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Vic O – “Hello” (Cover)

Posted by aL Yhusuff on November 30, 2015 in AUDIO · 116 Comments


Y’all thought the “Hello” virus was gone, but it seems it just got started as self acclaimed King Of Rap, Vic O comes with his own version of Adele’s “Hello” .

Dunno where to place this but you should give it a listen and share your thoughts.

DOWNLOAD Vic O – “Hello” (Cover)

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107 total comments on this postSubmit yours
  1. Ds fool nor wan get sense

  2. Madness

  3. This guy should go look for a job

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha I don die vic o u no go kill me musical comedian

  5. Waste of mb……..Chisos

  6. Most People dont even have the sense of humour. Vic o ride on.

  7. Vic o abi wetin dem dey call you,you mumu eeeeee

  8. This idiot African Michael Jackson no wan respect himself! Mumu

  9. This guy is a mighty bastard fuck tooxclusive posting this garbage

  10. This guy is sick in the head …. He should go look for something else to do not music

  11. Vic o King of comedy rap,lmao

  12. Wow I love this song. Stock on repeat. I think vic o needs to be given an award for been a fool and a complete idiot

  13. 2xclusive, I won’t fall for this ur crap.. una dey look for dl today abi?

  14. dis one pass music. Na mumuzik

    • ? Lmao

    • Rotfl kai

  15. dis one pass music. Na mumuzik

  16. Dis guy is a big fool…

  17. this is what i call NO JOB OR WORK SIDE EFFECT. government should please do something to the unemployment in our dear country…:rubbish….

  18. High on oshogbo weed…believe me,e sweet

  19. Strongly stuck on repeat

  20. Dz dude z Jst a well trained mad clown lolz asshole

  21. Vic o I love your persistence and resilience even with critics, the truth is you are not there yet but with time and hard work you can make it, you already have fans

    • ur father abi

  22. i dnt blame u my brother_ its the rate of unemployment in our country.

  23. This Vic o is a complete idiot. Well the producers ar jux making money of him Have you guys seen any of his video he made?? The videos ar on instagram just check on it when you’re down its qon’ make ur day

  24. Fuck I just wasted 2.79mb over this bastard, he is not just okay, my 1year old son can do better than him

    • lmaoooooooooo

    • yepaa!!!awful

  25. hahahahaha….mehn this mumuzician pull crowd mehn..I beginning to love is mumuzic..1 love VicO. can’t wait for another hit, opss, I mean miss from u..ama b d 1st to downnload..

  26. lmaoooooo this guy na dead abeg

  27. visit for latest music albums

  28. dis is December I would av said tooxclusive was trying to play april fool prank on us

  29. helo baby ! helo helo oh oh eh ! vic o wan kill we

  30. This guy mumu dey carry weight

  31. Y wud tooxclusive post this nonsense. Mtcheeewww

  32. Ruubbbbbissshhhh..

  33. na me even mumu pass after I see all the yap they giv this idiot I still went ahead to waste my mb even Glo self send me SMS say na me dey do my self

  34. na me even mumu pass after I see all the yap they giv this idiot I still went ahead to waste my mb even Glo self send me SMS say na me dey do my self

    • lol

    • Hello from the mumu side’s more like it

  35. I normally don’t make commenta here but I have to do so on this. This guy is a fool,most wacky rapper born to Nigeria and God go punish. For my mob when I use listen to this song,e no go better for am

  36. Oh father lord! What’s this…pepper dey this guy brain

  37. Is this the vic o dat inspires don jazzy?

  38. This guy mumu don ripe, him no wan pluck am…

  39. F***k.. Afta all dat Vic o hyping, dis is wat d nigga spits.. Lmao.. My 5yr old cousin raps beta Dan dis dude..

  40. Flow so sick…..funny song

  41. Am so foolish,after all these comments i still went on to download it :'( #BringBackOurMB

  42. lolz…reading tiz comments made my day..tufiakwa!! I dunno y all o Una nor go for comedy show! Una funny die! vic o…wit all dz swear u sure say u go make another single next year??
    ifih say I download am…Hello???
    y smiley nor even dey Gan? to express my fellings Berra…lmsao

  43. why God nor replace tiz guy with Dagrin DA year??

  44. Herro. Vivc O on point LoL…funny bastard

  45. vic o greatest rapper of our time

  46. Oghene

  47. E be like na fone e take record am and calabar boy again…Chaiiiiiii

  48. Jeez! Did I jz waste my subscription!?!!! Bullshit!

  49. Did he record this with his phone??

  50. Hehehe vic o just die!!

  51. but I don’t understand nigerians… if the song is dope they would say it’s too foreign & if it’s not, they would throw shots. I thought this’ s what all nigerians want.

  52. This guy is crazy… I think tooxclusive didn’t want to laugh alone, dat’s y dey posted this sh*t

  53. Na still dis guy go sing milk(meek) and drake calabar akpan

  54. shit i don waste my sub

  55. This is 101% WACK..shut up wacko nigga…Stop forming on his way by SK,Mc watch-out..SO STOP FORMING TO BE THE BEST RAPPER, na lie, na hipping jor, he’s not near to be called a rapper let alone BEST RAPPER..9JA Music industry don turn rubbish for money’s sake..

  56. lol., this guy is the truely the best rapper., lol.

