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VIDEO: 9ice – Life Drama

Posted by Tyler on December 23, 2013 in AUDIO, VIDEOS · 67 Comments

9ice drops the visual for his single we released some months ago LIFE DRAMA ,the video was able to explain in details more about the message he was trying to pass through on the single. 

Watch and share your thoughts.



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  2. Dis guy 4 take am easy as he dey draw d mouth, nw music don dey finish 4 him mouth e don let all of dem troway. Nice song shaa

  3. Those songs that he had , wich were market hit , if he had gone visuals , maybe he will not be a case study today!! But I hope he will get there again!! Big shout out !! Nice video though , but the interpretation is incomplete!!

  4. With due respect to others, we’ve got just 3 extremely talented artistse in Nigeria, 2face, sound sultan and 9ice, nice song bro.

    • Wiz Kid… anytin he touches turns to gold thats talent

  5. I want to thank 9ice for the wonderful work here, lyrically and good Video, well for dose dat are saying trash, I pitty you guys, you don’t encourage good music to lecture your kids while growing, only noice and they hit spoilt. That mumu say no song for 9ice mouth again, if you turn to music, I swear he will sing you

    • Fanks

    • 9ice we need more of dis U????? can still make it to up in D???? music industry dis Is H???????????????w??????? U????? started it then grate lyrics ????? C??????????? video may God help I really do love dis song ok

    • Na true talk b dat o,i wonder aw pipu tynk at tyms,wu eva say na 9ice dn finish no sabi music.Music nt js abt noise’Ariwo koni music(jigi jigi

  6. New song, new concept, da message

  7. u r ryt,sound sultan;9ice, and 2face,odas r singin rubbish,dese artistes sing gud songs,relevant and inspirational music THUMBS UP 9ICE

  8. Lover of gud muzic I tank u all, na only mumu no beef song n video like dis kudos 2 9ice

  9. 9ce video frm the alpomeji boss himself….2014…ur year.legggo

  10. Nice song 9ice…artists with good sensible lyrics should be respected not all dis I.Q dullin artists.

  11. Nice one

  12. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. The mood determines d genre. I love good music. I love this lyrics+video from 9ce. Nobody can stand to stop a moving train. Keep moving bro

  13. 9ice one

  14. 9ice u killed it! Anybdy saying is not a good song must be a novice… Gbammmmmmm!

  15. Bros u say dis no b song whch one u fit well,9ice u b der father.u b muzik nce one baba’mi

  16. Gud job

  17. Mumu we shall found among us..u dei beef diz kind song..guy u b idiot na pull-over b song..guy upgrade ur brain to 2GB,he b lyk say na 256MB ur brain still..loolx

  18. Great song,nyc lyrics,good beat,lyrics tight speaking truth,video says it all..mofos go sleep,respect elderely alapomeji ti o peji u too much full ground,if u nt feeling diz u a learner if u tink se u wise I laff.

  19. 9ice is making us knw dat he is different frm them.dis is wat we call music

  20. 9ice continue ur hardwork we enjoy ur music

  21. u ar grt……continues Ur work

  22. Another one bros lovly indeed but ur voice is becoming too coarse sha

  23. if u felt pain a lil or uv seen or heard in details u really feal it like i do nice 1 bro

  24. Broo u lead wen we tlk about real music in naija we tlk abt u broo.kepp it up pls may GOD be wit u

  25. Lolz,,,kudos 2 all d coments,witout criticism,e can’t b beter…9ic u r doin it d way its supos 2 b done.nice cncept,gr8t lyrics,it was on point

  26. When 9ice droped moloko tima fi do e, I dissed d song so badt. Now! Dis is the real 9ice dat I knw, 4rm make dem talk ft 2short, to Gongo Aso, Life drama is a song about what’s going on around us, AJE! is now my ringtone. God bless Adigun Abolore Taofeek (9ice). God Bless me too, God bless U all, God Bless 9ja.

  27. See d diff is clear.7up..different frm all dose noise makers,abeg wetin be Pull over,buh bro nid to work more on his videos,some part of the video didn’t interprete d song.9ice one.

  28. If you teasing 9ice, i think he must wise up, leggo 2014, is letting go into another exile. Have listened to his music lately what’s jigi jigi? Wack lyrics follow ike kan that’s the worst, now this well it ain’t a new thing shaaaaa… He should just go into apala that will help alot…

    • You are nothing bt mumu, for God sake wen are we going to encourage good music for once? This sound like you have been addicted to eat music, here good song nd lecture ur kids with it, not shout music with wack lyrics. Thank you 9ice

