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A.Q ft Vector – Distractions (REMINISCE DISS)

Posted by Tyler on June 8, 2012 in AUDIO · 66 Comments

‘As preparations for the album – G.I.L.B.E.R.T gets on the way, A-Q is dropping a five track EP titled ‘ Make Your Best Rapper Look Stupid‘. Here is the first single titled ‘distractions’ with VectorVector finally replies shots fired at him by a certain rapper – we would let you do the maths.

A-Q starts the track, delivering a packed and well laid out verse cementing his status as an icon in the rap game.

Listen and share your thoughts!!



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  1. Murder is the case !! Remi Sorry Mehn … there is no replying to this one!!

  2. Shet!!!!!!!…vector haba naa..y u kom waste ds boy lyk ds naaa!!!!!….dts a classic diss track.#Evergreen!..

  3. Lol..
    Vector went in heavy mehn

  4. Mehn u don kill remi!. Remi is wack thou. Fullstop

  5. gosh if u hold ur career wid ma barz u gat no bail * ur city is lyk abadond ships ur make no sail vector u went in too ill reminisce u just been murderd

  6. Calm down guyz!!!! Vec went hard big time but u still gotta give some respect 2 remi , i mean go and listen 2 ATA again it was more direct much more brutal 2 its target dan dis distractions sounds lik a general random shooting diss song to me, he could hav been referin 2 anybodi

  7. DAMN! If your mean draw guns, dey must be skilled with pencil.. Sick flows mehn!!! Murder is certainly the case..

  8. Nice1 vector buh why did he take errthn so personal……….

  9. Vector ÷ remi = 2 fools

  10. vector, those punch ar lik venom, lyric quiet secure, but delivered wit knw cure.

  11. VE what SHIT! kilonjebe? shebi iwo lo rap ju shit wa penbe lol Remi shit hits hard, all dis yankee issh no go work for hia!

  12. Yall shuld show respect like d dude that said reminise is wack that don’t make no sense to me I’ll take a vec over a remi anyday but truth be told remi holds it down anytime and yall need to respect that don’t just say shit about him pls.

  13. Dis jst almost reminds me of Ice-cube’s “No Vaseline” trak diss 2 B-real n d whole Cypress Hill crew!!!!. Vector,u 2 dey vez jare!.Mtsshewwwwwww.Buh,am proud 2 call u a “Rapper” n nt jst a “9ja Artist”!.*respect boss*

  14. VEC Murdered Reminisce Hands Down,He dint rush…he took his time

  15. Reminisce and vector

  16. Hey peepz!!! Just calm down. Remi haz got d sting and quickness. What took ve-shit long to reply and y even feature som1 or been featured. Remi did it all alone. Am not being sentimental, just judging as a music/diss fan. Remi u too much jor.

    • FOOOL!!! Remi has been killed and buried ..Wat else can he do ??

  17. Yea remi did it alone but how long was it?..shit vector is still d best for me. wayback machine say so bless.

  18. Reminense TOM, vector JERRY. TOM & JERRY.

    • Damn vector murder remi six feet witout no cofin men vec u r d best

  19. @swanklay02 Dnt u Just Get It, This z An In-Direct Diss.. GET IT… “Your Album Reminds Me Of HeadPhones, Did You Even Spit?? No Lyrics Just Beat”… Ouch! Vec Yaff Mad Finish!

  20. Vect just killed this so guy called Reminisce, my advice to u
    is don’t F*** wiv my blood cos we murder and encase u don’t know we made “MACZONE 4 ever YSG 4 life”

  21. dnt belee all dis vec kill remi…i prefa ata priod..if udey vex 4ma cmment talk yo own..

  22. y’all z jes sayn VEC wz hard…wtz so special bout dis track??4gerit…VEC cn b a good rapper buh he’z def nt as good as REMINISCE wen t cmes to dissin..I’m sure y’all knw any diS in yoruba’z alwaiz tyt…listen to ATA n u’ll def. knw wah I’m sayn

    • Oga u dey yarn Maximum Dust. .Compare VEC to Reminisce???? WTF??

    • REMI is that You ?? SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

  23. Lanre nice diss track

  24. Vector is wiked!!!!!!!

  25. Remi was direct, hard, n d lyrics was bomb. Vec was indirect, hard, n d lyrics was bomb. Vec is a good rapper; but he do not nid help 4rm A.Q cos he a barrack boi. A soldier shld b able 2 handle himself in any situation. Remi didn’t just have beats on his album but lyrics also. Dis 2 r both gud, but I’ll pick Remi cos if we look @ it very well, Remini has always bin killin every track right 4rm 9ice’s bachelors life song. Listen 2 d song he just got fitured on Jahblezs new single, he went on dissin Vec a lil

  26. @callmetoolz ur head dey dia!!! It took remi less dan 2 days 2 cook dat meal 4 vec but vector had 2 wait wat lik 3 months and still wit all d time all all he coul come out wit is dis dry anybody-can-do-dis song not cul not cul at all. Igboro ti daru lori……..