  57. Nawa oh.. Which one be hello, baby u be my sweet yam.. Vico.. Ma guy anybody wey say ur pepper no go rest.. That person go chop food without maggie

  58. Vic I just download ur own hello , Lol u don high cheap weed I swear..gerra out

  59. Jeeeez dis is shit, my fucking mb ooo!!

  60. Lol, am sure u are high on some cheap weed!! Rubish MB

  61. Pls at this point vic o should be arrested….

  62. Lmao rotf … This guy mumu na inbuilt

  63. Glory b to God for d salvation of ur life Vic o…….oopss salvation ke..u still nid to b saved … Numerous deliverance section from d well known pastors in dis country CNT even save u.

  64. This bastard Wacky rapper (Vic zero) U don’t know nor-umm
    buh now I’m gonna tell U some-umm “Gerarahere for real mhen”!!!

  65. Thunder must fire………. This vic 0(zero)

  66. lol since ve been downloading songs online, ve nt Seen a song with dis kind plenty comments,,,,, vic.o thumb up lol u guys re Makin my day

  67. this animal just make me waste my MB …. guy get a life …. u r useless

  68. hahaha haha. The guy get guts joor

  69. This na cover abi na undercover?

  70. mad fool

  71. My eye!! My eye!!! D song just enter my eye,pepper dey inside am oo……..

  72. Tight Vic o, u be ma guy

  73. he is a fool, go get a job vic o and stop wasting your precious time in the studio

  74. Hahahahahaaa….cant stop laughing. .????

  75. Hellor…its me…mr vic o(omo ibo)..U?????r mad o.

  76. Vic o. Mumu o. Oloshi o. Lunatic o. Well if it giving you money, continue. If its not and you still doing it, then you deserve a slap from craze clown.

  77. Omo this music was so wack I came to read read comments from Nigerians… The comments made my day fully..

  78. is this a song or a joke?…the song wasn’t even mastered…I know what it takes to write a song but I’m not impressed with this one at all….Ycee sef don talk am say “they want to sing music, they think music is for everybody”…Truly,music no be for everybody….I’m sure the producer didn’t master the song cos it was a piece of sh*t and he knew it…I downloaded it twice from different blogs just to ensure it wasn’t a mistake and here is it, to be frank,it’s nonsensical…na wa o

  79. Holy cow this na song oh my fuck….this guy is a dead ass…..oh ga gan

  80. Kai! Omadumigon!!waste HELL NO music is not for everyone o#mitshew#my bb is hot cuz of this *shit you call #song#the producer is seriously sick and the#loserer callled#actist#lol needs therapy#

  81. dis guy na confam idiot

  82. musical comedian

  83. This is just hilarious, can’t stop laughing. This guy needs an adviser or a rehab

  84. Chai vic o…..I don tell u say make u no dey sing u no hear

  85. Vic o or whatever u call yourself you are a funny lad trying to get heard. jeez! this guy is so whack. I just wasted my mb on this bastard

  86. I haven’t listen to the song yet but with all this comment i must say that the song is really bad and for Vic O if you eventually read this you have two option it’s either you improve yourself or you quit music and find something meaningful to do with your life, advice no be curse,, anyway Yall watch out for Arian Sweet this 2016 and i hope to hear your comments on him too when he drops his song. Thank you

  87. Plz,let us all pray 4 dis vic o.He needs our prayers plz.He doesn’t no his calling, so lets pray 2 God on his behalf. Weda na 2 dey do house boy work or gateman work or better still comedy.

  88. Downloaded and deleted immediately. God punish who day spoil music for us in dis country. Not all you recorded should be upload, some would be for you alone. This track is for Vic O alone

  89. Even my dumb friend sings better #smh #vico

  90. Who brought this tout into music?

  91. Wats all ds rubbish.u dnt need all ds trash as at all u dnt read frm d bloggers? dey called u self acclaimed best rapper nd u ar nt dispressed abt dat…y ur production isn’t named in ur songs dats a clear reason for u to kno dey ar just makin money frm u.u foolin urself nd whole nation even sayin u gonna bring grammy to Nigeria wf ur wack songs…if u av d money y can’t form a record label nd sign talented artist on it…nd stop bn a nitwit… RAPRAF

  92. Chissuuss… I cnt blve this…
    ViC Zero… Na u wey record the song wif phone by ur self… Or u went to studio… Don’t u listen to other songs,a’int u hearing well or what?…. Hmm ..even d beat wack,voice wark,mixing nd mastaring wack… I no even hear d producer’s logo…heheh… If he try put him name…he go loose costomerz…lol… Bro plz jxt find any talented upcoming artist nd sign i fnk it will gv u more money than this shit u are doing… Tufiakwa…. U fnk Music is for evry body..ask ycee nah..

    Niqquaz plz letz pray for vic O..he really need our prayers so dat he can get back to his senses…

  93. Vic o…i have listened to ur song and am glad to inform ir fans that you are nothing but a thug and senseless guy; i guess u are jobless. U dont succeed by using other people glory to sell ur name…i blame tooxclusive for uploading ur song without listening to it

  94. Vicoo is actually talented….. He’s d destroyer of rap….. Jeez nd he wants to win Grammy…. D guy shuld jst start selling groundnut or sometin

  95. Highly disappointed

  96. this guy na extra pikin

  97. #ROTFL

  98. god that will punish this fool is still listening to this crap

  99. Finally i waste my mtn free 10mb
    vic 0 don kill me ooo
    where suld i strt from….
    Thunder must fire you by fire or by internet…

  100. which kind cover be this one,olohun this guy don waste ma data,real motherfucker

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