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VIDEO: Iyanya – Le Kwa Ukwu

Posted by @Tobi_tx on November 12, 2013 in AUDIO, VIDEOS · 123 Comments

Here;s the official video to Iyanya’s single “Le Kwa Ukwu“. Pretty good video with a great storyline, this video definitely lived up to its hype.

Directed by Sesan



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  1. Wow, this two raw,it’s iyanya your @it bro keep it up,

    • Posssshhhhh! video. I realy like it – especial the chic thing u knw. Iyanya good job there.

  2. A cool track for a cool moment……That’s cool.

  3. Cool job bro

  4. cool n entertaining at d same time.!

  5. nonsense song

  6. iyanya plz look for something x to do in life.u’r nt good in music i swear

  7. Seriously I don’t believe dis iyanya. He’s very dull. Maybe na jazz hyn do sef who know.

  8. Seriously I don’t believe dis iyanya. He’s very dull. Maybe na jazz hyn do sef who know.

  9. Downloading this song is just waste of resources, I just waste 17mb

  10. over boring the worry the song

  11. dis dude dnt knw how 2 dress,well I dnt blame him we’re both brought up in da street.

  12. I think the song is okay and even good to hear ,keep it up nigga

  13. Nice job boss wa gbayi
    Haters go and learn more

  14. Iyanya nice song kip it up cos u da best.haters go hug transformer.

  15. LOL from the comments, I’m not wasting my 17MB

  16. Nawa oh wetin him and may d dey use their money do dem no sabi atall •••••••dem meed lessons from ice prince abeg

  17. Omo me noo see any serious ukwu for dis vid and d name of the vid na lekwa ukwu …..smh now he needs to meet timaya

  18. D song is sweet,the video perfect,love iyanya

  19. Dat waz sth else, great work mehn……… kip it up!

  20. Hmmm nyc vid..cnt believe dias still haterz out dia who avent accepted iyanya as a star**smh u could go kiss his flexible waist 4 all ah kia

  21. iyanya no gat brain……..

  22. CEO of deworld dreams records good one ugep boy

  23. This one wey I dey see critics comments here so if I download the video and n no make brain I will have to sue Iyanya and Sesan for making me to waste my precious megabytes. Lol

  24. Actually only broke people will hate on guys making it… Its called jealousy…

  25. Charisma

  26. Is sesan a “deeper life member”? Wer is d ukwu!! Crap video,, inyanya u need 2 a re-make of ds video wit moe musa!! Nyc music buh crap video

  27. lovely video funny how haters BE hatting inyanya is simply GOOD HOOOOHA

  28. inyanya u knw se u be ma real niiga so I go tell u de truth , dia video 2 makes,haters go insert ur dick 4 transformer

  29. Dry.

  30. Very Nyc video,kip it up iyanya….Haters go get a Job Dan spend ya whole day hating people!!!

    • U ve done a vry good job,dnt mind wot pple say,they get their mouth

  31. Don’t see any reason y u all should hate on Inyaya if una tink say music easy make una enter studio grab mic nao abi na jes to dey here dey run mouth una sabi

  32. Cool vide0 bt i hate iyanya plzz ?? and learn mechanicz


  34. this video is d bomb

  35. Until I know d meaning”UKWU” I reserve my comment

  36. Stupid hatters y unna no go sing unna own if u guys don’t know wat 2 sa jst keep kalm nd smoke weed nd stop hatting @ other people.fools make unna go studio go sing unna own

  37. Iyanya I sgood no doubt buh all dis haterz una no wnt mk I download dis video ba! Allthough the song no 2 tap,I been hope say the video go tap! Still Iyanya Is definatly a Star boiiii

  38. ahn! haters wetin happen? this video is nice,tho I didn’t see much of’ukwu’ if person read una comment finish u go think say na rubbish vid thumbs up to iyanya and sesan,keep hating he’s already famous!

  39. Truth be told… Nice song but I expected some bad waist work from the vixens… Its called Le kwa ukwu… I saw no ukwu.

  40. nize video nd song iyanya,pls if u dnt like it visit d studio nd record urz

  41. glory

  42. Yeye music

  43. I tink d video is cool

  44. Nice but No ukwu.

  45. Supporters n haters….keep it up! As 4 me d video is made! Yanya don blow pass boko! 9ice job dude.

  46. Dirty ass nigga writing shit. The music is cool but sesan spoilt the video. Where is d ukwu? Who is that bitch in da video the blame goes to sesan not iyanya.

  47. Chai!!! I for no just download dis video @ all! I just wasted my 17mb. Very wack concept. Sesan must be out of concept.

