big twat. Dat girl sud be a stripper. Because she can’t act nor sing. Abeg dis music don break my heart…..

  79. Dope……eja nla nd tontolet…..make beefers go hug transformer……nigerians are born 2 criticize without makin any signnificant change

  80. Dope

  81. All of una wey dey hate dbanj na God go punish u,i will tell u the reason why cos it is simple,when even he release any track it u that will first download it,it u that will know when is performing in newyork every information about dbanj is always hot cake in ur hand and u still come on this blog to say trash and nonsense about him why not confence that it the witch in ur village have not leave u alone and go to pator chris oyakilome and redeem for deliverence,cos it so visible u dbanj hater can never be succesful and u are bound to be loser and a loser will always want more people in his or camp……….mofos haters fuck u all,and if u are frolling with hater fuck u too,can’t u see the dbanj is a legend cos anytin he touched now be it stone and sticks turns to gold BANGER LEE the magician,#TEAM TEMPLE,amintaba,#TEAM LEE MONKS,amintaba

  82. Tonto Dike is not creative

  83. Wow doropokolee u 2 muck jawe…anybody can sae what dae like but its awesome

  84. funny dbanj and tonto

  85. stupid song no offense mb wasted

  86. stupid song no offense mb wasted wats pokolee

  87. #dope tho

  88. Song of d year she too much ooooo

  89. God go punish all of una wey sey this song no sweet. , , make una mother to enter studio make she go sing . I’m not a fan of tonton but atleast she tried and she is improving so u got to encourage her not to discourage her . Oloriburuku idiot fellows

  90. At first I was enjoying it….then some voice came in like Tonto wanna sleep…..and @ d end, she got me sleeping even while the song was playing. please db, there are many talented artiste to sign…..we are wise now…..we know good music. we ain’t dumb niggi.

  91. This song is not and never going to be dope……was deevee sleeping or he was tired of her recording and recording again…..then he must be a wack producer producing a wack artiste.

  92. Haters be like broke watches, No time. Tonto do ya tin. If dem nor like u, make dem go hug transfomer.” Ekebe” was da bumb. Now its “Shuga rush” you b my sweet pawpaw-correct, anthing u do na correct.
    Its ya biggest fan, i go blow u…

  93. Make I talk true this song make sense somehow, this is her best track so far, this song is dope to me

  94. All these rubbish lyrics peeps are sharing…….there is God oooooo

  95. Nne! 5mb well wasted! Chai

  96. dis song is ok, i swr. nice 1

  97. AGH!!!!!!y would snr man Dbang put vis gal in his record lebel…..she should jst go and b acting…na by force 2 sing…..10% 4 d song ni

  98. She wan popular by force jor.

  99. cool…

  100. Nice song, she try a lot…. Its not easy, I love bangalee….. The guy has bring out something from nothing, not like others who go abt searching for already made artist.

  101. Crap! Blehh

  102. the songs take 2 make sense when u play it like 10 times

  103. the song start to make sense when u play it like 10 times

  104. This song’s gab!…..tonto’s too Pretty to b fooling herself dis way…. Bangalee’s confused aswell, they shud both go and rest

  105. The song added some percentage to what she used to give us, there’s room for improvement.

  106. Guys please stop being discouraging. (Tonto dear pls stop reading dis comment dey aren’t helping) I love your courage dear. Keep it up. Not even a Fan cos I don’t watch Nigeria Movies, just being supportive.

  107. Tf?!!…..this song just ruined my day!……eeewww!

  108. I think tontolee sounds better than pokolee lol

  109. weda u like dis song or not, dis song make sense. I myt not b a fan of tonto dikeh, she may hav been d worse, she may not b gud at wat she does, bt dis song is so killing it. Pipu claim dat dey hear notin in her songs well dis song is one of a kind nd d lyrics is clear. I love it nd its nice. Tonto Dikeh, with more effort u will succeed nd God will giv u d strength u need. Do ya thing weda dey talk or not and believe. Kudos to D’banj trying to bring d start in her…

  110. Only dis country nigeria I sees dat they promote fake music fake songs wit a lot of money still package un talented artist. Music is inbuilt, is a talent, a gift if u don’t have it u dnt have it, they don’t learn music but they only upgrade it cos is not fashion design (tailor) or furniture (Carpenter) either forganiser. Look at artist like patoranking, yung l, endia, reekado banks e.t.c those guys are talented dat’s why they been signed. They work towards where there is opportunities n they heard there songs n sign them if they are not tight they will not b recognise like dis 2day. Some artist will b using music 4 triers, (make I just try e fit enter) still waste a lost of money still yet nothing will come out ot it, they are just abusing music, abusing d sounds. I know revolution will soon in nigeria music industry someday so all dis thing will stop. Cos e dey pain me badly. Am not beefing anybody o but am just clearing some real fact.

  111. ya’ll be salivating u know wat it’s that same boi @NatureMiles keeping it real and dropping it again from the hottest pot of Ms Recordz download and RBC…………….

  112. Lik seriously,tonto u r a gd actres jst concentrat on dat and leav singn,u r rily nt maknn sens,pls take dis as an advic,u cnt b digracn ur carreer lik dis.tnx hop u wil understand.

  113. TD u hav a dream dat u must make com true. Develop a tough skin n pursue ur dream. Dn’t let som pple who ar nt part of dat dream discourage u. Even an aeroplane ignores d natural laws of gravity 2 fly . N nothin is good or bad,it all depends on d justification. So do ur thing babe n keep dat flag flyin!

  114. Lovely bit, nice intro.. but seriously, I don’t see that much singing talent in Tontolee… I am sure Bangalee can enhance her potentials by letting her act every music video… trust me, it would make sense

  115. Lovely beat, nice intro.. but seriously, I don’t see that much singing talent in Tontolee… I am sure Bangalee can enhance her potentials by letting her act every music video… trust me, it would make sense

  116. Doropoko. One of ur pokolovers, dis music is dope, omg can’t stop listening. No b say u tush. Naija stop hating and try somthing else. Poko baby, go girl db u are d bomb

  117. Looving dis music lyk crazy. Poko baby u are d bomb, haters sucks, ride on girl

  118. Pokolee I dey feel ur music, cos u are my sweet pawpaw korret. Omo d music make sense, if una c truth make una yarn. Poko ride on jor

  119. sumpeople watse their precious time writing essay on a song that if pushed well will blow,ok una think say davido,jaywon and more like that dope is working for them and e go work for am ok…dont hate,just make sure u got a nike shoe cos i bet you with time u gonna dance to this

  120. The jam is really really nice. When I first heard the song I didn’t believe it was polo Lee that sang the song. Nice one

  121. it’s nice…
    xo pleased

  122. Only God knows what prompted this lady to go into music. I haven’t listened to her previous tracks before, but I swear with this one that I have downloaded, I’ll never waste my mb on her tracks again. No matter how far the song is said to be dope

  123. Wow hot sng gud job tonto i luv it

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