  27. This 2 rappers, VECTOR and REMI are very talented… U’all should jst enjoy thier diss tracks and stop d comparisons! By the way,who started d ‘diss’?

  28. @lowkeyz and @callmetoolz dumb niggas, u thnk ebdy is as jobless as ‘remi’? Vectorr is d most featured rapper dis year so far! Vec killed it mehn!

  29. Buh aw z Remi!jobless naw?yhu dis cocksuckin listeners shud jus hold ur peace nd feel the diss.Remi z a certified street rapper while Vec claims to be barrack boi buh den z he a soldier?dat sucks!like em both tho!


  31. Vector honestly u f.up,cos last year was ur year den u think u arrive.there peeps b4 U and der will still b after.u too young for dis shit.tot u shud b a more mature kid,but sorry reverse is d dat u diss remi,are u more richer or u more taller or more sexy and famous dan u were b4.guy catch head.

  32. Hey allya critics, make gud statement and not sentiment..vec been featured more dis year is shit, he is good but has no record upto remi. Remi don all dat features wayback bfor vec finish school. Vec can use his lines and tunes but remi uses his words and energy, now go to ya google and search wat makes a gud rapper, its the words which is the lyrics and energy which is the aggressiveness especially wen it comes to diss, remi got me scared and I felt like he wanna take vec on a ring..round 1…remi win..

  33. VECTOR and AQ two rap messiah…..sorry remi but deres no rplying dis 1 ….ATA was direct but VEC rplyed even b8tr

  34. Nice diss from Vector. Nuff yabis but what concern d guy dats tryin to make name with reminsce diss (A-Q). We know Vector and Reminsce so A-Q try to gain ground with good hit and don’t do like Rugged cos by d time the beef is cooked u go dey look for help. Good Work Vector, looking forward to hear from Reminsce

  35. DISStraction

  36. Aq get no successful single so y all d noise u guys shud stick to your daily job and as for vector reminisce is gonna come harder.

  37. If we say VEC is better dan remi….that’s an understatement…….VEC is superior to remi……..Death & sleep can’t be compare….file don’t try it

  38. Y’all haters can say way y’all like but er’one is entitled to their opinion..Remi’s shit went hard on Vec like a direct Hit..Vec was pretty tight towards the end but Remi’s shit got d game.

    • #Aga is the truth cuz he killed vector on ata…vector’s just sayin shit…he’s got a low budget videos too what of angeli t’oun pinre that fool? has he forgotten..i love em both both reminisce is my personal person

  39. Naija music industry is all abt dancin dancin menh we nid shit like ds,ds 2 dudes ar kipin d rapgame
    ill buh vector finishd reminise

  40. Jeez mehn…remi killd vector…I jus listend 2 ata n I must say distractions is jes a distraction 4rm d trut wich is vector can’t diss…watery reply

  41. Omg vec z sick remi z js to razz n deservers wah he got let him cry to his vigilante group 1827765 ??Is deir code all u remi fans can join him big ups to vec

  42. Omg vec z sick remi z js to razz n deservers wah he got let him cry to his vigilante group 1827765 ??Is deir code all u remi fans can join him big ups to vec

  43. Omg vec z sick remi z js to razz n deservers wah he got let him cry to his vigilante group 1827765 ??Is deir code all u remi fans can join him big ups to vec

  44. Omg vec z sick remi z js to razz n deservers wah he got let him cry to his vigilante group 1827765 ??Is deir code all u remi fans can join him big ups to vec

  45. Wicked!!! Only God can 4give vec 4 dis. Sori remi, u chose d wrong dude 2 mess wit, bt I still like u tho, poor dude. Vector is a viper!!!

  46. Vector u ar waow bcoz u ar a legendary all u ar d best no raper can reach ur intergrity rigt from time,abeg u tu muder am ooooo,lok at dope words,u rilly finish am reminices is a baby were u ar,vec my man stil go day school am,hahahahah soriooo mr ata,tomatos don finish u oooooooooo praaa ndstar is stil my name check out men na waoow haba

  47. Y'all westside 9ja cats re jux blabbin shits…let any of y'all ds my Eastcoast goons and c d bomb we gonn tro bak 2 westside…mtchww….Vector iji atuotune na ekilem Jayz huhh fuck u! Evn ur worplays re rubbish. Fuck u gayVEC.

  48. Dis is jst an indirect diss, listen to ATA it was hard nd direct, vector is jst too little 2 diss remi, dats y he has 2 feauture AQ, even d two couldn't make it up 2 expectation even afta 3 months preparation, vector I tink u're fooling wif d Wrng guy,remi is gonna murder u if u try dis shit wif him again. M ur true fan, bt I must tell u u're fucking wif d wrng guy, remi is a registered street rapper, he gat d swag

  49. DissTracTions!! Vector is a Viper…wicked! #UNDUN

  50. Jeez! Vector wicked ooo.hahaha

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