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Posted by Tyler on September 24, 2013 in AUDIO · 48 Comments

Thank you guys for staying with us @ . 3 Years of service and still counting ,as part of our anniversary celebration we have decided to start something totally new .. THE TOP TEN VIDEOS OF THE WEEK COUNTDOWN..You can be a part of this countdown by tweeting @tooXclusive_Com with the #Toptennaijavideos.

This week on our top ten we have 10 amazing videos and 2 videos from upcoming arts (NEXT RATED – Supporting upcoming arts as always been one of our main aims and we won’t stop doing that). Also we have recharge cards above the screen of the video for the fans to enjoy.



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  1. Nice 1 .. Loving it but pata pata has no 1 .I don't thk so

  2. Why is wizkid no 3? Foolish countdown .. Happy annivesary and nice one with the new innovation

  3. nnaaa its not done happy anniversary anyway

  4. Where is AQ's Bang video

  5. Some pipo eh, english you dng undastnd!

    It's a countdown and bcos you lik 1 artist doznt mean he or she sud b numba 1 ode !

  6. Valstinger

  7. Kin of

  8. I will like caro by wizkid should be at no 1

  9. Nice 1 I agree with the countdown. B the host should work on her flexibility of presenting. Kudos too exclusive..una too much

  10. Where did u get the host from , Na wa o . There are people who speak better, either she speaks well or u get a new host .

  11. Beautiful Countdown I agree . But the host tho , speak well . Please .

  12. Errmmm what's wrong with the girl? Why is she rolling her eyes and what's wrong with her hands? Can't she pull it down to save her life?

  13. the presenter tho,she's lacking confidence……please get someone better,

  14. Pata pata as number 1 , No

    The presenter , Horrible Make up , Lack of confidence , Get someone else . Abi is she dating a too exclusive nigga ?

  15. Presenter Ny , Your english is poor . Its Rayce not Raze .

  16. NYC idea,I like the pata pata vid,I hope it's not meant to be a dance because I believe I've seen those moves in the antenna vid ,the same guys self,as for the presenter ,I would have said get rid of her ,but that's wicked so jus make her practice more ,she's a little stiff and lacking in her grammar,a little….

  17. Krazy

  18. I like the countdown , Caro should be number 1, Ny or whatever her name is should be out of there !!! How did she even get the Job ? Bad grammar, too much gesticulation, must we see your hand . I don't even think practice is nercessary. Just take her off . I've said my own . I am expecting a new, polished person in the next episode.

  19. Obviously , she is fucking one of the too xcclusive guys na. Its a normal something . Or else why would she be the presenter ?

  20. did you guys go to school @all you are making a constructive come accross like a personal beef….u guys should grow, anyways such is expected in a site predominantly dominated by teenagers.

  21. +18Cute chicks only! Add up 238C2743

  22. Nice idear @tooxclusive, Kai kai wat kind of presenter is dis ,pls @tooxclusive should do something abt dat,she's too amateur 4dis job,u can't speak well nd ure using phonetic-dat presenting is so so childish as if she's reading poem mtcheeewwwww

  23. I see everybody is on the neck of this so called presenter…well ,you people should take it easy on her please

  24. Happy Birthday Too xclusive .

    All I just want to ask is , did u hold auditions for this Job or u just picked a host .

    The make up is not working for her, her hands are not working for her and her voice and accent isn't working either

  25. dj kawai

  26. Presener needed , That's all .

  27. Nice innovation,oya turn up

  28. Where is my davido, no 1 jor.

  29. the presenter sha.. tooxclusive u can do more na… very poor in english

  30. I dey shame 4 the girl. She be like calabar way go say 'Coast mode, u nor ray see me?' Lol….Abeg she is too dumb too be a presenter. She can try somtin else. Truth#

  31. Not bad . Quite ok sha. Expected a lot more . Its tooxclusive naw , why get an amateur for the job . Bad grammar , Not good at all. Get a new presenter asap.

  32. Yh. The Presenter's diction is terrible. How did she land the job?

    U should merge the video charts with Theirs looks more objective with stats and all. It would be a good tie in unless u c them as competitors.

    How's P-Square Personally nt even on the chart

  33. Presenter u won kill person wit ur bad accent…as she dey release d bomb I just dey take cover. Tooxclusive no try @all

  34. Nice lovely count down……… Whoooooo ! File;

  35. Omo mehn!! Lose dat presenter, wetin happen?? I'm sure her ass is ibo

  36. Most of dis pple criticising d presenter are not even better dan d lady if una sabi make una go apply nah #nonsence

  37. She dey talk like say dey lick her punani

  38. If there was an audition, I would have applied .

  39. Too xclusive, I want to audition for the post of a presenter for this show . I have experience and I can do better.

  40. Wow this is too poor, the host needs to be change ASAP.

    Great concept though but the host/presenter is very shit.

  41. ah naija people sef.

    pls u guys should not kill ha.

    she will get better wit time.

  42. They A??????????????? nt going 2 kill her,d????????????????!! A??????????????? jst expressing their feelings 2wards d presenter. Guyz voice out wat,s un ur mind afterall all die ????????? die

  43. Some people talk like when given such previlege, they'll do better, if this was her first time on set, that will definitely happen, practice they say makes perfect. You think this big presenters were perfect on their first time on set? Give the lady a break pls.

  44. Dbanj's don't tell me nonsense

  45. It is a great achievement in Nigeria. They are doing a great job. Nigeria music and entertainment industry are really moving forward.

  46. Am Ezeobi k,zeal enough respect and shout to u guys at Too xclusive coz u feed us wit strictlybanging videos

  47. Th0mas

  48. how hm take concern asuu strike?

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