  29. Kudos to alapomeji. 9ice one bro…. ure stil on point, fuck em haters, @me & barbay thumbs up.

  30. Mekxx_D

  31. G??????D????? bless ??????U????? mr 9ice ƒ?? still giving us good music.

  32. Pls try and do d survey of Nigeria music, u wil found dat our artists based their musics on two tins, ie “money and girls” d fact dat our artists has based on dis two topics av always made it very difficult for dem to b dynamic and impossible to make sense. Music is not just about praising, dancing or d language used, it’s about d impact and message dat ur song is able to pass. My best song out of Nigeria in 2013 is Ada Ada by Flavour, and yet d song has no space on d list of grammy nominations unlike their S.A counterparts, d Mafikisolo group of South Africa who won d Afro pop award wit their song “Kona” wit no single English in d song. I believe dat dis guy (Adigun) can make not just Yoruba buh d whole of Nigeria proud cos he’s got a great musicianship skills and he is lyrically blex! Yes 9ice can b so disappointing at tyms, most especially wen it cums to video productions and club bangs buh wen it cums to complete musics, dis guy is d only person i can vouch for. Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion and dats y i don’t blame people dat criticizes 9ice. Take fo instance d line in Life drama, where he z “life drama of his mathematics teacher who had one daughter buh died of cervical cancer” and i askd people around me who don’t like 9ice’s songs dat d teacher who 9ice is referring to in da line is man or woman, and dey all z it’s woman, den i realised dat 9ice’s song is not meant 4 every1, at least not for people dat did not understand pronoun. I think his songs is not for dos dat has flexible brain which can not comprehend deep and Kong lyrics which 9ice uses in his songs. Take it or liv it, Ibile is a poet, teacher, inspirator and all round entertainer. Mi’le! Till infinity!!

  33. U are Too gbaski, best artist in nigeria 2face,9ice, sound sultan

  34. baba u too much

  35. I love him,not really fan of naija musicians cos to me most of their lyrics is whack buh 9ice e is diff. He is good. Tuface is good too buh I LOVE 9ICE.

  36. Egbon,ds’s a nice one though not a club banger buh na confirm and solid indigeneous truth,ds’s wat d akoja ewe was like hoping to do a collab wit u soonest bro,mile titi ti.

  37. i love d song life drama

  38. I love dis music!!! Kudos 9ice…….

  39. 9ice good job .. good lyrics .. evergreen songs i respect you always … no good music again if baba leave for honourable for ogbomosho north ..i wish you success

  40. THUMBS UP 9ice!!!

  41. 9ice Na Big Mugu and all of Una Wen dey commet sey na nice Song Na Una Mumu na big pass. Which kind He-goat una be sef. I been like 9ice before o but dis one come show sey 9ice na Okpe,.. Craze wen dey chop cold eba for dirty. How u go sing finish then u go do video dey imitate Lil wayne Mirror Video. E make sense. U no fit do ur own tin. I swear to God ehn 9ice If we catch u for warri we go shoot your leg first then we go come contribute money buy wheel chair for you. See ur head like life drama. U no go do make u leave music make u go dey sell Dog for go slow. Na dat kind business fit u. Life Drama my left yansh.

    • Shut the fuck up

      • Mehnnn.. u are just a fool..u stil av a long way to go in life. U nor jst get 1 sense. Me I stay in warri n wenever I catch u na u I go shoot instead ..idiot, big fool.

    • You a fool for saying that to 9ice,,,
      What did you kno abt music you shit.
      Kudos to everyone who appreciate this song
      Good song good video

    • Ur just a haterand a big fool

    • Ur just a haterand a big fool

  42. 9ice song from our dearly brother! I love the song due to the messages it contained! If u really understand Yoruba verry well you will surelly get the meaning! He is singing toward his pass experience and it stands as a foot step to we younger one! Which means we can easily predict the future! This life is like a drama! Our beginning to the end! Thanks MR ADIGUN!!!!

  43. I don’t just like d video bt I actually fell in love with it ….seriously I appreciate d good work keep it on Doug…we love u all..

  44. 9ice dey do video dey imitate Lil Wayne Mirror video and una dey clap for am. See as e carry paint rubb body like small pikin.

  45. 9ce 1 frm 9ice soo interesting

  46. Life drama all ab@ me huuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn a big tanks 2 u 9ice

  47. Why are some fools criticising 9ice, anyway I can’t blame them cos they have never done anything good in their life.this is what is call music.not just beat only. 9ice songs are evergreen. I love your music 9ice. Keep it up but please work on ur voice. D sky is ur limit.

  48. 9ice bro i really enjoy d fact in dis track jipust keep it up nd try more

  49. Well done big brother ??? really prof ???? name for me ??? were ??? came from ogbomoso omo aji lala eso may Almighty Allah help ??? to fulfill ???? wish (Amin)

  50. I?? lo?e Adigun..Allah will assist u more..Amin

  51. Can’t wait to see another one bro (like 9ice page on face book @9ice basorun gaa adign)

  52. i love yur styles

  53. 4k thoze who ar criticizin 9ice #dem gonna shout lyk dog 4 ntn

  54. 9ice baba u too get mouth, u are d one in town keep it up ur head dey there and may God continue be blesing u in work,i stil remain ur fans 9ice baba

  55. Nice and message giving song, but the video seems a copyright of one or two American music artists videos; Mirrors by Lil Wayne and Animals by Maroon 5. Nice song all the same

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