  48. Jk

  49. Buh seriously I prefer d audio dan d video d video is not nt enticeing

  50. Xo mny idiotzzzz

  51. Iyanya really tried in dis vidoe. ?? luv d bit.pueeeeehn.

  52. E no easy ooo some guys dy carry demo dy waka. Som na papers e stildey. Bross u to much kudos

  53. ??t nyc…guYz ??????a beef ni or wetin

  54. where all those dick suckers dis video is dope,to hell wit ur fucking thoughts,nice one iyanya

  55. Ahl dis critic gv d bro a brk nt lyk u cn do ny bera.smh 4 y’all

  56. I lyk d song abeg,haterz can kiss his ass for aLl he cares

  57. why do most nigerians like criticizing wrongly, this song is really nice, and the video too is cool, na wa o!!

  58. No need to hate..the video is cool and neat…hmm that handsome in the video!!! I want him

    • want him???? Na wow ooooh…. Song’x officially dope!!

  59. Why wont yu like dis song? … lik seriously! … dis song is maaaaaadddttt …… soo awesome… Iyanya Is a gee

  60. hahahahaha mama le kwa ukwu,I just luv d song haters go 2 hell. “winks”

  61. chill mehn, let me confirm the song….

  62. Haters be like broke watches see there is no time for that…..

  63. All of you saying iyanya should do something else are very stupid, a good song like this you don’t appreciate, foolish people with foolish comments, you don’t need internet go and watch a movie…. unappreciative monkeys

  64. Tyt sng by iyanya big ups

  65. Y’all bitches bitching…try doin a dance lyk Iyanya & see hw much resemblance u’ll be to a monkey banana. Dat G iz gat talent bone.

    • Hehehheheh…u just killed the whole haters…hehehe…seriously I think the video is ok…he wouldn’t want his video to be banned because of too much ukwu…it was a moderate ukwu..and nice song also..I don’t know. Why people are hating

  66. I didn’t c anytin wrong wif d video….Apart 4rm d girl she doesn’t ave ukwu
    Buh its ok shaa….naija pple too dey complain

  67. @ iyanya nice one dear u jas the bomb nd the song so onpoint + on repeat cnt jas stop listening to it really woonderfull infact words cnt express it.+all u haters hug transformer.U ROCK

  68. It 😎 .but iyanya u called it le kwa UKWU

  69. Nice1 bro kip it up, una tink say 2 sing easy 9ja una 2 d complain..

  70. Loved the video at first watch

  71. Foolish song by iyanyan

  72. Iyanyan do not no hw 2 sing , wat is lekwa ukwu?

  73. Haters shut dah fuck up…if una sabi sing well well make una sing mo see

  74. And dose of una wey say he nor sabi dress…abeg make una teach am…..idiots

  75. Cute and sweet video,makes sense.

  76. Inyanya is leaving u guys behind! Stay there make una dey talk nonsense. Eyin oloshi pple.

  77. I love the video die. The dancing step tight wella.

  78. Iyan u tried very much ok,just live dose fools who dnt have tins 2 do. Dan 2 b saying rubbish on pple songs

  79. My Village man u try well ok.just keep it up
    We love u all

  80. i love the video die,can watch it million tmes a day,love the dancers too,dey cute and cool

  81. Iyanya I luv ur hit keep it up, more upliftment I pray.heaters go hug transforma

  82. All the same

  83. De dressing n de dancing step is one of a kind! Jst wish de focus is more on de dancing tin! Chai! Iyanya n fwends u guys are so onpoint. I luv u more dan words can say.

  84. Dis is a very gud video from iyanya ,I don’t waste my mb brother keep it up…more of dis pls

  85. ?????? guy ??????????ÿ????? try abeg hater go hug transformer

  86. Nce video,bt der is no ukwu,iyanya I luv u kp it up

  87. I luv. Dx music,kip it up iyanya

  88. Good job nd keep it up

  89. Omo iyanya u are back keep it up

  90. I think wat ppl need to understand is dat there’s a song 4 every moment. U dnt expect songs to be sounding like “d storm is over” all d time b4 u can say it’s gud. Come on there’s a time 4 d storm’s ova n there’s a tym 4 “lekwa ukwu”. Haters adjust n enjoy! Iyanya I love u mehn! pls dnt eva quit makin us relax wit ur songs even tho some of us dnt even knw we need.

  91. I luv de song,de beating nd de dancing steps.Haters leave him alone

  92. Nice jb guy,infat oono i nono weti 2 talk.rrrrassttafaral niga no fea watababelon.

  93. Iyanya u rock I trip 4 u I love d song d beat d dancers d dressing omo ur swag na die u finish dem. D babe ukwu try. All those moda fuckin haters make una go burry una self una dy talk nonsense go sing make we here la una voice wen be like wetin fowl own mumu!! Iyanya keep it up also abeg call me 4 ur next vidoe I sabi dance small but u go teach me 08106392276 also I fit do d sexy gal 4 u bcus I get model shape I love u iyanya

  94. Hmmmm, my guy u 2 much. Kip it up.

  95. I Love the song,dancing,keep it up guys….

  96. i like this

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